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Feng shui, literally translated as “wind water”, is an ancient Chinese practice that promotes harmony and balance in the environment. It incorporates a variety of philosophies which are used to assess energy flow or qi in order to create a peaceful and optimal space. The practice of feng shui can be applied to many different aspects of life such as profession, relationships, home design and more. When employed correctly, it is believed that feng shui can bring great luck and fortune to spaces.

One way to incorporate feng shui into your daily life is through the use of wall art. Adding strategic art pieces in your office can influence positive energy toward certain patterns and goals. An example of this would be displaying artwork featuring family and friends to help promote strong relationships with those important people. Besides conveying meaningful messages or specific themes, wall art also helps to enliven an area and balance out other elements within a room such as furniture or decor pieces. Additionally, it has the power to induce productivity for optimal work performance in the home office environment. Overall, consideration must be taken when selecting which kind of wall art should go up depending on which type of emotion you want a piece to invoke or what message you wish to convey from it.

Benefits of Feng Shui Home Office Wall Art

Feng Shui home office wall art can be an effective way to improve the working environment of a home office. It can add life to an otherwise boring atmosphere, or give the office its own unique look and feel. Incorporating Feng Shui into your home office designs can also stimulate creativity, focus, and productivity- allowing you to reach your goals more quickly.

Feng Shui principles use elements like color, texture, and placement to bring balance within a space. Applying these concepts in the form of artwork can transform a room’s energy and create a positive working atmosphere. Colors often help evoke emotion which is why different hues are used in artwork selections; they should reflect how one feels while performing their job. Cool colors like blue and green often symbolize calming influences while warm colors like red might signify passion or ambition.

The right combination of Feng Shui wall art can energize the room with creativity, productivity, focus and passion for whatever task may come along that day. You may also find yourself feeling more relaxed when supervising from behind your desk or workspace as attractive images adorn the walls of your home office working space. Finally, beautiful wall art is also great for masking any negative energy present in rooms such as noise from outdoors or clutter from extended use of furniture or electronics.

Exploring the Natural Elements Behind Feng Shui Home Office Wall Art

Feng shui home office wall art is an important part of creating a pleasing aesthetic in a workspace. It can help bring balance and harmony to the desk area, as well as create positive feng shui energy. Feng shui is concerned with the five elements and how they interact with each other. The five elements are wood, fire, earth, metal and water. Each has its own properties that can be used to create the perfect atmosphere for a home office.

Different types of artwork featuring natural elements can be used to positively influence a home office’s feng shui energy. For example, hang abstract paintings featuring robust shades of green for plants and trees, or soothing blues and purples for water features – these will represent the wood and water elements respectively. These colors can help create calming vibes in offices that may not have any outdoor views or access to nature at all. Alternatively, if you prefer having your home office feel more energized for concentration purposes, then you can look for photographs featuring vibrant landscapes or landscapes with warmer tones such as oranges or reds representing fire – this will signify the element of fire and will provide an energizing boost to encourage productivity. Finally, seek out sculptures that exhibit solidity and structure such as grey stone sculptures which represent earth; hanging pieces of metallic art such as gold frames which offer strength and protection symbolizing metal; these elements could provide your home office area with balance while assisting in streamlining organization tasks effectively.

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Finding the Right Home Office Wall Art to Achieve Balance

When creating a feng shui home office, wall art can play an important role in the overall energy of the space. Wall art can help to reflect your goals and serve as a reminder of things that are important to you, while adding beauty and style to the environment. An important part of selecting wall art for a home office is considering whether it will create balanced energy flow. Too much large artwork or artwork that is too busy can distract from productivity, while never enough artwork can make the office feel empty and unwelcoming. To choose the most optimal wall art, consider picking pieces that evoke feelings such as excitement, motivation, calmness, clarity or relaxation. Additionally, you should pick artwork with colors that match those featured in your already existing decor. Inspired by your work’s specific purpose or what it emphasizes – creativity versus efficiency, for example – pick pieces with uplifting symbolism such as a rising sun or flying dove. Finally, aim for both quantity and quality by making sure you have enough pieces along with intriguing subject matter or patterns to keep guests interested as they explore your home office.

Bringing Nature Inside with Home Office Wall Art

Using wall art in the home office can help to create an inviting and inspiring space. Traditional Feng Shui design principles recommend positioning wall art with natural elements, such as images of mountain lakes, meadows of springtime wildflowers, or forests full of lush green trees. This can help to invoke natural energy that has a calming effect and promotes creativity. The colors used should also be chosen carefully, as bright bold shades can detract from concentration while light pastel tones have been shown to promote both work and relaxation.

In addition to incorporating natural elements into your home office design, it is also important to keep clutter at bay. Clutter will only distract and take away from the focus needed for optimal productivity in the home office environment. Feng Shui recommends avoiding too many photos of family or friends so that the energy is not diverted away from where it is most needed. Removing items that are no longer used can make a big difference in creating a more peaceful work area as well. It is also important to remember that organization should match personal needs so each individual user finds it easy to get back on task quickly after taking a break from their project. Finally, Feng Shui designs strive for balance with both visual and spatial elements so having multiple art pieces hung in strategic locations should be considered if the space allows for it.

