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Introduction to Feng Shui School

The Feng Shui School is dedicated to teaching the traditional art and practice of Feng Shui. Using the ancient tools of Chinese metaphysics, this school aims to enable students to understand and improve their lives, homes and work spaces in accordance with the principles of Feng Shui.

It offers courses on a range of topics such as the basic elements of Feng Shui, understanding Qi energy, Flying Star or Xuan Kong methods, and others. Upon taking these classes, students will learn theories behind space arrangement; how to identify spaces that have a “good” or “bad” atmosphere; space cleansing, vitality enhance risk areas; how to harmonize energies for wealth luck; astrology related advice; home enhancements for family members protection; remedies for special occasions such TuTsang Chung festival and other important yearly events; longevity positions in houses; applications between Yijing & Ba Zi (The four pillar study); prediction in Feng Shui based on BaGua LuoPan figures and more.

Additionally, the school provides personalized consultations that help you orient yourself through your personal journey by showing you how to live your life on purpose with purposeful direction and take charge of your destiny. The consultancy assists with deep introspective learning opportunities dealing with cultural competency development, emotional intelligence training communication skills building & health awareness. Its mission is geared towards cultivating social justice consciousness together nurturing spiritual freedom by enabling individuals to experience ultimate abundance within both inner & outer world shifts concurrently transforming reality as we know it!

History and Origins of Feng Shui Schools

The origin of Feng Shui schools dates back over 5,000 years to ancient China. Originally a spiritual practice designed to harmonize energy throughout a space, Feng Shui was used to create balance between the environment and its inhabitants. Traditional Chinese forms of Feng Shui involved the placement of objects in the home or workplace to attract wealth, abundance and health into people’s lives.

Today, Feng Shui schools offer classes that teach students the principles and techniques necessary for proper understanding and application of traditional Chinese methods as well as newer forms of Feng Shui, such as Space Clearing and Black Hat Schools. The three major branches of modern day schools are: Compass School, Form School and Fly Fishing School, each utilizing specific strategies for putting into practice the ancient wisdom allowing individuals to align with their environments. Classes may cover topics in interior design, numerology, astrology, color therapy and more; depending on the school’s focus. Most Feng Shui schools advocate creating an environment that supports harmony in both living and work spaces through use of practical tools like floor plans and creative visualization.

Feng Shui was once reserved for only scientific study by learned scholars, however in recent decades individuals from all walks of life have embraced it as part of their personal wellness routines leading to an explosive growth in popularity around the world. With this heightened enthusiasm for learning about Feng Shui there is now a plethora of online courses available for those unable or unwilling to attend traditional classrooms or workshops at a physical location. Thus making education about energy harmonization accessible whenever there is an interest or desire!

Examining Different Feng Shui Schools and What They Offer

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that is used to promote health and prosperity. It is based on the theory of how energy flows through space and how one can use this energy for their benefit. There are a number of different schools of Feng Shui, each offering its own approach to using this ancient practice.

The Three Pillars School focuses on bringing a sense of balance into the environment by utilizing the Five Element Theory. This school emphasizes placement of items such as furniture and mirrors to create harmony with the environment. By creating positive “Chi” or energy, this school can help create good fortune in one’s life.

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The Traditional Flying Star School takes a more energetic approach than the Three Pillars School. This school looks for ways to collect and direct energy from the environment and use it for improvement in physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of life. This method focuses primarily on colors as well as direction according to Chinese astrology methods used in calculating which type of energy should be placed in certain locations of a building or structure at certain times throughout the year in order to achieve this balance.

The Black Hat Sect School is less concerned with atmosphere or aesthetics than others; rather they focus on obtaining information about circumstances such as job performance or relationships that may be impacting negatively upon ones life. They view these circumstances as if they were traps that can create obstacles unless dealt with accordingly, therefore they utilize tactics that manipulate these negative energies in order to re-route them positively with one’s intentions being key in achieving desired results.

Finally there is also the Intuitive Feng Shui School which operates not only off principles derived from traditional Feng Shui but also incorporates intuition into their techniques as well as techniques from other belief systems such as numerology and astrology among others into their practice depending upon what their individual clients need for success in any given situation.

