Black Obsidian Feng Shui Bracelet


Black Obsidian is a type of volcanic glass created during the fast cooling of lava. The beautiful black stone has been used as both a decorative and protective object dating back to ancient times and civilizations including the Aztecs, who believed that Black Obsidian had special healing powers. Wearing a Black Obsidian Feng Shui Bracelet brings with it a variety of benefits and a rich symbolism.

Feng shui is the Chinese art of placement that promotes balance and harmony between one’s environment, their body, and spirit. By wearing a black obsidian feng shui bracelet, one can bring this balance into their lives in many ways. The dark stone absorbs negative energy from its surroundings and helps protect against psychic attacks or any attempt at manipulation. It can also help to increase clarity of thought as well as promoting psychological strength during difficult times. Additionally, Black Obsidian has long been associated with money luck due to its deep black colour. In feng shui, the colour black is known for bringing financial stability and opportunities for abundance in life. Those who wear a Black Obsidian Feng Shui Bracelet are likely to find success in all facets of their life – from wealth accumulation to achieving greater overall feelings of wellbeing.

Health Benefits of Wearing a Black Obsidian Bracelet

Wearing a black obsidian bracelet can bring a number of health benefits. Black Obsidian features very powerful energies which can help with protection, dispelling negative energy, cleansing the body and providing grounding modes of energy. It’s believed that this type of bracelet allows wearers to be better protected against stress and illness as well as potential psychic attack and energetic imbalance adopted in rituals or spiritual endeavors. In addition to its protective qualities, black obsidian also has a way of calming the wearer due to its absorptive properties and calming vibration it emits. By stabilizing one’s subtle body, wearing this type of jewelry may serve to reduce physical pain due to inflammation and muscle tightness resulting from stress or tension. On a spiritual level, black obsidian symbolizes truth, self-control, insight into one’s inner self, as well as having clarity in thoughts and concentrated action. For these reasons it is said to possess helpful qualities for meditation that can induce visions and unlock unknown memories from our subconscious mind – potentially leading us towards healing both on emotional and physical levels. All in all, wearing a black obsidian bracelet could be beneficial for those looking for emotional clarity and physical protection!

Different Types of Black Obsidian Bracelets and Their Properties

Black Obsidian is a naturally occurring type of volcanic glass. When polished and worn, it’s known to be a powerful protection stone that guards against negative energies. Therefore, wearing a Black Obsidian Feng Shui bracelet has many potential benefits including shielding from psychic attacks, alleviating feelings of fear and anxiety, bringing optimism into one’s life, and protecting the wearer from being drained of their energy.

The most popular types of Black Obsidian bracelets are carved stones or mala beads. These generally feature 8mm round beads strung onto an elastic cord for easy wearability. With carved stone bracelets, each bead may have its own unique shape; however, there can also be sets with repeating patterns or symbols such as stars or spirals. Mala beads are beautifully crafted using 108 stones in total; every bracelet serves as a reminder to stay present in one’s spiritual practice.

Apart from carved stones and mala beads, another option is the Black Obsidian Beaded Stretch Bracelet. This type consists of 60 individually rounded black obsidian gems strung on stretchable cords for added flexibility. Embellishments such as charms or other small objects such as tassels can also be used for increasing the bracelet’s potential healing powers depending on your needs.

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In addition to providing protection from negative energies and amplifying positive vibes in one’s life, the overall effect of wearing a Black Obsidian Feng Shui bracelet can be increased by pairing it with other crystals such as Clear Quartz (the Master Healer), Hematite (for grounding purposes), Red Jasper (to drive away negative feeling) ,Black Tourmaline (for additional empowerment) , Citrine (to bring success) , Rose Quartz (for self-love and compassion).

How to Select the Right Black Obsidian Bracelet for You

When it comes to selecting a black obsidian feng shui bracelet, there are many factors you will want to consider including the material of the bracelet, its design and size, what occasion you are wearing it for and the energy that it creates. The material you choose for a black obsidian bracelet should be one that is durable, as these bracelets can be easily damaged. It is important to find a bracelet that is comfortable, since having something itchy or loose on your wrist can be no fun. A good quality bracelet will last you for a while and protect your energy as well.

The design of the bracelet must also be taken into consideration. Black obsidian bracelets come in a variety of shapes and styles, so selecting one that best matches your style is essential. Depending on ergonomics and what looks good with your wrists, cuffs work well on larger wrists whereas thinner bands tend to look better on smaller wrists. Additionally, sizing is important when it comes to selecting a bracelet – too small may cut off circulation and too big may slip off during everyday wear!