How to Use Home Office Wall Art to Enhance Productivity

Home office wall art is a great way to inject personality into the working area and improve productivity. Home office wall art can be used to motivate, inspire and calm. By understanding the different types of home office wall art and how it works, you can help create an atmosphere conducive to productivity.

Motivational home office wall art is often used as a visual reminder that every day brings new opportunities for success. This type of art includes messages such as ‘set goals and achieve them’ or ‘even small moves lead to big results’. Motivational home office wall art provides inspiration for those times when finding motivation is hard.

Calming home office wall art helps reduce stress in the home office environment. Art with calming imagery, such as nature scenes, serene landscapes and calming colors can provide an escape during stressful moments. Neutralizing color schemes like blues, greens, and purples are especially effective in creating a relaxing atmosphere during work hours.

Finally, abstract home office wall art helps foster creativity while thinking through problems or ideas that need a little “out-of-the-box” thinking. Whereas conventional artwork may depict what we already perceive with our eyes and mind, abstract artwork allows us to challenge our assumptions and explore our subconscious thought processes by abstracting known objects to come up with innovative solutions. Colors here become representations of ideas or emotions which tap into deeper crevices of our minds that we may typically ignore in conventional work environments—ultimately allowing us to uncover creative solutions more readily available than other forms of media typically allow for us to experience during creative problem solving sessions in typical hierarchical corporate structures.

Ideas for Incorporating Wall Art in Your Home Office

Feng shui home office wall art can add to the look of your home office and also be part of creating a harmonious environment. There are many ways you can incorporate wall art into your home office décor to make it inviting, calming and reflective of your individual style.

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A gallery wall featuring an eclectic mix of artwork is one way to make a bold statement while bringing in some calming colors and shapes. Choose pieces that visually blend together but also stand out nicely against the background. Place them at different heights on the wall for added interest and don’t forget to hang pieces of art with intention — such as something uplifting or life-affirming at eye level or directly above work areas.

Consider adding a mirror over a desk or other open space, as this is a great Feng shui tip for making rooms feel bigger while bringing in additional positive energy. Mirrors do have reflections, so it’s important to consider the importance of where they’re placed when approaching Feng shui design principles — hang it so that you aren’t looking directly into the reflection when seated in certain spots in your workspace.

Wall art that features motivational quotes or words of affirmation is another clever way to add joy and optimism to any office environment without overwhelming it with too much color or pattern. Wall coverings are yet another option, incorporating textural elements into plain walls using various types of wallpaper, decals and even fabric. Whatever route you take, remember that Feng Shui involves more than just visual stimulation — it incorporates sound, smell and other senses as well — so don’t forget about those elements when incorporating wall art into your home office design!

Home Office Wall Art for a Professional & Personal Look

Adding wall art to your home office can help you create both a professional and personal atmosphere. Art pieces such as photographs, paintings, or sculptures can give the space personality while boosting productivity and creativity. To incorporate feng shui principles in your office, select artwork with colors and designs that correspond to the specific energy of the area. For example, color schemes that incorporate green and blue will promote focus while reds and oranges energize productivity. Nature scenes with animals or plants are also powerful images that add vitality to any workspace. Additionally, adding mirrors to areas of Feng Shui Bagua map makes it easier for employees to stay connected with their teammates as well as themselves. Mirrored windows also allow natural light to be welcomed into the space, improving morale for occupants throughout the day. Wall art is a great way to bring balance into an office environment and emphasize feelings of prosperity and success.

Where to Buy Art Pieces that Will Fit Your Home Office Aesthetic

When shopping for the best Feng Shui home office wall art pieces, it helps to have an idea of what aesthetic you are aiming for in your space. The highest quality art will be from artists who have created a portfolio specializing in Feng Shui themes. Many gallery shops or online stores like Etsy can provide access to such pieces. It is important to ensure that the art fits with the overall color scheme and design philosophy of your home office space. You may also want to look for artwork that provides messages related to the mission and vision of your work, inspires creativity, or offers support through positive affirmations. Additionally, when selecting wall art, it can be beneficial to avoid artwork that depicts violence or suffering, as this type of visual stimulus often leads to negative energy in a workspace. Ask yourself if the piece brings joy and inspiration when looking at it— if so, then it’s likely a good fit for your home office!


Home office wall art is a great way to transform your workspace into a balanced and productive area. Not only will it add visual appeal, but it can also enhance energy flow. By selecting art pieces and colors that are in alignment with feng shui principles, you can promote harmony in your office space. Choosing artwork that conveys positive messages or inspirations will create a more uplifting feel to the room and motivate you to get work done effectively and efficiently. The inclusion of home office wall art also allows for an opportunity to create a designated spot for relaxation and reflection, perfect for taking time out from demanding projects or workdays. When used strategically, surrounding yourself with artwork can help you gain clarity, stay focused on your goals, and increase productivity in all aspects of your life.

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