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Coin Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that promotes the use of coins strategically placed in specific areas of your home or business to attract positive energy. In Singapore, this practice has held great importance among locals as it is believed to bring luck, wealth, and harmony while mitigating negative energies. This practice has been adopted by Singaporeans for centuries and is particularly valued during the Lunar New Year festivities. The customary coin gifting during period are often seen as a way to convey best wishes for the coming year and a reminder to practise feng shui with coins. Coins play an important role in traditional feng shui remedies as they have a long history of being used as amulets for protection from evil spirits and as an offering to deceased ancestors. Furthermore, coins are also believed to attract beneficial forces for enhancing one’s luck with money, financial investments, work prospects, business success, career advancements and more. Therefore many homes or businesses in Singapore often display rows of five-cent coins which are said to give the building its own gleaming currency symbolising wealth and abundance.

Origins of Coin Feng Shui in Singapore

Coin Feng Shui has been practiced in Singapore for centuries. It is a form of energy healing that brings balance and harmony through the arrangement of coins, which are believed to hold powerful cosmic energy or ‘Qi’. The practice dates back to the Ming Dynasty in China during the late 1400s when coin collections were passed down from one generation to the next, each set becoming more intricate and containing additional coins along with new symbols inscribed on them. However, it was not until the 1870s when waves of Chinese immigrants arrived in Singapore bearing their ancient rituals, coins and prayers with Coin Feng Shui becoming an important part of Chinese culture and heritage.

The purpose of Coin Feng Shui as practised in Singapore is thought to be twofold; firstly, it is said to bring luck into the household by emitting positive ‘Qi’ whenever placed correctly. Secondly, it will cleanse the home of negative influences by symbolically trapping any errant spirit or bad luck within the shells of coins. To this day, many believers perform a daily ritual known as ‘Turning Coins’ or ‘Xuan Yuan Sheng Zhou’ where certain combinations or arrangements of coins are used to attract luck and ward off evil spirits for good fortune and a safe home.

Techniques for Incorporating Coin Feng Shui in Your Life

One of the practices for using coins to promote good fortune is to carry them in your wallet. The Chinese believe that carrying coins will attract money and wealth into your lives. Placing a few Singapore Dollar Coins inside your purse or wallet will help keep money circulating within your life, creating an influx of positive energy.

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Another strategy is to hang strings of coins near the entrance of the house or business premises. This practice, known as a ‘Feng Shui Dragon’s Gate’ will activate the energies of abundance, encouraging prosperity and healthy finances flowed into the household. It would be beneficial to place 5 little strings with 9 coins each along with a Wu Lou (Health Gourd) near each entrance.

In addition, placing a bowl/container filled with Singaporean Dollars on top of tables or desks also signify wealth accumulation while helping amplify positive chi flow in any home or office space. It promotes productivity, success and protection from bad luck brought by negative energies from outside sources. It would be beneficial to replenish this pot with more coins monthly for added Feng Shui energy flow into your space.

It is important that worshippers honor deity’s when using Singapore Dollar Coin Feng Shui as these gestures are called upon to promote well being, bring financial success and increase luck into one’s life. An offering station including twelve kinds of fruits such as oranges, apples and peaches representing each month of the year should be placed inside its designated altar court before commencing any Feng Shui practice involving currency coins from different countries around world like Singapore Dollars.

A Look at the Unique Qualities of the Singapore Dollar Coin

The Singapore Dollar coin is rich with unique qualities, such as those found within the Feng Shui energies connected to it. This ancient form of energy balance has a way of tapping into the spiritual and physical aspects of life, directly influencing how we live and survive. A keen eye will notice that the numismatic design which is featured on each side of these coins also contains various symbols, which are believed to be infused with their own special type of Feng Shui energy. For example, the use of the lion symbolizes protection and strength while the use of plants and flowers denote fertility, beauty and good luck. Additionally, the crescent shaped moon embodies feelings of tranquility and harmony. Not only do these images lend themselves perfectly to their symbolic meanings but they also create a harmonious balance between earth’s four elements – fire, water, earth and air – thus unifying all things both seen and unseen.

Moreover, each Singapore Dollar coin carries its own specific energy imprint which helps guide its user from one moment to the next. This guidance can manifest in many forms such as providing more prosperous business decisions or better financial planning opportunities. It is said that it can bring even greater luck when used as part of a feng shui ritual such as placing it in an appropriate location around one’s home or office space. All in all, whatever spiritual influences lies within this currency symbol can prove to be quite powerful in providing balance, prosperity and peace-of-mind for anyone who uses them wisely!

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Benefits of Coin Feng Shui for Singaporean Citizens

Coin Feng Shui, an ancient practice originating from China, is becoming increasingly popular throughout Singapore. As its popularity rises, more and more citizens are finding positive outcomes in their lives by implementing this practice into their lifestyles. Through this feng shui method, coins are placed strategically at home to enhance their luck and prosperity in the areas of wealth and health.

As with any type of Feng Shui, the core goal behind Coin Feng Shui is to bring balance and harmony to the environment around us. This element can particularly help in job seeking as it can increase career luck for those seeking employment by removing roadblocks standing in their way to success. It also grants peace of mind as it promotes calmness, balance and stability among family members living within the same home. Furthermore, practicing Coin Feng Shui ensures that individuals’ businesses run smoothly while they achieve financial stability through various professional paths. Additionally, positively-charged areas within homes created by correctly placing coins allow citizens to take control of their financial security, safeguarding them against uncertain economic times. The energy produced by these coins provides comfort and tranquillity – nourishing balancing aspects such as relationships between family members or co-workers or even dealings with strangers which could be mutually beneficial over time.

Overall, using coin feng shui allows Singaporean citizens to optimize these various benefits while aiding them on the path toward a successful future of abundance and prosperity.


Singapore Dollar Coin Feng Shui provides a myriad of benefits to its practitioners. Some of the most valuable takeaways include: cultivating monetary abundance, amplifying prosperity and good fortune, using specific personal intentions when activating coins, employing color principles, practicing proper coin arrangement habits, coordination with astrological energies and more. Practicing this ancient art form helps manifest abundance beyond just financial gains, but even brings in harmonious relationships and a greater overall life satisfaction. With commitment and dedication to learning the unique practices of Singapore Dollar Coin Feng Shui, you will soon reap the rewards that come from both a practical and spiritual perspective.

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