Foods For Feng Shui Wealth Vase For Abundance

Foods for Feng Shui wealth vase for abundance are a great way to bring prosperity into your home. The feng shui wealth vase is an ancient ritual that can attract positive energies and wealth. This practice is based on the concept of chi, which can be thought of as the flow of energy through all things.

By strategically placing different items in this vase, many Chinese believe that it can promote abundance and good fortune. To maximize its power, it is important to incorporate traditional Feng Shui colors such as gold, red, green, orange and blue when decorating a wealth vase.

Gold is considered to be one of the most powerful colors when used for Feng Shui wealth vases. It carries with it a deep symbolism related to money and financial success. For this reason, gold-colored ornaments such as coins are often placed inside of these vases as well as gold pebbles or bells.

Red too plays an important role in this tradition since it symbolizes vibrancy and life force energy which increases the magnetism of the wealth vase and encourages warmth within the home. Additionally, placing items like crystalline rocks or mandarin ducks inside will also bring potent energies into your space that will help you reap the benefits of these practices.

The other colors used have their own special features too: Green stands for growth (so items like bamboo plants could be ideal here); Orange brings a sense of harmony; and Blue promotes calmness required in times when there is too much chaos around us due to work commitments etc. Figs may be symbols ‘plump prosperity’ while apples symbolize luck – especially after they’ve been cut crossways in half – each with five segments like any lucky Chinese coin.

So, once you’ve incorporated all those elements into your feng shui wealth vase you should start seeing things become abundant both financially and mentally.

Types of Ingredient

The Wealth Vase is an ancient Feng Shui tool designed to increase flow of wealth, abundance and prosperity. The type of ingredient chosen for the Wealth Vase will have an effect on the energy of abundance that it produces. There are five main types of ingredients that can be used in a Wealth Vase: crystals, coins, herbs, spices, and other objects related to wealth.


Crystals attract and store positive vibrations. Incorporating them in the Wealth Vase helps bring balance and harmony to chaotic energies, allowing for greater bounty in many areas of life. Some examples of crystals that can be placed in a Wealth Vase include quartz crystal, tourmaline, pyrite, sunstone and tiger’s eye.


Coins have long been symbols of wealth and prosperity in many cultures around the world and are used as a nod to the prosperity gods who grant success in financial endeavors. Traditionally Chinese coins are used but silver or gold coins from any country may also be included a Wealth Vase with great effect.

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Herbs & Spices

Using herbs or spices as part of the Wealth Vase creates a unique scent which invites luck and prosperity into one’s life while better encouraging vibes of good fortune and opportunity. Traditional Chinese herbs such as He Shou Wu or Dang Gui can be utilized but other commonly used ingredients include cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg or clove for added fragrances or visual appeal.

Other Objects

It’s possible to incorporate other items which symbolize wealth like figures of dragons or other mythical creatures depending on one’s personal preference combined with local beliefs associated with fortune into the vase for enhanced good luck charm along with the traditional vase items above mentioned above. Overall these items should work together to both assist visualizing spiritual transformation on all levels while still helping increase money streaming into one’s pocketbook.

Talismans and Charms

Talismans and charms have been used for countless millennia in many cultures to bring luck, fortune and abundance. In traditional Chinese Feng Shui, there are many symbols that are believed to be a conduit of energy from the cosmic world to the physical world. Wealth vases, also known as “Fuk Luk Sau” or “Three Profiting Gods” were traditionally placed in homes and businesses to encourage fortune and good luck.

Types Of Talismans Or Charms For The Wealth Vase

A variety of talismans may be used when creating a wealth vase for increased abundance. Commonly seen items include coins, bells, shells, stones, crystals, clocks and figurines of animals (such as dragons).

It is also possible to place specific items related to one’s profession inside the vase for additional benefits, depending on the type of business conducted by its mastermind. Symbols of success such as money bags or cups can also be added as part of the effort to create an atmosphere of prosperity around it.

Placement Of The Talismans In The Vase

When incorporating talismans into a wealth vase design, their placement can be very important to maximize their effect on harnessing good luck and abundance. According to traditional beliefs in Feng Shui, each item should ideally be placed at both ends (top and bottom) representing both Heaven and Earth energies while also placing them around the middle area of the wealth vase symbolizing balance within the system.

The talisman should fit snugly inside so that it doesn’t move around too much. Once this has been done allow time for magic dust like glitter or incense sticks around it once placed in order to activate its powers as well as imbue it with positive energy from all four directions (North-South-East-West).

Manifestation Techniques

1. Visualise Wealth: It is essential to visualise abundance in order to manifest more money into your life. Doing this daily can help open up energetic pathways to wealth and abundance. Close your eyes, imagine yourself surrounded by financial abundance, and set the intention that this is your reality now.

2. Invoke Abundance: Sit in a quiet place and invoke the energy of abundance into your life mentally or even verbally. This technique will help you become more open and inviting of having an abundant flow of wealth around you.

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3. Affirmations for Money: Repeating positive affirmations on a daily basis helps connect you with higher states of consciousness which allow you to think, act, and speak from a higher vibrational frequency which allows more money to come into your life naturally with ease.

4. Write A Narrative Statement for Manifesting Wealth: Writing a creative narrative detailing what you would do with an influx of abundance if it was available right now can be quite powerful when practiced regularly such as every morning before starting your day or every night before going to bed.

5. Practice Gratitude: Practicing gratitude each day is another way to open up pathways which lead to attracting more money into your life because gratitude brings about appreciation and joy by fully accepting what is available right now while also allowing for expansion in any area of our lives including finances.

  • Visualise Wealth
  • Invoke Abundance

Special Occasions

The wealth vase is a traditional Feng Shui tool used to attract abundance and prosperity to the home. The main purpose of the wealth vase is to absorb all the positive energy and prayers into it, which will be sent out into the universe as blessings for your family. It symbolizes good luck, happiness, and protection. On special occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, and new year celebrations, the wealth vase can be used in many ways.

One effective way to utilize the power of a wealth vase during these special occasions is by placing it in a prominent spot where everyone can see. It’s important that act of acknowledging the significance of welcoming prosperity into your life is made public.

For instance, if you’re celebrating your marriage anniversary with friends or family members you can have them make small donations or loans towards your future projects around your home in order to express their support towards your financial success. Similarly on New Year’s day, you may fill the wealth vase with auspicious symbols such as gold coins or paper money reflecting wishes for entering a flourishing new year full of joyous moments while honoring past successes.

In addition to this ritualistic approach for using a wealth vase on special occasions, one also has an option of incorporating foods with colors that represent abundance energies like oranges and gold-colored sweets. This further enhances its power by increasing the amount of positive chi surrounding it and helps direct those energies into bringing more opportunities for growth financially throughout the year.

Apart from this having snacks near or placed inside it could be another good way of engaging people around it psychologically so they subconsciously become attentive towards internalizing its intention for creating blessings in their own lives whether materially or emotionally.

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