Feng Shui Blue Office

Introduction to Feng Shui

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese belief system which holds that the placement of items inside a room can affect the positive energy flow within that space. It is based on the idea that everything in the world has a spiritual energy and power, both good and bad. It seeks to create a harmonious balance of these energies in order to ensure harmony, happiness, and well-being for those who inhabit it. Feng Shui attempts to do this by carefully selecting furniture, decorations, and other items used in a room to enhance its positive energy.

The practice of creating a Feng Shui blue office can be particularly beneficial for businesses as it has been said to bring luck and prosperity. Decorating an office with blue tones is an excellent way to encourage peace, clarity and productivity while working; while also promoting harmony in the workplace environment. Loosely speaking, blue denotes feelings of trust, loyalty and integrity – all essential qualities when working together in a professional atmosphere. This color palette can be achieved through paint or furnishings such as rugs and accessories.

In addition to introducing blues and balance into your workspace, some feng shui experts recommend adding water elements to promote clarity of thought – such as fish tanks or fountains – as well as plants that carry symbolic meanings such as bamboo (prosperity). Additionally, mirrors have been said to promote calmness and serenity; incorporating some of these symbols into your office space will also help give your workspace a fresh new look!

Advantages of Having a Feng Shui Blue Office

Having a Feng Shui blue office can greatly benefit you in many ways. The color blue is considered very positive in Chinese culture, so by adding it to your workspace, both the energy and the atmosphere of the room become more conducive to productivity and success. A Feng Shui blue office can help bring peace, balance and serenity to your environment. It can also provide you with clarity, focus and objectivity when it comes to making decisions.

In addition to its psychological benefits, Feng Shui blue brings aesthetically pleasing visual elements to an office. A Feng Shui blue office has an air of melodic calmness and soothing vibrancy to it that helps foster creativity and problem solving. The softness of this color scheme gives the space a feeling of surrealism which can evoke thoughts of adventure, discovery and hope. Furthermore, depending on what shades of blues you use for your decorating palette, Feng Shui Blue can also bring some vibrant energy into any work environment.

Finally, having a Feng Shui Blue office positively affects us emotionally as well. When we are surrounded by calming colors like blue we tend to feel relaxed and at ease. This encourages us to take risks by accomplishing our goals without fear of failure or rejection since we have confidence in ourselves due to our peaceful environment.

Color Considerations

Blue is a favorable color to include in office designs that are guided by Feng Shui. This is because it evokes feelings of tranquility, trust, and understanding—all qualities necessary for a successful working environment. In order to make the most of blue’s energizing properties in the office space, it’s important to identify which shades of blue will support these goals best.

A light sky blue with hints of silver can be used as an overall wall color, allowing for plenty of depth and softness throughout the space. By combining this shade with pops of darker blues here and there, you create much needed contrast that brings a sense of balance to the room. Tranquil hues like navy, cobalt, and teal are ideal accent colors that complement lighter blues nicely while also creating more visual interest in the room. Adding some green accents into the mix is also an excellent way to bring nature-inspired energy into the work environment. Finally, pairing all shades of blue with white or grey undertones helps keep each hue in check so as not to overpower the energy within shared workspaces.

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Outdoor Connections

Using outdoor elements and nature to bring the effects of feng shui into your office environment is an important part of the overall design process. By incorporating these features into your work space, you will be able to promote a feeling of relaxation within your office, as well as instill a sense of productivity. Some ways that you can use nature in your feng shui blue office design include adding plants, artwork featuring scenes from nature, and even having outdoor seating areas for breaks throughout the day. Plants bring life, energy and color to any space and can be used in various ways such as grouping them together in areas as a natural privacy screen or alone simply for decorative purposes. Artwork featuring scenes from nature such as relaxing flower gardens or breathtaking beach views could not only add aesthetic value to your office but also help inspire creativity. Finally, creating outdoor seating areas with comfy chairs and tables is great when you need to escape the hectic working atmosphere of an office, allowing you to enjoy some peaceful moments outdoors before it’s back to work again! Utilizing these elements into your feng shui blue office design will help create a harmonious balance between man and nature, promoting both relaxation and productivity

Feng Shui-approved Office Furniture and Decorations

Feng Shui blue offices are a great way to create a calming work environment. The color blue is associated with the element of water in Feng Shui and carries the energy needed for clear communication, creative spirit, and clear mind. When looking for furniture and decorations for your Feng Shui Blue office, it’s important to select pieces that promote clarity and flow within the space.

