Feng Shui Handbag Color For Wealth

Feng shui is an ancient form of Chinese philosophy that uses the environment and organic materials to achieve balance within our lives. Based on the idea of energies flowing through the space, it encourages individuals to blend different elements in a harmonious manner in order to achieve specified goals such as wealth, love, health, and more.

When it comes to applying these principles to fashion accessories for attracting wealth, one of the colors used is brown. It is said that brown symbolizes the power of nature which can bring money when used in handbags as they are carried around almost everywhere.

Besides brown, some other colors which can be incorporated into handbag design for achieving wealth are black and shades of green. As per Feng Shui principles, black has a very strong energy associated with it which helps attract positive energy around you.

It symbolizes authority as well as power from a financial angle thus making it an ideal choice for those looking attract abundance of wealth through handbags and other fashion accessories. Shades of green are also considered lucky when used for Feng Shui handbag color for wealth as its association with natural beauty reinforces its role in enhancing one’s financial fortune favorably.

Last but not least, red too is seen as one of the best choices Feng Shui handbag color for wealth given its vibrancy and liveliness often seen correlating strongly with material gains.

Red has traditionally been linked with luckiness along with good fortune (especially financial) thanks to its warm appearance that only adds up to this notion further making it a great choice when utilizing feng shui principles for determining an appropriate color for your handbags or any other accessory you may use expecting greater prosperity ahead.

Colors to Avoid

Red has always been seen as a vibrant, passionate color that can often lead to impulsive decisions and reckless spending habits. Many practitioners of feng shui will suggest avoiding this color for your handbag when selecting one for wealth purposes, despite its logo-friendly allure. Black is another color to stay away from as it is linked with negative energy and bad luck.

Green: The Wealthy Choice

Some people say that green is the color of money, and this assertion couldn’t be more true when it comes to choosing a handbag for wealth. Green is associated with good luck and fortune; as such, it should be an ideal choice coupled with all the positive energies needed to achieve financial success.

Not only will you look fashionable but also attract good vibes into your life. Additionally, green is fantastic at absorbing wasteful forms of energy which can go a long way in helping you stay on track with managing your finances.

Brown: A Calming Staple

If green isn’t your fancy or don’t want your whole outfit to be awash in a sea of green; brown is an excellent alternative option for achieving wealth and fortune through fashioning a Feng Shui handbag. Brown has calming connotations which are said to enable positive decision making processes conducive to forging sound business plans in the longterm.

This makes brown an especially wise choice since being able to remain debt-free relies heavily on one’s capacity to make rational business decisions day after day – something not so easily achieved by everyone alone without guidance or support.

Orange & Yellow: Rays of Sunlight

These colors are all about attracting energy and there’s no better form of energy than sunlight. It goes without saying that sunshine brings strength, hope, vitality – all things which make financial success possible if used correctly or thrown off balance if abused frivolously.

Orange & yellow extracts these very same warm hues straight from sunlight thus drawing forth immense amounts of power ready for proper utilization at any moment’s notice – provided one follows the less traveled path. Ultimately, these two colors scream both optimism & determination which surely will come in handy before ultimately achieving those sought after financial goals desired by many individuals across the board.

Colors to Incorporate

Green is commonly associated with wealth, as it symbolizes abundance and nature. Generally a lighter shade of green is chosen over a bolder one because the lighter colors evoke feelings of growth, health and life. Many feng shui experts believe that having different shades of green in your handbag can help bring forth good luck and prosperity.

Some traditional practices involve putting a new bill or coins inside a green-colored handbag to signify wealth accumulation. You can also incorporate green amulets into your handbag’s design to further amplify its resemblance to success and prosperity.

Blue is a color that has many beneficial aspects when it comes to symbols of wealth. Blue conveys trustworthiness, serenity, balance & harmony, all attributes which are highly desired when trying to attract money. Feng shui practitioners recommend incorporating blue items into your bag for the purpose of building confidence in yourself and drawing more financial gains towards you during your journey.

