Easy Feng Shui For Love

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that seeks to bring harmony and balance within a space by carefully positioning and placing elements. The idea is that this helps ones energy flow and encourages good chi in the area which can bring luck, health, prosperity, protection, and of course love. Understanding basic Feng Shui principals can be relatively simple when trying to attract love energy into your space.

Feng Shui Basics for Love The primary thing to keep in mind as you begin integrating some easy Feng Shui into your home is the concept of openness. This means decluttering regularly, opening blinds or curtains during daylight hours and having your furniture sectioned off in open arrangements.

Pay attention to what you have hung up on the walls as this will help create more passionate energy in the room if it harmonizes with romantic themes like pictures of couples or nature scenes with red elements in it; these both signify love energy for Feng Shui.

Surround Yourself with Love Using certain items associated with romance is another great way to attract loving energies into your home according to easy feng shui for love principles. Try decorating your space with incense, candles, roses, essential oils like lavender and just about anything else you find attractive that can bring a special feeling to the room; these will all instill positive feelings of passion when somebody enters your space.

Lighter colors such bringing in plenty of whites, creams and pale greens onto walls also contribute towards the ambiance as they represent new beginnings, peace and renewal of scenarios associated with relationships.

The Basics of Easy Feng Shui For Love

We all want to find the perfect partner and be part of a successful long-term relationship. Fortunately, we can use the ancient Chinese practise of feng shui to our advantage in order to attract energies that will help manifest love in our lives. Just by adopting some basic principles, you too can learn how to use easy feng shui for love.

What Is Feng Shui?

Feng shui is a Chinese philosophical practice that combines aspects of philosophy, astronomy and geography facilitating balance, energy and harmony in homes and businesses. To put it simply, it focuses on fostering positive energy and eliminating negative energy from your environment. It is believed that when this balance is achieved then positive life events such as relationships come easier and more naturally.

Techniques & Principles Of Easy Feng Shui For Love

  • Increase Harmony – Instilling a sense of peacefulness throughout the house creates an overall feeling of harmony which will draw in energies conducive for love. Colours like pink or yellow can also help foster positive energy as can music or aromatherapy.
  • Welcome The Front Door – Making sure your entrance looks inviting is key to getting positive energy into your home. Keep it clear and clutter free, plant flowers near your door (red ones if possible) light candles at night or hang a bell or mobile above your door.
  • Attract The Right Person – According to the ancient practice of feng shui, certain objects can assist in attracting suitable partners for a meaningful relationship such as two red painted mandarin ducks or dragon pictures.
  • Enhance Bedroom Vibes – Pay attention to creating an ambience of intimacy with items like roses, scented oils or essential oils candles – not near the bed but further away so fumes don’t disturb sleep during the night. Hang a dream catcher over your bed to aid in dream analysis while sleeping
  • Enhance Your Personal Energy – Becoming “attractive” is key here where we must firstly focus on creating good self-image. Wear clothing style/colour you feel most comfortable in and avoid colours black or white which can repel potential suitors.

The Purpose of Easy Feng Shui For Love

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that aims to bring balance, harmony, and good fortune into any space. And it’s not just limited to interiors – its principles can also be applied in areas like relationships, love, and marriage. By using easy feng shui techniques for love, you can easily attract more romance and positive energy into your life.

When To Practice Feng Shui For Love

If you find yourself wanting a better relationship or looking for a new one altogether, the most opportune time for practicing feng shui for love is during the Valentine’s season when all zodiac signs are most receptive to attracting luck in the matters of heart. However, if Valentine’s Day isn’t reason enough or you want to stay extra prepared for relationship-related luck anytime throughout the year, there are several daily activities you could try every day:

Different Activities Of Easy Feng Shui For Love

The first activity is to rearrange your furniture with love-attracting feng shui layout. The layout should be in such a way that air flows uninterruptedly between each piece of furniture and further complements used with décor pieces that have solid shapes like round tables or soft furnishings like bearskin rugs which ought make you feel relaxed and peaceful thus creating an open inviting atmosphere where the prospect of having suitable partners may become least intense.

