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Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese philosophy that believes a well-organized home balances and harmonizes its energies. One of Feng Shui’s most recognizable symbols is the Double Fish Symbol which is seen in many cultures, including Chinese Buddhism. This symbol is often used in Feng Shui to promote prosperity and abundance.

The Double Fish Symbol consists of two interconnected fish: one aquatic creature facing up and the other facing down. In Chinese culture, the fish symbolize wealth, fertility, longevity, peace and good luck. The interconnection between them represents cooperation and abundance within relationships or partnerships. It emphasizes both giving and receiving to experience harmony within life as water implies movement promoting adaptability when dealing with changes in life. In terms of Feng Shui practice, placing this symbol in the south area of a home can attract positive energy while creating balance inside a living space due to its symbolic association with stability and success.


The Double Fish Symbol is believed to bring good luck, abundance, and fertility to the home. It can come in a variety of forms such as two fish woven together or encircled by lotus flowers, two disembodied carp heads or swimming, a pair of goldfish facing each other, or even two Bengal tigers holding banners in their mouths. The most favorable design for a particular situation depends on the purpose for which it is being used.

For success and career-related purposes a depiction of two leaping fish with their tails entwined is the preferred choice. This representation symbolizes powerful energy and large amounts of money opportunities. Other variations like those featuring two intertwined carp heads can also be used to bring good luck in examination and interviews.

Two fish placed inside a taijitu (yin and yang) can be employed to help enhance harmony within relationships as well as stand against negative energy and obstacles trying to impede progress. For overall luck, health, and wealth a simple design featuring two fish swimming side by side towards prosperity is said to provide the best results.

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The Double Fish is a powerful symbol in Chinese philosophy which dates back thousands of years. Many cultures view fish as being symbolic of wealth, power, and good luck. In China, however, the two fish are seen as representing yin and yang – the perfect balance of positive and negative energies which brings harmony to the universe. The central message behind this symbol is that by maintaining equilibrium within one’s life or home, everything can be achieved without struggle or strife.

In terms of Feng Shui – a practice rooted in traditional Chinese beliefs – the Double Fish is a very important concept. Applying this principle to any space creates a nurturing environment for things like creativity, abundance and career success. It also acts as a reminder that all aspects of our lives should be kept in balance for us to reach our highest potential. Ultimately it symbolizes the importance of acceptance, composure and joy when dealing with both external and internal conflicts.


The Feng Shui Double Fish Symbol is a powerful way to bring protection and good energy into any space. It is believed that the two fish swimming in upward directions represent the balance between Ying and Yang energies, a perfect combination for allowing positive chi (energy) to flow freely throughout the area. The Double Fish Symbol can be used for both residential and business spaces.

To use the symbol for protection, it should be hung facing a main door or near an entrance in order to guard against evil influences. It is also believed that keeping one of these symbols near a bedroom window can help to keep bad dreams away from its occupants.

In addition to protection, this symbol can be used to increase love and romance in any space. As with its protective qualities, placing a Double Fish Symbol either inside or outside of your bedroom may bring good luck with relationships by increasing harmony between its occupants. Additionally, placing it inside a room that has been dedicated as a love altar is said to provide abundance in romantic potential!

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The Feng Shui Double Fish Symbol is believed to promote romance, friendship, and unity. It is also believed to be a sign of good luck and prosperity. As such, it would be beneficial to display the symbol in places where you want these intentions to manifest. Some ideal spots for hanging this symbol would include the master bedroom for a boost in intimacy, the family room for greater family solidarity, or an office space for career success. You could also hang the double fish symbol near or over front doors or windows if you are looking to bring in more abundance and positive energy.


The double fish symbol is well-known in the practice of Feng Shui. This ancient symbol can bring balance and harmony to your space, create an environment that supports bringing abundance and prosperity. By using these symbols in strategic locations in your house or office, you can stimulate positive energy flow and enhance relationships with friends and family. Placing a double fish symbol near an entryway also helps ward off negativity and competing energies while allowing love and peace to enter the space.

While the double fish symbol is often used as a good luck charm, it should be used with caution. As with other Feng Shui practices, it may take some time before the effects are seen. It’s also important to remember that only positive intentions should be associated with this symbol – improper use can lead to undesirable results.

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