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Boost career Feng Shui is a type of Feng Shui that is focused on creating positive, beneficial energy within your life to improve all aspects of your job, including motivation, productivity, creativity, and income. It helps attract the best opportunities for you in terms of career and ambitions, giving you the chance to realize your greatest potential in the field that you are working in. This practice involves rearranging and reconfiguring elements such as furniture placement and colors according to certain ancient techniques to create a more conducive work environment where good luck and fortune can be easily obtained by following specific principles. Through this practice one can find clarity with their career goals, focus on hard work and persistence through difficult times while also gaining inspiration from outside sources. With Boost Career Feng Shui individuals have the opportunity to not just receive monetary gain but also achieve inner personal peace through prioritizing plans accordingly.

History of Feng Shui

The practice of Feng Shui is believed to have originated in ancient China over 3,000 years ago. It was closely associated with Taoism and originally focused on the placement of objects in a space to create harmony and promote positive energy. The goal was for occupying the space to create an environment that would bring about good luck, success, and wealth.

Over time, this practice has evolved as it spread across Asia and beyond. Many new forms of Feng Shui have been developed based on various regional beliefs, aesthetic principles, and spiritual practices. One of the most popular modern forms is Eight Mansions (Ba-Gua) Feng Shui – a combination of Chinese astrology, compass directions and yin/yang theory used to identify answers regarding relationships, well-being, health and money flow.

Feng Shui today has become more personalized to reflect each individual’s unique needs and goals – especially related to career pursuits such as yearly boosting methods known as “activations”. It also includes methods of transforming an office or home workspace to encourage prosperity in both business dealing and personal interactions. Attracting success into one’s life with these ancient practices is posed as an ongoing journey without a destination – where one can continuously open new internal doors from the exploration within themselves.

Benefits of Boost Career Feng Shui

Boost Career Feng Shui is a practice rooted in the principles of Chinese metaphysics. It is focused on transforming and improving your environment, to bring forward desired results in terms of career progression. This means rearranging furniture and objects around you to influence the energy in your workplace with the correct chi. This can be beneficial when trying to achieve goals and secure recognition within any profession. In particular, Boost Career Feng Shui can help people feel more positive about their career as it enhances their feeling of self-empowerment and drive. Additionally, it can also allow for a greater sense of focus amongst those who use it which can lead to more successful outcomes in any professional venture. Finally, it may help attract new opportunities and collaborations within an industry as well as promote healthier, overall work/life balance.

Professional Expertise of Boost Career Feng Shui

Boost Career Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice used to promotes harmony and balance in the living space of a person or workplace. Professionals that specialize in this practice are known as “Feng Shui Consultants”. They work with individuals, businesses, and corporations to create optimal environments that maximize energy flows, draw positive energies, and promote overall well-being. They combine various principles from Eastern disciplines such as Taoism and Buddhism, with Western practices like architecture, mathematics, design concepts and spatial arrangement to result in aesthetically pleasing designs that bring luck, good fortune and prosperity into their clients lives. Additionally, they also use personal assessments to tailor their solutions for each individual need or policy accordingly.

Different Types of Feng Shui

When practicing Boost Career Feng Shui, there are several key types to consider. These include the following:

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1. Location-Based Feng Shui – This type of feng shui is based on the concept that location plays an important role in career success or failure. Choosing a sector of the home that corresponds to the desired career or type of work, as well as placing certain items strategically in certain sectors can increase success.

2. Color Based Feng Shui – Colors can be used to create balance, harmony, and positivity around one’s workspace in order to bring career success. Examples include using light blue for communication and networking, green for health and physical energy, yellow for attainment of wisdom and knowledge, and red for increased ambition.

3. Living Creature Feng Shui – The use of plants in the workspace environment helps keep chi energy circulating moving at a healthy rate. This boosts positive vibes as well as helps people build more confidence and focus on their work better by providing a soothing atmosphere where they can relax when needed.

4. Symbols Based Feng Shui – Incorporating symbols such as images or items that represent achievement and success brings forth positive chi energy which can drive career growth forward with everyday motivation and luck chips along the way.

Boost Career Feng Shui Tips

1. Start by decluttering your workspace. Remove items that do not serve a purpose or help you and add in items that represent your goals and inspire you.

2. Select an auspicious spot for your desk. Try to establish a positive atmosphere by facing the door, have a view of nature through a window, situated near natural light sources, or use inspiring artwork or photos to motivate yourself.

3. Feng Shui involves organizing the environment in order to bring equilibrium and draw in positive energy for success & career promotion opportunities. Place revitalizing plants on either side of your work area and choose earthy tones such as greenand browns to promote vital energy around it.

