Feng Shui Cures For Bathroom In Wealth Area

In the traditional practice of Feng Shui, it is essential that energy flow be allowed to enter and leave a home or area efficiently. One of the most important places that this needs to happen is in the wealth area of any home as disruption can lead to financial issues. When it comes to sources of energy within an area like a bathroom there are numerous rules and regulations as determined by the principles of yin and yang.

Yin symbolises areas which bring rest, relaxation, and sleep while Yang areas tend to be more active promoting a sense of peace or excitement. It is due to this that bathrooms tend to be viewed as yin spaces as they are normally associated with activities such as winding down before you go to bed or going for a relaxing soak in the bath tub.

There are various feng shui cures which one can put into place if they believe that their bathroom is affecting the wealth area limitively. Firstly, it would be beneficial if curtains were added to windows within the bathroom space if none already exist.

These should be thick and heavy so that light can never penetrate them, reducing the level of energy exchange between outside and inside making sure no negative influences come through whilst also blocking out nosy neighbours and unfavourable views. Another suggestion would be that any plants used on shelving against exterior walls should be green colour variations only, not yellow or purple as these invite energies which could disrupt balance within your wealth corner.

Finally, it may also be advantageous for those using feng shui in their homes who have a bathroom situated in their wealth corner to add lights preferably at least thirty centimetres from ground level and four-sided lamps such as stacked cubes surrounding them in order to boost harmony throughout this part of their house while preventing bad chi from entering or staying stagnant.

By following these tips, those looking to introduce elements which assist with healing energies will find feng shui hardworking for them by bringing success and abundance financially into their lives when taking correct steps with regards to its placement within one’s own realm.

Common Feng Shui Cures

One of the most common feng shui cures for bathrooms is to place six Chinese coins tied together with a red ribbon near the toilet, sink, or bathtub. This encourages the flow of chi and encourages wealth into the home. The coins should be placed at a height between 3-6ft from the floor depending on the ceiling height, preferably near, but not on top of any sharp edges in your bathroom or even above your door.


Another popular choice for feng shui cures for bathrooms is to place some crystals such as Sodalite or Amethyst in front of a basin or bathtub. Crystals are known to have healing properties that can help purify energy within the space which can lead to an overall sense of wellbeing and encourage calming energies to enter your bathroom area.

Ideally this feng shui cure would be placed around 6-8 inches away from any sinks or tubs as well as any window sills so that it can still absorb natural light during the day time but be shielded from direct sunlight when you want to take a relaxing bath or shower.

Tibetan Singing Bowls

Other popular items used as feng shui cures for bathrooms are Tibetan singing bowls. It is believed that singing bowls emit sacred vibrations when moved around and has many healing effects that can improve one’s physical, emotional and spiritual health.

To enhance these effects even further, make sure to choose correct sizes according to your bathroom space and also position them in pairs if you want double impact. Place them at waist height about 18-24 inches apart so they get enough room for resonance sound waves without clashing with other furniture pieces in your bathroom.

Clear Out Clutter

Clearing out all clutter and establishing a clutter-free environment in the bathroom in the wealth area is an essential part of Feng Shui. Clutter can be a major distraction both mentally and energetically, taking away focus from important areas like success and abundance. In order to create a positive flow of energy in the wealth area, it is important to ensure that there is minimal, if any, clutter present.

There are many ways of going about creating a clutter-free environment in the bathroom. One technique that may prove useful is setting aside some time each day to declutter and get organized. Additionally, installing things such as organized shelves or racks for toiletries can help with keeping the space neat and tidy.

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Here are some more practical tips for establishing an organized bathroom:

  • Take only what you need into your bathroom – items that have no use should not enter this zone.
  • Keep surfaces clear from cosmetic items – avoid over cluttering counter tops whenever possible.
  • Have well-defined storage spaces for items like towels or toiletries – choose containers that look attractive and suit your décor style.
  • Place baskets around the room to keep small items like books, magazines or toys neatly tucked away.
  • Add shelving above the sink or bathtub for additional storage space.

Enhance Natural Light

When it comes to bathroom feng shui cures for the wealth area, one of the first things you should consider is how to bring natural light into the space. Natural light brings positive energy into the room, signifying a healthy flow of money and success – what we’re all looking for. This can be achieved through several means.

You could install sheer curtains in front of windows, start using frosted glass in doors and windows or add skylights that open up onto the terrace outside. Natural light not only helps calm the spirit but it also has a brightening effect on any dull walls, making them seem inviting and increasing their buoyant energy.

In addition to enhancing natural light, introducing artificial lighting can further improve the bathroom feng shui cures for the wealth zone. Adding wall sconces or pendant lights above a washbasin will cast soft illumination over surfaces while chandeliers with multiple arms can spread more diffused light across a wider area – brilliant for an expansive bathroom space.

Using shades with vibrant colours will also project energetic hues throughout your bathroom, prompting visitors to feel more happy and uplifted during their stay; ensuring good vibes all round. Painting your bathroom walls in pale tones and using reflective materials that reflect both natural and artificial light is another way you can ensure your bathroom radiates happiness and positivity (plus it looks stylish too.)

