Feng Shui Colors For Northeast Living Room

Feng Shui Colors for Northeast Living Room

Feng shui is a Chinese practice that values the arrangement of objects in living spaces in order to bring balance and harmony to a home. According to this tradition, each direction of a living area is associated with its own specific set of colors. For the Northeast living room, the recommended hues are shades of blue, brown and yellow.

Colors of the Calm Waters

The cooling and serene shades of blue and blue-green are the primary and most recommended colors for the Northeast living room. They represent the calm waters and the relaxing energy of the Northeast of this direction. Beiges and creams can also be used to complement these blues. Darker shades of blues should be used in larger amounts, and the lighter blues should be used as accents.

Grounding and Connecting

Browns, tans and yellows give a warm and grounding energy feel to a Northeast room. The darker shade of browns is recommended for the walls of the living room and the lighter shades can be brought in with furniture and accent pieces. Yellows also reflect the energy of the sun and represent prosperity.

Muiracatiara Wood

A wood that is often used in the Northeast Living Room is Muiracatiara, also known as Amazaque or Tigerwood. This wood has various grains and yellows, reds, oranges and browns all mixed together and it is a perfect fit in a living area representing the energy of the Northeast.

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Other Colors

Other colors that can be added to this space are green, pink and purple. Those colors represent growth, love and spiritual energy. However, due to their warm nature, they should be used sparingly and as accent tones.


Overall, the recommended colors for a Northeast living room according to Feng shui are enticing but calm shades of blue, grounding shades of brown and connecting shades of yellow. Mixed with lighter and darker tones, this room can provide a soothing retreat for its inhabitants.

What colors should I avoid in a northeast living room according to Feng Shui?

Feng Shui advises avoiding dark and depressingly colored walls in the northeast direction, such as dark greens, blues, grays, and browns. Instead, consider walls in lighter, cheerier colors like yellow, light green, oranges, and peach. Avoid extremely bright colors like red or electric blue, as these are thought to be overwhelming and aggressive. Additionally, it is best to avoid excessively bright light fixtures in the northeast corner of the room as too much bright light can create an imbalance in the energy exchange.

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