Back Door Feng Shui


Back Door Feng Shui, also known as ‘Rear Entrance Feng Shui’, is a form of the Chinese art of arrangement and orientation involving the positioning of various elements in order to create a comfortable and harmonious living space. It focuses on the specific ridges or paths outside the back door such as walls, hedges and trees which must be used to organize the different elements in an auspicious way. The purpose of this practice is to help bring good energy or “Chi” around and through one’s home. Proponents believe that this balanced flow of energy brings about improved feelings of well being for anybody living in the area, increases happiness levels when inviting guests over into our homes and helps improve relationships with family members or neighbours. Further, Back Door Feng Shui can help reduce stress within the home while guiding positive opportunities through its doors like money, love and fortune among other things. Consequently it is important to ensure that your entrance has no negative energies blocking its paths in order to attract more blessings and good luck into one’s life.

The Basics

Back Door Feng Shui is a special method of using geomancy and ba gua that was created over 3,000 years ago in China. Geomancy is an ancient form of divination involving the calculating of geomantic energies to discover both favorable and unfavorable situations in one’s space. By learning how to manipulate the flow of energy within an environment, it was thought that individuals could bring success and fortune into their homes or businesses. The ba gua, also known as the eight trigrams, are symbols denoting various natural aspects such as fire, wood, water etc., and each correspond to different elements on which one can focus attention when attempting to achieve a certain outcome or effect. Through combining these two practices, people have allegedly been able to harness forces from the universe and “unlock” secrets in order to unlock hidden potentials in both unique spaces and lives alike. In modern times practicing Back Door Feng Shui has become increasingly popular again with many people believing it can provide them with increased opportunity, wealth, health and luck among many other benefits.

Design Strategies

Back Door Feng Shui is a design strategy used to create a more harmonious and inviting space. It relies on the principles of Feng Shui, an ancient eastern practice that focuses on creating an environment in which the energy flow (chi) is positive. The back door plays an important role in the art of Feng Shui as it represents a doorway for new opportunities, connections, and luck. To create a more beneficial Back Door Feng Shui design, one should consider the size and placement of the door itself, as well as its color and material type, what window treatments adorn it, if any, incense or plants around it, as well as how you go in or out of it. Size also matters; smaller doorways are believed to bring prosperity into one’s life and large doorways are believed to help with relationship luck. When choosing a color for your back door, select colors that correlate with the bagua energies associated with that room/space such as blues for career/life paths or green for health/wealth; white works best universally. Not only should thought be given when deciding which material is right for your door but it can also affect the kua number of that particular room if done incorrectly. When placing furniture near your Back Door Feng Shui entrance be sure to neither block nor impede movement through that area. Also try hanging wind chimes by your back door to bring joy and good luck into your home while encouraging strong energy flow”and lastly incorporate some type of movement or sound like music or dance!

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Selecting Colors

Back door feng shui is extremely important when it comes to selecting colors. The color of your back door has an impact on the flow of energy that enters and exits your home. As such, your selection should be rooted in how each color adds or detracts from the overall energy in your home. For example, black and red are known to represent protection, while blue and green represent peace and harmony. If you’re looking to invoke a feeling of relaxation within your home, then blues and greens are the best option. Yellow is a great choice for inviting positive energy into your home, while white is seen as neutral and can help to bring balance between yin and yang energies. Another color that should be given careful consideration is brown, as it symbolizes grounding and can provide stability when used with caution. Ultimately, choosing the right door color for back door feng shui depends on what type of energy you’d like to evoke in your home. Whether its protection, relaxation, positivity or balance that you seek, there are several colors options available that can help you achieve this goal.

Utilizing Symbols

Back Door Feng Shui is based on the ancient Chinese practice of arranging physical objects to increase a home’s energy flow and bring good luck. Symbolism has been an important aspect of this practice, with symbols used to represent prosperity and abundance, such as the coin, fish, lotus blossom, prosperity god/goddess, or peony flower.Incorporating these symbols in the form of art or décor is one way to further enhance the vibrancy of a Back Door entrance. An area rug featuring the symbol for Double Happiness or a wind chime depicting crane figures would be an ideal choice for adding color and symbolism at your back door. Paintings and sculptures that showcase traditional Chinese symbols can also be hung around the door entrance. Carp images are believed to wish you good luck in life while bamboo plants show strength and perseverance over adversity. Place these along with auspicious talisman cards promoting family health and wealth near your backdoor for maximum benefit.

Releasing Negativity

1. Clean Your Home: One of the first steps to take in order to neutralize negative energy is to thoroughly clean your home. Dust, mop, and sweep your floors and furniture while thinking of releasing any stagnant or dark energy. Do not forget to open windows and doors so that fresh air can come into each room in the house.

2. Add Feng Shui Cures: The placement of items like crystals, mirrors, wind chimes, candles and essential oils can be used as Feng Shui cures for restoring balance in a space that has been affected by negative energy. Place your cure on or near points where two walls meet at the back entrance of a home to create an energetic barrier that will ward off negative energies from entering.

3. Activate with Movement: To activate any Feng Shui cures you have put in place, add movement. When opening windows and doors bring a bell or tingsha cymbals with you (or use chimes hanging outside) while entering each room visualizing the dark energy escaping and being neutralized by the sound vibration of ringing metal objects. Once the energizing vibration is activated give thanks for it’s clearing power before proceeding through the home with this same ritual until all rooms have been released from negative energy

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Long-term Maintenance

In order to maintain the good feng shui of the back door, it is important to carry out certain practices and habits on a regular basis. These include keeping the area near the back door clear of clutter such as weeds and leaves, as well as frequently checking on any external structures such as fences or steps which could become damaged over time due to weather conditions. It is also useful to inspect any outdoor lighting fixtures and make sure they are in working order. Additionally, it’s a wise practice to regularly open windows and doors during sunny weather in order to bring fresh air and sunshine into the home. Lastly, plants can be placed near the back door in order to boost its feng shui energy levels. Plants will also serve as an attractive visual element while providing natural beauty and a welcoming atmosphere around the entrance.

Closing Thoughts

Back Door Feng Shui is a simple yet powerful way to create auspicious vibes in your home. The back door of your home plays a very important role in manifesting new beginnings and opportunities into your life. It brings “energy” into the home and can help you open up the energetic pathways needed to imagine, create and manifest positive changes. If you want to maximize the potential of your back door, it is important that you cleanse, balance and organize the energy associated with it. This can be accomplished through methods such as clearing clutter, aligning furniture pieces with the door’s entrance, painting walls a fresh color and placing positive symbols at its entrance. Ultimately, by paying attention and taking action on these small aspects of Back Door Feng Shui, you will be able to create an environment that supports optimal growth, happiness, success and fulfillment in all areas of your life.

When implementing Back Door Feng Shui into your space it is important to remember that everything should be done with intention. Focus on sending out positive thoughts and intentions for the universe to mirror baUsing intention without action is ineffective so take care that whatever good intentions you are visualizing you are also making efforts in other ways such as reaching out, networking or being proactive in other areas of life where success may be experienced. Finally keep an open mind when embracing Feng Shui tools as each location has different benefits ” finding what works for you takes patience and trial-and-error but always bring mindful awareness with whatever changes you make. As long as your actions come from sources based on love then any chosen changes will only benefit humankind at large!

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