Best Plant For Feng Shui Wealth Corner

Feng Shui Wealth is the act of using plants, colors, and items to create a flow of positive energy and abundance in your life. It is a combination of harmonizing the environment with intentional actions that benefit your finances and overall wellbeing.

This can be done by strategically placing certain items in specific corners of the home or office to bring about prospects for wealth accumulation. The most effective plants for this are known as “Feng Shui Wealth Corners” because it brings focus to helping you financially.

The Ancient Practice Of Feng Shui Wealth Corner This practice is ancient and quite popular; historically speaking, Chinese culture had revered this practice before its emergence into western consciousness. The theory behind Feng shui wealth varies a bit from person-to-person but essentially centers around creating an atmosphere conducive to bringing luck, riches, and prosperity to those who pay close attention to how they use their feng shui wealth corner elements.

This includes understanding the importance of colors, symbols, shapes, objects, plants and more so that you can properly position them in order to maximize their effects on your financial situation.

Best Plant For An Abundant Life: Money Tree When deciding which plant is best for enhancing the power of your Feng Shui wealth corner plant choices, a money tree should be at the top of the list. Money trees are known as one of the best plants for attracting abundance and prosperity in many cultures; they bring good luck into homes when taken care of properly.

The leaves pairs on this plant indicates duality functioning like double-headed arrows that help attract money towards you just like other feng shui symbols like money frogs do. Money trees also represent mental clarity which helps you make better decisions when it comes to money management – thus becoming an emblem for stability too.

Explore the Different Wealth Corner Possibilities

Feng Shui has long been associated with desirable wealth luck. Consequently, when attempting to use Feng Shui to enhance one’s abundance of fortune, the Wealth Corner is usually an ideal way to start. In fact, it’s so effective that people are willing to take time and effort setting up their wealth corner according to the principles of Feng Shui.

The most important part of any Wealth Corner is the proper placement of living plants or flowers. Plants provide a vibrant life force that can help one to bridge the gap between them and the vast energy fields created around us by invisible connections like connections from past lives, ancestry, family, etc. Here are some of the best plants for any Wealth Corner:

  • Money Tree
  • Cactus
  • Lucky Bamboo
  • Peace Lily
  • Jade Plant

The Money Tree has a special place in Feng Shui because it is believed to bring prosperity into your home or workplace while deflecting negative energy away from you and your environment. It is also said that placing it near a business vault or cash box can strengthen its powers. The Cactus plant symbolizes good luck as well as strength and resilience in business dealings if placed correctly in the Wealth Corner.

The Lucky Bamboo plays an impressive role in Chinese culture since it has become a popular Feng Shui remedy for attracting money into one’s home as well as good luck. Also known as “Dracaena Sanderiana”, this plant thrives on minimal care and produces large amounts of oxygen which will bring in more positive chi energy into an area.

The Peace Lily is another popular houseplant with strong Feng Shui implications; it absorbs deep into toxins from the air thus providing high quality fresh air for its surroundings – creating a positive atmosphere become fosters success in all areas of your life including career and wealth endeavors. And last but not least is our beloved Jade Plant which works hard to bring good luck right where you need it most.

Placed strategically in areas such as office desks or entryways, it ensures increased cash flow and speedy promotions.

Benefits of Incorporating Wealth Corner Elements in Your Home

The concept of Feng Shui began centuries ago for the purpose of creating a harmonious environment in one’s home and promoting wealth. One practice that promotes abundance and prosperity is to create a designated corner in your home, referred to as a ‘Wealth Corner’. This corner can be enriched with certain materials to invoke positive energy and attract good luck. The incorporation of plants into this particular area exhibits many advantages when it comes to achieving financial gain.

One of the best plants designed for the Wealth Corner is the Money Plant; also known as an Emerald Palm or Jade Plant. Not only is it a simple addition to maintain, but it can also bring beauty and liveliness into your living space while simultaneously balancing home energy levels.

In addition, according to traditional Chinese customs, it is believed that these evergreen plants have unique properties; they are associated with increases in overall opportunities and opulent luck. The leaves eerily resemble coins, which signifies that money can always grow exponentially if the correct care is taken with its nurture along with mindful intention on your part.

Another beneficial element to activate your Wealth Corner with is an indoor fountain or fish tank filled with lively Koi fish. These aquariums contain numerous minerals that increase overall energy flow within your living areas; correspondingly creating prosperous energies throughout it all. Allow its rushing sounds resonate through your walls as you find yourself engulfed by five-element harmony design combined with natural elements such as water and wood that brings inner peace into existence.

Also incorporate orbs such as crystals near the water feature itself or rocks collected from vacations known as prosperity pebbles. Each combination will help create unique sets of vibrations directed towards encouraging wealth which will open up more unexpected journies down good fortune pathways directly into your home.

