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Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that has been used for centuries to promote harmony and balance in its followers’ lives. It is based on the concept of qi, or energy, and how it can be influenced by various symbols and physical adjustments made within a person’s environment. One such symbol that can help promotion peace and balance is the feng shui black stone.

This particular stone has long been believed to block out negative energy with its dark hue, containing intense earth energies that help bring stability and impart grounding forces into a space. When placed in an area of a home or office, the black stone helps absorb any chaotic or disruptive energies that may be present; this allows for the free flow of positive chi (energies) throughout the space that it resides in . As well as protection from external influences, the blackstone also works to clear any internal energies that may have become blocked or stagnant over time. By using this tool, feng shui practitioners are able to create safe spaces which allow users to focus on their goals without any external interference. Additionally, it works as a “preventative” measure against negative energy- protecting occupants of a space before unwanted energies take over. Ultimately, its use makes for not only better living spaces but also healthier well-being for those who utilize it according to Feng Shui traditions and practices.

History of Feng Shui in Regards to Black Stone

The use of black stones as a Feng Shui tool dates back centuries and is traditionally used to balance an environment’s Chi (positive energy) and to protect against negative influences. In particular, smaller, individual pieces of the stone are believed to provide protection from evil and bad luck.

One common shape of black stone used in Feng Shui is the Pi Xiu, which is shaped like a lion or dragon with wings. Representing the Chinese Phoenix, it symbolizes protection, prosperity, good luck and wealth and is often seen on ceremonial clothing.

Other commonly-used shapes include coins and ingots that signify fortune-bringing; turtles, which are ancient symbols of long life; hoops or circles, which indicate protection from evil energy; as well as tigers and birds either carved into the stone or surrounded by it.

As part of Feng Shui practice, black stones are usually located around the home with accompanying symbols such as Deer Head Matchmaker Stones at the entrance for attracting partnerships in relationships; a pair of Fu Dogs outside for warding off evil spirits; or a Chin Men Pair beside doors to indicate success while entering or exiting any given building.

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Benefits of Using a Black Stone in Your Feng Shui

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that involves harnessing the energy of your environment. Additionally, the use of the Black Stone can help reduce negative energy and create harmony. It is said that placing it in various parts of your home or office helps promote feelings of health and wealth, as well as clarity and focus in areas such as your career and studies.

The ability to absorb this potent energy is one of the main benefits of Black Stone Feng Shui. The stone absorbs any negative vibrations in its vicinity so it helps cleanse a room or area while promoting a positive atmosphere. Additionally, it’s believed that the natural minerals found in black jade help increase the movement of chi (energy) throughout room, while benefiting those in it by enhancing creativity and focus in important endeavors. The stone also serves as a powerful grounding element which focuses the energies present within you personally, helping you tap into your true potential.

Overall, using a Black Stone for Feng Shui is an effective way for reducing stress, calming emotions and creating prosperity at home or anywhere else where you would like to feel more balanced. Its calming nature provides plenty of peace and tranquility which boost productivity levels when combined with intentional affirmations or intention setting.

Location Requirements of the Black Stone

The Black Stone is a Feng Shui tool that can be used to bring harmony, balance, and protection. It is recommended to place the stone in the far left corner of the home when looking at it from the entrance, or alternatively, hanging it on your front door facing out. Placement in either of these areas can help to create a barrier against negative energies and malicious intent. Additionally, as you position the stone take note of your own personal needs and values; feng shui should be tailored to each individual’s specific deires and concerns. For example if fertility or wealth is of importance to you make sure the placement plays an integral part in this; perhaps placing some coins around the stone for prosperity and abundance. Ultimately it’s about understanding how energy flows within your home so adjust accordingly with what feels right for you!

Other Tips and Tricks for Black Stone Feng Shui

When placing your feng shui black stone in your home, it’s important to consider where it has the most power. The ideal location is on a shelf or table near the entrance to your house so that its protective energy radiates outward. It should also be placed in such a way that its positive chi (energy) will flow throughout the space. In addition, avoid corners and never place the stone on the floor.

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Once you’ve found the perfect spot for your Black Stone, it should be cleansed and charged before use. This is best done by placing it under running water for about two minutes—this helps to cleanse away any negative energy that could have been absorbed from its journey from the earth to you home via mail. After cleansing, you can charge up the stone with a visualization of purifying energy coming down from above and entering through your feng shui stone crystal where all negativity will be transmuted into good energy. Finally, connect with the ancient powers of your Black Stone by laying down both hands on it while sending positive thoughts and vibes into its crystal core. This ritual will create a strong bond between guardian spirit and protectress of your home and yourself.


Feng Shui is an ancient and powerful Chinese practice that has been used for centuries to bring in lasting harmony and well-being. The energy of Feng Shui encompasses the power of the elements, nature, and spirit. One popular tool used to create a balanced atmosphere and draw positive energy into our lives is the black stone. Brown/black stones represent stability, clarity, protection, grounding, strength, and abundance. They often carry with them a deep sense of peace and security.

In summary, the use of the black stone is only one tool amongst many in Feng Shui practices which have been designed with great wisdom to bring us in harmony with ourselves, others and our environment. When seeking balance and inner peace there are plenty of methods we can use to evoke this feeling within us while clearing away blockages in order to create space for new beginnings. May we all be blessed with enough insight to find what works best for each one of us on our individual spiritual paths!

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