Zamioculcas Feng Shui


Zamioculcas Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice rooted in the belief that physical environments have an impact on a person’s well-being. The practice follows the same principles as classical Feng Shui, which seeks to create balance and harmony by optimizing the flow of energy, or “chi”, within an environment. Zamioculcas Feng Shui specifically uses plants and other natural elements to introduce positive energy into a space.

This practice has its roots in Taoism; this religion strongly emphasizes the importance of observing and understanding nature as part of cultivating harmony in life. In Feng Shui, physical elements are used to bring balance and enhance positive qualities in its inhabitants. This is accomplished through practices such as arranging furniture or decor items according to specific principles regarding their locations relative to other features in a space; thus allowing beneficial energies to manifest themselves in areas of life like health, wealth, relationships, etc.

In addition to providing positive energy into a space, utilizing Zamioculcas plants is considered auspicious due to the symbolic meaning they possess. Zamioculcast plants are thought to symbolize growth and luck, making them popularly used for financial stability, abundance of money at home or workplace, or solving any legal matters one might be struggling with. When paired with traditional feng shui techniques such as using crystals or mirrors for directionality and control over certain energy flows — this makes for a powerful tool designed for transformation within any given space


The physical benefits of Zamioculcas Feng Shui are many. It is known to clear the air and reduce air toxicity, as well as provide an aesthetically pleasing environment. Its deep green coloring also serves to boost creativity, clarity and concentration with its calming effects.

But there are further benefits beyond the physical one can receive from Zamioculcas Feng Shui as well. It can help to reduce stress levels due to its natural ability repel negative energy while bringing in positive energy and balance. Additionally, it can have a mood-boosting effect on those in the space where it is introduced, creating a tranquil atmosphere for good mental health and productivity. These emotional effects can help those in the space invoke feelings of joy, calmness and contentment. The presence of this plant has been known to improve relationships through increased levels of compassion and understanding between individuals, creating a sense of harmony that extends well beyond the physical embodiment of Feng Shui.

Feng Shui Principles

One of the key principles of Feng Shui is that of yin and yang. This doesn’t simply refer to two different forces, but rather two components working symbiotically together for a harmonious balance in all aspects of life. Yin is viewed as more feminine, the dark, passive, reflective side that absorbs energy, while Yang is the sunny, active principle that expels energy. In order for balance to be achieved one must use Yin and Yang together in any design.

Another important principle in Feng Shui is the concept of chi energy. Chi is considered vital energy that flows throughout the home environment in various forms and shapes; this energy helps foster luck, wealth and good health. Placing certain items in specific locations within your home such as crystals or plants can help attract this positive chi and create an environment with balanced energies that promote harmony and well-being.

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The Bagua Map is another guiding principle associated with Feng Shui which divides each space into 8 sectors symbolic of areas like career, abundance and family relationships. Each sector relates to a color or element which must be included when decorating this space – using this map will direct you on where to place furniture or objects to circulate positive energies most efficiently according to each sector’s purpose.

Finally, there are five elements – fire, water, earth air and metal which act as guides when selecting decorations for your home; understanding how these elements relate with each other creates harmony by balancing their energies across space and time. Achieving a balance between cold/warm colors and incorporating natural designs are also key for creating a wholesome Feng Shui vibe throughout the home décor.

Zamioculcas Species

Zamioculcas, also known as ‘Zams’ or ‘ZZ Plant’, is a unique evergreen succulent that originates from East Africa. They are popular options for bringing Feng Shui into any home or office due to the low maintenance requirements and striking appearance. They can thrive in a wide range of conditions including bright light, filtered sunlight and even shade. While they prefer a humid environment, they easily adapt to drier air. These plants are typically easy to care for provided their particular needs are met.

To grow Zamioculcas successfully, choose soil mixtures specifically designed for succulent plants so your plant has access to proper drainage. These plants need evenly moist soil but can suffer without good drainage if the soil becomes too wet or overly dry. Watering frequency varies depending on how much direct sunlight the plant receives, but average it about once per week with an additional weekly misting of water if humidity levels are low. Fertilizer may be applied every three months using diluted fertilizer solution with one fourth of concentration compared to other houseplants.

These plants may be purchased from many shops both offline and online. Popular online vendors include Amazon, Overstock and Wayfair while some brick-and-mortar stores like Home Depot and Lowe’s may carry them as well. Once you have your Zamioculcas planted make sure it is located in a place where it can receive bright light but not direct sun exposure so the leaves do not burn or become discoloured due to intense UV rays. You will also want to ensure its location avoids intense heat such as heaters or air condition vents which could dry out the soil too quickly and limit its ability to absorb nutrients efficiently

Zamioculcas Placement

Zamioculcas can help promote peaceful energy and bring prosperity when placed in strategic locations throughout the home or workplace. The ancient art of Feng Shui suggests that plants can help improve energy flow, as long as they are positioned properly. When placing a Zamioculcas, it is important to remember the Five Elements Theory: wood for growth and new beginnings, metal for courage and strength, earth for health and stability, water for abundance and wealth, and fire for enthusiasm and joy.

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For optimal benefit, the plant should be placed near high-traffic areas such as the entrance or living room. In the bedroom it can be placed in the corner diagonally opposite of the bed to provide balanced energy. For an office space it’s best to position a Zamioculcas to your right as you enter so it symbolizes career luck. The plant should untangle itself naturally towards incoming sources of light; any leaves that look droopy may need moving closer to its source of light energy. Lastly, avoid cluttering up spaces with too many plants; even though Zamioculcas are low-maintenance, it is best to keep them in numbers fewer than three within each area.

Case Study

The Zamioculcas Feng Shui project was an attempt to explore how the principles of feng shui could be applied to enhance the environment and bring balance and harmony to the home. The results from this study were quite remarkable, with several amazing findings in areas such as productivity, health & wellness, and relationships within the home.

To better illustrate these results from the project examination, visual aids such as photos and diagrams can be employed. For example, photos of completed rooms exhibiting elements of feng shui, diagrams outlining energy flow patterns according to each room design, and visuals of how furniture placements created focal points within spaces are all great examples. Another visual aid that can be helpful is an before-and-after comparison chart that points out subtle differences between rooms designed without feng shui principles and those that have been designed using them. These visual aids will not only help explain the amazing findings from this project but will also help people understand why a well balanced space made through feng shui principles is important and can really enhance their lives.


If you are interested in learning more about Zamioculcas Feng Shui, additional online resources can help to start the process. For starters, some websites such as Grow It Flower offer step-by-step Feng Shui advice with Zamioculcas plants and illustrations. Another resource is the article “Feng Shui With Houseplants” on which offers tips on how to properly decorate with houseplants and add charm and good energy to your home or office. Additionally, a Google search will bring up many blogs, articles and guides related to bringing harmony into your home or office space through Feng Shui practices with Zamioculcas plants. These are just a few ways that can be used to gain insight into incorporating this historic tradition of feng shui into modern-day life using Zamioculcas plants for luck and prosperity.

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