Feng Shui Animals For Love

Feng Shui is a Chinese system of aesthetics based on the interaction between humans and their environment. This art form works to create harmonious environments in the home and workplace that facilitate a positive flow of energy.

One area that Feng Shui works to promote is love, as it can be used to help attract a partner or encourage an existing relationship to thrive. Love-related Feng Shui is achieved through the use of various animals, each with their own unique symbolism related to love.

Various sources suggest a number of animals that are thought to bring luck and love into one’s life when used in Feng Shui. Among the most popular are pigeons, which symbolize fidelity and devotion; swans, which symbolize beauty, gracefulness, and loyalty; and turtles, which represent longevity and steadfastness in relationships.

Additionally, doves have long been considered symbols of peace and harmony, while cranes are believed to brighten all aspects of life when properly placed as part of a Feng Shui design scheme.

Animals also provide protection against romantic rivals when employed as part of the larger Feng Shui framework. The dragonfly represents strength; butterflies promise exciting changes ahead; spiders ward off intruders with their webbing; lastly, cicadas offer protection from old loves who attempt disturb current relationships.

Feng Shui animals for love can easily be incorporated into home or office design schemes as part of qi optimization projects. These symbolically powerful reminders may assist individuals in cultivating better partnerships with others whether they’re searching for new partners or strengthening bonds with existing loved ones.

A Brief Overview of the Origins of Veternary Feng Shui

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice which focuses on creating harmony and balance in a home or environment. It can be used to improve relationships between individuals and bring peace and love to the home.

One way it can do this is through the use of animals, both real and symbolic, that are said to bring with them qualities associated with particular emotions such as love, protection, healing and luck. This practice of using these animals as part of Feng Shui is known as Veternary Feng Shui and has been utilised for centuries.

The idea of using animals for Feng Shui purposes originated from Taoist beliefs, whereby certain animals were believed to have the power to attract positive energy. These powerful creatures were very much revered by those practising the philosophy of Taoism.

They were seen as symbols of strength, protection and good fortune, all qualities associated with love. For example, many cultures believe that frogs represent fertility so they are often included in Veternary Feng Shui in order to encourage new beginnings or better relationships within the home.

Veternary Feng Shui combines the knowledge of these traditional animal symbols with more contemporary practices such as feng shui colours and energy flows around a home. Many practitioners today suggest using certain materials such as crystals or metal plaques bearing an animal’s image.

Sometimes even a special item associated with a particular animal will be placed near a specific area of the house where love needs to be encouraged – the bedroom for instance – bringing with it whatever positive characteristics that animal exemplifies in terms of love or relationships.

Animal symbolism can even extend into daily practices like meditation or other spiritual practices like yoga; sometimes couples will visualise animals like deer together in unity during their meditations together to symbolically link them closer together in spirit while also promoting a sense of peace towards one another during moments outside of just their physical forms being close together.

Ultimately, Veternary Feng Shui helps individuals create meaningful connections spiritually, emotionally and physically within their homes – all contributing positively towards reinforcing strong bonds between partners through its ancient wisdom guiding couples closer together both figuratively and literally speaking.

How Animals and Love are Interwoven

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice which works with the energies in your environment to achieve a desired outcome. One such Feng Shui practice involves using animals in order to enhance love and attract a romantic partner. Different animals represent different characteristics, and choosing one carefully can bring the intended result.

The Most Common Animals Used For Love

When it comes to using Feng Shui animals to help those looking for love, there are several that are commonly used due to their associated symbolism. These include:

  • Elephants – bring long-term luck and commitment
  • Fish – bring emotional intimacy
  • Ducks/Geese – commitment and monogamy
  • Turtles – nourishment, patience and longevity

Choosing an animal carefully can help to attracts desired qualities. Symbols such as ducks or geese suggest the idea of fidelity in your relationship as they travel in pairs. Turtles signify long-term stability, while fish promote emotional depth and trust between two people who are partnering up for life. Elephants are known for creating strong foundations of determination and commitment – ideal for those looking for a long-lasting connection.

How To Use Them Correctly

When it comes to incorporating these animals into a Feng Shui practice, it is important to get them in the right colors for optimum effect. Elephants have traditionally been depicted as white or gold – this is thought to be associated with wealth and prosperity within relationships.

