Closet Feng Shui


Closet Feng Shui is a practice of arranging one’s closet to promote balance, harmony, and well-being. By applying this ancient art to organizing the items in your closet, you can facilitate better energy flow, enable easier decision-making habits around what to wear or keep and create an overall sense of peace and tranquillity while being able to access the clothing needed quickly and easily. Closet Feng Shui helps free up mental energy that would otherwise be spent on constantly figuring out what items belong at which season or if something coordinates with other pieces. With closet feng shui, it is possible for individuals to come up with simple yet effective strategies for streamlining their wardrobe that help them feel beautiful and empowered without overstuffing drawers or overflowing closets. Additionally, some believe that setting up the space around them in this way helps one invite more positive energy into their lives and start new ideas from a more organized space.

Focusing on Closet Clutter

When dealing with closet feng shui, you should take a hard look at what items in your closet are actually being used and useful. These are the things that you should keep and find space for in your closet–clothes that fit properly and are in good condition, shoes or winter gear needed for weather, etc. Anything that has not been used for some time can be considered something to get rid of, because it could be taking up valuable space in your closet. Here’s a guide on what items you should sort through:

-Old clothing: This includes any clothes such as jeans and tops that are no longer “in style”, do not fit well or are generally worn out.

-Clothing that doesn’t fit: Any clothing item including jackets, trousers or dresses which have become too small or too big due to weight loss/gain can be donated/sold if they still remain in relatively good condition.

-Odd items: These could include any pieces of clothing which serve no purpose in your wardrobe such as random scarves gifted to you, mittens without its matching partner, swatches of fabric bought impulsively etc.

– Broken accessories: Broken earrings, necklaces or spectacles with missing lenses can also be regarded as unnecessary clutter for closets which can safely go into your bin!

Understanding Basic Principles Behind Closet Feng Shui

Closet Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art form believed to promote harmony, balance and well being. By embracing the core concepts of Feng Shui, one can create a balanced closet by implementing certain design principles. Firstly, it is important to clear out any clutter from your closet as excess clutter can cause feelings of stress and disorganization. Secondly, use appropriate colors when decorating the walls and shelving for a more calming atmosphere. Consider cool colors such as pastel blues and greens. Next, focus on keeping clothing items neatly stored in order of type, color or size for easy access. Finally, introduce natural elements to help keep negative energy at bay; this includes adding plants or incense into the closet space. With these principles in mind, you will be able to create a closet that invites peace and harmony.

Adding Positive Energy & Visual Enhancement with Accessories

Closet Feng Shui can help to transform an often overlooked area, like a closet, into a more organized and calming space. The ancient Chinese philosophy of “Feng Shui” refers to the idea of creating balance through the placement of belongings within a home. While many people think about furniture placement when it comes to Feng Shui, it is also applicable in places such as a closet, where items are easily moved around for improved visual enhancement and better atmosphere.

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When put into practice in closets, one of the biggest objectives of Feng Shui is that all items should have their own individual space, creating cleanliness and order. This will allow for easy access to clothes and other items without rummaging through piles or racks full of clutter – which can often lead to frustration or disorganization over time. Additionally, accessorizing shelves with calming elements such as small plants or scented candles will help bring positive energy into the space and create inviting vibes. Ranging from hanging luxe fabric dividers to adding stylish pegs along racks – displaying accessories in beautiful ways can make organization even easier while additionally giving the closet an upgraded feel. Putting aside some time to focus on reorganizing storage boxes or color coordinating clothing will help open up space and make fast selection possible during busy mornings.

Remember not to overlook your closet – keeping it neat and tidy with well thought out accessory selections can do wonders for both functionality and mood!

Determining How Much Space & Balance You Want in Your Closet

When creating ‘Feng Shui’ in your closet it is important to understand how much space and balance you want. Feng Shui is a practice that uses the energy of the environment to create harmony. The idea behind this is that having a well organized and balanced closet allows for better flow of energy and therefore brings more peace, clarity, and balance into your life. It is important to keep in mind when organizing your closet that you want an appropriate amount of space between items; this prevents clutter from becoming overwhelming. When possible, leave yourself extra room because no one wants to be constantly squeezed in their closet! Furthermore, it is beneficial to give each section – such as clothing, shoes, bags, accessories – its own space so everything stays well organized. This will further promote a sense of balance within your closet and make for a more pleasant experience when opening the door each morning. Finally, using hangers and dividers can help keep items sorted into sections which makes it easier to find what you’re looking for without having to dig through an entire pile of clothes. Having everything neatly tailored can be a great source of comfort for many people when getting dressed for the day. To summarize, the key elements to achieving Feng Shui in your closet are focusing on creating enough open space with good visual organization.