4. Choose art pieces with motifs related to success, progress, and abundance to hang over or near your desk as this will serve to represent these qualities every time you look up at them while working.

5. Incorporate crystals into your workspace such as citrine, amethyst, carnelian, and clear quartz as they will amplify energy vibrations within the space while helping you focus more easily on professional matters.
6. It is also beneficial to create an altar which can be done by placing photographs of powerful role models – say industry leaders whose work you admire – along with symbols for success beside it such as coins, gold amulet charms etc; This altar serves to remind you of what’s possible when putting in consistent hard work towards one’s goals.
7. Lastly burn incense every morning before starting off on any tasks as it serves to bring healing vibes into the atmosphere while clearing out negative energies surrounding it too!

Incorporating Particular Feng Shui Objects

Some of the popular objects used to balance a career space according to Feng Shui principles are:
Plants – adding plants to any room can help purify and refresh it. Placing plants in the career area whether potted or in a living wall can help stimulate growth and attract opportunities.
Crystals – crystals in the shape of triangles, pyramids, cubes or double-ended cylinders can be placed in the South East area of your workspace, promoting stability and success.
Wind chimes – hanging a wind chime or bells near a window is said to stimulate success for business owners.
Mirrors – strategically placed mirrors work as amplifiers, helping to bounce energy around the space which can boost career opportunities and productivity.
Crystals balls – gazing into a crystal ball will help focus on visions for your future and career plans.
Colors – certain colors have been known to influence different areas of our lives; by adding splashes of blue, purple, green and gold around your workspace you are setting up yourself for great success!

Popular Feng Shui Practices

Common practices of feng shui to help boost career luck include placing images and artwork related to one’s own profession, organizing your work space to reflect success, creating a focal point of a higher power that reflects ambition and success, and surrounding oneself with inspiring people or objects. The idea is to bring “chi” or energy into the environment that supports career success.

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It is also recommended to have stones such as citrine or pyrite nearby (for their reputed energetic properties) or wear jewelry believed to benefit career luck such as jade or amethyst. Placing items symbolic of wealth and stability like coins, sugar cane and crystals can be used as well. It is thought that by taking these steps you can attract positive influences from the universe which will come back tenfold in terms of more opportunities being brought into your life.

Common Practice Locations

The most common places for people to practice Feng Shui are at home, in the workplace and around their office space. Home feng shui is all about creating a balance between all elements of energy in your home (including the furniture and decor) to promote good fortune, health and prosperity. Office feng shui is more focused on how the location of different objects in your workspace impacts productivity, efficiency and inspiration. Additionally, both home and workplace Feng Shui practitioners take into account the prevailing energy of any room or space before taking action. For example, in many cultures worldwide metal is believed to amplify sharp and sound energy. Therefore it’s often placed strategically around workplaces to create a sense of balance or to improve productivity or creativity. Similarly, mirrors are known to represent reflective light (at least symbolically), so they may be placed around homes or offices to invoke fresh perspective or higher levels of insights.

Examples of Successful Boost Career Feng Shui

1. A recent report documented the story of a business executive who was battling with tight competition in her field and was struggling to find a promotion or new career opportunity. She had studied Feng Shui and decided to apply some of the principles to her daily activities including her work environment. Within three months, she reported feeling more confident and at ease, which led to improved communication with her superiors. Shortly after that, she was offered a senior-level job in another office within her same company.

2. A salesperson from an online marketing firm took the advice of his Feng Shui practitioner and followed all the recommended principals for his desk area. By organizing papers, furniture, plants, and artwork according to their “chi” – or energy flow – he made subtle changes that attracted positive opportunities for advancement in his career. He soon got an offer for a position in a separate but related field, which he happily accepted.

3. An entrepreneur who had been self-employed for a few years decided it was time to open an actual office space instead of working out of their home office exclusively. Their Feng Shui consultant guided them through every stage from selection to design and setup of the space according to five elements positioning principles so that energy could flow throughout properly . With this alignment, the entrepreneur was rewarded with increased income as well as more customers after only two weeks since starting fresh at the new location(office).


Boost Career Feng Shui is an effective way to stay ahead of your competition and increase the prosperity of your career. It can help you improve your focus, increase your visibility, make good connections, eliminate distractions, manage stressors more effectively, and create a healthier work-life balance. With Boost Career Feng Shui you will be able to maximize your career potential and make progress towards achieving greater success. With focused energy and positive momentum, it’s possible to experience greater recognition from peers and mentors; increased opportunities for advancement; and ultimately greater levels of personal satisfaction with all of your career accomplishments.

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