Feng Shui Fountain For Wealth

A feng shui fountain for wealth is an exciting way to harness the power of ancient Chinese energies and bring positive energy into your home. Feng shui is the practice of harmonizing the environment with special elements that will create beneficial chi (the Chinese term for positive energy). Using a fountain can aid in improving your financial circumstances by attracting good health, prosperity and wealth.

Using a feng shui water feature in the home or office can help attract health, success and wealth into your life. Not only do these water features create relaxing sounds that improve our well-being on an emotional level, but they also serve as powerful symbols of luck by reflecting the traits of water, which according to traditional beliefs plants essential roots for prosperous outcomes.

The combination of different aspects make a feng shui fountain very effective when it comes to accumulating wealth and abundance.

There are multiple ways you can use a feng shui fountain in order to bring greater luck into your home – each has its own unique benefits tailored to particular desires. These include using wind chimes around the fountain, having coins in or near the fountain bowl, placing essential oils near the pump for spiritual cleansing and rejuvenation, and making sure that all moving components are working properly without obstruction.

Apart from being focused on luck-related activities such as gambling or investment, you can experience far-reaching results by integrating this practice into other areas of life such as career advancement, love prospects and even academic success. Through the utilization of deeply ingrained principles linked to water flow synchronized with various energy systems specifically designed to set you up for success – it’s possible to find harmony within yourself while simultaneously inviting potential rewards outside.

Therefore when looking at ways on how to increase prosperity in life – installing a classical stream inspired structure may be one option worth considering that can offer potential benefit.

Benefits of Using a Feng Shui Fountain for Wealth

Using a Feng Shui Fountain for wealth is an ancient Chinese practice that can help bring material abundance into one’s life. When placed correctly in a balanced environment, these fountains create a calming effect while providing powerful chi energy. It is believed by many that placing a fountain in the home or office can help attract positive energy and improve good luck and fortuitous financial situations.

Feng shui principles state that all things living are connected with nature and the universe, and when harmony exists among these elements it results in better health and prosperity for those living in that space. Feng Shui fountains have been used as decorations since time immemorial, especially during important holidays when money and fortune were traditionally associated with water features. The sound of trickling waters is thought to provide serenity while at the same time encouraging auspicious financial luck.

The pathway of chi energy within the home or office is improved upon by placing gently flowing water amongst various furnishings designed specifically for channelling vital energy. In adition to generating good fortune, this powerful chi helps influence people’s relationships; it also sets up favorable connections between members of family or work-related colleagues more easily.

With flow of Qi freely running throughout the premises, individuals may experience greater stability both emotionally and financially, leading them to move ahead on their ambitions without obstruction from obstructions or external hindrances. Furthermore, regardless if you place small stones at its bottom or live fish into it, you will be providing yourself with additional metaphysical reinforcement thanks to their therapeutic properties harnessed by feng shui principles.

Different Types of Feng Shui Fountains and Their Symbolic Meanings

Feng shui fountains are an absolutely essential element in traditional Chinese culture. Apart from looking aesthetically beautiful, they also represent wealth, ample resources and abundance. As such, the positioning of these fountains is very important and it should be placed within the home to invite positive energy and prosperity into your life.

The Different Types of Feng Shui Fountains

  • Three Tier Fountain: This is one of the most popular types of feng shui fountain as it offers three tiers which symbolize two forces coming together in a perfect union – heaven, earth and humanity.
  • Tabletop Fountains: These decorative indoor water features have become more popular in recent years due to their easy installment and maintenance needs. They come with many different design options and are used mainly for creating balance by bringing a calm atmosphere.
  • Wall Fountains: These are superbly elegant additions that can transform the entire room instantly. As wall-mounted water features, they tend to leave a bigger statement.
  • Modern Water Walls: This type of fountain is typically used outside since their name clearly suggests. Not only do they create beautiful cascades of water down the walls, but they also bring along excellent vibes.

Symbolism Behind Feng Shui Fountains

Water has since ancient times been considered as a source for good fortune and prosperity since it flows both physically as well as metaphorically. Essentially, therefore water is representative of wealth and abundance making it ideal for inviting positive energy when it comes to feng shui practices related to home décor. As such, placing a beautiful fountain or any other decorative water feature inside your home would be incredibly beneficial on multiple accounts.

Firstly, the sound of trickling water from these attractive pieces further adds to this promise of financial stability with natural ambience relying on innovative technology.

