North West Kitchen Feng Shui

Introduction to North West Kitchen Feng Shui

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese philosophy that is based on the concept of balancing the energies in any given space. It’s a powerful tool for creating harmony, balance and good fortune. Feng Shui is especially important for a kitchen, as it’s the source where we nourish and nurture ourselves and our loved ones.

In North West kitchen Feng Shui, particular attention should be paid to promoting positive energy flow while keeping any negative energy out. As this sector corresponds to the element metal in Chinese Five Element theory, including materials that reflect this element—like stainless steel appliances, ceramic tile flooring or granite countertops—can be beneficial for energy flow and quality of life in the home. Additional decorative or symbolic items such as representations of bamboo, blue stones or pictures of fish can help promote feelings of contentment and strength. Light colors should be encouraged throughout this area to improve the general atmosphere and ensure bright, cheerful Chi energy.

Kitchen Arrangements for Feng Shui

The North West position of the kitchen in Feng Shui is associated with the element metal and has energies of growth & understanding that are beneficial for diners. It is believed that when this area is used properly, it promotes strong family bonds, healthy eating habits, increased wealth and increased creativity.

To take full advantage of this energy, use these tips to help optimize the placement of items in your kitchen:

• Place furniture (such as the dining table) in an auspicious position within the four walls to help encourage good energy exchange. Additionally, placing a bowl or planter of water in this spot helps keep energy flow smooth and steady
• Enclose appliances that create loud noises, such as blenders and mixers behind walls or into cabinets for more harmony.
• Prevent clutter by placing items inside drawers or cabinets, instead of out in plain view on countertops or tables.
• Hang air-purifying plants like Rubber Trees in the North West corner or other strategic locations around the kitchen space to provide oxygen and renewal.
• Install mirrors facing each other opposite one another to maximize positive energy; however refrain from having them installed right next to stove tops as fire-wood is deemed negative energy by Feng Shui principles.
Finally, ensure that all areas have enough lighting or soft mood lighting so everyone can feel comfortable while eating without being overly exposed to harsh light sources that take away from positive energy.

The Color Palette of North West Kitchen Feng Shui

The North West kitchen is associated with the “Metal Element” of Feng Shui and its associated elements, colors, shapes and numbers. The color palette for this section of the home should reflect its governing element which is metal in a positive way. Colors for the North West kitchen which reflect this Metal energy include white, grey, gold, silver, bronze, and metallic tones of blue like steel or titanium.

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These colors can be used to create good Feng Shui in the space as they represent clarity, security and strength. They work well together but can also be used separately to make a stronger statement. It is also important to add touches of warmth as these colors are quite cool on their own such as a splash of red or yellow.

The North West direction symbolizes creativity, helpful people and networking opportunities that come into our lives when we are open to new experiences that open up paths of progress for us; something that theMetal energy represented by this direction helps us do. It is beneficial when working with Metal energies to incorporate round or oval shapes which symbolize the organic movement of information which comes along with it.

Kitchen Tools and Utensils for North West Kitchen Feng Shui

In North West kitchen Feng Shui, it is important to create a well-balanced energy by using the appropriate tools and utensils. A comprehensive list of recommended items for a North West kitchen should include metal objects, as metal represents wealth and abundance; therefore, metal kitchenware like metal pots, pans, spoons and forks are encouraged. To improve the energy in a North West kitchen also use other items such as disposable chopsticks or wooden spoons carved with Chinese characters. Additionally, spatulas and wok ladles made of metal can be useful to help encourage positive energy flow in the space.

Lighting is an important element in Feng Shui so selecting light fixtures that bring brightness but not too much glare is necessary. Also include wind chimes crafted of brass or pewter to emit sound vibrations that will balance the energy in a North West kitchen. Other items recommended for creating a well-balanced environment in this feng shui area are ceramic containers filled with wheat stalks or fresh fruits like oranges, limes, apples and bananas; these objects will provide both color from nature and luck from their symbolism attributes associated with good fortune according to Feng Shui principles.

Creating Balance and Harmony with North West Kitchen Feng Shui

The practice of North West Kitchen Feng Shui (NWKFS) is based on the principles of energy balance and harmony. This energy balance is created by bringing together the five elements: water, wood, earth, metal and fire. These five elements interact with each other in a balanced way, so that surplus energy is not created but used to promote positive vibes in the kitchen area. By using proper placement of these elements around the kitchen one can create a balanced flow of Qi (energy force).

To bring the five elements into the NWKFS kitchen design, one should keep the following things in mind. Water can be used for decoration by adding a waterfall faucet or built-in fountain to bring life and revive energy in that particular area. Wood can be used for furniture design, either as cupboards or shelves to provide grounding and structure. Earth can be added in form of an earthenware pot displayed on counters or windowsills. Metal decorations can also be used to serve as accents and add more flow throughout the room by adding some unique pieces such as cooking equipment or metal vessels hung along walls as art pieces can add contrast and attract positive Qi. Finally Fire element gives warmth, liveliness and boost creativity when used correctly either through stove burners or vibrant colors around it lend it personality to your kitchen space.

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Furthermore, NWKFS also puts emphasis on understanding Yin (low & slow energy) and Yang (high & fast energy). It is important to incorporate both into your kitchen overall decor because they exist together with Ying influencing Yang’s energy waveforms constantly allowing us almost endless possibilities in how we want our kitchens look like. For example star-fire jewel tone colors representing Yang energies coupled with dark shades representing Ying brings about a well balanced equilibrium within kitchen walls making it complete whereas having too much rainbows only would throw off this delicate balance presenting us with a cluttered end result from Feng Shui perspective. Ultimately it is all about creating balance between yin/yang energies flowing smoothly within your kitchen interior whether that may come from careful selection of warm colors contrasted against dark shades or providing yourself with plenty of space for let go all of creative inspiration harnessing healthy Qi’s feeling within your heart resonating outwards becoming Happiness itself guiding this way forward towards progress homewards despite obstacles coming before you thereby achieving North West Kitchen Feng Shui harmony!


To create a well-balanced and harmonious kitchen space in the North West, it is important to follow the basic principles of Feng Shui. This includes creating good energy flow throughout the room with careful placement of furniture, windows and doors. The use of earth tones such as browns and greens will also help bring harmony and natural elements into the kitchen while metal elements like chrome or brass can help promote clarity and organization. Additionally, keeping countertops clear or with minimal items is key to prevent clutter buildup. By placing essential items, like a stove next to an accessible sink, it is easier to maintain daily tasks quickly and efficiently. Lastly, utilize all five natural elements around the room – wood, fire, earth, water and metal – to create optimal balance for a truly harmonious North West kitchen experience.

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