The purpose of wearing the black obsidian feng shui bracelet should also determine which piece you purchase– social occasions may call for fancier designs which can often be found in minimalist pieces combining several different charms or crystal combinations. In contrast if it’s an everyday protective piece meant for grounding and shielding you from negative energies more basic designs might do the job just as well.

Lastly, when selecting this type of protection jewelry, it is beneficial to pay close attention to the energy radiating off each piece — observations such as how strong and empowering one’s energy feels when holding each stone can help identify if any particular piece would serve the intended purpose well or not.

Unique Ways to Use Black Obsidian Feng Shui Bracelet

Black Obsidian is a powerful volcanic glass that can be used to cleanse negative energy and restore balance. As such, wearing a Black Obsidian bracelet can be extremely beneficial in improving your Feng Shui. Here are some ways that you can use this powerful tool to your advantage:

1. Wear the bracelet while meditating – Wearing the bracelet while meditating can help to clear any blockages in your energy field and ensure that your energies remain balanced during the session.

2. Place it near doors or entryways – Placing a Black Obsidian bracelet on either side of an entryway or door, for example at your front or back door, will act as an energetic barrier between the outside world and you and provide additional protection from negative forces.

3. Carry it with you when travelling – Carrying the bracelet with you when travelling will protect you from absorbing any foreign energies that could cause disruption to your vibration during your journey.

4. Place it beneath items on display – Placing a Black Obsidian bracelet beneath plants, crystals or other ornamental items that are on display in your home or office will act as a cleanser for those items and prevent them from becoming overwhelmed by negative energy vibrations.

How to Attract Positive Energy with your Black Obsidian Bracelet

The Black Obsidian Feng Shui Bracelet is a powerful tool for attracting positive energy into your life. Worn with the intention of creating balance and harmony in your environment, this bracelet can help you focus on positive vibrations and send out calming energies. Here are some tips for using your Black Obsidian Bracelet to optimize its power:

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1. Assemble Your Intention: Set an intention before wearing the bracelet. Take some time to be mindful of what you want to draw into your life – whether it’s peace, prosperity or something more specific – then keep this clearly defined in your mind while wearing the bracelet. Doing this helps empower the black obsidian properties that can bring balance and harmony.

2. Visualize Positive Energy: Try to take moments throughout the day to visualize positive energy coming from within and emanating around you, especially when wearing the Black Obsidian Bracelet. This will amplify its effects in your environment, allowing new energies to flow in and create balance.

3. Cleanse Your Crystals: Make sure you cleanse both yourself and your crystal regularly as it has accumulates unwanted negative energies over time. This can be done by smudging (burning a sage stick) or submerging it in running water along with some salt crystals overnight, getting rid of negative energy blockages so that the desirable traits associated with black obsidian peak through once again!

Proper Care and Maintenance Tips for Black Obsidian Bracelet

Taking care of your Black Obsidian Feng Shui Bracelet is essential to keep its powers working. Here are some useful tips to help you with proper maintenance.

1. Cleanse Your Stones Regularly: Cleansing the stones periodically is important in getting the most out of your Feng Shui bracelet. To cleanse, submerge it in sea salt water or run it through a swift stream of running water. Be sure not to use any soaps or detergents as this can damage the stone. After cleansing, allow the bracelet to dry completely before wearing it again.

2. Wear Mindfully: It’s very important not to wear your Black Obsidian Bracelet during activities where it may be damaged, such as swimming or showering, and also avoid sleeping with it on. Also try not to adjust or tighten the bracelet too much as this could weaken the elastic and cause it break.

3. Store Properly: Always store the Black Obsidian Bracelet in a secure place separate from other jewelry when you’re not wearing it; preferably in an airtight container like a plastic zip bag or jewelry box which is lined with cloth or velvet fabric to keep dirt away from the stone’s surface and prevent scratches. If possible, every few months lightly brush off accumulated dirt that has settled onto its surface with a soft brush and discard of any unearthed buildup afterwards; doing this will help retain maximum energetic potential for its wearer over time.

Conclusion – Summary and Benefits of Wearing a Black Obsidian Bracelet

A Black Obsidian bracelet is a powerful tool for attracting luck, abundance, and positive energy. It helps to deflect negative energy, protect against psychic attack, and provide clarity when making important decisions. Wearing this talisman makes one more mindful of their present circumstances and the consequences of their actions. It relieves built-up stressors while helping to create space for new opportunities. As with any Feng Shui items, it is essential to remember to remain open in intentions with using a Black Obsidian bracelet. Ultimately, someone who wears this talisman will be open to something far greater: improved physical health, spiritual guidance, better luck in life and happiness.

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