Ashes of Departed in Bedroom Feng Shui


Bedroom Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that focuses on harnessing positive energy in order to create physical, emotional, and spiritual harmony. This concept also applies to other areas of life as well, such as honoring and recognizing the presence of ancestor and deceased loved ones.

Incorporating deceased ancestors’ ashes or photos into a bedroom’s design serves as a reminder of their former presence, connecting the living with the spirit world. The location of the images or vessels containing their ashes has deep importance in maintaining good Feng Shui and ensuring that their power is not unduly disturbed. The northeast area of a bedroom is dedicated to the ancestors specifically. Placing photographs or urns here honors and respects them while allowing them to serve as protective guides. Offering prayers, meditating on happy memories, leaving offerings such as flowers, incense or candies are also highly beneficial practices that help strengthen both tangible and intangible bonds between living relatives and their departed loved ones.

Theoretical Explanations

Feng Shui is a Chinese philosophical system revolving around directing the flow of energy within a particular space. This practice is based on the belief that proper arrangement and visibility of objects can bring harmony to a person’s life. With this thought in mind, Ashes of Departed should be included in the bedroom Feng Shui as this type of symbolic connection strengthens relationships with those who have passed away or are no longer part of our lives anymore. The physical reminder also helps us to remain connected to this presence, which provides guidance and comfort during difficult moments. Incorporating Ashes of Departed into the Feng Shui also serves as an indication of respect for those we love and cherish, which adds energy and brightness to the house where they once were most beloved. Finally, it reminds us not to take our lives for granted by providing inspiration and motivation to live life while honoring their memory each day.

Positioning the Ashes

When placing the ashes of a departed one in the bedroom, it is important to consider feng shui. Generally speaking, the best practice for placing the ashes within this area of the home is to store them towards the south east corner in order to allow for smooth energy flow. It is also a good idea to leave plenty of space between and around them to ensure unobstructed qi.

The goal when positioning the ashes should be to bring comfort and not disruption, as storing them in this corner or along any other direction may provoke negative energy buildup. Likewise, one should not install any screens or covers over them as this could impede good energy flow as well.

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Additional best practices when placing ashes within the bedroom feng shui include using simple containers with minimal colors or designs, avoiding bright colors and distracting patterns, selecting containers that are resistant enough to keep out dust, and ensuring they are placed at an appropriate height so they will not interfere with regular activity such as bedding or daily chores. Finally, it is important to always burn incense sticks nearby during a specified period of time each day in order to honor those who have gone before us.

Traditional Practices

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese art form that works to create harmony in the home. One of the traditional methods of honoring the dead within feng shui is the use of symbols, talismans, and other objects. Popular symbols associated with those who have passed on include burning incense or placing objects such as coins and paper money on altars for them to utilize in the afterlife. Healing crystals such as black tourmaline are also used in funeral rites to help protect and cleanse the environment from negative energy. Additionally, statues, figures, paintings, photographs, and other items with positive connotations can be placed around the bedroom to serve as a reminder of a loved one. People often set these items up by themselves or enlist an expert practitioner to place them for maximum effect. In all cases, these types of items should be cleansed and blessed before being placed into any space. Proper guidance from a knowledgeable individual should always be sought when practicing this type of Feng Shui.

Examples and Scenarios

One successful example of placing the ashes of a departed person in bedroom Feng Shui is to have them placed in a jewelry box on the closet shelf. This way, the box serves as a reminder and honor to the deceased while also providing a quiet place for the ashes. Furthermore, because this placement is high up and away from direct human energy, it can protect the energy flow within the room by holding off negative emotions like grief and sorrow. Additionally, this placement confines any memorializing activity that otherwise disturbs sleep or rest.

Another successful placement example is to place them in an ornate urn that sits atop a dresser facing north-east for spiritual nourishment. This creates positive chi and symbolizes security for those living in the home, allowing them to remember their loved one with pride and confidence rather than sadness and heavy feelings of loss. The personal items of the deceased such as clothing, photos, ornaments can be placed around it as well to represent family unity even after death. Careful consideration should also be taken when selecting pieces to ensure they are meaningful without being too ostentatious or inappropriate—for instance, selecting photographs or components made out of natural materials like wood or jade would likely be more beneficial than dark colors or non-traditional symbols. Ultimately though, if done tastefully and thoughtfully this type of bedroom Feng Shui arrangement promises to bring peace both while awake and while asleep, creating an environment of harmony rather than disharmony.

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Practical Uses

When incorporating ashes of the departed into bedrooms, there are several practical Feng Shui considerations to keep in mind. The placement of the ashes should be respectful and intentional. One suggestion is to place them in front of a framed photo or memorial of the departed person. This keeps them close but still visible, allowing for their presence and energy to remain in the bedroom.

Other placement ideas include placing a symbolic item on the nightstand near the bed, like a small chest or vase with a lid that can hold some of their ashes. Alternatively, consider filling an empty space with something meaningful—such as a piece of furniture or artwork, even if it’s modestly priced—to honor their memory. As another ceremonial gesture, lighting a special candle can create an inviting and soothing atmosphere as an ever-present reminder of the departed individual’s spirit.

Additionally, when incorporating ashes into bedrooms it can be useful to consider other Feng Shui techniques – like organizing cupboards and closets, choosing harmonious colors and adding decorative items that bring lightness to dark corners – all done honorably with the intention of keeping positive energy flowing in the home environment. Planting something (like flowers), symbolizing growth can also help express gratitude for those passed away while releasing expectations on how one should act when grieving.


The main principles of incorporating ashes of the departed in Bedroom Feng Shui is to honor and respect the spirits of loved ones. This practice can further be used to invoke positive energy, good luck, and a sense of safety in the home. Additional benefits may also include providing spiritual protection or help with decision making. Ultimately, this practice encourages mindful visualization and intention setting- all promoting an overall healthier atmosphere for the bedroom and home.

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