Feng Shui Designs For Wealth

Secondly they come with designs that enable you to choose from several varieties bearing statements like deities consisting out of frogs known for attracting fortune by representing togetherness, love, luck or even longevity dragons that have been actively referred to teachings related with continuous efforts undertaken in achieving ambition coupled with success among other features such as bamboo lucky turtles etc.

Ways to Choose the Right Feng Shui Fountain for Your Needs

There are many lifestyle choices that make Feng Shui more accessible and easy to incorporate into everyday life. One of these choices is using a Feng Shui fountain for wealth. A water feature is said to be a powerful tool for cleansing the energy in any space, and to welcome positive energy or ‘chi’ into too.

When picked wisely, a fountain can set the tone and ambiance for any room, bringing with it beneficial vibrations to the inhabitants or visitors of such space. Here are a few ways to choose the right one for your needs:


The placement of your Feng Shui Fountain is an important consideration when shopping for one. Whatever position you decide on, remember that the power of such features lies in their ability to manipulate and move energy around them, so take care when choosing its location.

Common places used are entryways, living rooms or bedrooms. Taking into account the best spots within those rooms is essential for harnessing the fountain’s benefits – near windows or areas close to nature like gardens work great too.

Shape & Quality

Aside from location, shape and quality should also be taken into consideration when selecting a fountain. A popular believe holds that round shapes attract positivity and activates creative energies while square forms generate well-being and peace of mind. Be sure you select only top quality products made from durable materials as they will look better over time and will result in cost effectiveness in the long run; after all nobody wants expensive repairs due to poor quality items.

Style & Decor

Last but not least comes style – try arranging it in an aesthetically pleasing manner that go hand in hand with your decor; creating outdoor ‘rooms’ with patios furniture can be so much fun. Use candles selectively placed around fountains at night since this way ey tend to seem ‘magical’ while adding an additional layer of tranquillity; always pick those with safe materials that won’t harm anyone or anything surrounding them.

  • Location : Entryways, Living Rooms, Bedrooms
  • Shape & Quality : Round Shape Attract Positivity , Quality Products Last Longer
  • Style & Decor :

Proper Placement of a Feng Shui Fountain for Best Results

A feng shui fountain can be a powerful tool to attract wealth and prosperity. It is known for filling the space with positive energy that helps draw financial success. To get the most out of this amazing tool, proper placement in your home or business is essential. Here are some points to consider when deciding where to set up your Feng Shui fountain:

  • Choose a spot close to entryway – A good way to maximize energy flow is to place the fountain close to an entryway. This will invite money and success into your house, while also allowing chi (energy) to continually enter it.
  • Ensure a clear view – Keeping the fountain in a spot where it can be seen clearly by all who come in can greatly increase its power. That way, it continuously sends out positive waves, reminding us all of wealth and prosperity.
  • Keep away from clutter – Clutter has been known as a magnet for stagnation. To help positive energy move more freely throughout your home or business, make sure that you place the fountain away from distractions such as piles of mail or stacks of boxes.

The next step after deciding on placement is finding the right type of Feng Shui fountain for best results. Different shapes represent certain aspects: round stands for universal abundance; square ones bring money luck; triangular ones represent success and achievement; lobed ones create balance; pictures of waterfalls enhance fame luck; oval shapes signify relationship bliss; octagonal ones bring out leadership qualities. Choose one that resonates with what you desire most from your feng shui fountain.

Finally, keep the water inside sparkling and moving by changing regularly, thus signifying an energy flow between Yin (passive) and Yang (active). This helps increase wealth even further. Keep some coins in there too for added money luck – but remember not too less than nine pieces and not more than 99 pieces.

Variety of Materials Used in Feng Shui Fountains

A Feng Shui fountain is a great way to create a positive energy flow in your home or office. crafted with natural stones, river rocks and semi-precious stones such as agate, it adds color, texture and tranquility to any space. The soothing sound of the water is said to bring luck & wealth into the environment.

Feng shui fountains come in a range of sizes and styles so you can find one that perfectly complements your decor. Depending on the size and materials used there are many different types of fountains available that can perform special tasks for promoting a healthy balance of energies in your home or workplace.

Unique Features

Feng shui fountains contain unique features designed to attract beneficial chi in your environment. Fortunes can be boosted by adding specific symbols or colors like blue, red or gold near the fountains edge.

