Feng Shui Living Room Decor


Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese system that encourages the proper flow of energy in a living area in order to create balance and harmony. According to Feng Shui principles, when done properly, certain decor items can create a positive energy which offers health, luck and happiness for those who live there. Incorporating Feng Shui into the decor of your living room is the perfect place to start in creating an inviting atmosphere that enables those who live there to relax and find peace.

When using Feng Shui ideas for Living Room decorations, it is important to use calming colors like beige or cream as they promote tranquility while avoiding bold colors such as red which can cause agitation. Additionally try adding items such as plants and water features which add life and vibrancy while also promoting natural energy flow within the space. Mirrors are another great idea as they can help broaden the room and bring light into dark areas while crystal clear ornaments will also allow for positive chi energy to exist in the home. In addition, art should be placed on North facing walls for a positive influence. Finally, furniture must be laid out appropriately with sofas facing each other in order to improve communication between family members and should not overcrowded or clumped together as it will block natural pathways of movement throughout the house.

The fundamental rule when working with Feng Shui living room décor is to ensure all furniture promotes connection while affirming calmness and serenity. Utilizing comfortable furniture pieces with low backs will enable family members to cause eye contact with one another thus reinforcing their relationships while helping deflect any negative energy away from them. It is also important keep clutter off surfaces leaving enough open space between objects in order create a sense of being uncluttered both physically and mentally allowing it’s occupants joyous opportunity of relaxation within their own home.

Benefits of Feng Shui Living Room Decor

Feng Shui living room decor not only adds beauty to your home but also brings positive Feng Shui energy into it. The use of Feng Shui in a living room can help create balance and harmony so that the space can accommodate multiple purposes, such as entertaining guests, relaxing after a long day at work, playing family games, and more. The use of Feng Shui living room decor can aid in creating a comfortable, inviting atmosphere for all who enter. This is because certain items such as furniture placement, colors, shapes, and bright objects enhance energy flow and create an environment that’s said to be conducive to joy and well-being. Other benefits include improved conversation flow with others, enhanced creativity and productivity when working at home, increased relaxation for better sleep quality, improved romantic relationships between couples or family members, and even improved mental health. Feng Shui is also thought to be able to draw in wealth & success by providing balance & harmony while eliminating negative energy caused by clutter. Lastly, Feng Shui encourages personal inner growth through the spiritual realms of understanding what your true self wants.

Color Selection for Feng Shui Living Room Decor

When selecting colors for a Feng Shui living room decor, it is recommended to opt for colors that are soft and calming. Colors like white, light yellow, pale blue and sage green are good choices as they can promote harmony and peace. The goal of Feng Shui is to create a calm, inviting atmosphere in the home, which can come from using carefully selected colors that bring good energy flow into the space. Neutral tones, such as beiges and tans also work well for this purpose. In addition to wall color, other elements of your living room décor should also contribute to the peaceful atmosphere. Choose comfortable seating with light beige or blue upholstery. Add window treatments of sheer fabrics in whites or pastel colors. Hang artwork that features nature scenes like seascapes, landscapes or abstract designs with relaxing hues. If you prefer more vibrant shades in your room’s design scheme then jewel tones such as teal blues, magentas or deep greens can also be used as long as they aren’t too intense and stimulate balance instead of chaos in the space.

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Furniture Placement for Optimal Feng Shui

When arranging your living room furniture for optimal feng shui, it is important to consider the position of certain pieces. For example, the sofa should not be placed directly in front of the entrance door or pointing towards it as this is said to chase away positive energy. Instead, position your couch with its back against a solid wall and look out into the center of the room. In addition, try to use similar shapes and sizes when arranging furniture around the space. Using different shapes creates an imbalance that prevents harmony that is essential for perfect feng shui results. Populate each “corner” with complementary furniture items like reclining chairs, bookshelves, balcony plants and accent tables. Aim for symmetry when placing pieces around your room as this will help to create a more balanced energy flow throughout your home.

