Best Time To Move House Feng Shui 2020

Best Time To Move House According To Feng Shui 2020

Feng shui is a practice used to maximize the energy in your home. It is believed that if you make the right decisions in regards to your environment, you will be able to create positive energy and attract good luck. One of these decisions includes knowing when the best time is to move into a new house. Below is an outline of the steps to follow in order to maximize positive energy when moving house in 2020 according to traditional feng shui practices.

Moving During The Lunar Cycle

It is important to take into account the lunar cycle when moving house according to feng shui. This can provide guidance as to when the best time is to move in order to reduce negative energy and attract positive luck. The best time to move is during the waxing moon, which is during the first 14 days of the lunar cycle, as energy in the house is usually strongest at this time.

Timing: Choose A Good Day

It is important to choose a good day to move house according to feng shui. The ideal time is during a day where the energy is the strongest. According to the Chinese lunar calendar, this would mean that the mornings of the 4th, 14th, and 24th of the lunar cycle would be the best days to move, as these days supposedly bring the highest amount of energy.

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Choosing The Right Direction

When moving into a new house, it is important to consider the direction you will use to enter. According to feng shui, moving into a house by using the northeast direction will bring the most luck and positive energy, while the southwest direction is the least lucky. Using the directions given by feng shui can help you create the most positive energy.

Prioritize Clutter Removal

Clutter is believed to bring negative energy and bad luck according to feng shui. Therefore, it is important to prioritize decluttering the house prior to moving in. This can help create positive energy and focus the energy in the right direction.

Clean Your House

Finally, it is important to give your house a comprehensive and thorough clean when you move in. This helps to create a clean and peaceful space and can help to attract positive energy. Similarly, it is important to burn incense or sage to rid of bad luck and negative energy.

In conclusion, feng shui practices should be taken into consideration when moving into a new house. Moving during the correct time and direction, decluttering house and giving the house a clean and thorough clean can help attract positive energy and create an environment with good luck and energy.

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