Feng Shui Tips For Wealth 2015

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice that has been studied and utilized for centuries to create harmony and balance in environments. Many believe that using positive energy can attract wealth and abundance into one’s life. Here, we will provide some tips to harness the power of feng shui to generate financial wealth this year.

First, it is important to understand the basic principles of feng shui. You must understand which colors are said to bring about good luck, which are known as yin yang colors or Yang colors. Yellows, oranges, reds and purples are some examples of Yang colors that can be used to attract wealth and incentives.

Additionally, you should be aware of what symbols could help in terms of increasing financial opportunities or fortunes. Symbols such as coins, Buddhas, goldfish or dragonflies are all believed to attract money and help with generating wealth.

After you have a base understanding of the fundamentals of feng shui, you can start applying the knowledge for your benefits. You may want to consider introducing different accessories in the house and rearranging furniture in order to maximize on the potentials of attracting more money in 2015. Place objects like coins in your home office desk or create clusters with items like Chinese coins tied together with a red ribbon placed around your work area or living room area.

This is meant to represent money flowing freely throughout your space. Furthermore, if possible you may want introduce water features like aquarium which embodies elements associated with wealth accumulation such as growth and increase prosperity as well as streamlining (the conversion from stress into prosperity).

Learning how to use feng shui correctly can guide us into financial freedom this year by opening up new avenues for abundance and helping us make successful investments through better decision making abilities inspired by positive energy present within our environment created by correct utilization of feng shui techniques emphasizing both symbolically speaking and visually aesthetic appeal towards our own personal Feng Shui landscape.

Evaluating Your Home

The ancient oriental art of feng shui is used to enhance the flow and flow of vibrant energy in one’s personal dwelling. This positive energy is referred to as ‘chi’. Feng Shui Tips For Wealth 2015 focuses on utilizing the elements and design principles which will help boost the atmosphere of fortune in accordance with the tenants living space.

To introduce auspicious vibes into a home, one must first understand how energy moves through its space. Starting by assessing the area, including how it will be laid out and what physical objects interact with it. For example, does an individual’s front door open directly to your main hallway or directly into their living room? This can impede not only the chi but also hinder any possible wealth opportunities from arising due to blocked pathways which may exist.

Tips To Propel Wealth In Your Home

  1. Select colors which promote calmness such as purples & blues
  2. Keep clutter at a bare minimum
  3. Enhance garden areas for flow of chi
  4. Introduce lights and lamps to allow energizing chi
  5. Install water elements within living/dining rooms
  6. Place mirror opposite windows for maximum light reflection

By paying attention to small details within an environment, creating positive movement throughout a home can lead to an influx of wealth prospects entering ones life – making them feel well-balanced both mentally and financially. Using natural colors that reflect on Ba Gua will help you attract helpful people who assist in furthering your success. Furthermore ensuring that plants, succulents, flowers are consistently fresh not only creates a tranquil vibe – but actually helps create metaphors for abundance.

Activate Your Office

Many people are increasingly turning to Feng Shui in an effort to create positive energy and attract wealth into their lives. This ancient practice originated in China and has been practiced for centuries, but is now growing in popularity all over the world. Here we look at some feng shui tips for wealth in the year 2015, helping you to maximize your potential for financial gain.

Choose an Auspicious Desk Position

When it comes to choosing a desk position, there are several aspects of feng shui which must be taken into consideration. For example, it should be placed away from both windows and doors so that its energy won’t be disturbed.

It’s also important that the desk is positioned further away from any heat sources like radiators or ovens as this can sap vitality and limit wealth-creation potential. Ideally, the desk should be placed diagonally opposite to the entrance door so that when people come into your office they have a clear view of it with nothing obstructing their view.

Avoid Mess and Clutter

Clutter creates blockages of stagnant energy around you, stifling creativity and causing feelings of stress which can lead to financial difficulties in the future. To ensure your working environment is conducive to financial success this year decluttering your workspace should be one of your primary priorities – ideally being done on a regular basis throughout the year.

Keeping things organized means you will always know where everything is when needed, increasing efficiency, productivity and discovery of new ways to make money – through both conventional and unconventional means.

3 Use Wealth Symbols

It may sound like something out of Hogwarts but symbols are actually powerful tools within Feng Shui when looking to increase prosperity levels. Choosing certain objects or images which represent money such as coins or gold bars can have a powerful effect on our subconscious – allowing us a greater capacity for manifestation when creating our own wealth desires unconsciously rather than just having them there consciously alone.

