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Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art and practice of understanding how a location’s energy affects personal life, health, finances, relationships, and more. It has been used in Chinese culture since ancient times to design buildings, create a better living environment for people, and improve their spiritual wellness. This traditional system of harmonizing with the surrounding environment is believed to allow those who employ it to attract positive energies – allowing them to be energized physically and mentally. Feng shui is based on the belief that our external environment influences our internal conditions and has played an integral part in Chinese life for millennia. Traditionally it has been used when constructing homes due to its association with gaining luck and good fortune into the house itself. In addition to this feng shui is also used in commercial areas such as businesses as it encourages patrons; this makes it beneficial for opening restaurants or businesses that rely upon clients coming in – such as shop fronts. This annual habituation of Feng Shui follows the 12-year cycle of animals associated with the influence of yearly events through different directions, symbolism and meanings. This can help shape people’s lives positively or negatively depending on how they apply such advice from understanding the different elements associated with each animal year – The Dog being 2016’s zodiac animal.

Overview of the 2016 Dog Year

The 2016 year of the Dog corresponds to the Earth element and therefore is predicted to be a year of stability and growth. In terms of feng shui, this is not only an auspicious time for building relationships but also for building lasting wealth and abundance.

The elemental energy this year is supportive and harmonious, providing us with helpful opportunity for peace, communication, emotional balance and a sense of belonging. It will be conducive for contentment in our families as well as clarity in making decisions that ensure we live balanced lives.

The Wood element associated with the Dog brings greater promise in the areas of career development, creative projects and personal changes. Those born in the previous years may find more progression related to developing talents or stretching oneself beyond conventional boundaries this coming year.

It is important to also note that during this time, certain afflictions will be enhanced such as sickness star number 8 (San Sha) and reputation/recognition problem star number 3 (Three Killings). Therefore it would be wise to take precautionary measures both at home or office through feng shui cures such as placing talismans particularly near South West sectors when dealing with San Sha or around the desk when dealing with Three Killings.

How to Apply Feng Shui Wisdom to the 2016 Dog Year

Applying Feng Shui wisdom to the 2016 Dog year makes use of the five elements, which exist in a natural cycle. To maximize positive energies, paying attention to these elements is key.

The Dog year is an Earth element year, which can be represented by items that bring good luck like coins and citrine. Letting go of the past will help make way for the future. Believing in your convictions and having courage to press on is important. Items such as jade and dragon decorations can be used to boost inner strength and courage.

To create harmony at home and in relationships, displaying statuettes of double frogs will bring humour into your family dynamics. For those searching for love, using warm colored LED lights or candles helps to attract romantic energy inside bedrooms. Placing bright pink peonies or chrysanthemums throughout the house brings joy and renewal; while white stones symbolize new beginnings.

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Finally, have fun with Feng Shui by picking lucky numbers related to your life path (birthdate) and activating them if they appear in calendars this coming year to add some subtle luck your way!

Potential Challenges of the 2016 Dog Year

The Dog year in Chinese astrological tradition is a time of change, when things don’t always go smoothly. The 2016 Dog Year brought with it certain specific challenges that people born during this period had to face as part of their destiny.

One of the main challenges was increased emotional sensitivity, as well as being more susceptible to being influenced by other people’s opinions and beliefs. This made it harder for individuals to stay focused on what they wanted and needed, rather than receiving outside advice. The year also brought increased financial uncertainty; it was a time where careful resource management was necessary in order to make sure goals or desires could be realized.

Another potential challenge was managing relationships, since Dog years can be periods of heightened tensions between individuals. Conflict resolution skills and patience were often required as people born during the year struggled with understanding others’ points of view and then finding appropriate solutions that worked for everyone involved in an issue or dispute.

Finally, the 2016 Dog Year also posed a challenge related to physical wellbeing; staying healthy during this period was more difficult due to external elements such as weather, nutrition difficulties and so on, meaning that taking care of the body became more important than ever before.

Practices for Avoiding Negative Energies

1. Hang a Fu Lu Shou (三個福慸壽) calligraphy poster or feng shui charm above your front door – The Fu Lu Shou trinity is a spiritual blessing that offers protection, wealth and health luck. It will help balance negative energies in the home.

