Feng Shui Cure For Bathroom In Love Area

When it comes to the love part of the Bagua chart, many Feng Shui consultations center around affirming relationships and restraining single-hood energy. One particular area where a Feng Shui cure for the bathroom in the love area can be used, is by incorporating plants. Plants bring both life and energy into a space. They can also provide grounding and peace, which helps to improve circulation or “chi” in an environment.

Aromatherapy Another way to use Feng Shui cures for your bathroom in the love area is through aromatherapy, often an overlooked element of even traditional Chinese philosophy design elements like Yanyu or Yin/Yang balance. Using essential oils like lavender, ylang-ylang, jasmine, clary sage, cardamom and rose may work wonders when diffused into your bathroom area regularly as these fragrances are known as aphrodisiacs that help to stimulate romantic moods.

Candles are great as well as they look beautiful and embody natural elements that bring Feng Shui into the room. Additionally candles may also be filled with essential oils and herbs to promote better chi movements when a gentle breeze or wind force moves about the room.

Colour Schemes It’s also important to implement colors that will also attract positive energy into this part of your home while creating a harmonious atmosphere between you and your partner. A few examples include using red, pink, magenta or peach wallpaper throughout the space with furniture pieces or linens made in fabrics such as leather or velvet that exhibit any of those colors mentioned above.

Other items such as symbolic figurines (ie: couples holding hands), crystals (ie: rose quartz) or pictures of hearts symbolize love in both an emotional & spiritual way related directly with the greater Bagua constructions. The end goal here is to ensure ultimate harmony with respect to maximizing positive chi within your home every day.

What is Feng Shui and its Relevance to the Bathroom?

Born from ancient Chinese practice, Feng Shui is a traditional art and science designed to create a sense of harmony between people and their environment. Practitioners of feng shui believe in the use of energy, also known as ch’i, to balance one’s surroundings and promote a better quality of life.

The purpose is to bring about positive outcomes in relationship, finances, health, and general wellbeing through careful arrangement in the design of physical environments. In short, it means arranging spaces in such a way that “qi” can flow through it without any impediments.

For the home specifically, different areas represent different aspects of our life. Among several other areas one common one is the Love area that primarily focuses on emotional happiness for couples in addition to cultivating love & romance. This area – which typically falls into two sections – focusses mostly on bedrooms but also includes bathrooms as well.

It’s believed that this part of the home affects both personal relationships between family members and how comfortable guests feel when visiting or staying at the house. So what feng shui principles should be applied when dealing with bathrooms or toilet sinks situated in conjunction with this particular area?

To start off with, energies inside these elements should be kept neat and uncluttered since lack thereof could interfere with the desired positive vibes created by symbolic scenic elements like candles or flowers placed elsewhere within this spot. Mirrors are particularly important when dealing with bathrooms because they can be used to “reverse” any negative energy present while promoting peace & calmness simultaneously.

Additionally, bright colored decorative items or towel racks should replace any old fixtures still hanging around; this will help revitalise stale air currents thus restoring natural serenity back onto the room & its inhabitants curbing off potential disturbances from outside sources like sandstorms.

Location and Identification of the Love Area

The ‘Love Area’ is an important area of focus in Feng Shui, as this area provide many opportunities to introduce energies for harmonious relationships. Ideally, this area is placed to the South-West corner of a home or office space, however it can be located elsewhere depending on the existing orientations within the dwelling.

When undertaking a Feng Shui analysis, determining where the Love Area is located can present somewhat of a challenge as identifying any potential influences around that area may prove difficult. When unable to confirm exactly where the Love Area is located then it’s recommended that treatment focuses around any prominent riverside areas or outdoor locations which are filled with vegetation and natural beauty such as parks or gardens.

The Significance Of The Bathroom

From a Feng Shui point of view, bathrooms are traditionally seen as places of energy drainage, and should therefore be avoided within a Love Area if possible. Unfortunate placement of toilets could lead to relationship issues or marriage delays, preparing and generating negative energies in place relationships take root. This itself can hinder the positive energies which naturally come into play when people share good times together or wish to build strong bonds with one another in an intimate setting.