Feng Shui Home Tips For Attracting Wealth 2015

Such symbols could be placed beside where you work or even hung up above desks; the sky really is the limit as long as it feels right personally.

Activate the Wealth Corner

Feng Shui has been used for centuries to bring wealth and prosperity. One of the cornerstones of attracting wealth is to activate the Wealth Corner, or “Fuk Luk Sau” in Chinese, located in the Southeast corner of your home or office.

Generally speaking that Southeast corner is associated with the Wood element in the Five Element System. It is very effective when it comes to activating wealth and nourishing the energy within that sector of your house. You can be sure that any positive energy gathered there will have a significant influence on your finances and fortune in many aspects.

According to ancient Feng Shui masters, every home or office has its personal Wealth Corner, though its location may not accurately correspond with the compass direction stated by Feng Shui masters such as due to geographical barriers during physical layout of buildings.

For example, if a living room is facing North but there is no South-East corner directly outside or adjacent window, locating alternative SE corner becomes an intricate matter since some space arrangement may easily void existing natural directions.

In classic Chinese culture, this “Fuk Luk Sau” consists of three gods represents good health (Luk), good luck (Fuk) and longevity (Soo). So in addition to providing increased wealth opportunities these three energies work together towards improving overall wellbeing.

To activate this energy you can place meaningful symbols directly on top of it such as coins money plants or statues representing “Wealth Gods”. If possible connecting sunlight directly into xthis area would be beneficial too as sun rays are consistent representation of Yang energy which boosts growth and flourishing prosperity further along with quick return on investments made over time.

How you decorate your wallet also plays an important role amongst certain aspects of Feng Shui practice as far as finances are concerned. Some stories mention using Red piggy bank with gold inscription written on it coupled up with black colour grid lines mostly for extra protection against financial losses and interceptions from unexpected sources such as gaming operators etc.

Paint It Rich

Feng shui tips for wealth in 2015 focus on using colors to create energy that inevitably leads to luck and prosperity. Choosing and applying colors with a positive feng shui representation of wealth can work wonders and draw prosperity.

Wealth color combinations taken into account during the process should be bold, bright, and vibrant while also striking a fine balance in all the areas they represent simultaneously. A few color suggestions used to promote abundance in finances are yellow which helps creates enthusiasm, red which helps activate fortune, purple which promotes success, and light blue encourages trustworthiness.

Accentuate Your Decor With Color

Adding accents of rich color through artwork, pillows, tableware, or lacquer finish wall cabinets is an excellent way to open the energy flow of money in any room. As mentioned earlier it is wise to use strong splashes of warm yellow along with other popular wealth-oriented colors such as jade green or gold layered around multiple sources of natural light utilizing mirrors and glass whenever possible.

Not only will having these energizing colors fill your home with positivity but also aesthetically give you a clutter-free environment that’s both inviting and attractive. Furthermore Accessorizing your bedroom with purple accents can have integral effects on attraction magnetism that pulls positive experiences towards you thus resulting in more favorable outcomes when dealing with any business related matters.

Infusing Color In The Kitchen

The kitchen being the room where most activity takes place can be enriched by adding eye-catching hues such as sunny lemon yellow combined with crisp white cabinetry or aqua splashed granite counters help bring abundance into the most family oriented area of the house while possibly even improving your culinary skills as well.

To promote increased communication within the home selecting confident pinks can paint walls throughout making sure everyone understands each other better than ever before ultimately manifesting more solid relationships among family members or partners living together.

Additionally highlighting doorways or windows helps attract money that enters open rooms starting from common entryways leading up to bedrooms eventually aiding you to finally reach ultimate financial peace of mind through practice of practical application and conscious implementation feng shui principles can really enchant prosperity throughout one’s entire domain this year.

The Five Elements

Feng Shui tips for wealth is the perfect way to cultivate balance in your life and manifest more financial abundance. The basis of Feng Shui revolves around creating balance in one’s environment to bring forth positive energy; this, in turn, can facilitate an increase in wealth. Through understanding the five elements, it becomes easier to understand how you can use Feng Shui to create a wealthier life for yourself.

The five elements refer to fire, water, wood, metal and earth. Each element carries with it a certain energy that interacts with the others and coexist together harmoniously when properly balanced. When thinking about using these five elements as a tool for cultivating more abundance into your life through Feng Shui, one must be aware of what that particular element pertains to and its respective use cases.

