Bunk Bed Bad Feng Shui

What is Feng Shui and How Does it Relate to Bunk Beds?

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice which seeks to harmonize people with their environment, in order to achieve health, wealth and happiness. While there is no scientific proof that Feng Shui will actually bring one these benefits, there are generally accepted guidelines as to what kinds of furniture and items should be used in order to bring about results.

Why Bunk Beds Are Considered Bad Feng Shui

Bunk beds are considered bad Feng Shui because they represent the offspring of an animal, which is seen as a sign of disrespect and discordance. Additionally, bunk beds can overcrowd the room, creating a chaotic atmosphere and placing too much pressure on family members.

Other Reasons Bunk Beds Are Discouraged With Feng Shui

  • Bunk beds symbolize climbing and pressure, which encourage feelings of insecurity and discomfort.
  • The bunk bed structure blocks the flow of energy within a space, leading to an unfocused and stagnant atmosphere.
  • The sharp angles caused by the beds can create sha chi, or negative energy.

Alternative Bed Solutions for a Harmonious Space

For those who want to adhere to traditional Feng Shui guidelines, but still use a space-saving bed, there are a few alternatives available.

Loft Beds

Loft beds are a great alternative to bunk beds, as they have a single bed frame with the mattress suspended within the frame, usually closer to the ceiling than a bunk bed. This allows the bed to remain within the room while still providing storage space below it.

Murphy Beds

Murphy beds are the perfect choice for those seeking a compact sleeping solution without sacrificing style. This type of bed is stored in the wall when not in use, keeping the room open and uncluttered. When it is time to sleep, the bed simply folds out from the wall, creating a comfortable sleeping environment.


Though bunk beds may be a practical and economical way to furnish a space, they can have a negative effect on your Feng Shui. If you’re looking to create a harmonious environment, opt for loft beds or Murphy beds instead.

What are the benefits of bunk beds in Feng Shui?

The benefits of bunk beds in Feng Shui are many, including the following:

1. Creates more floor space for other furniture and decor, such as a desk, chair, shelves, or sofa.

2. Allows for more natural air flow and circulation throughout the space.

3. Helps promote better sleeping habits by encouraging elevated, restful sleep.

4. Keeps peace and harmony in the home – bunk beds allow children to have their own sleeping space and be more “together” even when apart.

5. Opens up energy for more concentrated study and productivity.

6. Encourages better feng shui chi movement.

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