2. Carry a guardian amulet – Choose an amulet with symbols of protection and abundance, such as an eagle or bull, which offer protective properties and create positive energy in your life.

3. Place Feng Shui cure items in areas of your house where the negative energy is strong – Items such as wind chimes, crystals and objects of faith such as religious statues provide protection from bad luck and promote good fortune in 2016 Dog Year.

4. Wear the color red – Red keep evil away from you, so wearing a red shirt or scarf can help ward off negative influences in the year of 2016 Dog year..

5. Feed wild animals outside to attract good luck – In some Chinese traditions it’s believed that feeding wild animals is a way to absorb unfavorable luck and disperse powerful positive vibes around you for the entire year.

Creating Goals for the 2016 Dog Year

In order to create and set goals for the 2016 Dog Year, it helps to understand a few key energy principles related to the year. Those energy principles are: determination and consistency, advancement in one’s career, inner healing and fostered relationships. Since the Dog sign is seen as loyal, trustworthy and protective by nature, focusing on staying loyal to what we want to achieve coupled with being consistent will help us stay on track towards achieving our goals. It may also be beneficial to use Feng Shui in order to support career growth or advancement. Doing things such as energizing your desk with crystals or using a certain wind chime in the main entrance of your business can boost reception of your ambition and insight into achieving desired career goals. Additionally, drawing focus towards healing internal or structural matters within an organization can improve overall stability and morale. Finally, when setting goals it will be important that they act as guidance but don’t leave out anyone’s individual ideas around how those can be met because working together as a team yields greater success. Surround yourself with motivated individuals who also have their own ambitions; combining energies from many leads us closer to what we intend for ourselves and each other.

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Tips for Navigation the 2016 Dog Year

1. Remain well-grounded: The energies of 2016 will be tumultuous, and it is important to ground yourself and stay clear-headed despite the turbulence. Try to meditate daily and ask your inner self for guidance.

2. Keep your eyes open for opportunities: Despite any challenges that may arise during the 2016 Dog Year, keep your eyes open for potential new opportunities that can help you reach your goals. With resilience and vigilance you can make it through the year successfully.

3. Focus on benevolence: Practicing compassion and benevolence towards others can help bring balance in an otherwise chaotic environment. Create a sense of mutual understanding in relationships by being generous with compliments, forgiveness, and gratitude.

4. Look inward: Explore feelings and limited beliefs that are stopping you from achieving success or joy; under the influence of Dog energy it is important to learn let go of any negative emotions or mindset trapping you in one place while others progress around you.

5. Trust yourself: Allowing faith in the process that nothing happens without a reason provides hope even in difficulty times; trust yourself to handle 2014’s obstacles with skill and know when asking for help is beneficial to progress forward faster.

Final Takeaways

1. 2016 is the year of the Fire Dog, which means that this is a great time to focus on taking risks, finding comfort in strength, and tapping into your instinct.

2. Colors associated with the Fire Dog are Red and Orange, so consider wearing these colors on certain days or even adorning your home with them.

3. Keep one eye on the health aspect of your life; illnesses like joint pain and coronary artery disease may befall those born during this year.

4. It’s important to take time for yourself; spend at least half an hour every day meditating or relaxing so that you don’t run away from stress too quickly.

5. Use your social connections well; build a good network of friends, family and colleagues so that when you face difficulties in life they can help you out during difficult times

6. Keeping a harmonious environment around will prevent negative energies from entering your space and steering you away from contentment
7. Don’t forget to stay humble throughout; developing strong self-mindfulness will ensure that even if successes come your way, they remain grounded and don’t become overconfident or complacent


By utilizing Feng Shui principles in the 2016 Dog Year, people can access a newfound sense of balance and purpose in their lives. This can help to create inner harmony, improve relationships, build success and wealth, increase wellbeing, and bring luck and protection against negative energy. Feng Shui helps to align energies in such a way that positive Chi in areas related to career, health, relationships, finance and manifestations are maximized. By employing simple Feng Shui recommendations – including color choices, reflecting surfaces placement and essential oils – it is possible to open channels for more abundance and good fortune to enter one’s life situation. Applying these powerful practices will also help one effortlessly anticipate challenges so that solutions may be applied easily. Ultimately it is possible to experience greater joy from living in tune with the cycles of nature.

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