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Mirror Behind the Door Feng Shui is a Chinese practice of home design and organization that dates back to ancient times. It involves the placement of a mirror in a spot behind a door. The idea is that it will capture negative energy passing through the doorway and reflect it away from the room and its occupants, essentially blockingits entrance into the home. So essentially this practice looks at how your front door, windows and other entry points within your home interact with negative energy that could contribute to both physical and mental illnesses in the family. This is why it’s important to use some form of Mirror Behind the Door Feng Shui when organizing your home – to encourage positive qi flow or good luck in general! In addition, this technique is believed to limit noise pollution within homes, as well as halt any distractions caused by external energies entering through open doors. Finally, mirror behind the door feng shui can also bring prosperity, success, and wealth into your life by providing favorable conditions for inviting powerful forces of nature into your life.

The History of Mirror Behind the Door Feng Shui

Mirror Behind the Door Feng Shui is a practice of Chinese origin that dates back to the 3rd Century B.C., when it was first recorded by Confucius, an ancient Chinese philosopher, who wrote about the use of mirrors in interior design. The use of mirrors in homes and buildings was believed to improve energy flow, protect homes from negative vibes, and even bring good luck. In traditional Chinese homes, these mirrors were placed behind bedroom doors to reflect a clear view of any threat or danger that may enter through the door, as well as keeping out spirits and repelling negative energy.

This idea eventually grew in popularity and spread throughout Asia over time. Today, mirror behind the door Feng Shui is still practiced globally and can be used in various ways both aesthetically and spiritually. It is not only used to keep away evil forces but has become a popular way of using Feng Shui to promote health, wealth, and success by embracing positive aspects into your life. Furthermore, some people apply the practice to the workplace with mirrors hung strategically on office walls or behind work desks hoping to attract more love, customers, money or just overall better luck.

What Elements are Involved in Mirror Behind the Door Feng Shui?

Mirror Behind the Door Feng Shui is a traditional Chinese practice which focuses on the placement of mirrors in relation to major spaces in one’s home or workspace. According to this tradition, placing a mirror behind a door can help detect and prevent negative energy from entering the space, thus helping occupants to stay safe and secure. This practice involves several elements, such as where to place the mirror, what type of mirror to use and how large it should be. In addition, special techniques can be employed to improve the Feng Shui of an individual space by using geomancy or other fortune-telling methods. There are also Feng Shui symbols that can be placed along with the mirror for additional protection. These elements all work together to create an optimum balance of energies within a space so that it can be enjoyed peacefully by its residents and guests.

The Benefits of Mirror Behind the Door Feng Shui

Mirror Behind the Door Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that uses strategically placed mirrors to create harmony in the home and office. When used correctly, this type of Feng Shui can offer numerous benefits, including:

• A Boost in Positive Energy: Mirrors reflect energy and light, creating a bright and inviting atmosphere. It also provides a sense of balance and calmness in any space. By hanging mirrors behind doors, it can help to create an energizing environment which can result in improved physical and mental wellbeing for those who inhabit it.

• Improved Focus and Concentration: Everyone needs focus to stay productive in their daily lives, so having increased concentration levels when working or studying can be incredibly helpful. Placing a mirror behind a door helps disperse energy into a room evenly while stimulating mental strength; leading to more focused thinking patterns and better performance throughout the day.

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• Increased Sense of Security: Mirrors provide an extra layer of protection that may appease anxious feelings due to their reflective properties. This can result in stronger feelings of security both within our own households as well as at work.

• More Visually Appealing Spaces: Mirrors are a great way to add depth, texture, and elegance to any room. They add instant brightness without having to make drastic changes such as repainting a wall or purchasing expensive furniture items; making it an ideal solution for anyone wanting maximum impact with minimum effort!

How to Use Mirror Behind the Door Feng Shui

Mirror behind the door feng shui is a practice of using mirrors to bring good luck and prosperity into your home. It involves placing a large mirror behind the main door to your home, so it reflects the positive energy from outside entering into your home. The idea behind this is that it will attract wealth and other forms of luck as it enters in through the doorway.

You can maximize the effect of mirror behind the door feng shui by ensuring that you place it at exactly the right angle. Ideally, it should be placed so that any reflections from outside enter directly into your home, not at an oblique angle across your walls or furniture. Once you have located where to put it, ensure that there are no obstructions in front of the mirror – this could potentially reduce its effectiveness.

In order to further enhance its benefits, you might like to try adding some additional touches such as symbols which will bring you harmony, wealth and abundance instead of bad luck. Hang pictures on either side of the mirror which support its purpose – images like butterflies or coins are good options for promoting wealth. Additionally, ensuring that there is adequate lighting around the mirror will increase its power – think about installing LED lights which have been designed specifically for this purpose. Finally, think carefully when maintaining and cleaning your mirror – this should be done using natural products such as vinegar or lemon juice to enhance its effects on personal wellbeing.

