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Feng Shui birth element is a system used in feng shui practice to determine a person’s inner energy and behavior. This element can be calculated based on the year, month, day, and time of the individual’s birth. Understanding and utilizing your Feng Shui Birth Element can help you manifest positive outlook and life perspectives, as well as provide insight into yourself before any decision-making.

The five elements are Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, and Wood. Fire element individuals are passionate people who display enthusiasm and ambition in their endeavors with strong leadership skills. Earth element individuals tend to be relaxed and balanced persons who prioritize mental health above all else. Metal element individuals are the most focused in their life who strive for structure in their activities. Water element persons thrive on creativity which often leads them to think outside the box and take risks that others wouldn’t dare take. Lastly, wood element persons have an expansive nature which often encourages exploration of different options before making a decision about anything in life.

The Five Elements

Wood Element:
The Wood Element is associated with growth and development. People who have the Wood element as their birth element tend to be creative, flexible, and spirited. They are natural problem-solvers who often come up with unusual solutions to challenges. They think outside the box and have strong ambitions. They also have strong leadership abilities, are good at motivating others, enjoy variety in life, and appreciate change.

Fire Element:
The Fire Element is associated with passion and creativity. People with the Fire element in their birth chart tend to be intuitive, resourceful, dynamic, and adventurous. They can be very persuasive when they want something, so much so that some people see them as forceful or domineering. But this same determination also makes them brave adventurers who fearlessly complete difficult tasks or face difficult choices without hesitation.

Earth Element:
The Earth Element is associated with stability and structure. People who possess the Earth element in their birth chart tend to be practical, patient, reliable individuals who take a methodical approach to life’s problems and challenges. Those born under this element are disciplined, logical thinkers who enjoy collecting knowledge from many sources before forming their own opinions about things. This element’s influence also grants these individuals patience; making them excellent at preserving order over time and adhering to traditions and rituals for long periods of time without becoming frustrated or feeling overwhelmed by obstacles in their way.

Metal Element:
The Metal Element is associated with strength and honor. Those born under this element tend to be disciplined yet fair-minded individuals; understanding that true justice requires an impartial consideration of everyone affected by any given decision or outcome while summing up all issues involved without bias or prejudice against anyone in particular. Additionally they are compassionate towards both friends and strangers alike not seeking retribution but instead following ‘the golden rule’ of treating others how you wish to be treated yourself – seeking out mutual respect in dealings between all parties involved even when disagreement arises between opposing interests on a certain issue(s).

Water Element:
The Water Element is associated wisdom and transformation. Those who posses the water element as part of their birth chart tend to be spiritual practitioners; keenly aware of more than just the physical world around them but hunting for deeper connections rooted within esoteric systems – such as astrology & tarot divination (to name a few). These folks display incredible insight alongside an uncanny ability to know what’s really going on beyond just physical appearances; exposing underlying truths regardless of how inconvenient they may be at times!

How to Feng Shui a 3 Level Home

Calculating Your Birth Element

1. Begin by determining your birth year according to the Chinese zodiac. In order to do this, use a Chinese calculator or list of the Animals of the Chinese Zodiac Years (Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig).

2. Once you have identified your birth year’s animal sign according to the Chinese zodiac animals list; note down its corresponding element (Fire, Earth, Metal and Water).

3. If your zodiac animal falls into one of the Four Pillars elemental groups (Fire – Rat and Horse; Earth – Ox and Sheep; Metal – Tiger and Monkey; and Water – Rabbit, Dragon and Dog), then you will be able to determine your birth element without further calculation.

4. If however you are faced with a more complex case (i.e Rooster or Pig) – as these fall into two elemental cycles – there are further calculations required before you can determine your Feng Shui Birth Element:

5. First separate out which years were yin or Yang for your particular astrological sign (e.g for Pigs: 1972: yin; 1973: yang…and so on). Yin years will always contain an even number at the end (e.g 2002), whilst odd numbers mean it is a Yang year (e.g 2003).

6.. Divide these two years into their favoured Elements – Pigs require Yin Fire & Yang Earth . Now that you have determined both elements needed in order to calculate your Birth Element take note that Yin energy is always indicated within Fire energy whereas Yang energy reflects within any other element on the Ba Zi chart – i.e if it is a Yin Year your Element is Fire and if it is a Yang Year your Element will be either Metal , Wood or Water depending on its associated Pillar in the Ba Zi Chart also known as 4 Pillars of Destiny system

How Feng Shui Birth Element Impacts You

Family: Your Feng Shui Birth Element is associated with certain areas of your life, known as “Life Aspects.” These Life Aspects include family. In terms of family, your Feng Shui Birth Element can have a profound impact on the type of relationships you have with your family members. For example, if you have a Fire Element, you may be more attracted to dynamic relationships and those that encourage growth. Alternatively, if your element is Earth, you may look for stability and security in your family connections.

Career: Your Feng Shui Birth Element also plays an important role in determining how successful you will be in your career. Different elements are accompanied by different personality traits that make them better suited to certain career paths than others. For instance, having a Fire Element might make you more likely to become an entrepreneur or leader while an Earth Element could help guide you towards a career focused on providing support and nurturing others.

Colores Feng Shui Para Cuartos

Health: How you approach health can also be strongly influenced by which elements comprise your birth chart. For instance, people with Water Elements tend to take greater care of their physical bodies than those without it; they may adopt physical practices such as yoga or meditation to stay healthy. Conversely, those born with a Metal element may be driven purely by logic when considering their health; for them the emphasis would be on clinical advice from doctors or nutritionists rather than practicing mindfulness techniques.

Relationships: Last but not least, relationships are heavily affected by one’s Feng Shui Birth Element as well. For example, someone with a Wood element may restlessly seek out new experiences and self-expression through relationships whereas someone born with an Earth element might prefer long-term commitment through steady partnerships with sound foundations on which both sides can rely and trust each other for years to come. Therefore understanding yourself at a more profound level can help shape how your relationships develop – whether it’s romantic relations or friendships – making them stronger and more satisfying overall.

Personal Reflection

What does my birth element represent in terms of personality? What qualities or characteristics do I have that might be associated with this element? How can these traits enable me to succeed in life or help me navigate relationships?

My birth element represents the Fire element. Fire is associated with enthusiasm, passion, dynamism and independence. It is also associated with creativity and leadership. Therefore, I may have a natural ability to take charge, express myself assertively and boldly, and demonstrate strong creative talents. Additionally, I have the potential to be highly motivated and inspire others with charisma. With these types of qualities, I can be successful in life by pursuing meaningful goals and taking action on them without fear or hesitation. Understanding this more deeply, I can leverage these traits to navigate relationships by better expressing my ideas and opinions openly as well as showing a willingness to lead projects from start to finish.


My Feng Shui Birth Element is Metal, which reflects my natural behaviors and tendencies. By understanding my element and the five elements (Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth) as a whole system, I’ve gained valuable insights into myself. I now understand how each element affects my actions and decisions, as well as how to work with different elements in order to better attune myself and connect with the energy of the universe. My Metal element shows me how I stay organized and grounded so that I can transform knowledge into wisdom. It also reinforces the importance of making sure that my values are aligned even when changes come into play. All in all, understanding my Feng Shui Birth Element has been a worthwhile endeavor that helps me become more aware of both my inner workings and outer environment.

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