Feng Shui Tips For Wealth And Good Luck

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice based on harmonizing one’s home, office, and life in order to improve luck, health, wealth and relationships. Follow these Feng Shui tips for wealth and good luck to help increase your prosperity, feel better about yourself and your growing success in all areas of life.

Paragraph 1: Using Your Entrance To Create Positive Chi Flow A good way to start priming the feng shui energy for success is by attending to the entrance area of your home or office. Make sure it’s in a good condition by clearing away any clutter that blocks pathways or crowds the door.

Additionally, add live plants at the entrance as this attracts wealth luck into your space. You can also enhance missing directions around the door area with symbols or images of water like artwork of oceans, sea animals, or sculptures containing water elements.

Paragraph 2: Activate Areas Of Opportunities And Success The Southeast or Southwest are both great locations for wealth corner placement according to Feng Shui principles. If you have multiple chimes hanging from trees outside your house make certain they have a pleasant sound which promotes positive vibrations around your living space.

Another essential tip is activating your career area using items such as bookshelves and shelves filled with important papers to bring structure and order to this part of the house.

Also, be sure all doors open smoothly since a blocked entryway can inhibit prosperous energies from entering into the house or workplace. To help bring more luck into this space use mirrors on the walls at angles facing directly outside – when placed diagonal towards each other they help magnify energy making it easier for success patterns come more often your way.

Paragraph 3: Lighting Objects For Balance In Good Luck Areas Adding feature lights like crystal lamps are an excellent option; they provide balance between yin and yang energy creating harmony in our living spaces which attract abundance luck our way This lighting should include LED/CFL lights in dimmable format which increases yang energies and also LED/CFL light fixtures pointing outwards toward lucky corners or four sides – creating bright spots when needed while keeping shady parts within acceptable limits too.

Finally only incorporate pieces that are meaningful so that their presence will not take away attention from other objects with positive vibes but instead correspond peacefully together.

Tools of Feng Shui

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice aimed at creating balance and harmony in one’s environment. To achieve this balance, Feng Shui practitioners suggest using various tools such as crystals, stones, wind chimes, furniture placement, and colors. These tools are believed to shift the energy of a space in a positive way that can create prosperity, bring good luck, and promote relaxation.


Crystals have been used in Feng Shui for centuries because of their powerful vibrations. Each stone has different benefits which help shift the energy of a space. Examples of some popular stones used are Jade for abundance and protection; Malachite for cleansing a space from negative energies; Turquoise for luck; Citrine for wealth; Amethyst for calming vibes; and Rose Quartz for love.

Crystals should be placed strategically around the home or office to maximize its effectivity. Generally it is suggested to place them around the entrance to stop negative energy getting in and on windowsills to let positive energy flow in naturally.

Wind Chimes

Wind chimes are also an important part of Feng Shui since it harnesses the power of wind elements which symbolizes opportunities and growth. Wind chimes should be hung outside windows or doorways that continuously get a lot of air flow so that they can capture as much positive energy as possible right when it enters indoors.

Furniture Placement

Feng Shui certainly involves looking into how furniture is placed within a room because certain placements can invoke different energies throughout different areas in your home or office. It is encouraged to experiment with the placement normally as you want the furniture to follow “the bagua map” – an 8-pointed star shape that indicates where each element (such as wealth, relationships) should lie within your living space for optimal harmony and balance between physical environment and spiritual growth.


The last tool we will look at is color – another interesting element related to Feng Shui principles which suggests that our physical surroundings should be influenced by colors reflective of each seasonally-appropriate elements: Earth (browns), Fire (reds), Metal (greys/whites), Water (blues/purples), Wood (greens).

For instance if you wanted to focus on inviting more wealth into your life then you may use shades like gold, mustard yellow or even green along with other tools mentioned above like Crystals & Wind Chimes Here are some specific suggestions:

• Earth Colors – Brown tones such as beiges are great to use when grounding yourself while ochre yellows can create warmth & depth while paving way towards creativity & action.