Restoring Balance

In cases where there is already a presence of bathroom facilities inside a Love Area, it’s best practice to undertake some form of Feng Shui cure in order to redirect and restore balance back to both location and energy dynamics in question.

Feng Shui Number of Chimes for Love

One particular option open to homeowners who want less disruption from bathroom activity within their existing space is that f moving part or all key elements such doorways or other items away from entrances/exits intended for rooms within their home i.e.

living room/bedroom etc Alternatively, any waste pipes which touch into the bathroom can be modified by installing separators in order to lessen water seepage and reduce strains on water tanks (separators should conform to national safety regulations). Finally, decorating by upgrading specific parts like walls/floors etc., will help raise overall vibrancy while incorporating meaningful elements found through artworks/plants etc., along interior walls also helps attract added benefit with regards restoring healthful energy upkeeping throughout your chosen spaces.

Transform Your Bathroom with Feng Shui Step-by-Step

Incorporating Feng Shui into your bathroom can open the doors to manifesting positive energy, and it all starts with choosing the right colors. The Love area of the bagua map (an ancient Chinese system) is said to enhance romance within a home by using shades of pink, red, and purple which are considered colors of love energy.

Soft candlelight, balanced with natural lighting such as from a window, is another beneficial way to add romantic vibes. Adding ornaments, like hanging up artwork depicting other areas of love life such as an embrace between two lovers or water elements like seashells displayed in crystal bowls create a welcoming atmosphere for peaceful, loving energy.

Using plants in the bathroom also helps to bring calming energy to an otherwise sterile environment. Western peace lilies placed on either side of the sink or tub could be beneficial here.

To further increase feelings of relaxation, install Himalayan salt lamps known for their therapeutic effect on human emotions as they emit healing vibes while filtering out harmful airborne toxins. You could also place peaceful images near windowsills or hang floral-inspired paintings combined with aromatherapeutic candles just above eye level on either side of your vanity mirror to promote peace and harmony in the room that looks out at the world outside through this window.

Creating balance in the bathroom can help ascend those passionate energies even further and one way to achieve this is by incorporating elements like quartz crystals. Hang them around to cleanse stagnant energy from within your sacred space then spruce it up with some other alluring décor pieces including soft furnishings like fluffy towels and nice smelling soaps that your partner can relax in after showering.

Furthermore, displaying scented candles throughout will increase divine wealth-inducing odors promoting more prosperous opportunities. For example lavender aromatherapy candle’s scent can ward off negative thoughts in one’s partners mind that may have carried over into their day from an unpleasant work experience or stressful situation that they encountered beforehand; allowing for an evening full of harmony before retiring peacefully together at night with no worries on anyone’s minds.

Symbols, Mysticism and Clutter-Free Feng Shui

The practice of Feng shui, whose origins come from ancient Chinese cultural traditions, has enabled people to make the most out of the energy that surrounds them. In its essence, feng shui is a philosophy that views our environment as an extension of ourselves. When it comes to using feng shui cures for the bathroom in love areas, certain symbols should be used to increase the positive energy in the space.

Colors and Symbols

Colors such as yellow or pink are known as symbolic colors for romantic relationships in Feng Shui. They can be used to decorate a bathroom in a love area such as painting the walls with these colors or adding accessories like towels and decor items in similar hues. Additionally, placing icons representing love into one’s space is also beneficial.

For example, this could include things like roses (which symbolize Romatic Love), doves (symbolizing peace) or hearts (representing joy). Creating a serene atmosphere is also key; Adding plants, diffusing essential oils and using natural scents are all effective ways to create an uplifting space for two people to share.


Having clutter free bathrooms is fundamental if one wishes to increase chi and bring balance into their lives through Feng Shui; Clutter represents blockages which prevent vital chi from flowing properly. Therefore, it is important to organize and tidy up any mess regularly; This includes displaying decorative items tastefully on shelves or cabinets.

In addition to organizing things else where around the home, removing excess items away from surfaces that remain visible will make it easier for charming energies establishing themselves in your place. Finally organizing those products left out on counters by putting them inside drawers or baskets will enable further free flow of energy within your home.