Finally, accessorizing with plants helps fill this space with energy discreetly – succulents in hanging baskets, short leafy shrubs as planters or cactus placed near large mirrors create greenery without compromising on space. Not only will this make your decor aesthetically pleasing but plants represent growth in abundance meaning financial success won’t be far away either. As an added bonus they help purify stale air trapped in bathrooms at home too – helping keep us healthy AND wealthy.

Good Scents and Natural Elements

The use of good smelling scents in a bathroom located in the wealth area of your home is an incredibly important Feng Shui tip to remember. Incense, sprays, or natural oils all play their part in helping with establishing a positive energetic flow. They can help to balance the chi and provide a heightened sense of relaxation when used in combination with certain elements of nature.

As well as using more traditional scented items, Feng Shui suggests incorporating natural elements into the bathroom wherever possible to help bring even more balance and energy to this space. This can include decor items such as statues and artwork featuring mountains, valleys, or plants – consider bonsai trees for example – and also items such as hanging plants or green displays.

Crystals should also be incorporated; while not essential, they can contribute significantly to bringing calmness and positive energy into the space due to their vibrational properties. Crystals such as green malachite are generally said to be most beneficial here; however colors that relate closely to the Water element should also be considered – so shades like blue and aqua can work too.

The use of these crystals could come in many forms; either through jewelry pieces such as necklaces or earrings hung near the bathtub tub and sink or even just placed on shelves or windowsills throughout the room.

Finally it’s always good practice to keep any clutter contained within closed boxes or containers so that it doesn’t interfere with energy levels within the room. Knickknacks such as small figurines, animal sculptures, colorful stones (citrine gemstones especially), porcelain vases filled with shells or feathers are other key ideas for introducing natural elements into this area of your home – allowing for attractive additions without going overboard on clutter.

Use Bold Colors

When designing a bathroom in the wealth area of your home using the principles of Feng Shui, bold colors can play an integral part in bringing and maintaining positive energy. Bold, vibrant colors such as red, orange, pink and green should be utilized to activate this area for success and prosperity.

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For example, red is associated with energy and intuition which can bring stability and force into this space. Use strong shades of red to create an atmosphere of vibrancy and focus, making it a perfect place for creative work or meditation.

In addition to red, consider choosing bold colors like pink for calming energy as well as creating a calming atmosphere in which one can be more conscious of their personal needs. Considering that pink is also associated with love, employing it into your design scheme will help promote self-care and relationship maintenance in the home’s wealth sector while encouraging peace throughout.

Green helps activate the wealth section by inspiring us to think more clearly about our finances and our future financial paths. Green not only highlights abundance but helps restore harmony between outer objects/material items to our internal intentions or goals – helping reinforce the idea you can never get too much.

Try using different shades from lime green to pale mint hues to further awaken the mind when determining how best one is able to use their resources wisely so they can build wealth and maintain security going forward.

When used correctly bold colors have enough power to influence specific Fung Shui areas within the home such as the bathroom found in most homes’ wealth sector; hence applying them appropriately will help attract greater positivity along with promoting overall wellness in both body spirit and life.

Hang Mirrors and Place Art

Hang mirrors and place art in the bathroom of the wealth area to help bring in positive energy. Mirrors can be used as a tool to create strong boundaries and keep negative energies away from the home. They can be used as a shield by reflecting harmful qi, which can otherwise have a draining effect on the environment.

It is also important to do what you can to make sure that the quality of air in your bathroom is healthy and inviting. Hang mirrors near window openings, or ensure proper ventilation is available in order to draw fresh air into the space. This will help discourage dampness, which can create bad energy through molds and mildew.

To further enhance energetic flow, it’s recommended to hang beautiful paintings or photographs showcasing serene scenes from nature. Doing this will help bring calm and balance to the atmosphere of your bathroom – this will act as a buffer for troublesome qi entering through open windows or up from below, adding softness and gentleness to the environment.

  • Install friendly energy boundaries with mirrors
  • Ensure proper ventilation
  • Hang beautiful artwork/photographs

Live and Let Live

The bathroom in the wealth area of your home often serves as a respite and a relaxing atmosphere, but it can also be one of the worst Feng Shui offenders. With proper treatments, however, you can bring positive energy into this space and create an inviting atmosphere that feels harmonious to all who enter.

In order to create a harmonious environment in your bathroom, you should begin by using high-quality materials that are reflective of wealth and abundance. Opt for elegant marble floors or intricate mosaic tiles that reflect natural elements and promote an airy feeling.

Furthermore, try to incorporate some plants in the bathroom if possible; ideally these should be lush green plants like ficus trees or bamboo palms. Finally, when it comes to items within the bathroom like fixtures and accessories, incorporate those with bold gold or silver accents for a touch of luxury and luck.

It’s also important to choose colors carefully when designing a Feng Shui bathroom as each will have its own special energy properties associated with it. Select colors like reds, oranges, and yellows-all known to evoke feelings of joy, prosperity, and passion-to keep wealth flowing throughout the area.

When used properly, Feng Shui cures can bring balance and harmony to any space while creating an inviting atmosphere. By infusing the right Feng Shui elements into this area of your home you can increase wealth not only in terms of materialistic goods but in health and happiness as well.

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