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The Chinese dragon is a powerful and auspicious symbol that has been a part of Chinese mythology and culture for centuries. The dragon’s influence on feng shui has been considerable and has played a significant role in its practices. Feng shui is based around the idea of energy flow, otherwise known as ‘qi’, whose harmony needs to be balanced in order to achieve harmony within one’s environment. For centuries, dragon images have appeared frequently throughout Chinese villages used in various ways to help balance and optimize qi.

Dragon images are seen in paintings, statues, charms and other forms that are meant to convey an image of power and protection. Feng Shui masters use these symbols according to traditional beliefs, which state that the dragon is extremely knowledgeable and wise as well as being capable of an array of magical powers including good fortune, healthiness, longevity, good luck, success and prosperity. Additionally, dragons are believed to be able to ward off negative energies such as poverty, bad luck and evil spirits. Thus the use of dragons with regards to Feng Shui is considered important and integral for drawing upon positive energies from their symbolism whilst also driving away negative ones.

Dragon images are often found at main entrances – both inside homes/building as well as outside – where they are thought to have the power to guard dwellings from evil forces while also leading qi towards it. In addition they may be placed elsewhere inside a house or business in other directions symbolizing different aspects such as family protection if situated facing the kitchen or increased wealth if placed facing north-east. Different colours of a dragon can encourage various things; for instance red stands for courage while black implies strength — amongst others — making them popular tools when seeking certain results with Feng Shui practices.

Types of Chinese Dragon Pictures

Chinese dragon pictures, known as “long gua,” are often seen in Chinese art and represent the spirit of the Chinese people. They are powerful symbols of wisdom, strength and luck, and have been depicted since the beginning of recorded history. Feng shui is a practice that embraces the harmony between humans and their environment, using this energy to create balance and abundance. Utilizing dragon pictures for feng shui can help to stimulate positive energy flow.

Popular representations of Chinese dragons include images of benevolent deities with five claws (for emperors) or four claws (for commoners). The head might be adorned with a pearl or flames may spout from its mouth and nostrils. Alternatively, they may also represent evil powers such as weather gods who can cause floods and storms. Dragons are also depicted as animals such as cats, snakes, or birds depending on local customs and traditions.

The meaning associated with a Chinese dragon picture depends heavily upon its context; for example, a water dragon likely symbolizes power over water elements such as tsunamis or rainstorms while an aerial dragon might symbolize protection against evil spirits. Furthermore, when multiple dragons appear in artwork it creates a synergistic effect that amplifies their strength; for instance if one image depicts two dragons intertwined it typically alludes to cooperation which has the potential to increase personal power and luck significantly.

How to Use Chinese Dragon Pictures in Feng Shui

Chinese dragon pictures can be used in Feng Shui to add an element of power and order to the home. The image of a dragon is believed to bring about good luck and offers protection against danger. When placing Chinese dragon pictures around the home, it is important to keep the placement mindful and positive. Here are some tips for how to use Chinese dragon pictures in Feng Shui:

The first place that a Chinese dragon picture should be hung is facing the front door. This will help welcome positive energy from outside and promote feelings of security and protection within the home. Another great spot for a Chinese dragon image is near or above any flowering plants as this symbolizes wealth and growth. When placed strategically around the home, these images can ensure your success in both business and pleasure endeavors within the home.

The next area where these images can be hung is located right behind you when entering your living room or office space. Placing them there can help set the tone for meaningful conversations between those who reside within its walls. They also bring positivity and abundant energy while promoting clear communication which can help cultivate healthy relationships between family members or partners.

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Finally, if there are any areas of difficulty within your home, it’s wise to hang Chinese dragon pictures here as well to restore peace and balance throughout its spaces. Fears associated with certain locations such as bathrooms or bedrooms may require an extra dose of positive energy and you could opt to change up their placement depending on where these rooms are situated in relation to other parts of your house keeping in mind for example that hanging dragons in entrance ways will block negative energy from flowing into your living space.

Cultural Influences of Dragon Pictures in Feng Shui

Chinese dragon pictures have been used in Feng Shui for centuries. This ancient practice is based on the Chinese philosophy that an individual’s environment influences their health, wealth, and overall wellbeing. Dragon pictures are often used to create positive energy, and also to ward off negative energy from a space. The image of a dragon symbolizes power, strength and protection. It can be seen as a symbol of good luck and bring great fortune to its user and the space itself. In addition to its spiritual value and symbolism, Chinese dragons in Feng Shui often serve practical purposes like fending off malicious spirits or drawing good luck into a certain area within the home or business.

The results of using dragon pictures in Feng Shui can be twofold. Primarily it serves as protection against negative energies that could disrupt harmony or bring misfortune. But secondly they can also attract positive energy such energy associated with success, wealth, good health and love, thus providing greater happiness and wellbeing for their users.