Best Plants for Enhancing the Wealth Corner

Feng shui is a tradition based on the idea that arranging objects in a certain way can bring about positive energies. It is commonly believed that plants can help to increase the wealth corner’s energy and feng shui. Here are some of the best plants to use for this purpose:

  • Money Tree – The Money Tree (Pachira aquatica) is said to be the most powerful plant when it comes to bringing fortune and wealth. It flourishes with indirect sunlight, infrequent watering, and minimal maintenance.
  • Golden Pothos – This fast-growing vine (Epipremnum Aureum) thrives with bright, indirect sunlight and moist soil. It is believed that it brings luck as well as protection from negative energies.
  • Bamboo – Another common (and easygoing) feng shui classic is bamboo (Dracaena sanderiana). Bamboo symbolizes strength, good luck and growth.
  • Jade Plant – Jade plant (Crassula ovata) has traditionally been a sign of good luck in many cultures for years. Growing these evergreen succulents helps you attract prosperity into your life. They require direct sunlight and occasional watering to keep them looking healthy.
  • Peony or Lotus – Peonies and lotus flowers are also great options for enhancing the wealth corner in your home because they represent abundance and opulence.
Feng Shui Tips for Wealth Com

Money Tree Plant

The Money Tree Plant is a popular choice for many Feng Shui enthusiasts who use it to bring wealth luck. According to the ancient Chinese, wealth and prosperity will come your way when you place the money tree in your home or workspace.

The reason for this is believed to be that because the money tree has large leaves and five stalks (representing an increase in wholeness, happiness and wealth), and when cared for with regular watering it can grow long lasting relationships.

Besides its spiritual meaning, the money tree also has been said to have physical benefits. It can help cleanse pollutants from indoor air due to its ability to absorb volatile organic compounds as well as producing negative ions like formaldehyde, benzene and carbon monoxide.

In addition to providing air quality control in your home or office, taking care of a money tree can help reduce stress levels and decrease fatigue by boosting energy levels with increased oxygen flow throughout the day.

Benefits Of Money Tree

  • Brings wealth luck according to ancient Chinese tradition.
  • Has large leaves and five stalks representing wholeness, happiness and wealth.
  • Helps cleanse pollutants from indoor air.
  • Absorbs volatile organic compounds.
  • Produces negative ions like formaldehyde, benzene and carbon monoxide.
  • Reduces stress levels & decreases fatigue.

Bamboo Plant

Feng Shui teaches beneficial ways to harness the powerful energy of qi or chi with plants to attract positive prosperity and wealth. Most often it’s suggested that a bamboo plant should be placed in the wealth corner of your home.

This is due to its ability for continuous growth, which represents the concept of “ever-expanding” wealth throughout life. The plant carries special meaning, highlighting resilience and hope when having difficulties during rough times – virtues necessary for success and abundance.

Typically, a Tae Yin bamboo plant is placed in the north-east sector/corner of the room as it will attract additional luck. In Feng Shui, these numbers signify achievement, attainment of goals, wisdom, self-cultivation and individual growth. Additionally, make sure you place at least seven stalks in one single container for optimal effect according to traditional Chinese beliefs.

Be Mindful Of Other Tactics

When setting up a space for money luck activation, it is important to pay attention to how this area looks like; money can be drawn to poor energies such as clutter and dirtiness. Make sure everything looks fresh and bright including your furniture by dusting them off weekly if possible.

Additionally try upgrading lightweight pieces such as rugs or cushions with brighter gold or copper tones colours that will work alongside the green vegetation promoting powerful money energies when used correctly with other symbolism such as gemstones like citrine quartz or jade. All these examples enhance the power of our intention for obtaining more financial stability making our dreams come true.

Elements Need To Harmonize

While playing with different elements that resonate with wealth symbols is fun, their harmony should never be overlooked in order not to disrupt the whole ambience by creating too much contrast between then; different materials mixed together can create a dynamical balance or an unbalanced composition of energies disrupting our affirmations result on malfunctioning occasions – don’t let this happen.

Always take into consideration what material would work best together depending on their locations since each area should be decorated differently from one another maintaining Feng Shui principles alive enabling a calm atmosphere all over your house filled with good vibes only – cue the bamboos.

The Jade Plant

The Jade Plant, also famously known as the money tree, is a popular plant used in Feng Shui. It is said to represent wealth and prosperity; hence why it’s a good plant to have in the Wealth corner of your home.

Feng shui believes that every living thing has yin and yang energy forces. By placing certain items and plants at certain points in your home you can attract more positive energy into your life and can be used for many aspects including wealth, love and health.

The vibrant foliage of the jade plant resembles coins – another symbol of financial success & stability – therefore it is considered to be ‘lucky’ when placed in the right area of the house. The colour green reflects the same kind of energy too. As such, using any or all of these factors can help open up avenues for one towards a better lifestyle overall.

Additionally, having this kind of indoor plants in your home encourages others to feel warm and invited when they come over; even if you don’t believe it will bring fortune your way immediately, it could definitely increase overall attractiveness inside your house which might lead to social encounters with people bringing money opportunities down the line.

Some benefits associated with keeping a Jade Plant are:

  • Positive Energy – Feng Shui considers its energetic properties provide us with peace, tranquillity & balance.
  • Mental Clarity – Its calming effect is thought to encourage analytical thinking & clear mental focus.
  • Financial Benefits – It’s believed that by placing this plant near our workspace brings luck & success.
  • Air Quality – This handsome plant gives off oxygen during photosynthesis which helps cleanse stale environments.

