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Bagua Feng Shui is a design practice that is based on traditional Chinese metaphysics. Many people use it in their homes and offices both for luck and improved health. The Bagua map is used to plan the space around an area to encourage positive energy and bring good fortune to its inhabitants. Applying the principles of Feng Shui to an office space can be very beneficial for business growth, productivity, team morale and overall success.

The history of Feng Shui as a design principle dates back thousands of years ago in China, when Emperor Fu Hsi observed the eight trigrams which are derived from Taoist philosophy of Yin-Yang balance. Bagua is believed to bring harmony between occupants and their environment, as well as keeping negative energy from accumulating too strongly in any one spot.

It works by redirecting energies that flow through the space, using placement of furniture and other items to effectively influence this energy called Chi or Qi (pronounced chee).

The idea behind Bagua Feng Shui office is that certain areas within the work place attract specific types of energies that can positively or adversely affect productive output. By following Feng Shui guidelines when designing a workspace, you can create an environment that supports workflow, collaboration, motivation, creativity, problem solving while also creating a more balanced atmosphere where everyone can work in peace.

Feng shui practitioners focus on identifying zones with strong chi flow and blocking out spots where stagnant or visible polluting influences exist such as clutter or outdated technology/equipment. The bagua map further subdivides these spaces into specific sections: fame/reputation; relationships; helpful people/travel; career; knowledge; family/health; wealth and children/creativity – with each area corresponding to various aspects of life which need attention at any given time for optimum productivity levels.

Once those have been identified they will suggest specific remedies such as adding symbols (like coins), or attractive pieces (artwork) etc., all with the goal of bringing more positive vibes into the different departments featured near them.

Benefits and Benefits of Using Bagua Feng Shui in the Office

Incorporating Feng Shui into the office space is a great way to improve the work environment and increase productivity. The practice of Bagua Feng Shui, specifically, offers many advantages to traditional office layout.

Bagua Feng Shui involves designing the office space according to energy maps and directions in order to attract positive energy sources or “chi” which will bring good luck, success and abundance. By strategically placing furniture and décor in a certain manner, employees can greatly benefit from working in such an atmosphere.

The use of Bagua Feng Shui in the workplace has been proven to have numerous advantages, both for employers and employees alike. For employers, applying this ancient Chinese art of geomancy can bring increased business success as well as reduced stress caused by numerous factors such as deadlines, tight schedules or even interpersonal relationships between co-workers.

It also helps improve employee morale due to its focus on spiritual wellbeing and increasing the flow of positive energy in the workspace. Employees may feel more relaxed and happy with their career goals when they are surrounded by an atmosphere that promotes harmony instead of competition and stress.

Additionally, Bagua Feng Shui promotes efficient workflow and organization within the workplace. This system can create guidelines on how each section of the office should be laid out so that tasks get done efficiently without any disturbances. It also supports confidentiality by keeping important documents secure through proper filing protocols implemented in designated areas within the office space.

This allows owners to maintain quality control while still staying modernized with current trends regarding organization methods. Lastly, when sources of natural light are implemented throughout a building design there can be immediate increases in overall moods which could lead to further enhancement at work due to improved moods during particularly grueling shifts or projects.

Fundamental Principles of Feng Shui and How to Implement Them

Feng Shui is a practice based on ancient Chinese philosophy that involves arranging rooms and objects in one’s environment to promote harmony and positive energy flow. The Bagua Feng Shui Office is a way of applying these principles to an office space, helping to ensure a productive and balanced working atmosphere.

When it comes to implementing the Bagua Feng Shui Office, the following key elements should be taken into consideration:

  • Location: The entrance should be placed away from a busy street or direct sunlight, as this can affect productivity and cause restlessness.
  • Layout: The layout of the office needs to flow smoothly with straight pathways and natural curves.
  • Colors: Bright colors symbolizing life and nature, such as blues, greens, and purples should be integrated into the design.
  • Lighting: Natural or soft lighting should be used instead of harsh overhead lights because too much light can have an effect on moods and concentration.
  • Walls: Wallpapers with natural patterns or landscape images help create feelings of pleasantness in an office space.