• Fire Colors – Reds stimulate passion & ambition so they make great accents if used sparingly in bedrooms or dining rooms. Pink tones add lighthearted kindness & compassion too.

• Metal Colors – Shiny Silver helps conjure subtle yet powerful vibrations into spaces like bedrooms while pewter hues act as energizing stimulators. White evokes purity & clarity perfect for meditating or yoga activities.

• Water Colors – Blues evoke serenity & cleansing perfect for bathrooms while purples brings forth creativity & mystery suitable if used lightly throughout living rooms or workspaces. You could also try navy hues which represent opulence & sophistication encouraging ideas of plenty.

• Wood Colors – Use Green tones when wanting stability, freshness & renewal specifically inside family area’s or near gardens but try olive colors too which bring wealth luck into picture especially near entry-points.

Colors and Elements

Feng shui is an ancient practice of harmonizing Chi (universal energy) within a space to create a positive environment. Colors and elements play an important role in feng shui, and by using them strategically, you can invite wealth and good luck into your home.

Five Elements

The five elements used in feng shui are fire, water, metal, wood and earth. Each element represents a different type of energy and is associated with a particular color. Fire energies activate passion and inspiration; black or red are often used for fire elements. Water energies are connected to family life and unity; navy blue or blue-green are popular colors connected to water.

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Metal energies represent clarity and focus; white or gold are often used for the metal element. Wood energies bring growth and development; green or brown can be used here. Lastly, earth energies bring stability; shades of yellow golden brown will help balance this element’s energy.

Using Color Theory For Wealth And Good Luck

Feng shui experts recommend activating certain areas of the home according to their bagua area (or life area). The Southeast bagua area is typically associated with wealth so it is recommended that you use bright colors like reds, oranges and yellows in this area as they will help enhance the financial chi of your homemade office or workspace.

Additionally, introducing metal elements such as sculptures already made or DIY projects such as wind chimes will also activate positive chi regarding money flow into your home or business environment.

Colors To Avoid When Integrating Fengshui

Color theory isn’t just about selecting which colors to incorporate for positive vibes but also avoiding those with negative connotations in feng shui as well – black is one of them. Although black might look elegant in some settings, dark colors like black, indigo, purple, gray, and brown might block prosperity from coming through into your environment, so experts suggest avoiding these shades if possible.

Additionally, bright hues like orange, pink, lavender even light blues might be overwhelming when placed related to finances or partnerships.


Using mirrors in the Feng Shui of your house is an often-overlooked way to attract wealth and good luck. Placing mirrors in the right places around your home or business, can have a powerful effect on the level of financial abundance you receive.

When using mirrors for Feng Shui it is important to select them carefully. Choose round or octagonal shapes that are made from materials such as crystal, glass, metal, or wood; avoid square shaped ones and stay away from decorative frames that can detract from the energy of wealth.

Below is a list of things to consider when selecting mirrors for Feng Shui purposes:

  • Mirrors can help bring balance and good energy into a space
  • Never place two large mirrors facing each other
  • Place concave or convex mirror near the entrance of the house
  • Do not place them in dark areas like bathrooms, closets and storage rooms
  • Mirrors should not reflect rugs, furniture, bathrooms and other objects that go against the principles of wealth

When placing the mirrors to add to your Feng Shui design, ensure that they are facing towards windows or open spaces so they reflect plenty of natural light. Hang it at eye level or slightly above so it won’t be overlooked by visitors entering your home. Additionally, elevate it if possible with brackets and screws rather than tacks or nails which represent stagnation or lack.

Mirrors should also never be placed above beds as this can cause stress and problems with relationships especially between husband-wife partners. Each time you walk past a mirror set up for wealth attraction give yourself some positive affirmations such as “I’m attracting more money” “My finances are growing” etc., these will further reinforce its effects in helping you reach financial freedom.

