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Feng Shui is a Chinese philosophical system of harmonizing everyone with the surrounding environment. It is based on the idea that certain objects and configurations can initiate harmony, health and luck in an environment. The name Feng Shui roughly translates to ‘Wind-Water’ which suggests the flow of energy in one’s surroundings.

Its meaning goes much deeper than this however; Feng Shui deals not only with physical objects and surroundings but also encourages us to change our balance with our own emotions and thoughts, creating balance between ourselves and our environment. It also helps us to unlock pathways for greater prosperity, relationships, health and emotional well-being.

The ancient art of Feng Shui uses configuration principles such as the Five Elements (Metal, Wood, Fire, Earth and Water), Yin/Yang balance, environmental changes such as orientation of rooms to gain the best qi or energy flow, colour choices, spatial arrangement concepts like Bagua map placing items or symbols in your home and space activation rituals such as tool kits. One particular symbol that features in many Feng Shui practices is Chung Kwei protector.


Feng Shui Chung Kwei Protector is an important figure in Chinese culture, as he was believed to have power over demons and ghosts. The figure is based on a real historical person, Cai Liao, who lived in the 3rd century CE during the Three Kingdoms Period. He had a reputation for having superhuman strength and was believed to be able to ward off evil spirits and protect people from them.

The Feng Shui Chung Kwei Protector has been used for centuries in homes and businesses as a symbol of protection against spiritual harm. It is believed that by placing itin areas where negative energies may enter, such as entrances or windowsills, it will block out any bad luck or evil spirits from entering. Additionally, when placed prominently near other Feng Shui cures such as Bagua symbols, or certain colors and elements, the figure further reinforces the power of these other protections. Furthermore, the image may be included in paintings hung up in homes or businesses as a symbolic way of protecting that space from any type of misfortune or struggle. Finally, some people also believe that by wearing jewelry with this symbol etched onto it helps instill good fortune and success into their lives.

Visual Appeal

The traditional color of the Feng Shui Chung Kwei Protector is typically black, which is a representative symbol of protection and banishing darkness. He can be seen wearing typical Chinese clothing with embroidered golden dragons and adornments such as a tall headdress indicating spiritual power, a peachwood sword, and ritual items that may include bells, bats, or pestles to symbolize his magical powers. In addition to these traits, he can also be spotted with a typical feature of two protruding horns on both sides of his head! The shape of the protector displays an influential bold stance by appearing as an impressive man-like figure with large hands and feet while sporting powerful arm muscles. Overall, these features make him come alive through his vivid colors and adornments as well as fierce postures.

Practical Benefits

Feng Shui Chung Kwei is a Chinese deity heavily praised for his protective powers and is often referred to as the God of Protection. Chung Kwei is often depicted with an array of weapons, such as daggers and swords, to ward off evil forces that are believed to be the cause of misfortune in life. It is said that those who worship Chung Kwei will see improved health, financial stability and prosperity, and ultimately experience good luck in their lives when they call upon him. Homeowners use Feng Shui items featuring this ancient deity as well as other symbols associated with protection in order to create a safe and secure living environment. Those who seek positive energy within their home often place images of Feng Shui Chung Kwei on the entrance or in the main area of their house located close to the family altar.

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Other practical benefits associated with worshipping Feng Shui Chung Kwei include gaining protection from dangerous enemies, staying away from thefts and accidents, getting guarded round-the-clock by supernatural forces against unforeseen dangers, eliminating gossip about oneself or one’s family members, increasing luck in all aspects of life, warding off negative energies such as black magic, evil spirits or curses, achieving greater happiness in relationships due to improved health and wealth, obtaining maximum effectiveness at work due to increased mental alertness and focus, protecting valuable assets against theft or fraudulence by others and quickly resolving legal disputes.


When it comes to placing a Chung Kwei protector in your home, whether it is an object such as a figurine or painting, there are certain guidelines to be followed. In Feng Shui, the placement of objects is important as they must be placed in locations that provide powerful protection and good energy.

Firstly, it is generally recommended to place the Chung Kwei protector near the entrance of your home, facing outwards towards the door or window; this helps to ward off evil spirits and bad luck energy before they enter the home. Alternatively, you could place it next to any windows that can potentially be used as an entry point.

For those who do not have a main entrance such as those working with cubicles or offices, then it can be placed inside the cubicle at eye level on top of a desk so that it still has a clear view of the doorway which will help deter unwanted energies from entering.

In addition, Chakras – which relates to personal power centres – are also important when placing figures such as the Chung Kwei Protector whereever possible. This way their Chi or spiritual presence is strengthened and increased even further for greater protection and benefit!


There are a few simple ways to increase the effectiveness of a Chung Kwei Protector. Mirror Hangings: Followers of Feng Shui believe that hanging a red and green pair of mirrors near to their entrance or inside their home will deflect negativity outwards and stop it from entering into the home. It is important to use matching mirrors such as matching Chinese, round mirror or double Crane with Phoenix pattern.

Red Rope & Bells: Placing a long bright red rope just outside the main door creates a barrier so negative energy can be blocked from entering the house, while bells help protect against evil spirits. It is recommended to hang around three small bells above the main entrance of your house or any other entrances.Chung Kwei Amulets: Wearing and displaying Chung Kwei necklaces, coins and key chains with his image print on them can help strengthen his protection in your home and against creatures of malevolence. Using these items will also enhance other forms of protection like lucky charms like a waterfall/fountain display and pair statues.

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Feng Shui Products: Use Feng Shui products such as Wu Lou, Hanging Crystal Balls, Pi Xiu, Dragon Tortoises, Laughing Buddhas, etc for further protection and promoting auspicious chi energy at all corners of your house or office. These items work best when placed at different corners according to proper bagua feng shui layout in order to achieve maximum benefit from them.


When working with the Feng Shui Chung Kwei Protector it is important to avoid certain common mistakes. Here are a few restrictions when decorating with this powerful symbol: Avoid using multiple Feng Shui Chung Kwei Protectors in a single room or space. Instead, concentrate the energy of one piece for the best results. Additionally, never place a Feng Shui Chung Kwei Protector on an altar or at the entrance of a home as this can create disharmony and invite negative influences into the environment. Pay attention to how this powerful figure is oriented in relation to furniture and other items in your home to ensure that it does not face you, as this can lead to increased worry and anxiety. Lastly, refrain from placing the figure directly above beds or sofas, as this can have a detrimental effect on the health of those who sleep or take naps there.


Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art form that has been used for centuries to bring peace and harmony in homes and businesses. It focuses on the placement of objects in specific locations in order to maximize the flow of energy throughout a space. Feng Shui also aims to create a balance between man and nature, allowing for balance and well-being to enter the interior environment.

A common figure used in Feng Shui is Chung Kwei Protector. Chung Kwei is an immortal creature said to protect against evil spirits, bad luck, violence and aggression. The traditional representation of this creature looks like a Chinese man with an extra head on either side of his original one. He often holds knives or swords – signifying his strength – and wears a large straw hat. His painting should be hung at the main entrance of a home or business premises to ward off any negative influences. Other methods include keeping amulets, charms or talismans close by invoking Chung Kwei’s protection or having images of him placed around one’s living space as good luck symbols.

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