Lilian Too Feng Shui Tips For Wealth And Prosperity 2018

Lilian Too is a Chinese businesswoman, author and a leading authority on the ancient art of Feng Shui. Her tips for wealth and prosperity, which she has repurposed to better suit the needs of modern life and success, have been used by people around the world since 1985. Following her Feng Shui in 2018 can bring maximum benefits to a person’s professional aspirations as well as their relationships and home.

The Benefits Of Following Lilian Too’s Feng Shui Tips Lilian Too’s Feng Shui tips provide people with increased knowledge about how to harmonize their energy within their environment. This provides practitioners with greater insight about how to approach working toward wealth and prosperity in 2018.

With greater insight, one can maximize the effects of positive thought patterns and energy which will naturally lead to expanded opportunities for growing one’s wealth base. By understanding the principles of astrology, it is also possible to utilize powerful timing for certain actions such as starting new projects or businesses that correspond to favorable stars in the sky.

How To Successfully Use The Tips It is essential when using Lilian Too’s Feng Shui Tips for wealth and prosperity that you utilize both the physical elements of your environment as well as understanding its spiritual significance. Your environment should be inviting and welcoming, full of colors that tone with your desired outcome, structured by functionality all while providing a sense of peace for relaxation during your work hours.

Additionally having symbols auspiciously placed about your space can help support positive mental energies that lead up more successful outcomes in one’s everyday life whether it be regarding finances or relationships. Manageable goals should also be set, accompanied by actionable steps which result in manageable tasks that are attainable within each day/week/month allowing you measure improvements step-by-step over time until desired results are achieved.

Essential Principles of Lilian Toos Feng Shui

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice of elevating one’s online energy by using energy forces to help create balance and prosperity. The priniciples of feng shui were developed by Chinese masters centuries ago and fine-tuned in the modern world.

Lilian Too is a highly respected authority on this practice who has shared her wisdom with many people around the world. Her book, “Feng Shui For Wealth and Prosperity 2018” provides essential tips about how to foster wealth for the approaching year. She outlines eight fundamental principles that can be applied on a daily basis no matter where you live:


According to Lilian Too, one key way you can encourage wealth in your home is to use bright colors like reds, oranges, golds, yellows and rosy pinks. These vibrant hues are thought to attract positive energy which can increase your financial success.

Living Plants

Another tool for peak prosperity in 2018 is living plants. To improves flow of money energy, use upright trees and leafy plants like jade or money plant as well as other flowers that bloom bright petals like roses or carnations. Lilian Too also encourages having a statue of goldfish nearby as they have become a symbol of pure wealth over time.

Taoist Talismans & Symbols

Using symbols around your home like coins, lanterns, stars or ingots – all associated with traditional Taoist beliefs – as they signify abundance and good fortune can promote positive energy in times of financial need. Additionally, placing energized symbols such as Taoist 8 Immortals Coins near any entrance ramps up this production of powerful energy even more quickly.

Understanding the Different Types of Wealth Enhancing Elements

Feng Shui is a Chinese practice that focuses on balancing energies within a space in order to create harmony. It can be used to enhance prosperity, health and wellbeing. According to the principles of feng shui, certain elements in the environment bring about better luck and fortune. In 2018, Lilian Too provides detailed advice on how best to use these wealth enhancing elements within your space.

Fire Element

The Fire element is associated with passion, success and optimism. To bring this element into your space, Ms Too recommends facing south with red-coloured objects such as furniture or artwork to activate the fire energy. Candles can also be used since they are regarded as physical representations of the Fire element; however, it is important to burn them safely and responsibly.

Metal Element

The metal element brings about sharpness and mental clarity when added to a room. The ideal colour for this element is white as it promotes purity and inward reflection. Ms Too advises placing metal objects near doorways or windows as this position will help attract helpful spirits into the home. Additionally, your workspace should feature plenty of metal pieces to improve focus and productivity during workdays.

Earth Element

This element is associated with stability and sharing which makes it an ideal addition for bedrooms or other communal spaces where family members come together. Earthy tones such as yellow, beige or brown can evoke feelings of relaxation while ceramic items can help keep emotions calm. One thing Ms Too suggests doing is decorating your walls with photographs that show family members interacting happily together – encouraging peace between everyone living in the home.