Ducks should be red or pink as they denote energy of love and romance while turtles should be green as this brings about healing properties within relationships too. Fish should also come in shades of orange or pinky coral as they well symbolize strength of feelings between two individuals.

Feng Shui Crystals for Love

It is often recommended that couples gift each other these symbolic animals, as this symbolizes commitment towards the other’s wellbeing too – strengthening the bond between them further still. Displaying any of these items on tables or shelves around the home will not only look great but have powerful effects when it comes to helping invite positive energy into your own romantic endeavors.

Exploring the Benefits of Bringing Home Love-Representing Animals

Feng Shui has long been practiced in households around the world to bring harmony and peace into the home. This ancient Chinese practice of using symbolism to bring positive energy into a room or home is often used to help create a balanced environment conducive for romantic success and self-love.

One popular way this is achieved is by introducing animals that represent love within the home, with the hope of attracting good feng shui as well as luck in love.

What Animals Represent Love?

Large cats such as tigers or lions, elephants, bird and butterfly figures are all symbols which can bring love and luck into a living space. Other, more specific animals can also be used – if you are looking for a steady relationship, frogs are known to represent fidelity while cranes signify an eternal bond. If you’re longing for companionship then large fish may be beneficial – many cultures associate them with reunification of separated loved ones.

Positioning Matters

The power of these animals around your living space will depend on how they are placed as much as what type it is – ideally, wherever possible they should be facing towards the inside of your property so they grant their protection within. They must never face outwards because they could be believed to provide protection to outsiders but none for those living in your home.

A further factor in choosing an animal figure is in recognising its particular element of origin – this will ensure that it counts towards one’s overall sense of balance in the house between yin and yang energies. For example those made from metal should be placed in the West or Northwest corner whilst wooden carvings correspond best with east/south corners or storage units – both being positions of great importance when it comes to Feng Shui affecting relationships positively.

Tips for Effectively Utilizing Feng Shui Animals for Love

One of the best ways to bless a space with Feng Shui is to utilize animals in strategic places. This is especially true when seeking to create or increase a feeling of love within a home. To maximize the energetic effect, there are several tips to keep in mind when adding Feng Shui animals of love into your space.

Choose Appropriate Animals

The first step in utilizing Feng Shui animals for love is simply choosing an appropriate animal for the energy desired. 8 common animals commonly tapped into in many forms of Chinese metaphysics are turtles, elephants, fish, deer, horses, sheep, chickens and cranes. These all have an aligning energy with romantic bliss and powerful bonds within couples and families.

Place them Correctly

Once you have chosen your Feng Shui animal for love, it’s important to place it correctly within the home or office to ensure its energies can be accessed easily. Turtles are typically placed on grounded surfaces like shelves and windowsills while birds are often hung on walls and branches from trees can be placed above doorways.

It’s also important to note that figurines should typically face inward if possible such as towards bedrooms or living areas while more dynamic pieces like wind chimes should face outwards away from the building itself.

Employ Bespoke Symbols

In addition to common animal pieces such as turtles and fish statuettes, consider introducing bespoke symbols related to the type of bond desired. For instance plant cuttings arranged into hearts or overlapping circles representing souls uniting can be used alongside other representations of love such as candles and flowers within a room intended for calming conversation between partners or family members.

Furthermore tapestries bearing romantic imagery can help bring in positive vibes regardless of what physical items may be present around them as never underestimate the power visualizations have on our subconscious minds.

Popular Feng Shui Animals For Love and What They Represent

Feng shui is a practice, often used in decorating, that emphasizes the importance of elements from the natural world. Animals often happen to be one of those elements and specific animals can be used to bring a bout of good luck specifically regarding romance. There are several popular feng shui animals for love that symbolize different aspects of it such as loyalty and communication.

The first well-known feng shui animal for love is the Mandarin Duck. This breed of duck is known in Eastern culture as a symbol of devotion and loyalty between couples due to its ability to find life-long partners. It has even been referred to as a pair because they travel together in pairs most of their lives. Considered an auspicious symbol in feng shui, having Mandarin Ducks close by can attract good luck with relationships and marriages.