Feng Shui For Wealth And Good Luck

Amongst some of the traditional techniques for blue-themed bags include placing colorful gemstones inside the bag or wearing blue clothing as you carry your bag around. Different ethnic groups might also have separate traditions for using blue color accessories within their bags but typically its main goal remains consistent with helping achieving peace of mind while aiming for financial stability.

White is a popular color used in many feng shui applications due to its calming effects on our mental space; it reflects purity, stillness and reverence towards life’s natural forms which helps put us in better state of being financially free from unnecessary burden or stressors that tend arise when dealing with money matters at times.

Incorporating white details within your bag features is an excellent way to use its power – be it through manipulating light hues such as cream & ivory shades or adding crystals like quartz or opal which are known for bringing forth luck in terms of gaining greater levels of wealth & fortune altogether during one’s journey through life ahead.

Going Bold

It has long been known that the color of your handbag and accessories can indicate how others view you, and how confident and successful you appear. Feng Shui handbag details for wealth are frequently used when selecting the most optimal accessory for a certain event or occasion.

For example, when trying to make a good impression at a business meeting, it often pays to go with colors like gold and purple, which may seem bold at first but carry serious power for attracting attention in all the right ways.

The Celestial Support: How Gold Can Draw Positive Energies Towards You

The ancient Chinese art of feng shui is all about harnessing certain cosmic energies to help set us up for success and prosperity. One noteworthy color that’s usually associated with wealth is gold, due to its distinct ability to draw upon positive forces from celestial realms. Furthermore, golden materials have this innate quality of enveloping everything around it with a layer of positivity, allowing those who enter its presence feel enlivened and motivated towards success.

Royal Attire: When Nothing Else But Purple Will Do For Your Special Moment

Purple is also quite well-known when discussing aspects of feng shui as far as colors go – almost being considered as the royal hue thanks to its association with majesty and grandeur throughout history. That’s why purple accessories can be such great conversation starters when attending after work social events surrounded by highly influential people – they signify luxury like nothing else.

Plus there are many shades of purple out there in store for you to choose from – from subtle lavender to dramatic aubergine tones – so you’re bound to stick out no matter what you go with.

The Benefit Of Versatility: Choosing The Best Handbag With Care

When making an investment into a new bag or purse for a special occasion, always check if it’s versatile enough to transition seamlessly from daytime business meetings to evening dinners with friends – this way it won’t remain unused on days that don’t require such high level appearances.

Investing in bags made out of genuine leather will prove beneficial in the long run too if taking care properly, providing heaps of compliments through bustling city streets any day of the week.


The right handbag color can add a subtle yet striking touch to any wardrobe or outfit. It speaks volumes, without ever being said. The color green is especially associated with wealth due to its enduring symbolism of money and abundance throughout many cultures. In Feng Shui, a bag in the colors of green creates the perfect environment for money energy. This type of bag radiates an air of prosperity, elegance and power at the same time.

When you are looking for a handbag that evokes a powerful sense of wealth, look no further than the many different shades of green that are available in modern designer bags. Metallics such as champagne and gold also offer an excellent way to bring wealth into your wardrobe, and they look beautiful when combined with more natural hues like olive green or grassy colors.

Furthermore, these handbags can be dressed up in luxurious materials like velvet and silk to emphasize their extravagance even further.

In addition to color selections that create wealth opportunities while remaining stylish, handbag accessories can also be used to spruce up any outfit with prestige. Small jewelry items like coins and gems can easily come together for a tasseled accessory which will offer a soft clinking sound whenever it moves around on your purse.

There’s nothing more elegant than tiny diamond-studded cufflinks adorning an ornately printed sack clasp – adding just enough detail without going overboard to create the perfect balance between luxury and charm. Furthermore unique hardware or charms such as lucky cats or other cultural artefacts can be used at will for an added layer of distinction when pairing your wardrobe choice with the appropriate pocketbook.

Shape Matters

Feng Shui is well-known for its insight into the power of luck and fortune. According to Chinese philosophers, the shape of an item can have a profound influence on our lives – and this includes handbags. Whether it’s a messenger bag or luxury clutch, the shape of your handbag can influence your wealth in more ways than one.