How to Welcome the Wealth God

The most important step to achieving wealth and prosperity in 2018 is to welcome the Wealth God into your home. Doing this will bring good energy and will make sure that you are attuned to the universal energies that promote success and abundance. The best way to do this is to create a shrine or altar in your house, drawing from the traditions of Chinese spiritual practice.

Where To Put It?

When creating a shrine or altar, it is important to consider its location. It should be placed facing towards the inside of the house and be located close enough that everyone who enters can see it. The China School of Feng Shui recommends finding a place near the entrance so that it is seen by everyone entering the home, as this will create greater peace in the area overall as well as bring good energy inside.

What To Include

The Wealth God shrine should include items related to wealth and prosperity, such as jade stones, gold coins, incense, paper money folded into shapes representing happiness or auspicious symbols like 8’s or 4’s. Other decorations that can bring positive energy are images of animals considered auspicious such as deer for luck with investments or roosters for increased confidence.

Additionally, objects such as crystals or bells are believed to draw prosperity into the home; however these objects must never be overbearing otherwise they may block some of the positive energy being generated.

Feng Shui Items For Wealth And Prosperity

Recite Prayers

Once everything is set up, it’s critical to take part in regular rituals in honor of the Wealth God. This could include offering prayers and reciting mantras at specific times during each day – maybe first thing after you wake up in order to center yourself around positivity towards wealth and then again before bedtime right when you’re about ready for sleep – both moments of heightened personal intentionality.

Additionally, many believe that burning incense at relevant times helps invite positive energy into their lives while also grounding yourself with powerful intentions for striving towards success and abundance throughout 2018.

Crafting Wealth Enhancing Talisman

One of Lilian Too’s simple Feng Shui tips for wealth and prosperity in 2018 is to craft a wealth-enhancing talisman. This talisman serves as a concentration point of energy featuring symbols you can meditate on while focusing on the ambition to become wealthy. Choosing symbols that appeal to you spiritually is important as this will ensure that your positive thoughts and emotions remain focused on the intended outcome every time you access the talisman.

Some examples of symbolic objects or actions found in increasing wealth include coins, butterflies, peaches, running water, stairs, doors opening or abacus beads. Placing all these elements close together and concentrating on them while making an affirmation creates strong feng shui energies that will attract the desired results faster than other methods.

The thought process behind Feng Shui talismans dates back thousands of years, where wise men used certain symbols combined with spiritual offerings to activate magical properties which would act as a conduit between the material world and spiritual realm. Today many people still use such mystical symbols when crafting homemade pieces of art for their homes or businesses in the hopes they bring them luck and abundance for the New Year.

While some argue that these are nothing more than superstitions, others think it is only a matter of belief system: whatever works for one person might not work for another so it’s important to take into consideration how the symbolism affects our individual beliefs before investing energy into making any kind of new talisman or artwork.

Even if you don’t believe in Feng Shui as an ancient practice, there’s no denying its effectiveness when it comes to manifesting our desired goals; after all, belief plays a significant role in our ability to manifest what we desire. Just by looking at your handcrafted piece of art representing your dreams regularly will create positive thoughts around your goals and increase your own self-confidence, allowing you improve areas like financial security this year.

So even if sticks and stones may break bones but words hurt too – perhaps crafting yourself a symbol of wealth out of words could help make 2018 financially bountiful too?

Strategic Placement for Wealth and Prosperity

Feng Shui principles indicate that the key to drawing on wealth and prosperity in our lives is to strategically place specific objects in the southwest and southeast sectors of our homes. This year, 2018, Lilian Too recommends using five Chinese coins tied together with a red ribbon as one effective way to attract positive financial energies into our home.

Placing this symbolic object in these two sectors can help us draw an abundance of funds from all kinds of unexpected sources. Furthermore, it is considered beneficial to also display three coins within the south sector for added protection against financial losses and legal matters.

Space Cleansing

Another simple yet effective tip is performing a space cleansing ritual before implementing any Feng Shui adjustments. Space cleansing helps eliminate negative energies and create a more auspicious space which attracts positive money energies. This can be done using incense sticks or by smudging the area with sage leaves.