Feng shui techniques may also involve placing dragon images strategically throughout the living space. A common placement is near entrances where it will ward off evil spirits; this is done to provide protection for all family members who enter the house through the main door. Another popular placement would be next to beds in order to keep one’s sleep undisturbed by bad dreams or malicious entities trying to enter people’s lives through their dreams. In general, dragon symbols should represent something benevolent because when placing them inside your house you don’t want to summon any negative influence unintentionally! It‘s important for practitioners of Feng Shui to understand all aspects of how these powerful images function in order ensure effective use of them which will bring desirable results in terms of improved quality of life within ones living or work environment!.

Combining Chinese Dragon Pictures with Other Chinese Symbols

Using Chinese dragon pictures with other Chinese symbols is a great way to foster positive energy and create balance in any home or office. Doing so will help bring harmony, good fortune, and positive energy into your space. Chinese symbols that often go into this mix are the Fu (good luck) symbol, the triple Li symbol (triple happiness); longevity, wealth and good luck knot; Wu Lou (gourd containing Hun dun which means longevity). These powerful symbols can also be combined together to create beautiful artwork on walls or accessories like hand fans or tapestries. Combining a powerful Chinese dragon picture featuring a five-clawed golden dragon with all of these auspicious elements gives an added layer of potent symbolism and protection to any space. Another great way of honoring these dynamic forces is pairing a beautifully painted red phoenix with traditional Chinese dragons as they represent resurrection of spirit which strengthens the protective power created from the combination.

Selecting Chinese Dragon Pictures

Chinese dragon pictures are one of the most popular items for decorating with according to feng shui. Dragons, in general, are symbols of power, strength, and prosperity in many cultures. In China, dragons represent nobility and good luck. This is why you so often see images of them on many occasions meant for celebration or protection against evil. When it comes to using Chinese dragon pictures in feng shui, there is a tremendous amount of variety available in regards to their design, color, and size.

Design wise Chinese dragons have become more intricate over time and can take various forms depending on where they are seen and which type is being used. Traditional designs often feature the nine symbolic portions including a head like that of a camel; large horns; long whiskers; four short feet resembling those of a lion or ox; scales along its back; mane-like fur; claws like an eagle’s talons; barbed tails; and fins or membranes resembling wings. More modern designs may have all these elements as well as additional details such as spikes along the spine or between scales for an extra touch of fierceness or fur running along the body for added elegance.

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In terms of color options, whether choosing from traditional hues such as golds and blues or bright vibrant shades like oranges and pinks it is important to remember when selecting Chinese dragon pictures that colors play an important part in feng shui too. Each hue holds different meanings potentially providing greater focus while evoking feelings pertaining to the setting they are used in. Tranquil colors representing peace might be appropriate for the bedroom while strong colors associated with energy like red would be better suited elsewhere like a living room family area setup.

Lastly another factor that should be considered when selecting Chinese dragon pictures is its size which can determine visibility within any sort of space making them either more subtle or impactful based on preference with feng shui being no exception here either helping to bring some balance into view with specific sizes conveying specific levels of energy depending on what their purpose dictates overall creating greater potential benefit from their presence ultimately adding another layer to home decorating when paired with other suitable items accordingly matching them best fittingly overall.

Transform Your Home with Chinese Dragon Pictures

Chinese dragon pictures can have multiple benefits when used in the practice of feng shui. Decorating your home with a Chinese dragon image is said to attract energy and prosperity, creating an uplifting and energizing atmosphere. Additionally, because each Chinese dragon symbolizes different attributes associated with luck and success (e.g., creativity, courage, power or wisdom), there are many ways that these images can be used to enhance and improve your home. Feng shui experts suggest hanging the picture of a Chinese dragon in bedrooms for protection during sleep, in offices for improved career opportunities, and in living spaces as a sign of good luck. They also suggest placing them around entryways or windows to guard against negative energy from entering the home; this is especially important if there is thought to be increased ‘sha chi’ (negative energy) occurring outside your home. Dragons can come in various forms; common materials include jade, bronze and even ceramic designs. Placing the right one in the right location of your home can bring abundance and reduce stress levels.


The Chinese dragon is a symbol of strength and good luck in the Chinese culture, so it’s no wonder that incorporating Chinese dragon pictures into a Feng Shui design is a popular suggestion. There are a few different ways to do this, depending on the look you’re hoping to achieve in your home or office.

One way to add Chinese dragons into your space is through traditional artwork such as paintings or sculptures. Incorporating dragons can be a great way to bring energy and power into an area, and there are many artists who specialize in creating detailed dragon images that can truly liven up any space. When choosing artwork for your walls try to select pieces with bright and positive imagery in order to draw positive energy into the area.

Another option for incorporating Chinese dragons is through decorative items such as wall hangings, statues, figurines or even pillows featuring dragon images. These items can be placed strategically around the room in areas where you want to attract good luck and fortune or specific blessings like health, success or wealth. Having multiple small-scale dragon decorations throughout the home or office is also said to help create harmony between family members as well as visitors by connecting them all with the same symbol of strength and courage.

Lastly feng shui-ers often suggest placing traditional objects within the home like large scrolls featuring powerful dragons on them draped over doorways or small ceramic statues at entryways as these traditional Chinese symbols have always been very prominent in achieving positive energy flow within all kinds of spaces.

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