Best Art For Love Corner Feng Shui

Feng shui is said to be an ancient Chinese practice to promote the flow of good energy through a dwelling by balancing out different elements and pointing everyone to live in harmony with the environment. Love corner feng shui is an excellent way to create a favorable atmosphere for one’s love life.

It installs an energized space with items such as pictures and artifacts that can bring clarity and good luck. Implemented correctly, it will not just support your relationship but also improve physical and emotional well-being.

The Use of Artwork Artwork can have a powerful impact on your environment, which makes it especially beneficial for creating love corner Feng Shui. It adds positive energy to the room while giving it a sense of beauty and warmth.

It may also bring symbolic value into the picture, such as depicting memories you share together or conveying feelings of gratitude for what you have achieved together. Vibrant artwork can keep your spirits high during times when stress might be present, allowing you to appreciate each other’s presence and enjoy each moment together.

Choosing the Right Art When it comes to selecting the right art for your love corner feng shui, the best approach is to keep things simple yet meaningful. The colors you choose should invoke a warm, romantic feeling, such as shades of pink or red; but they should also symbolize compatibility or balance, like green or blue tones.

In terms of shapes or sizes, try items that are easily noticeable but no overpowering; they should grab your attention without distracting from other important features in the room (like furniture).

Place couples images strategically in order to articulate feelings of unity within them while avoiding any confrontational connotations. Above all else, choose pieces that represent who you are individually as well as whom you are together – that way both parties will be able to find solace and comfort in its presence regardless of their personal preferences or current emotional state.

An Overview of Love Corner Feng Shui Philosophy & Principles

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese philosophical belief system which promotes balance and harmony with nature. This belief is based on the idea that “chi” or invisible energy flows through everything in our environment, including our homes.

It is thought that if these energies are blocked or not balanced, it can have an adverse effect on our lives and well-being. One way to establish harmony with the natural energies of your home is by applying feng shui principles to create a love corner within your home.

Best Art Pieces for the Love Corner

The art pieces you choose for your love corner will be based on personal preference but should reflect a feeling of love and companionship. Here are some ideas of what artwork could be used:

  • A painting depicting romantic scenes such as couples embracing
  • Sculptures or carvings of deities regarded as symbols of love, such as Aphrodite in Ancient Greek culture
  • Paintings featuring potent romantic imagery such as birds and hearts
  • Photographs of loved ones printed out and placed within frames
  • Vibrant colours associated with passion, such as reds and pinks

Location & Placement of Artwork

Once you have chosen which art pieces best reflect your own preferences, it is important to consider where they should go within the bedroom for the optimal feng shui results. Feng Shui experts suggest placing artwork at eye level to generate positive energy, simply because this height gives off a sense of contentment when looking at the art piece due to its familiarity.

Additionally, when inside the bedroom specifically members of the opposite sex should place their artworks on either side for balance.

As far as placement goes, it has been suggested in book ‘The Illustrated Easy Guide To Feng Shui’ (2003) by Lillian Too, that couples should place their artwork together above one bedside table instead; ‘reminding [them] vividly what their relationship stands for’. If single then each person’s respective side tables could do with a small decorative item each or one photo frame might even be wise too harmonize with other elements in the corner.

Essential Art Pieces to Set the Tone for Abundance in Love

The corner known as the Love Corner plays an important role in feng shui and describes the dynamic energy between two people, be it partners, family members or just friends. To add to this special place, consider adding some art pieces to the space that will help you manifest abundance and love. Here are some essential art pieces to set the tone for abundance in love:

  • Family Pictures & Portraits – Adding family pictures and portrait of couples creates a sense of unity, connection and love.
  • Romantic Posters – Images related sweet affectionate behaviors like gentle touching, holding hands or hugging is especially helpful.
  • Inspiring Quotes – Art displaying “love” quotes or affirmations such as “love inspires” can set a fitting mood.

Incorporating artwork into the home helps create a desirable energy surrounding relationships. The aim of art in this corner is not only to add beauty but also to convey a message that reminds us why we cherish those close relationships so much. Wall art with heart images radiating loving energy outwards, or ethereal-looking watercolours with nature scenes from idyllic locales can instantly bring down walls between hearts.

Feng Shui for Love and Marriage

When choosing pictures for the Love Corner remember to keep it positive and uplifting. One could opt for artwork featuring exquisite yellow roses indicating friendship and joy, or even something abstract representing abstract emotion.

