Feng Shui Bed Position For Wealth

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that encourages people to create meaningful spaces and promote positive energy. It is believed that by harnessing this energy, individuals can achieve “wealth,” which for some may include good health, harmony in relationships, success in life endeavors and even greater financial wealth. When it comes to financial wealth specifically, one of the pieces of advice feng shui practitioners might provide is specific bed positions for those looking to increase their luck with money.

When it comes to Feng Shui bed position for wealth, it is believed that by positioning your bed correctly you can bring yourself into alignment with abundance and prosperity. There are a number of factors at play when determining the recommended bed position including the entrance of the room, as well as the compass direction the person should face while sleeping.

Generally speaking however, if you want to achieve optimal abundance and wealth through your bed positioning, you should aim to place your headboard close to a solid wall while making sure not to keep any sharp edged furniture nearby or above it.

The main idea behind a Feng Shui Bed Position For Wealth is to have you head positioned towards an auspicious direction when sleeping so that ‘good’ energy will flow directly into your body and help attract wealth into your life. Additionally it is always important to ensure there are no distractions behind your headboard such as TVs or mirrors which could cause you to become distracted while trying to sleep or cause negative energy build up within the room.

To further enhance the flow of positive vibes throughout this space many activators like crystal objects or wind chimes can be placed in strategic directions around the bedroom or just behind your bed frame as these will help amplify potential wealth creating energies naturally brought into this space from its layout.

Benefits of the Proper Position of Your Bed

The practice of using Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese art of energy flow, to foster positive vibes within a home, stems from many centuries ago. Among its techniques to bring fortune and luck into the house is in determining the proper position for certain key household items, with the bed being one of them. Placing your bed in the proper position brings about immense practical and spiritual benefits-hence it’s integral for practitioners of this ancient art.

Optimal Position For Good Wealth

When practicing Feng Shui for wealth, orientating your bed in a commanding position will foster strong financial security throughout your life. This is known in metaphysical terms as ‘the Command Post’ that establishes authority and stability. Specifically this means that your bed should be placed diagonally from the door into your room or aligned against a solid wall bearing support underneath it at the head portion and with sufficient space for supply air behind it.

In addition, you should reduce or eliminate any sharp corners that aim towards you when laying in bed – such as furniture directly across or open closet doors – mitigates any potential conflict issues overnight keeping your subconscious mind focused on all that is going well in your life.

Fostering Closeness & Intimacy

Prioritizing intimacy within intimate relationships makes up an important factor when accommodating FengShui if attracting more wealth into our lives is what we goal we are working towards. Therefore deciding on a suitable location to place our beds also involves taking into consideration the time spent resting between couples as having robust physical well being supports emotional balance to stabilize personal finances.

Successful longterm partnerships require momentary awareness of each others feelings so treating ourselves and those around us with kindness is essential to hit our financial goals without comprising foundations on which such ties depend on.

How to Determine the Proper Position of Your Bed for Wealth

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese philosophy used for improving one’s life energy by refining the flow of energy around a person’s living and working spaces. According to this philosophy, when the chi (life energy) moves in a balanced way in and around the house, health, prosperity and success in life can be gained.

In Feng Shui, it is believed that there are specific directions one should face while sleeping on their bed for achieving wealth, health and happiness. The right position of the bed depends upon its orientation with other objects both inside and outside the home. Here are some steps to help you kkeep your bed properly positioned for wealth:

  • Find out your ‘personal direction’. Standing at the doorway of your bedroom facing inside your room; if you turn left it is considered as East direction, and clock-wise South, West and North respectively.
  • Analyze the location of windows in relation to where you place your bed.
  • The best position to sleep on is usually South-West or North-West – based on your personal direction.
  • The footboard or headboard should not face directly outside of main entry door into a house nor should it align with any mirrors or reflective surfaces.
  • Do not put your bed under beams (it brings weight onto you mentally).
  • Don’t sleep directly below overhead light fixtures as it drains positive energies away from you.
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Whether you have new or existing furniture, finding ways to get them placed properly so they allow good Chi energy flow in may benefit you greatly. Balancing all 5 elements: Earth, Water Metal Fire & Wood by rearranging items correctly also helps tremendously. As an example, adding plants (wood element) to command healthier Chi flow; like placing them near bedsides adds much needed feng shui dynamics & contributes positively to ones overall wellbeing.

A good source of metal element could be a decorative item such as bells, coins decors etc. Wearing clothing or colours associated with Earth colours will assist drawing more wealth & abundance towards oneself. Additionally burning incense sticks regularly helps aid calming down environment setting up soothing vibrations while creating a protective layer, allowing one’s peace of mind in present moment.

The 8 Life Aspects of Bed Position and Their Impact on Wealth

Feng shui bed position plays a major role in creating wealth. It not only brings good fortune into ones life, but also maintains a healthy balance between the body and the environment. Generally, it is believed that the placement of the bed should be oriented to face the direction associated with certain aspects of life. These include:

  • 1) Career luck
  • 2) Wealth luck
  • 3) Romance luck
  • 4) Freedom from obstacles luck
  • 5)Help from mentors luck
  • 6)Family blessing and protection luck
  • 8Health and vitality luck 8

Popular Bed Positions for Wealth & Tips on Optimizing benefits

For centuries, Feng Shui has been used to enhance wealth. Placing the bed in an optimal position promotes good fortune in finance and business-related matters. Here are some popular Feng Shui bed positions for wealth and their effects:

