4 Celestial Animals Feng Shui

Introduction to Celestial Animal Feng Shui

The practice of Celestial Animal Feng Shui is a form of geomancy that combines elements of superstition and Eastern religious beliefs to determine auspicious locations for homes and offices. It is believed to be able to control the flow of chi and bring prosperity, wealth and good luck to its inhabitants. The three schools of thought that provide the foundation for understanding this practice are the Four Pillars School, San He School, and Flying Star School.

The Four Pillars school is based on the principles of Yin and Yang found in Chinese cosmology. This school holds that by understanding the four directions (North, South, East and West) in relation to a specific space or building one can determine how a person can best use these energies for their life.

The San He School follows similar principles as the Four Pillars School but distinguishes itself by using trigrams from Chinese culture to identify different locations within a space. According to this school good fortune can be attained through orientation, direction, height selection, colour selection and shape selection.

The Flying Star School is based on Feng Sui beliefs that there are nine energy stars which form an octagonal pattern around the compass points of a structure or location. Every 10 years these energies shift providing different levels of impact potentially triggering positive outcomes if correctly understood by those inhabiting it.

The Four Celestial Animals

The Four Celestial Animals are Dragons, Unicorns, Tortoises and Phoenix. Each animal is associated with different metaphors, powers and strengths to bring balance and harmony into one’s environment.

Dragons symbolize health, power and strength. They also represent nobility, wealth, courage and good luck. Chinese consider the dragon to be a symbol of protection from bad luck. In addition to power and strength, dragons are associated with longevity and wisdom.

Unicorns have long been associated with magic, beauty and grace. As protects from evil and negative energies, unicorns can dispel fear when present at home or in the workplace. They bring happiness and protect from harm due to their spiritual power.

Tortoises represent longevity as they are believed to live for hundreds of years. These animals embody wisdom as they are wise enough to choose the right moment to move forward in life without rushing things unnecessarily. Additionally, tortoises serve as protectors against strange people who may cause harm or destruction in one’s home or business space

Finally, the Phoenix is a mythical bird that represents strength in almost all aspects of life; emotionally, physically and spiritually. It is both a symbol of resurrection as well as setting fire to old ways in order to embrace new ones with courage and confidence,. The phoenix is also believed to bring new beginnings or joy & optimism even in the midst of chaos..

Feng Shui Dragon Placement

Deeper Understanding

The symbolism of the different colors associated with each of the four Celestial Animals in Feng Shui have various meanings linked to them.

The White Tiger is a symbol of protection and power which aligns with its bright white color. It represent strong safety forces that keep negative energies away and ward off bad luck.

The Vermillion Bird, associated with the color red, represents good fortune and joy-filled activities, helping to maintain individuals’ peace of mind. The vibrant red also repels residual misfortune while simultaneously providing warmth and brightness.

The Black Tortoise symbolizes longevity, patience and resilience with its deep black color showing an ability to protect those in contact with it from harm. This type of energy releases internal tension allowing people to stay composed in difficult situations.

Finally, the Azure Dragon’s blue hue highlights its important role in bringing new opportunities for success by providing clarity and vision for long-term endeavors. The Azure Dragon will help create a foundation that is needed for dreams to become reality.

Feng Shui Symbols

The four celestial animals Feng Shui is the practice of harnessing and utilizing the invisible energy or “chi” that has been believed to inhabit everything around us. These belief systems have been around for centuries, originating in China and first gaining popularity as part of a bui lding design practice as far back as 1000 BC.

The four celestial animals or creatures in feng shui is a widely popular symbol that brings a lot of good luck and fortune when applied to one’s environment. Each one of these symbols holds a unique meaning associated with success, wealth, prosperity, protection and/or balance within their respective domains. The four animals are the dragon (which represents power), the phoenix (symbolic of rebirth and longevity), the qilin (representing intelligence) and the tiger (for protection). All four represent different elements: Wood (dragon), Fire (phoenix), Earth (qilin) and Water (tiger). Through careful placement in various areas of your home or desk you can become more positive, prosperous and successful by marshaling the strength of these powerful symbolic bearers. Depending on your place in life or career expectations, each creature can be used in alignment with an individual’s wishes for blessing from each area of their life.

Placement of Celestial Animals

The 4 Celestial Animals in Feng Shui are the Dragon, Phoenix, Tiger and Turtle. Generally, these should be placed in the following directions for their particular energy benefits:

• Dragon: North and Northwest – Use the dragon to boost career luck and increase success in your company or profession. Place it facing outwards so that its fierce gaze will act as a protector from evildoers.

• Phoenix: South – Place the phoenix here to energise relationships and kindle love luck. To keep married couples together, set it in the same direction with a magpie facing outwards ” symbolising separation for unfaithful partners.

• Tiger: East – The tiger is good for health luck and should be placed during times of ill health and sluggish ch’i energy or bad luck. It’s best to place it facing south or east.

Feng Shui Aquarium in Living Room

• Turtle: West – Placing a turtle in this area will promote long life and wealth fortune henceforth, especially if coupled with other Talismans like the coin-tossing frog or eight-trigram coins on its back or near its figure. It’s ideal to have it facing south as well as east to invite longevity chi energy into your home.

Benefits of Utilizing Celestial Animal Feng Shui

The 4 Celestial Animals Feng Shui, also known as the Four Symbols, is a form of geomancy used to help create harmony and balance in living or work spaces. This traditional Chinese belief system relies on four divine creatures”the Vermillion Bird (South), the White Tiger (West), the Black Tortoise (North) and the Azure Dragon (East). By understanding the power of these four symbols, and their placement within an environment, one can tap into feng shui energy for good luck and well-being.

Utilizing Celestial Animal Feng Shui can have a wide range of benefits from promoting good luck to improving relationships. Here are some of the most common ways an individual can experience its effects:

1. Increasing Success: Each of the four celestial animal symbols corresponds with different types of success, such as wealth and health. Positioning them in certain areas around home or office space according to your personal aspirations can maximize positive opportunities in regards to achieving any desired goals.

2. Improving Relationships: The principles of Feng Shui teach that by setting up a harmonious environment featuring one or more celestial animals, individuals will be surrounded by positive energies which will ultimately improve interpersonal relations with family members, coworkers, friends and partners who come into this space.

3. Bringing Good Fortune: Incorporating these symbols around your living areas is believed to attract good fortune from each cardinal direction like money, loyalty from people or gaining ultimate enlightenment in life.

Final Note


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