Feng Shui House at End of Road


Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art and science of personal and environmental placement for the purpose of improving personal life energy and fortune. It dates back to several thousand years ago, as a way of understanding how elements such as energy distribution, orientation, and creation of space can work together in order to create harmony in your home – or any other area you inhabit. Feng Shui places emphasis on spatial arrangement and orientation in order to determine the flow of Qi (positive energy) within an environment.

In terms of specific house locations, Feng Shui has certain principles that are taken into consideration when looking for the right spot. One such principle is ‘positioning’ which states that it’s best to avoid living at a dead-end so that one will not be blocked from any further success or possibilities. Additionally, having a house located at the end of the road can adversely affect the peace, security and prosperity within the household as it symbolizes being ‘out on a limb’ with limited support.

Benefits of a Feng Shui House at the End of a Road

A Feng Shui house at the end of a road is an ideal place to cultivate balance in one’s life. Homes situated away from others offer increased privacy and increased peace and quiet, helping one to relax, focus and be open to the energy of the Universe. Living further from where other people congregate can also help reduce any stress caused by the bustle and hustle of everyday life.

Additionally, living here allows for greater opportunity for cultivating one’s spiritual practice, since it is less prone to disruption or interference from those who don’t understand or respect its importance. This could include daily meditation, chanting mantras or other spiritual practices which prioritize inner peace and balance.

Feng Shui provides a framework by which humans can interact with their environment on both a physical and spiritual level. By integrating Feng Shui principles into their surroundings such as placement of furniture, colors used within a space, plants brought in, etc., individuals attempting to cultivate better harmony in their lives stand a greater chance of success when residing in this type of home setting at the end of a road. Not only will these assist with clearing out stagnant energy but by invoking the qi or life force within the space, they allow this positive energy to penetrate all parts of one’s being inspiring balance between the body and mind so that one may tap into their highest potentials with greater ease.

Feng Shui East Direction Colors

Exterior Considerations

A great example of a house at the end of the road that exemplifies good feng shui is one that has symmetrical landscaping and is centered in its lot. The front of the house should also feature gradual, winding paths up to the main entry door as stepping stones, fish ponds or water features where possible. Consider installing a tall tree, or planting a large bush in front of your window which provides good energy flow and protection while simultaneously blocking negative energy from entering your living space. Additionally, if you have a neighbor’s house on one side or direction, add taller trees and plants in that area to bring balance. On the north side of the house, opt for dense hedges instead of tall trees as this is believed to offer even more protection in feng shui practices. Lastly, be sure to install natural materials like wood and stone surrounding your home as they are believed to provide good energy while repelling bad vibes.

Interior Considerations

In addition to strategic placement of furniture, natural elements can be used to improve the feng shui in a house located at the end of a road. Plants are thought to bring positive energy into a space and can be placed near windows, doorways, entrances and exits, or any corner that needs some attention. Large plants with broad leaves help to open up the flow of energy. Water features such as cascading waterfalls or fountains contribute to feelings of relaxation and peacefulness, encourage creativity, and bring luck. To get the most out of artwork for enhancing feng shui it’s best to hang artwork that includes colors like blue or green which signify tranquility and balance. In-home galleries featuring assorted framed pieces from different periods or styles are beneficial for promoting harmony in your home’s environment.

Improving Feng Shui

– Living Room: Place a round, lightweight table in the center of the room to create energy flow throughout. Avoid having too much furniture blocking pathways and leaving one corner empty and open. Hang photos that represent positive energy on the walls, such as flowers or sunsets.

– Kitchen: Allow for airflow underneath cabinets and shelves along the walls by placing slatted risers periodically instead of solid boards. Make sure your stove has good ventilation to protect against stagnant air. A live plant in this room helps bring positive chi working with the food elements.

Energy Number 9 Feng Shui

– Bedroom: Place beds in middle of room away from door—beds should not be under windows or directly ajar from doors as this creates bad energy flow. Utilize Energies of Romance candles to stimulate more passionate energy throughout the room. Put hanging plants next to bed headboard to revive chi, especially if you are single and searching for love.

– Bathroom: Install an exhaust fan near shower or tub to move stale air out quickly after bathing, which will help keep home’s Feng shui healthy and dynamic. Add a small aquarium with colorful fish in it—these waters elementals have powerful healing energies that will help keep home energetically clean and clear.

– Entry Hallway: Place a table close to entrance with an arrangement of fresh flowers (or silk for winter months) for inviting guests into your home with cheerful energy; use these same decorations close inside front door as well. Hang a mirror at end of hall near entryway doorway so luck will pass more quickly through foyer and around home rather than lingering there constantly creating negative chi flow.


When it comes to incorporating feng shui in the home, there is no one-size fits all approach. Every house, every piece of land and every family’s needs are unique. Choosing a knowledgeable professional consultant to guide you and help you optimize the feng shui in your home can substantially change the quality of your life. An experienced consultant can develop a blueprint specifically tailored to your particular needs and offer ways to improve qi energy flow while addressing personal goals. They can also assist in creating an environment that fosters well-being and harmony, allowing for internal balance and outer alignment with natural forces. For optimum results, use a professional consultant who will take into account all aspects of life from health to wealth, work-life balance to relationships — then layer on the feng shui for maximum transformation.

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