Symbols And Icons

Feng Shui is a traditional Chinese practice of utilizing chi, or energy, to foster harmony and prosperity in the home. There are many symbols and icons associated with wealth and good luck in Feng Shui. By understanding the meaning behind these symbols and incorporating them into your space, you can manifest wealth and good luck into your life.

Symbols And Icons For Wealth And Good Luck

  • The dragon is a symbol for power, wealth, courage and good luck.
  • The leaping carp is a symbol of abundance and success in business.
  • Tortoises bring longevity, stability, protection against evil spirits and bad luck while cranes signify prestige.
  • A Red Ribbon around an ingot is often used to signify wishes of increasing wealth.
  • Mandarin ducks are known to attract luck in relationships.

Using Symbols To Manifest Wealth And Good Luck

When using Feng Shui to manifest wealth and good luck, it’s important to identify which direction to face the symbols according to prevalent energy flows within your space. Different areas such as East or Southeast will activate different goals or intentions by allowing the chi energies associated with that area to flow through easily.

Additionally, be sure to incorporate supportive colors nearby depending on the symbols being used for added effect. For example greens can be placed near dragon symbols as this associates with growth in wealth and career opportunities.

Placement Of Symbols In The Home

The placement of the items within the house should also be considered when it comes to environment design for optimal reputation of chi energies. Place items in auspicious directions such as facing inward towards then home’s entrance for increased fortune luck or place them near open areas like living room windows so that good chi energy enters from outside.

Additionally it is advised not place any water features near entrance ways as these will bring unproductive opportunities that reduce flow of positive chi energy.

Plants and Water

1. Use Money Trees – The Money Tree is a symbol of wealth and prosperity and it is believed that placing this type of tree in your home will attract financial abundance to whoever lives there.

2. Color coordination – Using colors like green, gold, and brown are said to be the best for Feng Shui when it comes to money. These shades represent abundance and wealth in Oriental culture and should be used with furniture, decor, and accents throughout your home.

3. Crystals – Place a large crystal or gemstone in the center of your house as this encourages wealth energies to stray into your home. Some of the most suitable stones for this purpose include quartz crystals, opals, obsidian or jade.

  • Aquariums – Placing an aquarium full of schools of fish at your front door creates energy movement in the entrance which is necessary for attracting positive chi into your home.
  • Place decorations – Position certain objects near elements related to money such as coins, money trees or even a mirror that gives you access to open space at the back, especially if it faces outdoors.
  • Greenery – Planting fast-growing trees such as Pachira Money Trees in strategic locations around your home can help bring good luck and financial opportunity.

It is also important that you reduce clutter in your home so energy can move more freely throughout each room creating a pathway for incoming wealth and abundance into your life. Clear out any items that have not been used for some time from closets and shelves to create more open space in the area as stagnant energy can build up here preventing new opportunities from entering.

Water Feng Shui For Wealth Lillian Too

Furthermore limit electronic devices like TVs or computers from bedrooms as these are believed to absorb positive chi energy reducing its availability within the room.

Feng Shui Your Bedroom

The bedroom is the most important room in your home when it comes to feng shui. It is where you rest, relax and renew yourself so that you can be ready for life’s adventures and opportunities. To get the most out of your restful moments, arrange your furniture in a way that fosters good energy or chi flow throughout the space.

A bed should be placed away from the door and in an area within arms reach of two walls and plenty of light. Keep the pathway clear around the bed, preferably without any furniture blocking it. With this auspicious layout, you can feel at ease as you sleep and face life’s tasks more confidently.

Optimal Color Palette: Use Colors That Invoke Abundance

Choosing certain colors will also help attract wealth and security; use warmer earth tones instead of cold blues or greys to foster good luck in business matters. Green is a wonderful choice as it attracts abundance while pink indicates a successful collaboration with others; these may be particularly beneficial if you own a small business or work in creative fields.

In regards to decorating, choosing artwork that speaks positively about money management is always beneficial; paintings of wealthy figures such as lotuses, birds, fish or dragons may bring positive energies into the space as well.