Start by considering desk chairs with a high back, armrests and comfortable ergonomics in shades of light blue or navy. Look for bookshelves constructed from natural materials such as wood or metal that match your color scheme while providing storage options. If you plan on hanging artwork, select pieces with clean lines, muted tones and soothing water design elements such as sea life paintings or landscapes featuring bodies of water or clouds. Area rugs should be selected based on texture rather than pattern; choose soft blues to help promote harmony in the space. To add depth and warmth to your office, consider hanging tapestries featuring different shades of blue along the walls. Soft throw pillows in pale blues can help promote productivity in the main work area when arranged properly; incorporate one or two plants using cobalt-colored pots to bring balance into the overall design. Finally, transform any sterile-feeling corners into comfortable workspaces using comfortable seating placed near windowsills lit with soothing blue lamps.

Choosing the Right Blue Paint Colors

When selecting a shade of blue for your office walls to create a feng shui blue office, the goal is to select the right blue paint colors based on color psychology. Certain shades of blue in particular can evoke feelings of serenity, productivity and relaxation due to their energy. Light blues such as powder blues, sky blues and baby blues all tend to be good for an office as they are associated with creativity and spirituality.Mid toned blues like denim blues or naval still work well for an office space and invoke feelings of strength, stability and sophistication. Darker tones such as navy or midnight blues offer depth while providing a regal tone to the room. Considering that blue is linked to communication and tranquility it stands out as one of the most popular colors when used in Feng Shui design. Depending on what type of look you are going for in your office, consider using wallpapers with similar colors or prints as accents against lighter shades of paint. The combination will definitely provide a unique yet calming atmosphere that will aid in focus and concentration with every task you tackle in this space.

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How to Achieve a Sense of Calm With Feng Shui Blue

1. Utilize Blue Accents. When considering creating a space with feng shui blue, start out by incorporating blue accents into your office design. Whether it is in the form of an armchair, a throw pillow, or even just a bright blue pen holder; these items will immediately invoke a sense of calm within the room as blue has strong calming qualities and brings people down to earth.

2. Focus on Lighting – Incorporating natural light should be one of the first elements considered when working with Feng Shui Blue designs. Natural light helps to create an environment which is positive and promotes productivity; further driving home the message and energy of Feng Shui. For maximum efficiency opt for high windows or skylights to allow natural sunlight during the day and turn off overhead lighting during this time as well. Strategically placed lamps can provide adequate light for all tasks in the evening and also create soothing ambiance to foster relaxation .

3. Color Block – Invest in color blocking, as this will help bring forth the colors that you are working with while still balancing them out so they do not overwhelm the room too much. Working with colors such as grey, green, and yellow in addition to your feng shui blues will give you the perfect balance of colors which can help create an inviting space that encourages relaxation rather than causing tension or distraction by overemphasizing one particular hue or shade.

4. Add Greenery – It is also important to remember to add touches of live plants here and there throughout your space so that you can have access to oxygen rich air at work! Not only do plants look aesthetically pleasing but they aid in reducing stress levels while filling a room with energy that speaks of life itself; propelling personal successes and vitality throughout the entire office atmosphere regardless if it is large or small!


Feng Shui blue office design can bring a variety of benefits to the workplace. Its calming effects can help reduce stress and encourage productivity, while its bright tone can also lift moods and create an atmosphere of renewal and creativity. Feng Shui blue is said to attract flow and luck, allowing for ideas to come more readily, so it’s particularly beneficial in rooms dedicated to team collaborative work or individual brainstorming sessions. Incorporating blue into your office design through wall paint and accents creates a tranquil environment which enhances positivity and efficiency, while brightening dull corners with natural light. Beyond that, pops of light blues contribute a vibrant energy to any space and create a “breath of fresh air,” reminding everyone that the ideas they generate here are rizzling with potential. With all these benefits taken into consideration, Feng Shui-approved blues prove themselves to be some of the best additions that can be made in any office.

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