This type of decoration serves as an attractant, inviting natural & financial abundance into your life while ushering out negative elements such as poverty and stagnation. When planning a Feng shui fountain there are several features you should consider for achieving maximum good fortune and balance in your space, such as:


The orientation of a Feng Shui fountain is also important since it has to bestow energy depending on where it is placed in relation to the entrance of a house/building or area within the house/building itself. Equally important is the Feng Shui element each fountain contains; metal for money, wood for health, water for emotions and growth prosperity, earth for groundedness and fire for passion and joy.

Feng Shui Paintings For Wealth

Together these symbology’s all work together creating movement which keeps the waters energetic “qi” flowing gently throughout its area enhancing the luck & wealth potential exponentially.


The variety available among designs today makes finding something perfect relatively easy whether you’re looking for something tiered with complimentary stones or simple lines with no-fuss designs. Some incorporate art symbols like turtles which represents long life, butterflies which symbolizes marriage partner amongst many other options designed to meet specific goals that enhance living experiences depending upon particular needs each one might have.

Particularly if wishing to focus on money making goals what better way nearby than having this vitalized good fortune addition integrated right at their very finger tips.

Tips for Maximizing the Benefits of a Feng Shui Fountain

Feng Shui is a Chinese art form that focuses on the harmonizing of energy in a given space. Utilizing principles from traditional Feng Shui practices, many people choose to install a fountain as one method of creating positive energy in their home or office.

A fountain symbolizes and attracts wealth and fortune to its owner. While there are numerous ways one can establish better energy within a space, the following are helpful tips for you to maximize the benefits of your Feng Shui fountain.

Position Matters

The location in which you place your feng shui fountain is important in ensuring smoother energy flow around it. Consider positioning this focal point near entrances – such as hallways, bathrooms, or outdoor pathways; within view – but not too close – to dining and living spaces; inside your workspace if possible; and even at dead-center of specific rooms if needed.

Avoid placing it towards back walls of any room or corner far from the rest of family activities. Within these decisions, you will draw qualities such as harmony and money into those sections of your house more prominently than others.

Fountain Care

Another crucial element in utilizing feng shui specifically via fountains effectively is ensuring appropriate care for it’s maintenance – namely, water care. As water has always been associated with wealth and fortune, make sure that your fountain has appropriately clean water when attempting to increase energies within a certain area with the space.

Change out stagnant water weekly or biweekly to avoid molding due to algae buildup on contact surfaces; use only cold-filtered tap for optimal running conditions; finally keep it dust-free by wiping down contact surfaces while actively avoiding soaps for cleaning purposes unless absolutely necessary due to minerals’ concentration that could be harmful over time otherwise.

Accompanying Decorations

In order to supplement potential energy coming from the fountain itself, many believe additional decorations that compliment its presence can increase the quality of the “energies” generated even further.

Some traditional options include colored lights along walkways leading up/towards it; flower displays around its base and rimming areas surrounding it (avoid yellow roses however); reflective surfaces such as mirrors above its positioning limit – allowing sunlight/stars reflection onto waters below during day/night cycles respectively; and perhaps even pieces like coins laid atop rocks placed strategically amongst waterscape layout itself.

Artfully combine all elements without overcrowding for best results.


A water fountain can be beneficial both aesthetically and financially. Fountains have long been considered lucky for homeowners looking to bring in wealth and prosperity since ancient times. Incorporating a Feng Shui fountain into your home is said to help you manifest prosperity in the form of increased income, improved relationships, and even career opportunities.

Creating a positive energy flow throughout your home with the help of a Feng Shui fountain is sure to bring an abundance of luck and positivity into your life. The right auspices can lead to a life full of dreams come true.

When carefully selecting the location of your Feng Shui fountain, integral factors like tactile elements, balancing Yin and Yang energies, and proper placement all play an important role in what type of luck it may bring into your life. In general, fountains should be placed in the Northern area of a room or home to help attract new opportunities that will allow for financial growth.

This should be paired with other objects such as figurines, artwork or plants that signify wealth to ensure ultimate receipt of these benefits.

Further, when setting up the actual structure there are certain components that should not be overlooked; such as the use natural materials when constructing it or decorating it with coins and crystals. These simple steps will create more powerful energy during Chinese New Years or any other time considered fortuitous throughout the year; often helping you receive more money than expected.

Installing a Feng Shui fountain gives you an opportunity to take charge of your finances by allowing you to direct energy towards attracting money luck. Through proper research on design considerations as well as know-how regarding its arrangement within your living space, a single Feng Shui fountan could act as the cornerstone for unlocking true financial potential in every household.

With enough effort and dedication backed by proper Feng Shui technique implementation, homeowners can achieve their goals all while increasing their wealth prospects accordingly.

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