Feng Shui West Wall Art

Feng Shui West Wall Art: Harness the Power of Positive energy

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art form that is used to bring positive energy into a space. It has been used for centuries to improve the harmony, flow, and balance of a living area. The West Wall is one of the most important walls for applying Feng Shui as it has a strong impact on the energies that flow throughout the house. Adding artwork to the West wall is an important technique for creating positive, life-enhancing energy in the home.

Types of Feng Shui West Wall Art

The type of artwork chosen to embellish the West wall depends on the desired effect or energy that you wish to bring into the home. Here are some ideas for Feng Shui West wall art:

  • Water Motifs – Water symbolizes fluid movement, wealth, and abundance, making it a great choice for the West wall. Artwork featuring bodies of water such as oceans, rivers and streams, or symbols of water such as a pair of fish, will bring a positive, calming energy to the room.
  • Flowers and Plants – For a burst of joyful energy to the home, place artwork that displays pictures of vibrant flowers or lush green plants. These images will inspire feelings of growth, creativity, and strong energy.
  • Landscape Scenes – Pictures that capture the beauty and vastness of nature can be great refreshers for the home. From vast hills to scenic riversides, landscape scenes are great for promoting a sense of well-being and peace.

Color Matters in Feng Shui West Wall Art

In Feng Shui, choosing colors wisely is important to keep the energy of a space harmonious. When selecting a piece of art for the West wall, consider the following colors:

  • Blues and Greens – Cool colors inspired by nature, for example, a seascape, evoke a calming energy.
  • Yellows and Reds – For a room that’s a bit on the dull side, use artwork with bold colors like yellow and red to bring life, energy and vibrancy.

Final Thoughts on Feng Shui West Wall Art

West wall art is a powerful way to positively influence the energy in a living space. Whether it be a seascape, a pair of fish, or a vibrant floral design, selecting artwork with the right colors will bring balance and harmony to the home. With this Feng Shui technique, you can bring a new life to any room!

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