When taking photographs at home, focus on precious memories shared between generations; depicting kids playing together happily captures a lot of joy and provides an ideal subject for wall décor too. Landscapes are good choices too since wide-open spaces often inspire feelings of freedom which is key in many happy relationships.

Not only does beautiful scenery connect people spiritually but certain colours have been shown to produce calming effects like pink which corresponds with gentle feelings like understanding and care.

Must-Have Features of Feng Shui Artwork

Feng Shui art is an ancient Chinese practice combining aesthetics with philosophical principles of energy and harmony. Practitioners believe that the right artwork, when strategically placed in the home, can create balance and positive energy. When decorating a Love corner – traditionally a corner of the bedroom – Feng Shui artwork should feature:

  • Round objects;
  • Pink or red colors;
  • Symmetry;
  • Interesting textures;
  • Realistic images.

These characteristics create a cozy atmosphere that encourages actualization of love. Round objects like frames, plates or jars are favored for their symbolism of eternity, connection and unity in relationships. Colors such as pink or red evoke strong emotions associated with romantic love throughout cultures. Feng Shui decor items also feature symmetry for its representation of unconditional love between two halves making up a pair.

Textures play an essential role too, as they infuse rooms with energy that leads to fulfilling physical pleasure shared by both lovers. Interesting shapes and scents also symbolize perfect matchmaking between two human souls.

As per Feng Shui beliefs, realistic images best represent the values behind romance through time as tangible reality has more impact on our subconscious than imaginary visuals. Finally, natural elements such as earthy tones or watery shades help settle any conflict within relations adding stability to a couple’s life journey together.

Finally, art featuring meaningful quotes helps partner connect over their mutual dreams and aspirations removing emotional walls and bring them closer even after long periods apart from one another.

Colour, Symbolism, and Shapes for Love Corner Optimization

The Love Corner of a room with Feng Shui is the most energy-filled and important section. It is connected to all aspects of romantic love and relationships. The right colours, symbols, and shapes are essential to creating an space that will help promote health, luck, balance and growth in an intimate relationship.


  • Red: Love, Intimacy, Passion
  • Pink: Tenderness, Affection
  • Purple: Royalty, Elegance
  • Orange: Fun, Creativity
  • Gold/Yellow: Attraction, Clarity

Utilizing multiple shades of these colours can also add balance and comfort to the corner. Pastel shades can soften the look while a bolder colour can be used to emphasize strength in love. Adding patterns or artwork using these colours will bring vibrancy into the area without being too overwhelming.


Symbols with special significance should be incorporated into the art in the Love Corner in order for it to have an emotional impact on its occupants. For example a couple of birds perched together signifies security in love; A single heart with two names symbolizes unity; A horseshoe brings good luck; Soaring eagles emitting loving energy represent strength and protection; And a pair of doves extending olive branches signify peaceful union between partners.

These symbols can be placed anywhere from strategically hung paintings or pictures to framed wallpapers with inspirational messages.


Aside from including visually appealing patterns & shapes also carry Feng Shui energy which could support strong relationships in many ways. Oval shaped frames reflect companionship & eternity; Circles create harmony & blissful union between partners; Pairings hug inside rectangles creating a supportive environment for your relationship; Diamonds suggest vast riches (financial understanding plus emotional security); And hexagons attract loyalty & understanding among both parties involved.

So choosing artwork that best compliments not only each other’s style but also their personalities is key for positive vibes within any home’s Love Corner corner.

Finalizing the Feng Shui Artwork in Love Corner

The love corner of your home is an important place in the house because it can directly affect how supportive and healthy the relationships are in the family. It is not just about romantic relationships but also reflects how you nurture relationships with friends, parents, siblings, even colleagues.

Adding art pieces for this specific corner need to be done cautiously due to their aesthetics and symbolism. The artwork should be chosen carefully that will reinforce the positive energy and act as a talisman bringing more good things in relationships. Here’s some artwork ideas that will definitely help you create a beneficial space for love corners.

  • Pair of Artworks:
  • Good Vibrations :
  • Peaceful Settings:

Showcasing Examples of Great Love Corner Feng Shui Art

The Love corner of a room is an ideal place to showcase meaningful artwork. Feng Shui art that’s especially created for the love corner should be thoughtfully selected and displayed to promote the best possible energy for two people in a relationship. Here are some ideas for artwork that will nurture your bond and bring out the best in your relationship:

  • Traditional art, such as a painting of a couple embracing or exchanging rings.
  • A framed photograph of you and your partner taken on a special occasion like an anniversary or wedding.
  • Digital wall art with quotes/lyrics from songs that are meaningful to you and your partner.
  • Detailful metal sculptures capturing two animals (in this case birds, tigers, dolphins etc.) snuggling or interacting in a way that symbolizes love and embrace.
  • Customised potraits of both partners alone as well as sharing intimate moments together.

