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Animal Crossing New Horizons has become known for its vast array of customization options when it comes to designing and decorating your island. On the game’s release, there was a variety of furniture styles to choose from, but the newly released datamine discovered in June 2020 has revealed that lamps, carpets and other decor items can be customized with Feng Shui symbols and designs. This allows players to take their Animal Crossing experience one step further by incorporating more eastern Asian lifestyle themes into their creative designs.

With this new datamine in tow, players can customize their island homes even more by giving special attention to how their furniture placement relates to aspects of Feng Shui. Symbols associated with this ancient Chinese practice are expected to appear on a variety of game items when the new update is live. This offers an extra way for users to create positive energy flows within their Animal Crossing world by structuring where objects will appear relative to others based on Feng Shui rules.

To emphasize this newfound feature, visuals can be added such as screenshots or images of characters dressed up in traditional East Asian clothing, or even bedrooms/ living rooms decorated with Feng Shui-inspired furniture and decor pieces like lamps, bonsais and pillows featuring symbolic designs like those shown below:
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Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese psychology and system of design, aimed at harmonizing a home or space with its occupants. The philosophy revolves around promoting balance, peace, and tranquility while creating favorable energy with the proper placement of objects within the living environment.

When decorating an Animal Crossing home, one might consider the basic tenants of Feng Shui for achieving well-being for their character. Things like incorporating lucky symbols associated with prosperity, wealth, harmony and good health into their living environment can bring good luck to their avatar. Likewise, aligning actions and objects according to the principles of yin and yang – two opposing forces that flux between one another – can bring about positivity in Animal Crossing’s world. A balanced application of yin energy (passive and tranquil energy) versus yang energy (active movement and energetic components) helps bring things together in a meaningful way, making a house feel truly complete and enhancing its overall balance.

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DIY Guide to Applying Feng Shui Principles in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice of incorporating certain items and colors in the home to promote order, harmony and balance. With the release of Animal Crossing New Horizons, players now have the opportunity to apply these principles to their own virtual island homes! Below, we’ll outline some easy tips and tricks for applying Feng Shui to your own island paradise:

1. Furniture Placement: According to classic ideologies, furniture should be placed in balanced proportions in each room of your house. Think about crowding pieces too close together or spreading furniture too far apart—you want a harmonious layout for maximum positive energy flow. Also pay attention to Feng Shui-specific aspects such as positioning beds near supportive walls and minimizing clutter throughout each area.

2. Adjust with Color: One way that you can adjust your Feng Shui design is through color according to its quadrant system, which associates five elements (wood, fire, earth, metal and water) with specific colors attributed to each one. Try decorating with some of these colors throughout different areas of your island for a unique approach.

3. Nature’s Blessing: Incorporating outdoor elements into your home design can help add positive energy into the environment which comes from nature itself—trees always bring a sense of life! Plant trees around the perimeter of your island or place stones in strategic positions related to their earthen element charge; this will help create an optimal balance between indoors versus outdoors activities you enjoy while playing Animal Crossing New Horizons.

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By following just a few steps outlined here today, you can easily incorporate authentic teachings from traditional Feng Shui into your Animal Crossing home and reap the benefits that come along with it! Happy Island Designing!

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