For best results, do this at least once every 3 months or whenever necessary when conflicting energy arises. It is important not to forget to open windows afterwards so that new energy can come in and congested energy can escape.

Positive Symbols

Positive symbols are another essential aspect of Feng Shui for bringing wealth, as they help capture success and increase fortune luck. Examples of symbols that bring good fortune include magic squares with words such as “wealth” written on them surrounded by 8 coins along with 3 golden oranges as well as lucky plants like bamboo and coins trees for endorsing prosperous feng shui Chi energy which can bolster finances in many ways.

Symbols should always be placed properly according to their purpose, meaning figures such as golden tortoises should be placed facing inside towards the centre of the house rather than facing outwards where they would ultimately scatter away any abundant Chi rather than keep it trapped long enough so it could affect its environment positively.


Once these objects are placed, Lilian Too recommends enhancing their potency by regularly taking care of them – cleaning crystals in sunlight for instance or wiping gold dragons figurines. In addition, activating them involves focusing on these items while expressing wishes such as “May my business continue to grow” or “May our family receive good luck”.

Doing this helps programing these objects with specific affirmations which encourages attracting desired outcome into our lives eventually over time through blessings from those spiritual realms far beyond ours here on earth.

Decorating for Wealth and Prosperity

Feng Shui provides many ways to bring wealth and prosperity into your home. Here are a few tips from master feng shui practitioner Lilian Too for how to attract good fortune in the upcoming 2018 year of the Dog:

  • Placing 9 Chinese coins tied with a red ribbon near an entrance door is a good way to welcome wealth into the home.
  • For even more luck, you should also add a butterfly knot over your entrance door.
  • Place Mandarin Ducks near windows, symbols of faithful and loving partners that bring financial security to the household.

In addition to using these objects around the home, Lilian Too also recommends certain colour schemes that can help attract financial success. She advises using bright, vibrant shades of green because it encourages growth and freshness in monetary endeavours. Similarly, engaging different senses with sounds or scents can have an impact on remediating certain energy areas of your home.

For instance, if you need to activate positive energy in the Wealth area of one’s house, then setting up water-related decorations such as cascading fountains or wind chimes can be beneficial. These elements create tranquil vibes within your living environment – which could potentially help increase wealth and prosperity.

Finally, when it comes to attracting good fortune for future years, plants such as ficus tree will assist in increasing sustainability of luck and well being for all family members throughout the year. Furthermore hanging talismans next to pictures or furniture within the front door provides a distinct atmosphere that honours succession and celebrates optimistic growth throughout seasons.

Positive affirmations are common around doors too as they cultivate self esteem that strengthens moral retribution for those residing inside – leading towards improved financial stability over time.

Applying the Correct Compasses and Good Directions

One of the most important tips from Lilian Too for wealth and prosperity in 2018 involves using proper compasses and good directions. Properly utilized, these tools can help you create a positive energy flow that allows money and abundance to enter your life. Using a magnetic compass to determine the best directions for wealth and success is one of the easiest ways to start aligning yourself with fortune.

Feng Shui Northeast Crystals For Wealth

It should be noted that not all compasses are created equal; one must use quality compasses that accurately measure cardinal directions such as north, south, east, west, northwest, southeast and so on.

Additionally, it’s crucial to note how the directions interact with each other when plotting out your wealth area: southwest should always be opposite northeast as well as southeast opposite northwest – if these elements don’t match-up properly then there will definitely be an imbalance leading to decreased luck in newfound resources.

Using Color To Enhance A Wealth Spot Another tip from Lilian Too regarding wealth and prosperity is using the right colors within your own personal space. Each color carries its own individual properties and energies related to how they affect our disposition when surrounded by them in our immediate environment; blues connote calmness while yellow brings out happiness.

When looking at colors pertaining to economic gain they end up being similar shades: green hues help spur motivation towards monetary success while gold can attract luck pertaining to financial resources When selecting a color to place within a spot dedicated for wealth it’s recommended going either bright green or an off-yellow shade; both of which inspire active progress towards a lucrative mindset.

