Computer Position Feng Shui

What is Computer Position Feng Shui?

Computer Position Feng Shui is a particular type of feng shui, or Chinese geomancy, that involves arranging and positioning computer equipment in a workspace to maximize energy, productivity and flow. It’s based on the principle of balancing yin, or passive female energy, and yang, or active male energy. The goal is to create a harmonious space that encourages productivity and creativity while providing great chi — the life force.

How Does It Relate To Traditional Feng Shui?

Computer Position Feng Shui follows the same principals as traditional feng shui. It is based on the same ancient Chinese system of geomancy and follows the same visual placement principles and guidelines. However, it also takes into account the modern reality of life, integrating technology into the feng shui discipline.

Basic Principles of Computer Position Feng Shui

Computer Position Feng Shui is based on five basic principles:

  • The placement of the computer should match the user’s primary energy needs.
  • Avoid placing the computer directly in front of the user.
  • Choose a workspace with a view of nature.
  • Enhance the flow of chi through the use of auspicious symbols.
  • Replace technology with nature-inspired objects when possible.

By following these guidelines, you can create a space that will increase both your productivity and creativity while keeping harmony in your home or office.

Symbols and Colors

Feng shui utilizes a variety of symbols, colors and shapes to encourage the flow of positive energy. For example, certain colors may be used to stimulate creativity and productivity, and certain shapes and symbols can have a calming effect.

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In Computer Position Feng Shui, specific colors and shapes can be used to help create balance in the workspace and focus on productivity. Popular colors include green and blue, which both have calming effects, as well as more vibrant colors like orange and red, which can be used to stimulate creativity. Popular symbols include animals, plants and geometric shapes.


Computer Position Feng Shui is an important tool for those looking to create a productive, creative and balanced work environment. By following the principles and guidelines of the practice, one can achieve a workspace that is free from clutter and increases one’s energy and productivity. Additionally, the use of symbols, colors and shapes can further enhance the energy and flow of the space. With just a few simple steps, one can create a space that is both beautiful and balanced.

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