Another important point of easy feng shui for love is promoting positive energy within our home environment. This includes curating happiness by adding symbols with special connection such as Mandarin ducks figurines placed on either side of a bedroom mirror or pearls, crystals or flowers placed on strategic locations around your house so as to increase chances of your home being noticed by potential partners.

On top of that burning incense sticks of joss paper can help ward off negative spirit from your home thus creating an environment filled with prosperity which may eventually lead towards physical manifestation in the form suitors knocking at your doorstep. Finally do not forget now and then lighting up two red candles on a Saturday night while reciting “Om Mani Padme Hum” mantra helps restore relationship power balance.

Re-arranging Your Living Space to Maximize Love

One of the best ways to bring love into your life is by utilizing Feng Shui concepts in the design of your living space. Easy Feng Shui for love can be achieved with minimal effort and little expense, but an understanding of the principles is necessary.

Designing the Bedroom with Love in Mind

Feng Shui testifies that having an uncluttered bedroom and organized bedding are essential for a happy relationship. Furthermore, it suggests that the placement of furniture should aim to create a sense of balance, as this will promote positive energy that encourages love and passion.

To attract an emotional connection try putting two nightstands on either side of the bed instead of one on one side and a dresser on the other; or using nightstands flanking either side of the doorway to open up space behind them in order to diminish stressful feelings. Additionally, investing in quality linens and art/objects made from natural materials (wood, crochet or wool) can add fresh sensuality to your room.

Feng Shui Corner For Love

Living Room: Encouraging Social Connections

The living room is where most entertaining happens between couples and friends, so being able to relax here makes it easier for those strong bonds thriving. An easy feng shui tip for striking a balance here would be pushing any larger pieces back against walls while leaving adequate table/chair spacing in between them; enabling people to converse freely without feeling smothered or restricted.

Placing artwork symmetrically about will enhance friendliness within social scenarios also – hearts or symbols representing relationships displayed at eye-level convey “I am open” vibes towards visitors.

Lastly, houses tend to contain an array symbols which represent what family members value most – these should be kept free from clutter e.g displaying pictures prominently as opposed to letting them blend into shelves. Achieving this allows guests to take mental note and not feel hesitant when visiting again – if you respect even their subconscious mindset they will appreciate it and feel closer upon future meet-ups.

Getting Started with an Easy Feng Shui Love Makeover

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese method for removing negative energy and bringing balance to a home or office. It can also be used to bring love into your life by following a few simple steps. To get started, there are some basic materials and supplies that you’ll need.

The first thing you will need is an old container, like a jar or tea pot, that has plenty of room for the items you’ll include in your Feng Shui “love makeover”. This container will be the center of your project, with all of the pieces you’ll use radiating out from it in two directions – to the east and west sides of your space.

Next, you’ll want to gather some additional items such as rose quartz crystals, candles, essential oils, cards with meaningful words or phrases on them (like “love is the answer”) and/or other meaningful symbols related to love – like hearts or roses. If you desire more power still, don’t forget to choose two colours associated with Love – Red and Pink. Place these items inside the jar or tea pot that will serve as your focal point.

Putting Your Space Together

At this stage, take a step back and assess your workspace. Are there any large furniture pieces taking up too much space? Maybe there are too many electronics cluttering up the area?

Consider rearranging tables and chairs around the house so that they create a symmetrical pattern in relation to each other and are angled correctly towards your container where all of your love-related items collected are located. Additionally, think about introducing lighter colors into specific areas of the room because bright colors bring positive energy into any space whether in Hong Kong or beyond.

Finally, add small touches which would bring good luck when it comes to matters of romance – such as attaching two dragon accessories above certain doorways so they look up towards each other as if flying up rather than down – this symbolizes harmony between couples when used in Feng Shui. Or if pictures hold special meaning for you – why not display one prominently near where you spend the most time (perhaps even near where you sleep?)

Remember: anything sparks joy directly contributes to increasing harmonious energy within your environment.

The Magic of Mirrors

Mirrors are a great way of making your home feel larger and more open. They work by bouncing light around, creating illusions of space and airiness. This can be especially beneficial when it comes to love energy. Feng shui practitioners believe that the placement of mirrors can bring in positive energy that will foster all kinds of relationships: new ones as well as existing ones that are experiencing difficulties.