Bring Nature Inside: Plants As Feng Shui Decorations

Plants are great sources of positive energy when used properly for decoration purposes; select plants with lush leaves such as ferns, palms or peace lilies which will add decorative value while encouraging wealth into your home through chi flow. Also place larger plants near windows so natural light can keep them energized during waking hours and activate their energy even further at night with moonlight exposure (just make sure they get enough hydration if placed outside).

Copper pots and bamboo blinds could also balance out heavier dark furniture which may be present in your space – creating a friendly atmosphere overall would encourage all kinds of guests including possible financial prosperity.


  • Place a Buddha statue or amulets of good fortune in the southeast corner of your living space.
  • Hang a gemstone wind chime near the entrance or main window to bring in positive energy.
  • Hang a mirror facing an outside door, so any negative chi is sent away before it reaches you.
  • Place crystal balls around your home to activate wealth sectors of your house.
  • Keep contact numbers of people who can help you like mentors, financial advisors etc. near the wealth section of your home.

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese system that promotes balance and harmony using magical objects and art to attract wealth, health, abundance, and good luck into people’s lives. It involves creating a conducive atmosphere by rearranging furniture and other objects in order to maximize the flow of positive energy throughout the home.

One way to practice Feng Shui is by placing feng shui remedies, such as Buddha statues or amulets, around the house to bring abundance and luck. Wind chimes are also typically used to draw in positive energy as well.

Using mirrors strategically placed in one’s surroundings can provide protection from negative Chi energies. Placing crystal balls on certain areas will activate specific wealth sections within the house or office setting, adding even more potential for garnering fortunate events. Additionally, having contact numbers nearby such as financial advisors and mentors can provide additional support when needed for business strategies and wise money investments decisions.

Combining all these powerful remedies together creates an atmosphere that encourages blessing upon oneself as well as attracting others who are auspiciously linked with success stories themselves. By placing coins inside red envelopes near front doors allows family members have guidance while they are out and about engaging with various activities throughout their days/nights.

Another unique concept would be painting walls with strong colors like blue or green which pertain to themes relating to earth energies bringing comfort while adding visual appeal too.


Using feng shui tips to bring wealth and good luck into your life can be an effective way to unlock hidden prosperity and open yourself up to new opportunities. Incorporating simple changes, such as the placement of furniture and the use of colors, can help redirect chi energy in your home or office and increase positive energy flow.

Additionally, using certain items or symbols in key locations around the home or workplace can draw in luck and good fortune. All these strategies combined can have a powerful effect on both your overall wealth and lucky opportunities.

An example of a powerful strategy used for promoting wealth is Feng Shui’s baguamar symbol. According to traditional teaching, placing a red bagua map at your front door contributes towards achieving a high level of success throughout all aspects of life, not just finances.

Red bagua maps are available from many sources both online and brick-and-mortar stores that specialize in Feng Shui products. Additionally, one should include symbols of money such as silver coins or currency inside the map for optimal results.

In addition to using luck symbols, it is important to follow the principles of Feng Shui when organizing one’s home or office environment including when it comes to furniture placement and color choice. The purpose is to maintain clear pathways so that chi (positive energy) flows freely throughout the space while also avoiding any negative energies from intruding within your living space.

For example hanging artwork portraying various forms of abundance such as fruit-filled baskets on walls can act like magnets attracting more material wealth into one’s life while using vibrant colors such as gold yellow can enhance the intensity of this goal.

Ultimately, combining these basic elements along with other more personalized approaches which consider your individual desires and lifestyle needs are all essential key points which ensure an individual achieves their desired outcomes aided by employing age-old practices known as Feng Shui.

From this knowledge, we encourage everyone to make adjustments accordingly however small they may seem inside their own homes as doing so leads down a prosperous path filled with greater levels of wellbeing, luck and financial security free from struggle for anyone brave enough to give it a go here today.

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