Color Selection to Create a Tranquil Environment in the Love Area

The bathroom is an important area in the Love corner of Feng Shui. It is recommended to use soft and bright colors like pink, peach, yellow or pale green to create a tranquil environment. To add more life to the space, mirrors can be included since they represent the element of water which brings prosperity and luck.

A candle can also be placed within the bathroom to bring warmth and romance into the area as well as a sense of intimacy for couples living together. Elements such as plants with vibrant blooms of flowers or bamboo can be added as they bring growth and greater feelings of compassion in relationships.

Feng Shui Amulet For Love

Another key element in this particular section of Feng Shui is that all items should be arranged according to the YIN/YANG principle – having objects evenly displayed on both sides creates harmony and balance within surrounding spaces. For example, two small paintings can be hung on either side of the bathroom door with appropriate space between them; each depicting a water fountain or a bright bird for love and good fortune.

Keeping clutter away from this area keep energies focused towards creating fresh start new relationships while enjoying positive experience for those in existing intimate connections.

Lighting also plays an important role when it comes to setting up your Love corner, specifically during evening hours after work projects are done or if there are moments celebrating days like Valentines Day or other special occasions. Utilizing dimmable lights that go from bright daylight levels then progressively lower when needed gives inhabitants various options catering for individual preferences and needs with different moods being set up at any given time period throughout the month/year respectively.

Creating a Healthy and Balanced Approach

Feng Shui is an ancient technique used to bring balance and harmony into your home. It is especially useful when used in small, private spaces like the bathroom. This particular article will focus on how to use Feng Shui to improve the energy in your bathroom located in the love area of your home.

In Feng Shui, there are many different ways to address any problem. In this case, we want to focus specifically on concerns that may arise due to the location of the bathroom being located within the love sector of your home, such as a lack of communication between partners and stagnant emotional energy.

The first step would be creating an environment that encourages openness and conversation. You can do this by focusing on colors and elements associated with a good relationship, such as pink or green which signify openness and trust respectively.

Soft tones are also favored over bolder colors so that you don’t overwhelm anyone who may enter the room; however images depicting healthy relationships or even artwork could make a huge difference depending on what best suits you and your partner’s aesthetic. Additionally, items such as purple stones can be strategically placed in order to promote equality within the relationship.

In addition to altering elements inside a space, it can be beneficial pay attention to how furniture and objects are arranged; for example keeping doorways clear when entering or exiting should ensure smooth transitions out of potentially difficult conversations as well as an easier transfer of positive energy throughout the space.

Also adding mirrors near reflections will help spread positive Chi around making sure it’s felt by all present as opposed to stagnating in one area-while avoiding looking at one another directly in them as this is believed to cause arguments.

Lastly placing plants like bamboo with live blooms will provide creative and dynamic energy that can help give couples more confidence when discussing their feelings; something which is vital for achieving successful relationships together – no matter where it’s based geographically.


Feng shui has the power to create a relaxed and calming energy in our living spaces. Using this ancient practice, it is possible to bring serenity and peace into our bathrooms, regardless of how cramped or cluttered they may be. When applied to the Love Area of your home, it will amplify the positive qualities of your relationships and help foster better communication with those you love.

The presence of natural elements like plants in your bathroom will help to bring a freshness to the atmosphere that can instantly raise your mood. Having potpourri with fragrant scents is also recommended if you want to further soothe yourself while using the facilities.

Moreover, water features such as fountains or humidifiers are believed to calm restlessness and harmonize energy flow around your bathroom walls. Enjoying precious moments alone before attending to any pressing family responsibility gives one time to reflect and prepare for a more positive encounter.

To keep balance in an already tight space, adding bright colors like pink and red can help awaken love feelings while setting aid vibrancy. Artwork symbols such as pictures that extol virtues of partnership will serve as reminders that strong partnerships are possible when both parties are embracing similar core values and ethics.

To make full use of the power of feng shui cure for bathroom in love area, having crystal pieces could also be used since crystals possess unique properties that draw out negative energies – hence helping you reach a more peaceful state mentally and emotionally.

The application of feng shui principles will open up new possibilities meant for emotional healing within your comfort spaces. Discovering what resonates best for one’s own personal spiritual growth is key in navigating through many life challenges faced by modern-day couples so that they can grow closer together despite diverse perspectives on their relationship journey ahead.

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