Bedroom Under Stairs Feng Shui

Bedroom Under Stairs Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice which takes into consideration each person’s individual energy and the flow of “Chi” in every environment. It is important to consider Feng Shui before placing a bedroom under the stairs as this can have a significant effect on how energy as well as other influences are present and managed in that area.

The main idea behind Bedroom Under Stairs Feng Shui is to provide balance by allowing for proper energy circulation and positive vibes in the room.

Identifying Positive Chi Flow The first step in incorporating Bedroom Under Stairs Feng Shui into your home is locating all potential sources of Chi or good energy and deciding where the most advantageous site would be for your bedroom to be located. Generally, those beds located closest to open spaces such as large windows or patios are seen as more desirable energetic sites because they provide better access to healthy air flow, natural light and positive vibes from outside entities.

If possible it might be advantageous to place your bed with its headboard against either wall so you can draw in optimal energies from both directions.

Furniture Considerations For Bedroom Under Stairs Feng Shui In terms of furniture, it is important to create a sense of open space while also avoiding things like excessive clutter or too much darkness within the room. Utilizing items such as bookshelf dividers between beds can help create more diversity within the space while still remaining aesthetically pleasing.

Additionally, if possible try illuminating any dark areas using small hanging lights or subtle overhead fixtures to reduce shadow effects. These practices may help achieve a more nourishing environment overall under the stairs for anyone keeping their bedroom here abiding by Bedroom Under Stairs Feng Shui principles.

Identifying Problematic Areas and Solutions

Creating a productive and peaceful environment within the bedroom under the stairs can be challenging. Feng Shui is about balancing and harmonising the energies within our space. This involves understanding what kind of energies inhabit these areas, how they might affect us, and what we can do to improve the energy flow within this area of your home.

The stairs lead up or down towards other bedrooms in the house which can often create a lack of privacy for the occupants and a feeling of instability in their home situation.

Balancing with Colour

One way to bring balance into this area through colour would be to paint different sections either bright colours or a calming neutral shade like blue or lilac. Bright colours such as pinks or oranges should be avoided at all costs as it could create an overwhelming sense of chaos and unbalance in this room. A neutral colour will allow for a calm ambience while also counteracting any negative energy present due to the stairs being there.

Balance with Artwork

Artwork is another great way to bring some much-needed balance into this space by displaying pieces that reflect peace, harmony, stability, security, nature etc. These paintings should be hung in strategic locations around the bedroom that don’t obstruct movement but still bring in positive energy flow such as hanging above bed headboards or along walls leading out from the bedroom.

It is important that artwork is not overdone so that it doesn’t overwhelm anyone with too much energy all at once; one piece per wall for example would more than suffice if space permits it.

Clearing Out

The last step towards creating a feng shui friendly bedroom under stairs is to clear away any clutter such as boxes, clothing or furniture you no longer need or use on a regular basis.

The Clutter serves as a barrier between good energy and will prevent it from flowing properly throughout your home due to its physical obstructions; placing items belonging in this room outside elsewhere would help make sure there are no hindrances present while also offering visual clarity for both yourself and guests too.

Creating Harmony and Balance Through Layout and Design

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice that seeks to align people and their surroundings with the energy of nature. The goal is to create harmony and balance through layout and design. When it comes to a bedroom under the stairs, feng shui has some specific recommendations. Here are some tips for optimizing your space:


  1. Position the bed so you can see the entrance while in bed.
  2. Keep a low profile furniture as this will make the area look bigger.
  3. Create a flowing pathway between points in the room.

The layout of a bedroom under the stairs should be designed with comfort and balance in mind. To begin, position the bed so that you can see the entrance while in bed. This will provide security and safety as well as maximizing available space.

Keeping low profile furniture in this area will also help make it appear larger than it actually is. Finally, creating a smooth pathway ergomically connected to other points within the room like windows, doors and lamps will promote more natural energy flow throughout the space.


  • Choose bright colors such as yellow or orange.
  • Bring nature into this space with plants or hanging art pieces featuring nature scenes.
  • Place mirrors around to spread light throughout room.

The choice of decor should be thoughtfully considered when designing a bedroom under stairs according to feng shui guidelines. Bright and cheerful colors like yellows or oranges are recommended over dreary or dark shades.

Incorporating elements from nature like houseplants, flower arrangements or artwork featuring beautiful landscapes can activate life-giving energy from mother nature which helps create balance in such an enclosed area. Additionally, strategically placing mirrors around can help expand small spaces by reflecting light back into the room while also promoting positive chi flow.

