Feng Shui Front Door South

Feng Shui Front Door South

The front door to your home is the entrance of energy, and the south corner of your home is the area most full of potential. When combined, this creates an incredibly powerful tool for welcome new vitality into your home. Here is how to Feng Shui your front door in the south for best results.

Create a Harmonious Connection

Your front door should be in seamless harmony with all of the elements of the south region of your home in order to maximize the energy you bring in. Place a statement piece at the front door such as a colorful painting or a bold mirror to draw attention. Position a warm and inviting welcome mat in front of the door to create a gentle barrier between your home and the unknown. Lastly, hang a bright and cheerful wind chime by the door to maximize the Feng Shui.

Choose the Color Wisely

The color of your door will be the primary factor in determining the type of energy that comes in. Here are some of the most popular colors to Feng Shui your south facing front door:


Red is believed to bring in good luck and promote financial wealth. It should be used carefully and in moderation on a south facing front door.


Blue is a perfect choice for a south front door as it is connected to trustworthiness and loyalty. It can also bring in the cleansing energy of water needed for balance.

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Green is a symbol of new beginnings and growth. If your home needs more hope and positive energy, green is a great choice for the front door of a south-facing house.


Yellow is focused more on personal growth, courage and learning. It can be used to encourage new perspectives and brave new paths.

Symbolic Decor to Include

In addition to color, there are some other features you can use to further maximize the south corner:

  • Brightly colored flowers to bring in good luck;
  • A sun-shaped symbol to encourage warmth and joy in the home;
  • A string of bells or wind chimes to invite sound and good energy;
  • A painting or statues of a dragon or phoenix to represent a strong connection to the world.

Overall Tips for a South-facing Front Door

When putting together your Feng Shui for the front door in the south, keep these tips in mind:

  • Make sure the door is well-maintained;
  • Position a dimming light by the doorway to guide people from the outside to the inside;
  • Be mindful of security and make sure the door is not vulnerable to burglars;
  • Avoid placing too many elements near the doorway that could overwhelm the energy;
  • Be creative with the use of color and symbols to maximize the flow of good energy.

Feng Shui for your south-facing front door is a great way to enter new energy and potential into your home. When taking the time to craft the perfect Feng Shui setup for the south, you will be amazed at the new life and balance it can bring.

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