Feng Shui Broken Toilet


From a Feng Shui perspective, a broken toilet represents blocked energy in your home, which leads to an imbalance of Qi. This has the potential to create disharmony and even negative health issues. In order to achieve good Feng Shui, it is important to have all the many components of our home functioning properly and harmoniously balanced, with the toilet being one of these key elements.


The best way to differentiate a broken toilet from a working one using Feng Shui is by looking at the quality of energy generated in the area, through testing techniques such as bagua analysis and 8 Mansions. In bagua analysis, if the area is missing strong wealth, fame, or reputation energy it could be an indication of a ‘broke’ toilet. This can be checked with different elements and indicators like water scarcity, dead leafs, a bad smell and even noise pollution around it.

In 8 Mansions tracking system one can go deep into how chi evolves inside a property specifically in toilets to find if that toilet has any hidden issues like being in water ring shape structure or being blocked because of construction work. By examining the natural flow and direction of Chi within the property one can see where the toilet falls and assess whether there are any other negative issues causing broken toilets. Overall check for negative energies created due to blockages by which we can identify broken toilets before anyone uses it or repair is called for.


One way to fix a broken toilet using Feng Shui principles is to ensure that it is always kept clean and tidy. This means removing items such as tiles, rugs, and other unneeded items from the area around the toilet, as these can create a feeling of chaos and clutter. In addition, any cracks or leaks in the toilet should be fixed immediately.

Another important feng shui technique is to provide positive energy to the area surrounding the bathroom. Use lighting to your advantage by having plenty of natural light flooding in the space if possible. If this isn’t feasible, then invest in a few strategically placed lamps or candles to give a sense of warmth and comfort instead of darkness and gloominess.

If the bathroom lacks any plants or greenery at all, adding some can help bring life back into the space. Choose good luck plants such as lilies or bamboo specifically for their symbolic presence in feng shui philosophy as they bring wealth and fortune into one’s life. Lastly, it might not hurt to add some wind chimes or bells near your bathroom entryway – these are both known for helping invoke positive chi energy within a home.

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1. Declutter – A cluttered toilet area can create feelings of being overwhelmed and stuck. Remove items such as extra toiletries or cleaners that are no longer needed to maintain a calm environment.
2. Clean – Regularly clean and dust the bathroom to maintain clarity and purify the space so it can be refreshed without accumulating negative energy.
3. Lighting – Make sure that you have plenty of natural light coming in to promote positive energy throughout the room. Use floor lamps or wall sconces to add additional lighting around the toilet area if needed.
4. Mirrors – Hang a large mirror on the wall opposite of the toilet so that your reflection is seen while using it, this will symbolize healthy flow of energy in the room while helping create a sense of openness and brightness within the space itself.
5. Fragrance – Use essential oil diffusers in or near the bathroom to help eliminate any bad odors and fill it with calming, uplifting scents like lavender or lemon grass for an atmosphere conducive to relaxation.
6. Décor – Add tasteful decorations around your bathroom such as plants like bamboo, jade, aloe vera, etc., rocks, wind chimes, paintings or images that symbolize peace and serenity; doing this will help create a highly beneficial Feng Shui atmosphere within your home’s restroom areas specifically while promoting improved health and relaxation whenever they are visited by family members or guests alike!


1. To improve the energy flow and balance, move the toilet in line with your bathroom or restroom door. When using feng shui in this way, it helps to create a balance between the energy being expelled from the broken toilet and energy coming in.

2. Place objects that represent prosperity, such as a bowl of coins or a house plant, adjacent to the broken toilet to help redirect good chi away from the negative energy surrounding it.

3. Set up wind chimes nearby that are made of an auspicious metal element like copper or brass to further disperse stagnant energy around a broken toilet.

4. Hang mirrors on walls opposite from the toilet to “double” its positive chi effects and create more vitality to counterbalance any negative feelings caused by its broken state.

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5. Place colors associated with encouraging growth and luck, such as greens and blues, around your broken toilet to bring balance back into your home environment and ultimately remedy any negative energies caused by its condition


The potential long-term benefits of using Feng Shui to fix a broken toilet are that it could restore the balance of energy (chi) in the room. As a result, this could help improve the flow of beneficial energy to other areas of the home and reduce stress or tension where appropriate. It might also bring improved luck and good fortune because the new toilet symbolizes cleansing and freshness.

The consequences of relying on Feng Shui alone may not be as effective as consulting a professional plumber to get repairs made properly. Of course, it’s possible to blend both approaches for best results.

Parting Words

One of the most important aspects of using Feng Shui to deal with a broken toilet is to remove the problem as quickly as possible. In many cases, this means replacing the broken parts and avoiding any use of temporary fixes such as duct tape or super glue. While these temporary solutions can be useful in a pinch, it’s best to get the matter fixed permanently so that the energy in the room stays free-flowing and unblocked. Additionally, if the toilet is backed up or water flowing out of it, you may need to call a professional service in order to have it taken care of properly.

Another key tip for dealing with a broken toilet from a Feng Shui perspective is to keep all of your doors and windows open whenever possible. This can help allow positive energy into the room and also help boost air circulation which will take away any negative odors and stale air caused by a broken toilet. As an added bonus, it can also help alleviate any stress or anxiety associated with having a problem like this in your home. Finally, be sure to light some scented candles or incense to bring some joy and relaxation into the space while working on getting your broken toilet fixed.

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