Placement of Mirrors

Mirrors should never face the entrance to a room or residence, as this could potentially push away any love energy that is trying to come in. Instead, place them where they will be seen and enjoyed when you enter the room, such as over the bed or sofa.

Placing a mirror so you can see yourself when entering a room is believed to attract love energy into your space. Place multiple mirrors in strategic positions so their reflections combine – doing this creates an energetic spiral which is thought to promote feelings of love and happiness throughout the home.

Adding Decorations Around Your Mirror for Attraction

Feng Shui also suggests decorating around your mirror using vibrant colours for true love enhancement. Red is thought to be especially effective because it is considered to be the colour of romance and passion, while shades of pink may bring about gentle emotions such as joy and kindness.

It’s important not to use too much red though – just incorporate it into some other décor around the mirror like wall hangings or fresh flowers in order to maintain balance between spiritual energies within the home.

Removing Negative Energy

Placing two candles near each other on either side of your bedroom mirror releases negative energy and helps keep love strong between partners since both sides are represented equally with their own candlelight source. Occasionally light up the candles while engaging in deep breathing exercises to release past heartache so you won’t carry any bad vibes with you coming from old relationships into any new one you form.

Doing this regularly reduces not only negative feelings but also increases positivity so you make sure your new partner feels nothing but acceptance and genuine affection from you.

Adding Aromas For Love

Feng shui, the ancient Chinese energy art and practice of creating a space that fosters balance and harmony between your inner state and the external environment, can help you in love relationships. Easy ways to employ feng shui for attracting love using aromatherapy essential oils is by diffusing them with an aromatherapy diffuser or wearing them as a simple perfume or cologne. Essential oils are miniature powerhouses of energy that can boost our physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Increasing Your Attraction

When looking to attract more love in your life, it’s handy to choose an essential oil based on your desired outcome i.e lavender has calming properties whereas geranium has energizing benefits for uplifting moods. Applying essential oils helps attract new relationships by changing our attitude firstly so we look more approachable as well as changing one’s aura to be attractive and inviting to the opposite sex.

Its important however, not to overuse large amounts of strong scented oils as this may repel people from you instead; use subtle wafts rather than overwhelming users with overpowering fragrances. Aromatherapists also suggest combining certain essential oils such as ylang-ylang with sandalwood in diffusers or in body lotions which results in a strong sensual aroma inviting romantic energies into the air.

Making Positive Affirmations with Aroma

Moreover, applying comforting scents like rose and jasmine work magically when making positive affirmations for yourself regarding attraction – this includes making affirmations such statements “I am attractive”or “I am surrounded by love” while inhaling their aroma – lovingly sending these thoughts along with beautiful perfumes into our mind alters it positively making us feel transformed physically too.

Feng Shui Candles For Love

As such one should be careful not to get carried away by negative thoughts while inhaling its aroma otherwise you will end up curdling all its effects.

Furthermore, some special aromatherapy mixtures contain spikenard which is beneficial when trying to rekindle lost passions in stagnant long-term relationships The invigorating fragrance really helps pass on deeply felt emotions apart from reminding us of how much we appreciate each other; usually couples tend to fall outta of appreciation during long marriages resulting this being an ideal solution. Combining two or three aromatic ingredients per application works best in order for subtle yet effective enough appeal towards another person.

Using Color to Represent Love

Feng Shui is an ancient practice that is used to bring positive energy into a home. One of the most popular applications of this practice is using Feng Shui to create love in a space.

Color plays a powerful role in the work of a good Feng Shui master, and when used correctly, it can do wonders to make a home more welcoming for two people who share their lives together. In particular, the colors red and pink have long been associated with love and can be extremely helpful when used as part of at-home Feng Shui for love.


Red is the classic representation of love; it’s a passionate and warm color which has long been associated with romance and passion. Red candles, rugs, curtains and even light bulbs can be found easily online or in stores.

When placing these items around the house, try to avoid red items near your bedroom as it’s said to cause feelings of agitation in the bedroom which isn’t conducive to nurturing loving vibes. Instead try adding these romantic elements throughout living spaces where you share activities and conversations together.