Tips for Rearranging Closet Space to Attain Optimal Feng Shui

Rearranging a closet for optimal Feng Shui isn’t complicated. The goal is to create balanced space in order to foster peace and tranquility within the home. Here are some tips to help you attain closet Feng Shui:

1. Remove Clutter: Decluttering is key when it comes to attaining closet Feng Shui. Start by clearing out any items that you no longer need or don’t use often. This could include anything from clothes, shoes, and accessories to kitchen gadgets or exercise equipment. Get rid of anything that is no longer serving its purpose or increasing your quality of life.

2. Organize the Space: After decluttering, it’s time to organize the space and make sure everything has a home. Assign specific areas for clothes, bags, shoes, and accessories, and invest in storage solutions like shelves, drawers, hangers, and boxes to keep everything neat and tidy.

3. Use Bright Colors: To promote good energy flow in your closet space and encourage mental clarity as well as creativity, choose vibrant colors for walls and shelving organizers where possible. Colorful accents will also help enliven the atmosphere in the room and make getting dressed a happy experience each morning!

4. Include Mirrors: If you want to create an energizing atmosphere in your closet it’s important to include mirrors strategically along with brightly colored panels or front doors with glass accents on them. Mirrors not only provide a visual illusion of more spaciousness but can also bounce light across the room which can enhance positive energy flow throughout the area even further!

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Easy Ideas for Keeping Your Closet Organised & Balanced

Closet Feng Shui is important because it creates an environment that is peaceful and calming in your closet. By reorganizing your closet and creating an orderly space, you can ensure that all of your items are easy to access, declutter your living space, promote balance, and create a positive energy flow throughout the space. You can start implementing closet Feng Shui by sorting through items to divide them into categories like seasonal clothing, formal wear, everyday wardrobe, outerwear, accessories and linen. Once you’ve determined which section each item belongs in then you can organize them according to colour or type of fabric. If possible try to use clear storage boxes or labelled containers to house small items like jewelry and scarves. Removing clutter such as discarded hangers, old shoes etc. will also help create a sense of balance in the room and keep the focus on the essential elements that are necessary for daily life. To finish up your Closet Feng Shui experience add a few decorative touches; if it’s a shared closet hang some art work or mood setting lights so the space will look inviting and inspiring. You can also organize your accessories on hanging wall pockets or install built-in shelves to maximize storage solutions plus adding a full length mirror adds depth/space to small areas giving the illusion of more space than there actually is inside of the closet!

Resources for Further Insight & Ideas for Closet Feng Shui

One key resource for learning more about closet Feng Shui is the book “The Complete Book of Feng Shui” by Lillian Too. This in-depth volume provides a detailed look at the ancient art and science of achieving positive energy in all aspects of your life through proper placement and arrangement of items. Additionally, this book also offers practical advice on how to design and arrange an item’s presence within a space.

To gain a further appreciation for the practice, individuals may consider attending workshops or seminars offered by professional Feng Shui practitioners. Live lectures offer valuable insight into the principles of Feng Shui, as well as tips on how to use it to create optimal living spaces.

In terms of brainstorming ideas for making simple adjustments to enhance a closet’s energy vibe, searching online can be incredibly helpful. The internet offers countless articles, videos, and images with step-by-step instructions for enhancing closets with items such as plants, aromatherapy candles, mirrors or crystals that promote calmness and harmony. Consulting with a local interior designer with experience in applying Feng Shui principles is also beneficial when it comes to revitalizing spaces.


Closet feng shui is an excellent way to both organize and create positive energy in the home. By having a clear and orderly closet with hanging items, stacked items, as well as drawers or bins for additional storage, you are helping to maintain positive energy flow in the space. Additionally, splashing pops of color throughout the closet–be it on clothing, hangers, or art pieces–can provide a vibrant feel that can help raise your vibration and make you feel good. Lastly, decluttering your closet regularly is an important step to maintain a good feng shui balance and remind yourself of your purpose when organizing your belongings. With these simple tips, you can have a beautiful Feng Shui closet that not only looks great but also creates positive energy in the space.

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