Feng Shui 8-Shaped Figure For Wealth And Prosperity Luck

Feng shui 8-shaped figure is an ancient symbol believed to bring wealth and prosperity luck. According to Chinese beliefs, it is said that the eight-sided geometric shape of the figure resembles a mountain range, which connects with nature and creates harmony with the environment.

Feng shui 8-shaped figure has been used in different cultures all over the world for centuries for its ability to attract luck, wealth, and health. Its history dates back thousands of years ago when Chinese cultures actively practiced feng shui to create balance and peace in their lives.

Uses of a Feng Shui 8-Shaped Figure Today, feng shui 8-shaped figures are still widely used because of its powerful symbolism and traditional usage. People use them mostly as home décor ornaments where they display one atop a windowsill or tabletop. It can also be placed in offices where it brings success and wealth luck for business owners.

Given its unique symbolic feature of infinity, many believe that placing a feng shui 8-shaped figure brings permanent fortune into their home or business establishments. It also helps protect against negative energy while encouraging creativity in people’s life.

How to Place a Feng Shui 8-Shaped Figure It is essential to ensure proper placement for these symbols in order for them to be at their most effective state; otherwise, they may lose some of their powers if not honored correctly.

When placi ng this item in your home, make sure it is facing outward from the inside so that it can absorb all the positive chi in your space-not inwardly confined within a room where it loses its impact on your environment.

Fire elements should not be placed nearit since fire symbolizes destruction; instead, place water elements beside it for balancing effect since water represents influx of fresh energy and good luck into our lives. Overall, this ensures maximum effects from feng shui 8-shaped figures.

Significance and Benefits of Placing the 8-Shaped Symbol in Your Home

The 8-shaped symbol is one of the iconic symbols used in Feng Shui, a traditional practice that promotes peaceful interiors and balanced life energy. It is believed to bring wealth and prosperity luck into the home. This auspicious symbol also has several interesting visual features that catch people’s attention.

Meaning and Symbolism

According to old Chinese numerology, the number 8 represents wealth since it sounds similar to the word ‘fatt’ which means ‘to get rich’. Placing the 8-shaped figure at the centre of your living space is said to bless the household with abundance and financial stability. In many cultures across East Asia, this number is believed to be connected to progress and fortune.

Feng Shui Benefits

The 8-shaped symbol is often used in Feng Shui for two main benefits: A positive flow of energy and wealth generation. As a yang element, it has strong cleansing powers and it works particularly well if placed in an area that represents authority or strength within a building such as a primary sitting room or near top officials.

Its attractive design also attracts good chi (positive life energy) into key areas of your home such as kitchens and hallways for a more prosperous experience. Some few other benefits associated with this symbol include:

  • Enhancing business success.
  • Improving relationships between partners.
  • Increasing productivity in the workplace.
  • Attracting abundance and good luck.
  • Helping open channels of communication.

Key Areas of Placement for Optimal Results

  • Living Room: Place the 8-shaped figure on a table in the living room to enhance the positive energy flow as family members spend time together.
  • Workplace: Position it behind your office chair – this will help you stay focused, eliminate any hindrance and allow you to perform your best.
  • Bedroom: Place the figure below or near your bedroom window. This will attract good luck and bring in positive energy while you rest.

For optimal results, feng shui experts suggest that the 8-shape should be placed at waist level with full visibility in the areas mentioned above. The figure can be made from jade or colorful crystals of various sizes for extra chi energy.

The design is quite simple and can also come in bracelet form if desired – it consists of two sets of trunks containing four intertwined pieces which are connected at the bottom. These pieces signify prosperity, material wealth and good luck, making it an effective feng shui tool.

It is important to note that these figures have no innate power themselves – their effectiveness relies on trusting beliefs and aligning them with positive intentions. They should also be cleansed regularly to reinvigorate the productive chi energy emanating from them.

Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Your Own 8-Shaped Figure

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that promotes balance and harmony between humans and their environment for the best possible results in life. One of the most popular forms of Feng Shui is the 8-shaped figure which is said to bring prosperity luck. This figure symbolizes infinite abundance, as the number 8 is considered a very auspicious number in Feng Shui. Following these steps will help you create your own 8-shapes figure for wealth and prosperity luck:

Strong Feng Shui For Wealth

First, select a spot in your home or business where you want to display the figure. It should be a place that is visible, but not too crowded because it needs to be harmonious and uncluttered. The ideal place for this type of Feng Shui manifestation would be near the entrance of your home or office; however it can be placed anywhere that feels right to you.

The next step is to gather all of the materials necessary, such as eight small pictures or objects showing success, wealth, abundance, luck or auspicious symbols like goldfish or ingots; all preferably with a red background. You should also include one large item such as a golden dragon figurine which represents power and authority and ensures protection from negative influences in the area.

Arrange these items on what should be an octagon shape using sticky tack to hold them in place on any flat surface like a tabletop, shelf or countertop tile.

Lastly, activate your 8-Shaped Figure by saying three times either silently or aloud: “I now invoke riches and prosperity into my life through this powerful Feng Shui manifestation”. Take some time to feel gratitude for all that you have accomplished thus far and combine it with visualization of even greater possibilities coming into being effortlessly as soon as this activation ritual was completed.

After releasing your positive intention into the universe, thank your guides inwardly for hearing & answering you. Congratulations – your chosen space has now been transformed into one full of potential blessings & abundance.

Using Enhancements to Further Empower the 8-Shaped Figure

The 8-shaped figure is a power symbol derived from Chi Shui that concerns prosperity and wealth. Believed to be derived from 4 deities of prosperity, the 8-shaped figure can bring extra good fortune when placed in the right location according to Feng Shui principles. This enhanced Feng Shui symbol can be used to invite more opportunities for wealth and abundance. Here are some ways to further enhance the power of this shape:

  • No Photos/Images – A picture of any kind (people, object or other image) should not be included as it will weaken the power of the symbol.
  • Positive Mantra – Write a statement of affirmation or desire for wealth and prosperity on each side of the 8-shaped figure.
  • Gold Color – Use gold color pigments or coins representing gold to further charge up this powerful graphic.
  • Delivery Direction – Place this general direction in your home with North and South as the preferred directions.

Using these enhancements while activating the 8-Shape luck enhancer will have several effects, including immediate opportunities for financial gain, career advancement, increased attention from potential suitors or partners, and an overall boost in luck.

Placing The 8-Shaped Figure In Your Home To Reap The Benefits Of Its Powers

The exact placement where you physically station your luck enhancer is crucial in order to feel truly empowered by its energy. It is recommended to choose a place that people often traverse such as an entryway or kitchen; locations with good visibility since they capture the auspicious chi more than hidden corners do. In addition, aligning your 8-symbol figure with north and south will help draw even more prosperity luck.

Furthermore, be mindful that it should face the main entrance so your guests may benefit from its efficacy too. Even though it’s not recommended to hide its existence away from other people’s sight, placing it too prominently would also be ill advised since fresh Chi should flow well without stagnation.

Given that we spend most time at home indoors due to safe distancing measures during COVID times, using these Feng Shui techniques can reap massive rewards if properly set up and maintained. Having an uninterrupted source of positive energy such as a well-placed 8-shape figurine could give a huge emotional lift despite being confined in our homes full time.

Complementary How-To Decorations for the 8-Shaped Figure

The 8-Shaped Figure is an ancient Feng Shui tool used to promote wealth and prosperity luck. It has become a popular symbol used in various art forms such as jewelry and wall decorations, as it is believed to bring luck and money to its owner.

The remarkable thing about this symbol is that it has eight identical parts, which represent the eight wealth sources according to Chinese metaphysics. If you want to decorate your home with this powerful Feng Shui figure, here are some tips for how best to do it.

The traditional way of decorating with 8-Shaped Figures involve hanging several figures together in a group or array. Typically, six or eight figures would be hung side by side with the open ends of the symbols facing outward from both directions for maximum potency.

