Dining Room North West Feng Shui


North West Feng Shui is a form of decorating and design which uses the principles of Chinese geomancy to create a balanced, harmonious home environment. The main focus of North West Feng Shui is to bring in positive energy (chi) into the room through mindful arrangement of furniture, artwork, and other elements to create harmony and balance between the occupant(s) and their environment. North West Feng Shui emphasizes creating a serene atmosphere where people can feel at ease while they relax, share meals, entertain, or simply exist.

Additionally, this type of Feng Shui suggests that different directions lead to various kinds of luck. With the dining room’s direction facing northwest, its occupants will be able to welcome in prosperity along with new opportunities for success. When it comes to decorations and furnishings for any dining room that follows Northwest Feng Shui, there are certain things you should keep in mind such as including art related to one’s career ambitions and successes; using metal accents such as silverware or framed mirrors; installing recessed lighting or blue-hued lamps; utilizing shades like beige or pastels. Through these elements, you’re able to create an energy flow which brings good luck for financial success for those who partake in mealtimes within the space annually..

The Principles

North West Feng Shui is a Chinese practice based on the idea that our environment influences the flow of energy. This energy, or “chi”, is believed to bring positive power into your life and affects everything from finances to health. Enhancing this energy in your dining room can be done by following the principles of North West Feng Shui.

1) Use colors that reflect the element associated with the area’s directional energies: The dining room falls into the dui section of North West Feng Shui compass which represents earth elements such as brown, yellow and earthy tones. By incorporating these colors it is believed that you will see an increase in fortune and wealth.

2) Be mindful of placement and layout: In North West Feng Shui, it’s important to create space for chi circulation as well as create distinction between different areas of activity. For example, placing a small table between the dining area and other high traffic parts of the house prevents negative energy from coming into this area while still allowing good energy to circulate within it.

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3) Add representation of water elements: An aquarium or small fountain in this space brings ‘yang’, or positive energy for growth, success and nourishment.

4) Incorporate meaningful representations from your family: Personal artifacts like pictures or art pieces in warm colors can help signify peace and joyfulness which benefits those seated at the dinner table.

Color and Design

The colors and materials used in the dining room should all be reflective of the energy of the North West Feng Shui energy sector. This energy is associated with metal, wardrobes and study areas, so it is important to use metal”such as pewter, brass or silver”in this area. Stone may be used to represent metal as well, such as marble or granite. Earthy colors like tans, creams and browns should be used for wall treatment to also reflect this North West energy. Serene colors should be associated with dining furniture: Blues in lighter shades that almost transform into whites and navy can give an ethereal feel to the room. It must be noted that black should not be used since it absorbs negative energies; it should also never make up a majority of the color palette within the dining room.

Furniture Placement

When placing furniture in a North West Feng Shui-inspired dining room, there are several rules to follow. First, it is important to choose furniture and other pieces that are round or oval, as these shapes stimulate harmonious energy flow and benefit overall wellbeing. Additionally, aim to place the primary seating area facing the North West direction as it will promote communication between family members. It may also be beneficial to hang a painting of blue landscapes and landscape above the table as this symbolizes wealth and abundance. Having greenery in the space is optimal for calming energy, so consider adding a potted plant near the door or beside window panes for vitality. To create positive energy further, you may position crystals around the room. Finally, don’t forget about lighting”placing warm yellow lighting around the space will provide a cozy and inviting environment!


Paintings: Hang artwork on the wall with cool colors such as blues, greens and violets to evoke feelings of calmness. Place a painting of a mountain landscape or flowing river in north west corner for balancing energy.

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Wind Chime: Hanging a wind chimes can help create positive energy flow in the space and act as an energizer for the occupants.

Mirror: A mirror hung in this area can double and magnify any good fortune that may arrive. Be sure to hang it near doors, windows and any possible entrances to avoid bad luck from entering.

Plants/flowers: Place plants such as Dracaena plants or bonsai trees in north west part of the room to attract luck and prosperity into your home. Fresh flowers are also known to attract powerful energy, providing balance and harmony throughout the room as well.

Crystals/stones: Feng shui practitioners often use crystals or special stones in their practice to ensure harmony and balance throughout any space. Consider placing crystals like amethyst, emerald or other healing crystals around the north west corner if feeling unbalanced or anxious.


The placement and design of a dining room can have a significant effect on its energy flow. Incorporating North West Feng Shui into a dining room offers numerous benefits, such as improved mental clarity, increased focus and motivation, enhanced communication between family members and visitors, and better energy balance overall.

Key takeaways include the importance of maintaining a consistent flow of chi; the necessity of bringing harmony to all elements of the design; and making sure that there are no overpowering colors or shapes so as not to disturb the flow of breathing in the space. Additionally, incorporating water features or artwork can help invigorate stagnant areas. Ultimately you want your dining room to be inviting and comfortable for both home-dwellers and guests alike”and North West Feng Shui principles can help you achieve that goal.

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