Feng Shui Plants for the Bedroom

The Five Elements of Feng Shui in a Bedroom Environment

Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese art of placement and design, is about creating balance and harmony. This art form applies to every aspect of life including the home. One small area in a home that sometimes gets overlooked when considering Feng Shui is bedroom under stairs. In this unique place can create an atmosphere for relaxation and restful sleep by utilizing the Five Elements of Feng Shui.

The five elements are earth, metal, water, wood, and fire. To best apply these elements in a bedroom under stairs environment the walls should be painted a solid color with accenting objects to bring in each element.

Earth tones which express stability and nurturance make great base colors for a room as do pastel blues which reflect tranquility often needed in a slumber space. Metal objects such as wall hangings etched from nature or sculptures bring in a quality of strength and endurance.

Keeping plants near by provides a presence of organic growth which uses the energy of wood. A bowl with stones near the bed adds in elements from the earth and also provide soothing sound if gently run over when feeling anxious or restless at night. Lastly water should be represented symbolically on one wall in order complete the five elements of Feng Shui.

For best results use items that naturally attract good energy such as crystals which they absorb negative vibes into them allowing positivity to fill their space instead. For even better luck orientating furniture towards abundance inducing compass points such as North-East can further support filling up with harmonizing magnetic capabilities that flow like waves through our living space once again bringing about necessary balance for restful nights slumber under your stairs bedroom.

Creating an Intimate Space Under Stairs

The area under your stairs is a great place to create an intimate, cozy and private space. This can be decorated in a way that fits the Feng Shui design principles. By incorporating the five elements of Feng Shui, you will be able to improve the energy flow within your home.

All of these elements come together to create an environment that promotes balance and harmony, which is very important according to traditional Chinese philosophies. Here are some decoration and design tips on how to create a tranquil bedroom retreat for yourself or your Guests:

Add plants

Adding plants into the bedroom design is very important for achieving good Feng Shui as they bring life energy (also called “chi”). Try hanging some trailing plants like Philodendron around the stairwell walls or take up some vertical gardening with Boston ferns for a truly inspired look. Corner-sitting potted greenery will soften up any harsh corners and adding them around bedding adds extra comfort – not just visually but also with additional oxygen generated in the room.

Choose comfortable furnishings

Furniture such as an armchair or beanbag adds great functionality and comfort in small spaces while not taking up too much of it. The addition of soft throws and cushions gives spacial warmth where needed. Choose simple furniture pieces that use gentle curves rather than sharp edges. This will enhance the overall feel for a sense of tranquility rather than feeling boxed in.

Incorporate Colours & Textures

Soft colors like blues and greens give off calming vibes while yellows welcome positivity. Use different textures such as rugs, blankets, throw pillows or artwork to add texture without cluttering up the bedroom space even further. Choose light textures such as linen materials, sheer curtains or natural fibres like wicker baskets or blankets made from bamboo yarns when decorating Feng-Shui-minded bedrooms underneath staircases.

Accessorizing to Enhance the Room

Bedroom under stairs Feng shui is an interesting way to transform a small, awkward space into a cozy and inviting bedroom. To maximize the potential of this particular type of layout in the home, certain elements should be taken into consideration.

Good quality items and accessories should be chosen that bring a sense of peace and tranquility to the area. Furthermore, careful attention should be paid to the color selection as it plays an important role in setting the overall mood of the bedroom.


One of the most crucial aspects for bedroom under stairs Feng shui is lighting. Since this kind of space can often feel cramped and confined, ample light should be added during the design process in order to create a much more spacious feeling. This can be achieved by adding soft light sources such as lamps which will help enhance positively chi (energy) while also creating some visual illusion of more space.

Mirrors are also great for bouncing up light around the room. Placement of mirrors can also help direct or shift energy to useful areas in order to make the best out of what little space available there is. Additionally, Feng Shui encourages us to add elements that bring in natural light from outdoors where possible since natural light brings in so much life and energy into your environment.

Layout & Furniture Selection

The furniture layout for a bedroom under stairs Feng shui is very important since it must take full advantage of limited area within this type of space. It is advisable that no large pieces are placed near doors as it will impede access from other parts of the house and impede flow chi around these spaces.

Additionally, bulky furniture should also be avoided as they occupy huge amounts of floorspace which might not end up enhancing one’s comfort level but instead make them even more boxed-in than before.

Optimal use can be made from walls and corners since these tend to allow some much-needed breathing room when designed properly. As for color choices for such a room they must align with energy patterns – warm colors like oranges, yellows or reds would work great here as they all create warmth which is essential when dealing with cramped spaces using Feng Shui techniques.