This is another hue that’s associated with tenderness and joyfulness so it’s perfect for creating some lovingly positive energy around your home. Again focus on bringing pink into living areas where couples intimate conversations are shared instead of bedrooms; that way you inspire an atmosphere of joy rather than restlessness or heightened expectations.

Unconventional items like soft knitted pink throws or fluffy cushions provide great comfort while still enhancing romantic vibes – virtually any item could lend itself to attracting greater amounts of loving energy within your living space if you pick arrangements carefully.

Further Tips

Add other pieces which offer added meaning such as canvases featuring couples embracing each other – this type of artwork invokes strong emotions ideal for romantic undertones. Also don’t forget about adding some plants – plants offer additional oxygen circulation within your home too so they often come highly recommended.

Remember always keep mindful about how you place each element according to understanding principles of Feng Shui like the Bagua Map – careful thought about actionable strategies will always pay off when trying out different styles around your own house.

Harmonizing a Loving Environment with Music

Feng Shui, also known as Chinese geomancy, is a long-standing tradition of using natural energies to achieve balance in the home and life. It prescribes certain rules for the placement of objects in order to bring harmony into a space. Music can be used as part of Feng Shui practice to create loving vibrations in a space. Here is a list of tips on how to utilize music for love according to Feng Shui:

  • Choose uplifting, peaceful music to bring joyful energy into your environment.
  • Soothing instrumental or soft vocal music adds calm and relaxation into rooms.
  • Entice love through romantic tunes that evoke positive emotions.

The type of music matters when it comes to amplifying certain emotions with Feng Shui. Playing upbeat music throughout your home will create an energized atmosphere while soft classical numbers inspire contentment and emotional release. Any kind of music can be utilized depending on your desired emotion, however its selection has differing impact on people’s moods and feelings, so it helps to tailor selections accordingly.

When considering decorating your bedroom with romantic elements according to Feng Shui protocol, it may be wise to add some gentle love songs as well. Soft jazz, light pop or beautiful R&B tunes reinforce the calming vibe which attracts romance into your bedroom sanctum. Choose mindfully from these selections and let the melodic notes float throughout the air creating an ambient atmosphere encouraged by the sound waves emanating through your boudoir walls.

For those seeking relationship healing or new beginnings in the domain of amour, listening too classical compositions composed specifically for loving purposes can help open up sensitive gateways which were once locked shut due to heartache.

Also try playing acoustic numbers infused with heartfelt sentimentality such as soulful indie rock ballads or international folk song renditions that gently interact with one’s heart energies ultimately activating mental inspiration channels stimulated by refreshing sound vibes leading up serious contemplation or affectionate merriment based on personal preference respectively.


Drawing love into your life and creating a home that invites it can be achieved by using simple Feng Shui principles to create positive energy. Feng Shui for love is an attractive option because it’s easy, inexpensive, and fun to do.

One of the most important ideas of Feng Shui for love is to ensure you keep your bedroom clean and clutter-free. Tidying up your space helps clear the air of negative energy and allow new energy to flow in.

Additionally, take the time to invest in vibrant colors that speak out romance; such as shades of pink, red, orange and yellow. Be creative with accents like rose petals in a pretty bowl or crystal hearts around the bed as reminders of what you’re inviting into your living space.

You should also make sure all the essential items from you bedroom have been arranged in an auspicious layout and that everything is where it should be for optimal Chi flow. This includes having the headboard pointed towards a wall but not directly facing any doors or windows since they burn off too much energy otherwise known as Sha chi.

You’ll want balance from keeping heavier pieces on one side of the bed with lighter pieces on the other to promote a healthier dynamic between two partners.

Finally, investing in uplifting artwork with inspiring quotes that have sentimental meaning can help power up positive Chi around your room without overwhelming it visually. It could be two colorful birds ever-so-tenderly nestled together or a beating heart seemingly radiating love for all to feel-no matter what displays are scattered around your living space, draw attention to special objects that inspire feelings of love so that you may carry them everywhere with you always as gentle reminders.

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