Feng Shui Crystals For Wealth

Round Handbags

A round handbag is perfect for spreading good fortune and abundance throughout your life. The rounded shape denotes gentle cleansing and fresh energy, encouraging wealth to enter into your coffers. When selecting a color for your round pouch or shoulder bag, aim for greens or blues that are soft but radiant. Rich tones such as sage green will help enhance the energy further while adding an attractive touch to any outfit.

Rectangular Handbags

Rectangular shapes represent protection from negative energies and are excellent selections for carrying symbolize protection from harm and blockages. Feng shui colors recommended for rectangular bags include bright oranges, reds and golds – although you can also select rich shades of dark purple to emphasize stability. For additional luck potential, choose a style with interesting hardware or metallic accents that draw attention to the overall design.

  • Choose a round handbag in sage green or blue for serene energy.
  • Rectangular bags should be brightly colored (reds, oranges, golds) for protection
  • Accents like hardware and metallic details add luck potential.

Psychological Effect of Handbag Color

The concept of feng shui handbag color for wealth is based on the idea that having the right color in your handbag can bring a feeling of wealth and prosperity. It’s said how the colors chosen affect your mood, confidence and attitude in life.

According to Chinese culture, it’s important to pick certain colors like deep oranges, reds, gold, greens and blues when selecting a new handbag. To make sure you attract the maximum luck into your life by carrying one of these colors it’s best to choose a bag with enough space for all your needs while still looking stylish.

The psychological effect of handbag color can be quite powerful. Many studies have been conducted which reveals colors have a direct effect on people’s emotions and also their attitude towards life. Colors signify different feelings and areas of focus. Wearing colorful accessories like a handbag can help reflect one’s inner spirit as well as attitude towards achieving goals in life such as becoming wealthy in finances or knowledge.

Below are some examples of popular Feng Shui bag colors:

  • Deep orange – symbolizing abundance
  • Reds – promoting joyfulness
  • Gold – transforming good luck
  • Greens – bringing abundant energy
  • Blues – promoting wisdom

Each of these colors carries its own unique meaning and potential benefits if worn on your shoulder or trendy around town when out shopping. Red may be perk up one’s alertness while blue may promote cognitive activity leading to further growth in knowledge through learning opportunities.

Additionally, accessorizing with bags carrying other symbolic meanings such as diamonds or birds could further enhance this symbolism adding an extra positive subconscious effect upon oneself indicating they are at an advantage in all aspects of their life such as career, job prospects and long-term investments creating an overall sense of security amongst their peers.


When used correctly, the color of a handbag can help to create an atmosphere of wealth. There are several tips that can be used when selecting the perfect color for a handbag. The first tip is to select colors that are traditionally associated with wealth. The primary colors associated with wealth in Feng Shui are blue, black, white and green; however, there should also be others incorporated into the mix.

This can include deeper shades of reds, oranges and yellows as well as pastels such as lavender and soft pink hues. Similarly, adding different textures can also enhance wealth and bring visual interest to the piece. Textures like silks, pleathers or even snakeskin could be used to make a statement about your financial success.

Additionally, incorporating accessories into the look of your handbag can further enhance its overall appeal and give it a luxurious feel. Adding metal accents on hardware like buckles or chains or even metal appliques will take the look of any bag up several notches in sophistication. Furthermore, adorning any bag with jeweled details – either through sparkling sequins or gems – can help impart a sense of opulence and abundance that will carry through wherever you go.

Fashion accessories like handbags offer people a great way to express their individual style while creating an environment of abundance in their lives. By carefully selecting the overall design features for a bag – including its shape and size – along with thoughtful use of color combinations intended to invite luck into one’s life, you too can enjoy both financial success as well as sartorial elegance.

Finishing touches such as carefully chosen hardware accents and ornamentation should always be taken into consideration when choosing a new handbag – after all these minutiae can potentially make all the difference when building up an auspicious look.

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