Interpreting the Results of Mirror Behind the Door Feng Shui

A mirror behind the door can have a powerful influence on one’s home, depending on how it is used. For example, if the door is facing a negative sector of your home or the entrance of your house and the mirror reflects the door to outside, then it could lead to a decrease in luck. On the other hand, if the door is located in an auspicious area and the mirror reflects energy within, an increase in luck can be expected. How large and in what form should a mirrored surface be used can also affect these results as this plays into how far it will reach outwards or reflect inward.

Interpreting the results of Feng Shui with mirrors placed behind doors depends heavily upon where the door is located in comparison to other objects within your home or office space, and how much light or intense reflecting power from said mirror will affect those areas. If a door is located near a wealth corner (an area associated with gaining financial prosperity), using a relatively large mirror behind that said door may help amplify good fortune, as it could spread energy more evenly throughout that room in comparison to where no mirror would be present at all. Conversely, if this same mirror were facing away from this designated wealth corner then there would be potential for decreased energies getting reflected back thus reducing success for that particular area. Similarly, having appropriate placement for other rooms in your building would still require measurements not only along Feng Shui principles but also safety regulations as well when browsing products like mirrors due to potential hazards from improper installation.

Tips for Succeeding with Mirror Behind the Door Feng Shui

One way to use the Mirror Behind the Door Feng Shui is by placing a large mirror on the back of a door in your home, office or bedroom. The idea behind this practice is that when you open the door and look into the mirror, all negative energy associated with anyone who has been behind that door will be reflected away from you. It is thought that this helps to create positive energy in the space.

When using the Mirror Behind the Door Feng Shui technique, it’s important to pay attention to certain details in order for it to be successful. First, make sure that the mirror fits securely onto the back of the chosen door – check that there are no gaps or spaces where anything could slip through. Secondly, make sure that it’s positioned and facing correctly – generally it should be facing outwards rather than towards you and any visitors in order for negative energy to be thrown away from you instead of towards you. Finally, cleanse and bless your mirror regularly to help keep its productive energies intact. You can do this by wiping down with a sage leaf or smudging with incense smoke – just make sure not to place any charms or crystals directly on the glass as these may deplete your mirror’s power over time.

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Common Mistakes to Avoid With Mirror Behind the Door Feng Shui

One of the most common mistakes people make when it comes to mirror behind the door Feng Shui is placing them in the wrong direction. When placing a mirror behind the door Feng Shui, it is important that you pay attention to where it’s facing. Make sure the reflective surface of the mirror is pointing away from the door and does not directly reflect its image back into the room. This can cause too much energy or chi to enter, causing a stressful and chaotic environment.

Another common mistake related to mirrors behind door Feng Shui is not ensuring there is enough space between the mirror and door. When a person opens the door, their reflection should not be visible in the mirror as this could create a feeling of unease or fear. It’s best to position your mirrors out of direct view in order for them to do their job correctly when using Feng Shui principles. Additionally, if a person needs to pass another doorway in order for them to open a particular closed door, it’s important that there are no mirrors placed in those areas either as this would also increase nervousness and anxiety levels by reflecting potentially disconcerting images or glances.

Personal Experiences with Mirror Behind the Door Feng Shui

Mirror Behind the Door Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that believes positioning a mirror behind a door can bring either positive or negative energy into a room. It is believed that when applied correctly, the mirrors help to enhance and attract beneficial chi energy. Practitioners of this school of thought believe that the shape and placement of the mirror should be adjusted to reflect specific types of energy within the home.

I have personally experimented with Mirror Behind the Door Feng Shui in my own home. I have attempted to apply principles that dictate which type of door and what type of mirror should be used, where it should be positioned, and how it should be angled in order to maximize its effectiveness. I have found that positioning the right type of mirrors in strategic locations behind my doors has resulted in positive effects for me personally- such as improved financial luck and better sleep quality. In fact, I firmly believe that proper implementation of Mirror Behind the Door Feng Shui heightened my overall wellbeing.


By implementing the principles of mirror behind the door feng shui, you can create an atmosphere of peace and harmony in your home. This ancient Chinese practice is based on the idea that a strong, positive energy flow is essential to maintain balance and good fortune. Placing a strategically placed mirror behind your front door has been known to create tremendous benefits such as blocking negative chi, providing additional protection from theft, calming any volatile energy that may enter your space, improve communication between family members and even boosting chi energy throughout your entire home. With a few simple changes, you can enjoy the beneficial power of feng shui and its ancient wisdom. Whether it’s through rearranging furniture, hanging artwork or applying color theory into your decorating scheme, feng shui helps bring beautiful luck into our homes. Making sure to use mirrors as part of your design plan will only further emphasize this positive energy flow and secure a peaceful atmosphere for years to come.

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