Fish Tank in Bedroom Feng Shui

Incorporating Nature Elements

Feng Shui practitioners love utilizing nature elements wherever possible since they work hard to balance out energies brought on by man-made structures found inside our homes – especially where smaller bedrooms are involved. A few choice green elements like plants can go a long way towards introducing life back into stale environments, while also providing texture relief in tight quarters like bedrooms tucked beneath staircases.

Alternatively investing in gemstones such as amethyst or rose quartz could help promote inner calmness and heal emotional imbalances brought about by constantly being distracted or overwhelmed – something we often feel when constantly surrounded by modern distractions.

Focusing on the Right Types of Energy & Feng Shui Principles

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese art form which promotes the placement of elements in any given space to create an environment which encourages positive energy and vibes. A bedroom under stairs is traditionally considered a taboo location because it symbolically cuts the home into pieces, creating separations where unity should exist.

It is believed that when living quarters are placed under stairs, negative energies can develop due to the lack of flow and freedom. However, there are certain feng shui principles that can be applied to make an under-stair bedroom livable and inviting.

Considered Furniture Placement

When converting an under-stair area to a bedroom, special attention must be paid to how the furniture is arranged since its crucial for allowing energies to flow freely through the room. Bedroom furniture should generally be kept off of the walls and out of corners for optimal balance; try instead pushing pieces together away from walls but still creating a symmetrical layout that allows for movement around them.

It’s also recommended that beds not face towards the direction of stairs themselves, which creates tension and blockage in the space, nor should they be placed directly below or above them as this would not direct positive chi towards you while sleeping.

Incorporating Positive Elements

Since small spaces can often feel cramped and claustrophobic, it’s important to use Feng Shui techniques such as mirrors and open windows to open up your low-ceilinged bedroom and increase its potential for positive energy flow. Mirrors create an illusion of more spaciousness by doubling light reflections within a room or adding depth perception where there isn’t much ceiling height available.

Additionally, placing a few plants near windows or elsewhere in order bring greenery indoors helps revitalize air quality while encouraging life force in your bedroom-a necessity when dealing with negative yin energy (which accumulates naturally from enclosed areas).

Using Color Psychology

Small spaces already lack natural light meaning creativity must come into play when attempting to make dark under stair bedrooms cozy by using color psychology in design elements like wallpaper or bedding choices. Cooler color hues such as blue, green provide calming effects while ‘earthy’ colors like browns encourage relaxation – These shades have been proven beneficial when attempting to create serene sleeping patterns – something especially necessary for confined bedrooms underneath stair cases.

Adding pops of warm colors like oranges or pinks also contribute percentages wellbeing due their capacity lift spirits; these shades can add joyous touches via accessories – paintings/rugs etc – without overwhelmingyour tiny lower level sanctuary.


Feng Shui is a system of geomancy that harmonizes your personal energy with the environment around you. Incorporating Feng Shui into your bedroom under stairs can help bring more tranquility and balance into your living space. There are several tips to maximize the Feng Shui in this type of sleeping area.

The first thing to consider when optimizing the bedroom Feng Shui is the bed placement. It should be placed in such a way that it does not face any of the walls or spaces, but instead is close enough to one side so as to appear relaxed and inviting.

You should also use curtains or shades on the window near your bed for privacy and create a sense of enclosure within this area. Additionally, you want to avoid clutter by having storage solutions or furniture pieces near your bed so as not to overwhelm the space and detract from its calming energy.

In addition to optimizing bed placement, decor is another important factor in maximizing bedroom Feng Shui under your stairs. Try hanging artwork around and above the bed, using colors that energize and uplift you for a positive atmosphere. Natural materials such as wood, stones, or jade will help create a peaceful environment with an earthy feel – perfect for those looking to enhance their wellbeing through relaxation techniques such as yoga or meditation.

Plants and flowers can also be used throughout this area for both aesthetic purposes as well as purifying air quality while promoting positivity and harmony with nature’s energies. Mirrors should also be avoided due to their reflective properties which may scatter energy from entering this enclosed space positively.

Finally, add some special touches like essential oils diffusers, Himalayan salt lamps, light accessories such as fairy lights or night lights, candles or even wind chimes – all helping to create an ideal ambience conducive for relaxation after long days spent away from home.

With these simple tips in mind plus some creative thinking of how best arranging items can be done according to feng shui principles; achieving a balanced inner atmosphere inside this small bedroom under the stairs will come easily.

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