Artwork forces us to connect with it emotionally and when done right – it can even induce physical healing. According to feng shui practitioners, hanging certain kinds of artwork in the love corner helps sustain relationships bond by uplifting its occupants spirits while keeping them focused on their purpose.

Feng Shui Products for Love

Other popular pieces used in a love corner may include stained glass butterflies – which symbolize transformation; soft abstract shapes that evoke peace; as well as live plants that don’t only bring life but also signify growth. Taking into consideration any existing furniture & decor provided by both partners in addition to the wall color – if appropriate – artwork looks great when set against contrastive backdrops featuring energetic hues like reds/oranges/yellows along with more calming aquarium blues & pastels.

By establishing an inspiring focal element – perhaps placing something big like an oversized plant or sizable picture frame at eye-level – complimentary smaller pieces such as 3D sea creature frames look nice above it. With luck coins, housewarming gifts and other symbols associated with good wishes hung above the main item would achieve maximum effectiveness within the space.

Furthermore public displays displaying openly show appreciation for one another & help further strengthen genuine feelings between both individuals present. As artists continue to explore new ways we interact with our spaces – home being no exception – consider how adopting these same methods may also enhance social connections who share similar living quarters.

Creative Ways to Enhance the Impact of Feng Shui Art

Feng shui art is among the most versatile and creative options when it comes to decorating a love corner in your home, to bring some romantic vibes into a couple’s lives. Feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice of environmental manipulation, involving the proper positioning of furniture, colors and objects, which encourages good luck and positive energy. Adding art that follows feng shui principles can have a powerful effect on creating harmony and balance in a space.

Planet Harmony Artwork

One of the best pieces of artwork for any love corner is a piece depicting harmony between two people or planets, which symbolizes unity and passion in relationships. Such pieces can be created in various mediums including oil paintings, collages, fabric works and much more. Colors should be mostly warm with hints of cool tones to echo stability. Placement of this artwork should be either directly across from or on the side to represent dynamism within the relationship.

Positive Image Prints

Another great artwork option for enhancing your love corner are prints featuring positive images – often depicted through symbols such as hearts, butterflies or roses that evoke hope and joy into any setting. The color scheme should consist of vibrant colors such as pink, red and yellow as these are all connected with feelings of sensuality and romance according to feng shui principles. A print featuring two people embracing conveys tenderness and form a log lasting connection too.

Positioning wise visuals like these should be placed facing each other for mutual understanding between both parties involved in relationship while also providing them with unconditional support during tough moments.

Custom Wall Paintings

A neat wall painting custom created specifically for your love corner could be just what you need to express yourselves better as a couple. Choosing specific symbology such as supernaturals stating “Love” signify unconditional ability being shared whether it’s friendship, romantic love etc Placing this near where partners come together will add warmth and comfort quickly transforming the environment creating happy feelings amongst them while optimizing their relationship karma at high levels.

Summary & Conclusion

Feng Shui can provide the perfect environment to manifest the love that you desire. The practice of arranging your physical space in a way that is pleasing and reflects the energy of love influences how you feel and therefore attracts positive energy into your life. If applied correctly, you will soon be able to find yourself in a relationship that can bring joy and happiness.

When using Feng Shui for Love, there are a few key aspects to focus on. It is important to choose the right color palette, such as reds and pinks that symbolize romance and passion, in order to create an atmosphere conducive to finding love. Furthermore, it is also important to optimize the room’s corner with various auspicious objects such as images of couples or other items said to attract good luck.

It is also essential to make sure that both fixed and movable furniture are placed strategically according to the principles of Feng Shui. This means adhering strictly to Feng Shui positions when arranging your furniture; for example, placing two chairs opposite each other is said to signify harmony between two people, which could potentially lead them together romantically if they are seated in this position.

Candles are another great accessory for creating romantic vibes in a room; their soft light helps set the mood for passionate conversations between two people who would like to get acquainted better.

Finally, another important aspect of Feng Shui for Love is making sure not clutter or furniture blocks off any pathways or distracts from the main focal point. Keep things organized by decluttering your space regularly and move items around until everything feels balanced.

Making sure your home looks inviting will help attract potential partners into your life. After all these steps are taken care of, it’s time for letting go of attachment and allowing nature do its work – open up yourself even more towards receiving more love into your life.

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