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Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that originated thousands of years ago. Its aim is to create a harmonious balance of energy between the environment and its inhabitants. Talisman Feng Shui is based on the same principles as traditional Feng Shui, but instead of focusing on how space and elements are arranged in the environment, Talisman Feng Shui focuses on incorporating talismans and symbols into the home or office to aid in providing protection, health, good fortune and success. These talismans can be anything from coins, statuary, plants, emblems or even lucky colors to invite success and ward off any potential negative influences. The use of these talismans can bring harmony, clarity, happiness and prosperity into the life of those living with it.


Talisman Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that has been adapted and modernized to become one of the most popular forms of traditional Feng Shui today. The core components of Talisman Feng Shui, like standard Feng Shui, involve manipulation of energy flow within and around a space, either in order to promote positive energy (for aesthetics or well being) or to redirect negative energy away from a structure and its inhabitants. However, while regular Feng Shui is mostly focused on adjusting the movement of Chi (or Qi) through rearranging furniture and clearing clogs in a home/space, Talisman Feng Shui brings spiritual powers into play for protection and blessing.

The concept of using symbols for protection has been part of Chinese culture for centuries; runes, talismans and symbols used to bring good luck have been used in the Taoist tradition since the Han dynasty (206 BC – 220 AD). These mantras, inscriptions and protective charms were thought to have magical properties that could ward off negative energy from entering a space. Today’s Talisman Feng Shui focuses on harnessing these powerful symbols as well as using other traditional methods such as rearranging items in the home/office to maximize positive energy flow.

In recent years, Talisman Feng Shui has grown in popularity due to its ability to both combine traditional approaches with more modern methods perfectly suited for today’s trends. Many people are attracted by the spiritual aspect it offers compared with traditional Feng Shui which isn’t seen as “spiritual” enough by some practitioners.


Basic Tenets

The practice of Talisman Feng Shui is based on the ancient Chinese science of harmonizing with the environment. It is believed that every living thing has its own natural energy, or qi, which can be used to create and maintain harmony. This allows people to focus their energies in the best directions and attract positive outcomes for health, prosperity, and relationships.

At its core, Talisman Feng Shui encompasses nine key components: placement of objects such as crystals, plants and artwork; building orientation; energy healing; developing a personal mandala; ritual invocation; space clearing; attuning to daily rhythms; wearing protective jewelry or talismans and blessing of sacred places.

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Placement of objects–such as crystals, aquariums, statues, incense burners and other items–helps to channel positive energy according to traditional wisdom. Building orientation factors in environmental elements such as door and window placement relative to sun direction, wind direction and mountains nearby. Energy healing involves breathing exercises to cultivate energy balance within an individual’s body-mind-spirit system. Developing a personal mandala helps guide feng shui practitioners by providing them with powerful symbols for guidance during rituals or periods of introspection. Ritual invocation helps invoke spiritual connections with specific deities or powers from ancient traditions from around the world. Space clearing helps release negative energy from homes and other environments using smudging ceremonies with herbs such as sage or palo santo. Attuning to daily rhythms involves daily practices that connect people more deeply with their inner cycles and environment while wearing protective talismans like amulets or protective symbols can help offer increased protection against cosmic forces like evil spirits according to some practitioners’ belief systems. Finally, blessing of sacred places allows practitioners to place special significance on a certain location through offerings and chants for the purpose of connecting spiritually with a divine presence


Talisman Feng Shui is a Chinese practice which focuses on creating harmonious environments and achieving desired outcomes through the positioning and display of physical objects. It can be used in day-to-day decision-making by arranging and positioning certain items that embody positive energy to create an environment conducive to making sound decisions. Additionally, Talisman Feng Shui can be applied to guidance for career or education choices, as well as decoration for personal spaces, such as offices or homes. Finally, it can be used to provide protection from negative energy or entities by utilizing certain talismans and symbols. These measures bring peace of mind and limit distractions from external influences in order to make reasonable decisions.


The immediate benefit of Talisman Feng Shui is that it offers ways of improving the flow of natural energy (chi) within your personal living and work spaces. Feng shui practitioners claim this can bring about feelings of balance and serenity, which can ultimately help to create a more peaceful home/work environment.

In the long term, adopting Talisman Feng Shui with help you stay on the path to success. It’s believed that good energy flows bring goals within reach, sharpens focus and concentration, inspires confidence and helps in avoiding distractions. Practitioners of Talisman Feng Shui also believe that when their personal living or working space is “energized”, this creates a space for positive change to occur in their lives. This includes fostering better decision making, allowing prosperous projects and relationships to form as well as improving physical health.

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Talisman Feng Shui is the practice of using symbols, charms and elements to create balance and harmony in one’s home or workplace. It is considered to be an important component in Chinese culture, often used for a variety of purposes such as good luck, health and prosperity. For beginners, it can be a challenge to learn about all the different symbols and components that are involved in this form of Feng Shui. Understanding their meanings and symbolism will also aid one in creating successful results. Additionally, finding the right materials for certain aspects may be problematic due to cost constraints or lack of availability. Color selection should also be carefully thought out so that the desired result is achieved. Being mindful of which specific items are particularly auspicious for each person’s individual circumstances is key in achieving success when practicing Talisman Feng Shui.


Talisman Feng Shui is a powerful tool that can be used to make decisions in life. Its techniques are based on the principles of Chinese astrology and Taoist philosophy and can be used to assess the energy flow, harmony, balance, and luck in any environment. It is believed that by understanding these principles and following the appropriate guidance, a person can make more accurate decisions leading to better outcomes. There are many benefits associated with Talisman Feng Shui such as helping people create an atmosphere of peace (Qi), better luck and improved relationships. Additionally, it encourages harmonious living within one’s self and with others.

When considering making life decisions, Talisman Feng Shui should be taken into consideration for its many advantages. With its holistic approach to understanding the environment, it provides insight into how different forces and energies may affect our decisions and outcomes. By making better use of Qi through methods such as cleansing rituals, chanting mantras and using talismans/amulets, we become more aware of our energy fields and how they influence us both mentally and physically. Therefore, utilizing this ancient practice can lead to greater prosperity whether that means succeeding in relationships or business related endeavors. Taking into account the power of Talisman Feng Shui, it is no surprise why people have been using it for so long; when applied correctly it is capable of unlocking hidden potentials within ourselves as well as manifesting desired change in any given situation.

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