Broken Feng Shui Coin

Related Objects

Items commonly used with or alongside a Broken Feng Shui Coin include traditional Chinese coins, such as Yuanbao coins, which are shaped like a disc and often made of pure gold or silver. Other related items include small statues of deities and figures from Chinese mythology, such as the Kitchen God, money-attracting banners, Fortune Cats, and other symbols believed to bring luck and protection. Additionally, Black Obsidian stones are often placed around Feng Shui Coins for its properties of help protecting against negative energies and warding off evil spirits. Finally, it is common for practitioners to place symbols of wealth around their Broken Feng Shui Coin in order to honor its power of attracting positive energy.

Care and Maintenance

1. When handling a Broken Feng Shui Coin, one should always wear clean, white cotton gloves and never the bare hands.
2. Before placing a Feng Shui Coin in your home, always be sure to clean it with a soft cloth dampened with warm water and mild soap.
3. When storing a Broken Feng Shui Coin, ensure that it is placed in an individual box or bag to prevent scratches or other damage from occurring due to contact with other objects.
4. Never place coins on paper or wooden surfaces as this can cause discoloration of the underlying material.
5. Avoid exposing coins to excessive heat or moisture as this can result in discoloration and oxidation over time.

Popular Uses

The Broken Feng Shui Coin is often used to help create abundance in areas of life related to prosperity, such as career and business. It can also be used to bring positive energy into a home or workspace to promote overall harmony and balance. In addition, it is believed to provide protection from physical and spiritual harm. People often carry Broken Feng Shui Coins as a charm or place them in areas where they are likely to have beneficial effects, such as near the entrance of a home or workspace, behind the main door, in bagua mirrors, at the core of tai chi diagrams, outside windows and gates, and other places in need of protection or positive energy. Some people also hang the coins above beds or baby cribs for good luck and health for those who sleep under them.

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Stories and Lore

In Chinese culture, the Broken Feng Shui Coin is believed to bring good luck and fortune. It is said that the coin’s jagged edge symbolizes obstacles which can be overcome by perseverance and strength. During times of distress or struggle, having a Broken Feng Shui Coin nearby may provide comfort and guidance. The origin of this charm can be traced back to the Han Dynasty when coins were made using a square hole as part of imperial ritual offering services to Heaven, Earth and humans. This practice was continued with modifications during the Tang Dynasty when coins were punched in two so that each family would receive half for prosperity.

These days, it is customary for Chinese people to carry a pair of Broken Feng Shui Coins in their wallet or pocketbook at all times – one for financial gain and the other for vitality and longevity. Some people also hang these coins outside their homes or offices to ward off bad chi (energy) from entering their living space. Furthermore, it is believed that if someone breaks a coin into two halves it will transform even more negative energy into meaningful reflections about one’s financial situation as well as career decisions. Finally, a piece of paper bearing four characters meaning “all matters will turn out well” is often folded around each half-coin before storing it away in their purse or wallet as an extra layer of protection against life’s perils.


One option for readers to purchase a broken Feng Shui coin is eBay. Many reputable sellers offer authentic and genuine coins from around the world, including the broken Feng Shui object. Other sources include Amazon and Chinese antique stores, such as Rare Antique Collectibles and Ming Fong. Additionally, many online specialty stores with focus on Asian antiques, such as KarioMart and The East Wind, carry a wide selection of the broken Feng Shui coin. Local flea markets may also offer items like these if readers are willing to search extensively.

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