How to Create A Harmonious Balance in Your Feng Shui Living Room

When creating harmony in a Feng Shui living room, it is important to think about the balance between physical objects, energy, and space. You should strive for a space that feels open and inviting. Begin by defining your purpose for the room and think about how elements from the five Feng Shui elements (metal, water, wood, fire and earth) could be incorporated into the decor to create balance in the space. Items that represent the elements can be used to replace traditional decorations which can help attract Chi or positive energy into the room. For example, water can be represented as a tabletop fountain, symbols of fire like candles or paintings of flames, mirrors to represent metal and so on. Additionally, you should also pay attention to how colour affects energy by using colours that bring balance and joy to a Feng Shui living room such as blue accents (water element) or earth tones (earth element). It is also important to declutter any furniture that obstructs paths or blocks natural light which allows negative energy to linger in an area. Finally, use artwork with calming imagery like nature scenes or abstract shapes which can bring peaceful energy into your home. Through this combination of balanced design strategies, Creating a harmonious Feng Shui living space will be easier than ever before!

Accents and Accessories for A Powerful Living Room Decor

Feng shui living room decor can include a range of accents and accessories to create a powerful atmosphere and energy in your home. In addition to furniture arrangement and design, incorporating meaningful items like artwork, plants, crystals, sculptures, and wind chimes into your space can help to attract positive chi and set the tone for a peaceful and relaxing environment. Color is also an important component when setting up your living room’s decor; incorporating warm shades of red and gold can bring good luck into the area, while cool shades of blue or green will promote feelings of balance. Incense sticks are another way to purify the area with its soft aroma, while mirrors help double the positive energy. Placing fresh flowers throughout the space will bring beauty as well as natural energy into the home. Finally, adding an element of water such as an aquarium or fountain can complete your feng shui living room decoration by enhancing chi flow within the space.

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Lighting Fixtures to Promote Relaxation & Serenity

When it comes to creating a serene and relaxing atmosphere in your living room, well-placed lighting fixtures can play an important role. If possible, opt for natural lighting solutions such as skylights or floor-to-ceiling windows. Natural light is thought to symbolize natural blessings in Feng Shui and will create a sense of expansive calmness throughout the room. Additionally, for times when natural lighting may not be available, you may want to consider installing soft accent lamps that produce dim white light. This can help promote relaxation and aid focus within the room. Lastly, if you’re looking for something more unique or eye-catching, hanging string star lights from the ceiling or along furniture outlines can provide beautiful illumination with every flick of a switch! Not only are these stunning decorations pieces but they also provide a spiritual connection to ancient Chinese culture due to their many estimated points of origin.

Tips to Incorporate Feng Shui Principles in Your Living Room

When it comes to Feng Shui in your living room, there are a few simple tips that you can use to help maximize positive chi energy and bring peace and balance into the space.

• Paint the walls in light, earthy colors: Light, earthy colors help to create a serene and calming environment in the living room—perfect for energy flow.

• Place furniture strategically: Make sure that furniture is placed in an ample open space to allow positive energy to circulate throughout the living room. Additionally, use low-profile pieces with round or curved edges, as this will promote good energy opportunities.

• Utilize plants or other organic elements: Plants not only add beauty to any room, they also provide much needed oxygen that helps rid negative vibes from the air. Hanging plants from the ceiling or grouping them on tables is a beautiful way of doing this. Other organic elements like stones and crystals are also wonderful additions for their spiritual healing powers.

• Hang artwork: Hang art pieces that speak to you emotionally and spiritually for increased tranquility and relaxation in your living room. Art tends to absorb as well as give out energies so choose pieces carefully!

• Use mood lighting: Natural lighting works great in achieving optimum feng shui in your living area but you can also introduce artificial lighting such as candles or stones lamps for an instant warm glow effect. Aside from that, make sure all light fixtures are clear, directed up or down at objects rather than shining directly at occupants of the room.


When creating your own Feng Shui living room, remember that it should be unimposing and inviting. Bring in natural elements such as plants and water to create a sense of peace and balance. Activate the five elements with pops of color, textures, furniture shapes, artwork, and other decor. Hang up mirrors to increase light and openness, while keeping clutter to a minimum for a feeling of clarity. Above all else, make sure that each choice you make reflects the values and intentions of your life so that your Feng Shui living room reinforces you mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically!

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