  1. Against a Solid Wall: This is one of the safest and easiest positions to sleep in according to traditional feng shui principles; it provides support for sound sleep while increasing comfort and relaxation. It also can help to promote progress in career, wealth, and financial endeavors by eliminating distractions that may impede personal growth.
  2. Facing North: Facing north with the head located near a window or under a skylight is an ideal position if you wish to accumulate greater wealth. North is associated with “activating” power energy, which brings new opportunities and resources such as growth possibilities, career promotion prospects, or even potential employers.
  3. Distance from Doors: According to feng shui principles, beds should not be placed directly opposite doors such as main entrance or bedroom doors as that may result in excessive energy flow which can disrupt your sleep and affect your overall well being. The door should appear before the footboard or end of the bed.
  4. Sleeping Together: Some couples prefer sleeping on separate beds so they can utilize both sides of the bedroom’s available space more effectively. However, feng shui recommends sleeping on the same bed as it helps create harmony between partners.
  5. Bed Headboards & Footboards: Objects that have sharp angles like bed headboards should be avoided. Curved headboards offer support while demonstrating firmness without generating too much energy flow.}

Examples of Success Stories Through Wealth Bed Position Feng Shui

Wealth is an important part of many people’s lives; however, achieving financial success can be a difficult challenge. Fortunately, one means of increasing one’s wealth is by using the ancient Chinese practice of Feng Shui. Through careful organization of furniture and decoration, a room can be changed to create a positive atmosphere that can bring good luck in terms of attaining wealth.

One helpful way to do this is through arranging your bedroom in wealth bed position Feng Shui. This practice involves positioning your bed within the room with particular attention paid to how it appears from different angles in the room – as well as which direction the bed itself faces.

By properly following wealth bed position Feng Shui, one can take advantage of the ability of energy (chi) flow in and out of the space. It is believed that by utilizing principles such as symmetry and proper use of colors, patterns, shapes, textures and other design elements, positivity can be instilled into a space.

For example, if a bed is positioned so that it faces the door directly when lying down on it (as opposed to being sideways or with its back toward the door) then it has been placed correctly for accurate chi flow throughout the space – resulting in improved luck and fortune.

There have been countless success stories related to Wealth Bed Position Feng Shui; many highly successful entrepreneurs have followed these practices with positive results over time. For example, technology investor Bill Harris had heard about this practice from his friends and decided to try it himself – after rearranging his bedroom according to feng shui tips he has since experienced significantly increased luck financially.

He credits his newfound success partially due to this special arrangement he created for himself within his own space – demonstrated how effective this type of alternate energy manipulation can be at creating new financial opportunities for oneself.

Creative Ideas for Incorporating Feng Shui Bed Position for Wealth

The Asian practice of Feng Shui is believed to bring peace and abundance into one’s life. One of the primary aspects in Feng Shui that practitioners focus on when trying to cultivate wealth is the bed position in the bedroom. Keeping the bed in a specific location can be beneficial for allowing financial energy into the home.

Positioning Energy Drawn Inbed by Direction

One way practitioners of Feng Shui recommend positioning beds in a room for attracting wealth is through determining which direction that should face. This works off of the traditional Chinese Five Elements Theory, though modern interpretations may take some liberties. Generally, North East is thought to be best so that your head will point towards this part of the room when sleeping.

Incorporating Feng Shui Colors and Decorations

In addition to providing a sense of direction towards certain sources of energy, incorporating specific colors into a bedroom can also contribute positively toward establishing an environment conducive to receiving more wealth-bringing energy. Decorations that represent money symbols are also popular such as goldfish aquariums or coins decorated throughout artwork or furniture fixtures near the bed.

Avoiding Disruptive Sources

Just as much as there are recommended items and suggestions around forming positive connections between a person’s space and their potential for wealth, so too are there things precluded from being close to one’s bed due to assumed interference with these same positive energy forms.

For example, avoiding harsh lighting or bright electronics like TVs being too close to one’s sleeping area can help provide both peace and space for these energies to flow freely through bedrooms they inhabit.


Feng Shui bed position for wealth is a powerful way to help manifest the prosperity, abundance, and overall financial growth you are looking for. While the suggestions given here are just a taste of what is available to aid in this form of energy manipulation, there are countless other steps one can take.

The main tools at your disposal lie in the placement and positioning of objects within your home, as well as in other minor tweaks that will cultivate more disciplined life habits.

When incorporating feng shui bed position for wealth into your home, focus on finding a proper balance between your Yin (quiet) and Yang (active) energies. Achieving this overall balance is key to bringing forth strong positive vibes that can spur prosperity and abundance.

As an example, place heavier pieces toward the foot of your bed to symbolize weighty matters such as financial stability; conversely, try displaying a bright crystal or figurines near your headboard for grounding power and invigoration. Avoid clutter around this area, however; a clean yet intentional space aids greatly in promoting perceptive clarity when it comes to dealing with money matters.

Besides utilizing auspicious symbolism when it comes to feng shui bed position for wealth, it is also important to foster good lifestyle choices that will help solidify these changes over time: try adopting simple daily routines such as waking up early, maintaining organized finances and establishing clear goals; doing so promotes productivity from which wealth will follow naturally.

Other alternate activities may include taking short but consistent breaks throughout the day to recharge creative energies or even surrounding oneself with motivating content related to success.

In totality, creating the right atmosphere – both externally via object placements as well as internally through behavior patterns defined by rules and regulations-is essential when it comes to inviting wealth into one’s life via feng shui bed position for wealth techniques. Doing so allows positivity levels to remain high allowing them room necessary for manifesting dreams. Ultimately then having some patience goes a long way where such practices are concerned.

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