For example, Fire is known as the most powerful element and often represents passion or enthusiasm which will be necessary when chasing after any type of goal or dream – especially bigger ones that relate to finances or abundance. Fire needs to be carefully kept in check however since too much of it creates chaos while too little could mean lacking inspiration or motivation for growth which neither serve well at helping you reach your goals let alone financial ones.

Feng Shui Cures For Missing Wealth Corner

Water represents calmness but signals the presence of desired flow; having a peaceful mindset has greater implications on creating more resources for yourself while at the same time not being anxious about outcomes.

This will keep stress levels low while also being open focus on opportunities that come your way even if only considered small in stature Too much water would signify blocked creative juices however if kept under proper balance, can open more doors than closed ones since re-focusing on what really brings us joy almost always attracts better circumstances from our environment.

These are just some examples of what the elements pertain to and how they can help one reach their potential such as increased wealth but there are plenty of other uses one can find by looking a bit deeper into them so do not fret if the above didn’t seem entirely useful towards you money making endeavors just yet.

With consistency over time though, utilizing these elements correctly should start yielding measurable results soon enough so stay open minded on all potentials presented before fully closing off any possibility.

Uncovering the Power of Light

Light is a vital element of any feng shui practice for wealth and abundance. Light brings joy, reassurance, and a feeling of hope; it communicates that all you need is within your reach. In recent years, many feng shui experts have discussed the importance of using bright lighting to attract wealth into one’s home or business space.

However, the use of light goes beyond just brightening up a room. Knowing how to cleverly and strategically bring more light into your space can make all the difference in creating a feng shui atmosphere which generates money flow and financial abundance.

The first step towards incorporating more use of light into your space is to make sure it is adequately lit. All areas of your home/office should have access to natural daylight from sources like windows or skylights if possible.

Beyond natural daylight sources, using artificial lights such as table lamps as well as wall sconces can also be an effective way to effectively disperse light around the space. Adding several additional lighting sources, rather than relying on one primary source, will prevent areas from going too dark and will create an overall brighter atmosphere.

As impressive as solar-powered LED outdoor lights may be, they are not ideal for achieving feng shui mastery inside your home/office space. Lighting with yellow bulbs provides a softer hue which does not feel intrusive compared to white LED lighting which produces brightness akin to hospital fluorescents.

As much as the size of the items in your office do matter for Feng Shui success quite significantly, cautious consideration has to be given when selecting lighting appliances for setting up a proper environment conducive towards ushering in ample wealth energy at home or at work alike.

Having even streaky lamps around side cabinets found at different heights and having them powered by options like bi-pin halogen bulbs is exemplary preparation for preparing other spaces found around them appropriately towards maximizing their positive vibes potentials fully for attaining better luck magnetism kindled by beneficial energies elicited optimally through wise arrangement of lighting elements etcetera.

Overall, mastering how light works with feng shui can prove highly advantageous for anyone hoping to attract wealth and prosperity in their life or business endeavors. Don’t underestimate its power or capacity; prioritize ensuring enough luminosity throughout each area in order to maximize its full potential.


At the start of each new year, many people take stock of their goals for the months ahead. One way to ensure momentum in achieving those aims is to employ the ancient Chinese practice of feng shui for wealth. All that is required to make this happen is to follow these key tips for success.

The first step involves clearing away clutter and dirt – both physical and metaphorical – from the environment. This eliminates energies that can block growth and positivity. Additionally, creating a personalized altar for financial prosperity – such as a pinealtar with visual representationsof successfulness – gives a focal point from which good energy can emerge.

Objects such as coins and crystals should also be placed strategically within the home or workspace in order to create an environment conducive to attractive financial success. The colors red and purple have long been associated with money, while items such as ships, wealth beans, turtlescan further attract prospects of beneficial outcomes.

Pictures that possess positive vibrations (such as images of money or other signposts of acquired wealth) can also be used on walls in different parts of the house so that any engagements with them might produce a prosperous outcome.

Finally, plants are an important natural tool for influencing feng shui outcomes; setting up potted greenery on either side of main entrances has long been seen as an effective way to introduce positive vibes into one’s energetic microuniverse and open up doors towards fresh opportunities for lucrative gain. Any combination of those various tips will give one ample new ideas to manifest tangible wealthy benefits over 2015.

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