Activating Your Wealth Sector through Symbols Finally, Lilian Too emphasizes utilizing symbols from various cultures within ones activity sector for greater fortune and vast amounts of prosperity. These symbols embody certain ideals associated with wealth generation like fearlessness or creativity during difficult times of professional strife; having physical representations allows one more concretely hold onto those feelings while striving for their objectives.

Examples include dragon artifacts representing vitality or phoenix carvings symbolizing regeneration – when arranged correctly throughout ones workspace the accumulated asset obtained can lead one’s monetary gain far beyond expectations. Thus having straightforward visuals linked with materialistic gain serves as priceless reminder whenever faced with harsh economic obstacles.

Tips on Upgrading Your Home with Wealth-Enhancing Colors in 2018

In traditional feng shui, 2018 is the year of the Earth Dog. According to this ancient Chinese art of placement, it’s imperative to select the right items for fortune and wealth-and one of the chief considerations includes selecting colors that attract and retain wealth.

Lilian Too is a worldwide leader in feng shui metaphysical advice, and she provides some tips on using harmonious color combinations in home decor with an emphasis on attracting wealth. She notes that certain color combinations with gold-accented hues must be used sparingly-preferably where money matters are focused or discussed.

For example, a white living room wall with pale green trim accents and gold drapery or upholstery accents could provide just the right touch for solidifying your family’s material resources.

White Color – Represents Clarity Of Matters

White is generally considered a clean, clear energy for symbolizing purity and innocence. It is also very powerful for understanding issues quickly when preparing to take proper action: You can visualize which possible solutions would work best when evaluating problems against white as a backdrop – especially if you’re considering financial-related issues. The key here is not to overdo it – too much glare from too much white can lead to wild confusion.

Green Color – Symbolizes Growth & Abundance

When searching for prosperity-enhancing colors around your house or office, green offers ideal possibilities: Green has always signified life force energy since it signifies nature’s vitality; thus, its abundant resemblance to vegetation translates into real-life successes such as financial profit increases.

Green items may also bring luck in business profitability when placed strategically within your home because they draw metaphorical images representing stories from great novels like The Hobbit and other classical stories offering very powerful symbolism involving forests, adventures and fights for infinity riches.

Avoid overly dark greens however – they can be indicative of sadness or depression in small doses and should only be used cautiously while focusing on uplifting tones or articles surrounding them.

Gold Accents – Increases Wealth Chi Around You

Gold accents should be added judiciously throughout any room chosen for prosperity since gold doesn’t necessarily signify metallic coins real currency buys but rather represents life force energy associated indirectly with potential spiritual prosperity as well as physical monetary gain through banking situations such as tax breaks or year-end bonus awards.

In addition, these symbolical signs offer positive vibes of good luck by their presence itself due to their elegant color combination reminiscent of fancy jewelry pieces from royalty long ago in history books about royal families who held onto their wealth forever through golden spoons tucked away secretly inside vaults locked behind massive marvelously carved doors.

Health and Safety Tips to Protect Your Wealth and Prosperity

It is very important for people to take the necessary steps to protect their wealth and prosperity. Practicing simple health and safety tips suggested by famous Feng Shui consultant, Lilian Too, can help improve our financial security and wellness in 2018 and beyond. Here are some of her important tips:

First of all, it is important to practice good hygiene habits as these will aid in both physical health and financial abundance. Keeping oneself healthy is essential in order to enjoy the wealthy opportunities available in life. Regularly washing hands and keeping one’s work environment clean go a long way toward prevention of disease as well as promoting successful deals.

Secondly, in terms of health, it is also advised to take time out for exercise and relaxation techniques such as meditation or yoga. Doing so helps maintain a balance between inner energy levels with our outer environment.

In addition to improving the quality of life, focusing on physical health will lead us towards being more productive thus increasing potential for success. This also allows us to be careful when taking risks while investing or starting businesses thereby securing our wealth even further.

Finally, safety in general should always be taken into consideration when it comes to protecting both health and wealth. Always making sure that valuables are kept securely locked away at home or in an office environment prevents theft or property damage which can have serious consequences financially.

Remaining up-to-date on technological developments also ensures that data stored within one’s systems remain safe from hackers who may otherwise penetrate personal information regarding finances or bank accounts – this could lead to substantial losses if not guarded against properly.

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