However, you can also hang one large figure in any room; it just needs to be placed at an auspicious location such as near the entrance door or on each side of the main hall’s central post for good feng shui. Additionally, make sure you place objects like coins and jewelry around the 8-Shaped Figure to further attract luck and prosperous energy into your home/room/space.

Feng Shui Pendant For Wealth

In addition, if you want even more power out of your 8-Shape Figure decor, use certain colors associated with wealth or prosperity in its surroundings such as gold and red. You could also add other auspicious items such as jade stones that come in different shapes like a rhinoceros or dragon head for enhanced luck and protection from evil forces.

Placing other symbols linked to wealthy energy like cranes (representing longevity) and peaches (symbolsizing beauty) can increase the power of your decoration as well. With these ideas incorporated into your existing 8-Shape Figure decor setup, prosperity will surely follow.

Case Studies

Feng Shui 8-Shaped Figure is traditionally used to bring good luck and prosperity to the occupants of a house or business premises. It is also known as the ‘Ba Gua’, representing an octagonal pattern that has been used since ancient times for protecting space from evil spirits and attracting beneficial energy (Qi).

The basic concept of using an 8-shaped figure in Feng Shui is that it has eight different kind of energies, which can be strategically placed in a house or office to attract auspicious Qi from all directions. This helps to improve one’s wealth, health, love life and more.

In this article, we will look at some of the popular case studies regarding how individuals have reaped great success and results by incorporating an 8-shaped figure into their Feng Shui practice.

Case Studies

  • Mr Song has incorporated an 8-shaped figure beside his main doorway entrance with small fountain decoration near it. He was amazed upon seeing the change as within 7 weeks he was promoted in his job and got monetary reward too.
  • Mrs Wong had no substantial luck at work and career advancements before placing a bronze 8 coins tied together near her desk chair at her office. After practicing this method for 64 days she got promoted into higher designation with higher pay than before.
  • Ah Big had always been facing troubles with his fiancée ever since they decided to get married. He then found out about Feng Shui 8-Shaped Figure through online research, where he put 4 pieces of crystal eggs facing southeast in his living room in addition to other custom methods to bring happy energy into the area. As miraculously appeared within 5 months later both of them got married peacefully.
  • Ms Tan wears red string bracelet on his right hand wrist given by one of her friends after listening about her problem related to marriage issues She was wearing 6 copper coins tied together with that red thread which she hanged above her bed facing north direction. Within 30 days she found out her potential husband through one common friend who had good relationship between them


The Feng Shui 8-Shaped figure is a powerful symbol of wealth and prosperity luck in the Chinese New Year. It stores positive energy that can attract abundance and good fortune into your life. When used correctly, it can be an incredibly powerful tool to help you achieve success.

When using this shape to bring yourself luck, you must place the figure with intention and thought. One tip for best results is to keep the image somewhere high up in your home, preferably near the entrance or living room space so it can be seen more frequently throughout the day. This will allow the positive energy of the figure to continuously replace any negative energy you might have already accumulated from outside sources.

Additionally, you should respect and take care of the piece as if it were a treasured item; ideally every few days give it a special cleaning or blessing ritual and always focus on what goals you wish to accomplish when engaging with it. Doing this will help increase their power and improve their energization capabilities for optimal results.

It’s also important for you to consider maintaining your finances as well; don’t squander away money carelessly without due regard. Instead, make goals like paying off debts or making money-saving investments – activities that are guaranteed to contribute towards an even better future for yourself and those around you.

Understanding basic economic principles like creating budgets or coming up with ways to rationalize spending will also help manage your finances properly down the road. Not only will this ultimately lead to greater prosperity, but it serves as another way of combining your personal goals with the power of Feng Shui 8-Shaped Figure for Wealth And Prosperity Luck.

In conclusion, if utilized properly Feng Shui 8-Shaped Figure For Wealth And Prosperity Luck can open many great opportunities for personal growth and development both professionally and financially speaking. It’s amazing ability to attract positive energies while neutralizing any negativity allows practitioners tap into unfathomable potentials – providing they maintain responsibility, practice healthy financial decision making processes, continually engage with the object in meaningful ways, and positively envision her ideal outcomes while doing so.

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