Feng Shui Fish Symbol Placement


Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that focuses on the balance of nature and its flow of energy, known as chi. It’s believed that placing items in certain areas can help to create a positive atmosphere in your home or business, thus bringing good luck and wealth. One popular item used in Feng Shui to bring these benefits is the fish symbol, which is thought to attract wealth and abundance when placed strategically.

According to ancient Chinese beliefs, the placement of the fish symbol helps nourish and circulate positive energy throughout its surroundings. The body of water represents a great source of chi energy while the presence of the fish symbolizes wealth and abundance being brought into one’s life. Furthermore, by keeping this element in full view in your home or office, it’s believed that peace and harmony will be brought into all areas of your life. For best results it’s recommended to place eight golden carp fishes together in a tank or bowl with still water for their powerful effects on chi circulation. In addition, the golden color ensures optimal Chi effects due to its ability to carry spiritual vibrations throughout any space. The practice also advocates for proper maintenance and regular recharging of this symbol since having healthy aquariums with plenty of still water increases its effectivity . Feng shui experts recommend having these symbols near doorways for easy access of beneficial Chi currents.[1] Customarily these decorative pieces are designed in different shapes such as carp swimming against a current representing health, prosperity, family harmony and love life improvement.[2] As long as they are tasteful and pleasingly arranged around windows or entrances they have the power to attract desirable Chi energies into ones life depending on their location within the house making them precious supplementations inside homes or businesses considering their decorative value correlation with spiritual fortunes they bring.

Different Types of Fish Symbols & Associated Meanings

The feng shui fish symbol is an important element in any home’s interior décor. When placed correctly, these symbols can bring good luck and prosperity to the household. There are many different types of fish symbols, each with its own meaning and purpose.

Common fish symbols include the arowana, which is associated with good luck and prosperity; carp for courage and determination; golden or red-tailed catfish for strength and protection; crucian carp for intelligence, wisdom and long life; perch for success; koi for ambition and tenacity; mandarin duck (also called yin-yang fish) for harmony in marriage relationships; trout to attract wealth and abundance into the home; wild ducks to represent strong family values; sea horses to promote self-awareness. In addition, there are also more exotic varieties such as dragonfish to encourage success in business pursuits, butterflyfish to bring growth on an emotional level, angelfish as a symbol of wealth, lionhead goldfish as an emblem of health, peacock bass as a sign of protection.

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When placing feng shui fish symbols in one’s home interior décor it is important to bear in mind that they should always be hung facing the main entrance door or room so that positivity can enter into the home space. Placement in wrong areas such as bathrooms or places where there are harsh energies can cause negative reactions. The colors chosen should also reflect good energy such as gold or silver hues or vivid bold colors like pink, turquoise, or yellow. It is also advisable to hang multiple pairs rather than single specimens where possible as this upside down ‘yin-yang’ positioning increases their energetic potential even further.

Suggested Placement Areas for Fish Symbols

The Feng Shui fish symbol is associated with abundance, wealth, and prosperity. The symbol appears in many forms including the Koi fish,Double Fish, and the Three Fish. It is best placed where you want the energy of abundance to be felt. This includes areas such as business offices, entranceways, home offices, living rooms, dining rooms, and kitchens. The feng shui fish should also be placed near resources like your computer or other technology equipment that generate money. Additionally, this symbol can also be placed in places like bedrooms or bathrooms to calm energies down and bring peace to the space. To maximize its potential benefits, it’s important to place these symbols in a visible location such as around your house or office where they will get seen on a regular basis. If there are auspicious numbers associated with your home”such as a street number or an address”you should include it in the placement of the fish symbols for even better results. Finally Feng Shui practitioners recommend introducing live or artificial plants into your space along with water features for best results when working with the energy of wealth and prosperity!

General Considerations When Adding Fish Symbols to Home Interior

When adding fish symbols for a general Feng Shui home interior, keep in mind that the fish themselves need to be placed in the southern part of the room. This placement allows them to bring luck and prosperity into the south area of your home. Fish can also be used as a representation of wealth and abundance, so it is important to find a prosperous and eye-catching suitable spot for their display. Additionally, make sure to pay attention to the color of the fish when selecting them”the best colors are red, gold, purple, or black. These colors represent success, good luck, and wealth; they should not be combined with any other bright colors as this could lead to an unbalanced energy in the home. Lastly, avoid putting too many symbolically powerful images in one room; no more than three is recommended as it could invite too much energy into one space.

Benefits of Correctly Implementing Feng Shui Fish Symbol Placement

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese practice of positioning objects within a space to maximize positive energies. The feng shui fish symbol is an important part of this practice, as it is believed to bring good luck and prosperity into a home or office. When properly implemented, correct placement of the feng shui fish symbol can yield many benefits.

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For starters, correct placement of the feng shui fish symbol will energize a space with more positivity, creating an atmosphere where productivity and relaxation are more likely to occur. This increased energy can also lead to an improved mood and healthier relationships in the workplace or home environment. On a practical level, correctly placed feng shui fish symbols can help attract wealth and good fortune into your life, magnifying good luck that’s already been earned through hard work and diligence.

The significance of the feng shui fish symbol also relates to health; for example, placing two elegantly crafted golden carp to swim towards one another would bring health energy into the house when needed most. Additionally, appropriate placement of these symbols helps neutralize any negative energy such as illness or financial ruin that may be lurking nearby. Finally, harmonious representation of the traditional yin-yang within a room affects how people connect on both verbal and emotional levels through peaceful introspection and reflection.

Additional Tips on Maximizing Energy Flow with Feng Shui Fish Symbols

The traditional placement of the Feng Shui fish symbol is one on either side of a doorway and in the middle, if possible. If a doorway is located between two goals, such as living and dining rooms, placing the symbol on either wall and one in the middle of them (mounted slightly higher than door frame) will create good energy flow and aid in prosperity. In addition, other symbols can be used together with feng shui fish symbols for extra vitality. Two pair of dragon-phoenix images placed on both sides of the entrance hall supports a good family atmosphere. And two pairs of deer images are best to place facing each other at above low-level vents to bring abundant wealth into your premises. Lastly, when positioned correctly and in harmony with other elements or decor pieces, a Chinese coins tied with ribbon hanged over doorways welcome continuous luck into any space!


Introducing feng shui fish symbol placement into your home is simple and can bring great benefit. The first step is to decide where to place the symbols – for example, in a bedroom or living space. The key is to locate the symbols in places where positive energy can easily flow into the room. The second step is to focus on energy-enhancing objects that could be used in conjunction with the fish symbols, such as crystals, mirrors, or plants. Lastly, it’s important to select quality materials for these items when possible ” for instance, natural crystals are more potent than plastic ones. Once your chosen elements are prepared and placed around the room in an organized way according to feng shui principles, you will immediately experience a change in the atmosphere of your space and likely notice an improvement in your mood.

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