Types of Programs Offered at Feng Shui Schools

At a Feng Shui school, you can take classes to learn about the Chinese art of designing space for maximum harmony and wellbeing. Programs vary from introductory level to advanced levels. Students can choose from a variety of classes ranging from Feng Shui Basics, History & Culture, Symbols & Directions, Interior Design, Energy Cleansing and much more. There may also be specialized programs for those with specific needs such as Corporate Training, Real Estate Investment Consultancy, Feng Shui Health Consultancy or Model Home Design. Depending on the school and program level you choose there might even be certification exams available which certify you as an experienced Feng Shui practitioner who is able to provide consultations and even teach others on the subject. Some schools may even offer online versions of their programs so that people are able to complete them in their own time while being part of an online forum with other students and teachers.

Finding a Quality Feng Shui School for Your Needs

Feng Shui is a Chinese philosophical system that values energy flow in the home and workplace. It is essential to find a high-quality feng shui school in order to learn about this ancient art form and incorporate it into your life. Your feng shui teacher should be experienced, passionate, and well-qualified to teach traditional Chinese principles of energy flow, design, and balance. Look for a school that offers an immersive curriculum that covers all aspects of learning feng shui: geomancy, compass studies, interior design and décor elements, readings using the Luo Pan compass, personal energy pattern analysis, annual forecasts, and personal adjustments based on seasonal change. Comprehensive courses should also include topics on symbolic colors and imagery related to wealth, health, relationships, career motivation and more. Find out how much experience your teacher has with teaching anyone from beginners to more advanced students. Make sure you are comfortable with their style of teaching before committing to any course or classes offered by a Feng Shui school.

Funding Your Education at Feng Shui School

There are many ways to fund your education at the Feng Shui School. Financial aid is available through two primary options: grants and scholarships. Grants are awarded to students who demonstrate financial need and may come from either federal or state sources. Scholarships, however, are awarded on a merit basis and can be used for tuition fees and other related expenses. Additionally, some employers may also offer tuition assistance programs or reimbursements for employees attending a Feng Shui school. Furthermore, students can consider taking out a loan through private or government lenders. Many of these private or government lenders may be able to offer favorable terms such as flexible repayment plans and low-interest rates. In addition, certain student credit cards have rewards that can help offset costs associated with school attendance and earning college credits towards a possible degree in Feng Shui studies. Finally, it is important to research all other options such as payment plans offered by the school itself since each institute has different academic policies regarding student finances.

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Career Options After Completing Your Feng Shui School Education

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice, related to the art and science of living in harmony with one’s environment. Through Feng Shui, you can use your surroundings to pay homage to yourself, balance your lifestyle, and even attract positivity. By attending Feng Shui School, you will gain knowledge about traditional feng shui practices and theories, as well as the latest contemporary techniques for achieving harmony in the home, office or workspace.

Completing your studies at a reputable Feng Shui School can open up numerous career opportunities. You could pursue a career in interior design or architecture, becoming a specialist in integrating Feng Shui principles with modern design elements. Additionally, many professionals become consultants who help both residential and commercial clients implement various principles of Feng Shui into their spaces. With experience and additional qualifications, such as certifications or diplomas in business-related subjects or hospitality management, you can offer holistic services that cover the fundamental aspects of environmental psychology and space planning. Furthermore, those seeking to specialize in energy flow could become energy clearing practitioners who use sacred tools like crystals to dissolve negative energy within public spaces or homes. Lastly, some graduates may become instructors themselves teaching courses at various establishments or taking part in seminars around the world to share their knowledge about this fascinating practice.


Feng shui is an ancient Chinese philosophy that focuses on the flow of energy in order to create harmony and balance in any given space. As such, many people are choosing to attend a feng shui school to learn how to design spaces using the principles of feng shui. Here are some of the benefits associated with attending a feng shui school:

1. Learning from a Professional: Many schools offer accredited programs taught by experienced professionals who understand the various tenets and methods of applying them for maximum results. This opportunity to learn from someone who already has years of experience is invaluable as it ensures you’ll be getting accurate information from someone who knows exactly what they are doing when it comes to utilizing the principles of feng shui.

2. Artistic Expression: Not only will attending a feng shui school help you gain knowledge about how to properly arrange objects and furniture, but it also gives you an artistic outlet for self-expression. Feng shui allows creative minds to craft unique interior designs that serve both practical and aesthetical purposes – creating an inviting atmosphere with Feng Shui’s elements shows potential clients that your space is well taken care off, creating an image of excellence!

3. Holistic Benefits: When practiced as intended, Feng Shui promotes healthy living through its holistic approach towards life, helping us align our ouly environment more with our internal wishes and desires. This alignment can result in greater success, health, wealth, career opportunities and improved relationships – promoting physical health without having to take medication or supplements!

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