Tips For Choosing and Placing the Right Plant For Your Wealth Corner

Plants are powerful feng shui remedies that bring in positive energy and vibrancy into any space. When placed in an auspicious spot, plants can help to bring tangible wealth, success, health, and well-being. One of the most important spots where this is achieved is in your wealth corner: the northern corner of your home.

Feng Shui Tips For Wealth And Prosperity

Different type of plants have different energies which can positively affect our surroundings. The following list details several of the best plants for you to choose for your wealth corner according to traditional feng shui principles:

  • Lucky Bamboo
  • Money Tree
  • Jade Plant
  • Areca Palm
  • Chinese Evergreen Plant

While each of these plants come with their own unique energy and certain conditions necessary for growing them, they all share one thing in common – their ability to bring positive energy to a room or office with ease. Lucky bamboo stalks are said to bring prosperity luck when placed at the east, southeast or north corners of the space. This plant is also known for purifying the air and creating an atmosphere conducive to relaxation.

The money tree plant is often known as the “tree of prosperity” due to its five leafs being equivalent to good luck symbols in Chinese culture. It brings abundance and good fortune into any space from home to office by emitting strong yang energy.

It should be placed either near the front entrance or towards a windowsill on higher ground. The jade plant is a popular choice amongst many people because it radiates yin energy which helps to move chi (energy) more freely around a room or house. This brings abundance and prosperity when placed near an entranceway or by a window sill as mentioned before so that it receives plenty of sunlight and ventilation.

Areca palms purify stagnant air within entirely indoor environments while also diffusing negative energies at the same time as bringing beautiful green vibrancy into any room setting that needs refreshing life-force energy uplifting an area’s lightening dull vibrations quickly making room for positive goals faster.

Last but not least, Chinese evergreen thrive indoors where light isn’t too bright such as offices, bedrooms or living rooms however they are sensitive to harsh chemicals and require regular dusting off so they do not clog up with dirt over time potentially losing some prosperity potential down stream if not regularly fertilized regularly every other month year round.


The “Wealth Corner” is the feng shui practice of placing certain objects and plants in an area of your home or workplace that can bring potential good financial luck. While having a wealth corner may not necessarily get you rich overnight, it doesn’t hurt to try with easy-to-care for plants that won’t break the bank.

Jade Plant: A Symbol of Growth and Abundance

The first and most widely known choice is the jade plant, also known as friendship tree. It is said to symbolize growth and abundance, which makes it ideal for a wealth corner. This tough little succulent looks great when placed on shelves or windowsills.

Its glossy leaves add a luxurious feel to wherever it’s planted, making it perfect for a feng shui corner aiming to promote prosperity in the household. As long as it’s given enough bright light and kept watered, the jade plant should thrive happily in most corners of the home.

Money Tree: Attract Positive Feng Shui Energy

Another classic pick for creating wealth corners would be the money tree when grown indoors. Though its characteristics are similar to that of a bonsai tree, its small lights represent coins that attract positive energy from your surroundings towards your wallet. Place this gentle-looking plant on shelves or desks close to doors or windows and make sure it gets enough light while also keeping an eye out for water damage if kept outdoors too long.

Lucky Bamboo: A Powerful Symbol Of Good Fortune

The last option is lucky bamboo, which has grown popularly powerful for its mysterious associations with fortune and being relatively carefree indoors if you’ve got filtered sunlight around – just remember to keep an eye out from time to time if kept outside of your home because bright direct light could wilt them faster than expected.

It is said that having one stalk signifies luck in life, two for love while three stands for happiness – making these tricky numbers ideal ways to create powerful pots full of fortune-calling goodness even if kept indoors away from windowsill gardens.

Try pairing some different colors together like pink + yellow or green + red – both choices will blend nicely into your landscape while bringing some extra harmony towards balancing your chi energy levels too.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

With the understanding of Feng Shui and the energy it brings, it is easy to see why many people are searching for the best plant for their wealth corner. While there are several plants that can be used in this area, some of the best-known ones include lucky bamboo, jade plants, and money trees. Each of these options has been known to bring luck and wealth into a home or workspace when placed properly.

No matter which option you go with, it is important to remember that beauty and good Feng Shui comes from within. The best way to guarantee the success of any plant is to ensure that it gets plenty of light and water as well as being regularly pruned and cared for in order to promote growth.

When placed in an area of your house with plenty of natural sunlight, these plants will reap rewards far beyond simply looking pretty on a windowsill.

Additionally, one should ensure that the symbolic aspects behind each plant selection are taken into consideration when partaking in Feng Shui practices. Lucky bamboo stalks represent strong foundation while jade plants are believed to bring in wealth and prosperity; finally, money trees bring abundance into a space due to their upturned motion at its top resembling a rainfall associated with financial stability.

Feng Shui can provide powerful tools for bringing balance into our lives if done right – something that starts with choosing the correct plants for the wealth corner in our homes or offices. With careful research and practice combined with a bit of patience and care this time-tested practice can lead us forward on our path towards contentment and financial success.

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