Another commonly used animal is the Dragon Tortoise. Its position at the junction between two powerful symbols – dragon and turtle – gives this creature immense energy. As such, it can be used to improve social relationships, particularly ones romantically involved too. For singles who want to attract new lovers into their lives, having one displayed near them will invite more interactions from potential dates, especially if it’s given the suitable space in your home and facing eastwards or southwards.

Feng Shui Music for Love

Finally, there’s also the Swan which is highly favorable when it comes to finding true love, maintaining relationship stability and forming strong family bonds among other things beneficial for relationships and marriage prospects alike. The graceful nature and beautiful feathers on Swans represent beauty and elegance which only help deepen bond between partners who appreciate such qualities within each other.

While this bird may not necessarily bring you luck or answers related to relationship issues immediately after being placed, it does suggest that peace and harmony easier achieved over time.

Case Studies

Case study one features Olivia and Mike. Olivia wanted to add love into her life, so she started to look for materials related to Feng Shui. After reading up on the topic, she decided to purchase two elephants and place them in her bedroom.

According to the literature, elephants are symbols of power and strength in relationships if placed at bedroom doorways. After doing this, Olivia noticed an improvement in not only Mike’s behavior but also hers as well. They both became more appreciative and attentive of each other.

Case study two is about Rachel and Mark. Rachel already had certain Feng Shui elements in her house but she was still having trouble with finding a relationship that felt genuine and strong. After further research into the topic, she discovered that adding a pair of Mandarin ducks could be beneficial for her situation as they represent fidelity, love and friendship when placed together near water or bedside tables).

She immediately bought statues of the two birds and placed them in her room, hoping for positive results. Soon after, Rachel met Mark online and it was clear from the start that their connection was far different than before. The couple now have been happily married for 2 years.

Lastly is the story of Ava and Ryan who paid especially close attention to energy flow while trying to create a space filled with love and balance using Feng Shui Animals symbols. Ava used both traditional (dragon) as well as modern (butterflies) animals when decorating the space.

While preparing for his arrival Ryan would visit twice a week that brought delight joyful moments which eventually blossomed into something beautiful: A loving bond between two old friends. Ava now uses these magical symbols in her house every day ensuring that it never loses its positive energy levels:

  • Olivia & Mike used elephants at doorway which resulted in improved behavior towards each other over time.
  • Rachel & Mark added mandarin ducks symbolizing fidelity, love & friendship near bedside tables which helped foster their connection.
  • Ava & Ryan combined traditional (dragon) & modern (butterflies) animals creating a space full of positive energy.


When using feng shui animals for love, there are a few things to consider before deciding which animal is best for your situation. First, think about what type of energy you want to attract; is it romantic or platonic love, joy and passion? Pay attention to the characteristics associated with each animal and match it to the specific feelings that link to the relationship.

Second, decide where you want the animal to be placed. Depending on what area of life that you want to focus on getting luck in (such as relationships, family, finances etc.)

The placement of the creature in specific areas will have different results. For example, placing a turtle near your front door can bring protection and security while a horse or peacock can bring strength and creativity. Thirdly, ensure that all of your partner’s individual elements are taken into account when selecting an appropriate chinese zodiac animal. By tailoring these rules to the person’s element type it increases its efficacy considerably.

When selecting your animals there is also a variety of colors available as well as sizes so ensure that you coordinate with existing décor if choosing one of smaller statues. Various symbols like coins or bridges are powerful tools that will add an extra boost without taking up too much space in your home.

Finally consider what message these animals represent when making choices. Regardless of your particular need for Feng Shui love energy always remember that this form of ancient wisdom is co-creation between yourself and heaven so keep an open mind.

On the other hand, utilizing the five basic elements found in almost every traditional feng shui setup are another way to bring about positive change in relationshipsin an indirect way; they are metal (coin symbol), water (peony), wood (double happiness double fish koi carp symbol), fire (dragon eye) and earth (turtle).

Every element should be harmoniously placed throughout a space but given their own corner according to their individual significance-the metal symbol should go in the west; water in northEast; wood in east; fire southEast and earth SouthWest corner-in order harmonize natural energy flow resulting maximize chances for increased SEX appeal.

Overall using Feng Shui Animals For Love offers up numerous possibilities depending on ones individual needs when setting out on journey bringing balance back into their life especially love related material facts into considerations listed above will initiate process breaking down old patterns creating new avenues aimed at forging healthier emotional connections future soul mate relationships harmony general life overall.

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