Once these fundamentals are met, there are some more specific approaches that can further enhance the energy levels throughout the room. Objects such as mirrors, aquariums, live plants, wind chimes, artwork depicting calming scenes or mountainscapes all evoke feelings of security. Furthermore, ensuring that desks are uncluttered and furniture is organized helps maintain clarity for workers. Finally, placing items including coins or firefigures strategically around the workspace can draw in wealth luck while attracting auspicious energy from outside sources.

Color, Furniture, and Layout Influences on Bagua

Bagua Feng Shui is a Chinese philosophical system that uses elements of design to bring balanced energy into any space. Traditionally used for homes, Bagua can be applied in the office setting to help workers stay productive and creative. To maximize its effect, the use of colors, furniture, and layout will need to be arranged carefully according to one’s bagua map.

Cactus Plant in Office Feng Shui


When implementing bagua feng shui in an office, color plays a major role in determining the overall atmosphere of the workspace. Color is believed to influence people’s feelings and can promote positive energy within a space.

Each area on the bagua map is associated with different colors that should be incorporated into any office. For example, by using shades of blue in the Career/Path section it helps promote progress and by introducing gentle greens in the Fame/Reputation sector; it encourages recognition and growth within your company.


Choosing furniture for your office while following bagua feng shui will also create a balancing effect within your workspace that reflects on all aspects of life-spiritual, physical, mental, emotional, and professional. You should select pieces with clean lines and avoid those with sharp angles or pointy edges in order to invite positivity into your space.

Additionally you should utilize positions that best tie-in with corresponding areas on your bagua map meaning placing desks on either side of you creates better flow surrounding career development while placing shelves nearby can help promote wisdom or knowledge accordingly.


Finally laying out the interior decoration for an office using bagua feng shui requires considerable thought when planning placement of each element such as seating, desk positions, etcetera-preferably with respect to where each lies along various sectors indicated via one’s bagua map interpretation.

Following this approach helps foster agreement between employee relationships but also supports corporate goals too due to effortless display accentuating ones capabilities while at work both intuitively and symbolically-inviting luck towards future success but also continuing current achievements simultaneously without disturbance or disruption.

Selecting Appropriate Elements for Your Offices Bagua

Feng shui is a Chinese system of harmonizing one’s environment to better promote good luck, health and fortune. Bagua refers to the eight energy areas of a space. Office space can benefit greatly from its Feng Shui Bagua map which is a tool used in arranging rooms for increased productivity, income potential and more. Here are some elements to consider when designing your office bagua:

  • Colour selection: The Bagua map uses several specific colors which represent different aspects of life. From strong black representing wealth, red for power and light blues to signify wisdom, these colors should be used when furnishing or decorating the office.
  • Visual Aids: Photos, symbols or artwork should be carefully chosen to reflect the desired energy within the designated sections of the Bagua. For example in the Career / Profession area can hang art depicting triumphant battles or warriors such as a carving of Guan Gong while in Wealth section have artwork featuring mountains with water running.
  • Placement of Furniture pieces: Depending on which of the 8 areas require greater emphasis or support it’s important to properly place furniture through directed design techniques so that employees are naturally drawn into spaces where dealing with particular tasks.

To ensure that your Feng Shui designed office carries out its intended purpose it’s essential that you correctly design it with attention to detail and accuracy. Failing to properly implement this could leave to potential problems further down the line. To achieve success even before embarking on this process it is helpful to take note of how energy affects us all differently by understanding what needs improvement inside your workspace.

Doing this will give an indication as which elements will need more attention such as enhancing creativity with initiatives like having plants around your desk or brightening up glum tones by introducing bolder colours. Not matter what choices you make when designing an office décor notes should always be made on how individual staff interacts with their surroundings and ultimately feel comfortable and energised while being productive at work.

Another important step is clearing out excessive clutter from tables desks chairs shelves etc as too much physical untidiness can lead to disparities among employees’ moods leading arguments between colleagues. Reminder there is an old saying “A tidy workplace means a tidy mind” therefore sorting out contained chaos allows for greater stability and communication in the working environment.

Feng Shui Location and Direction Tips for the Office

Bagua Feng shui offers practical and elemental advice for the location of an office in order to promote a better working atmosphere. According to ancient Feng Shui beliefs, the proper placement of items within the office can bring a sense of greater balance and harmony into the workplace and, it is thought, increase productivity as well. By understanding the Bagua map and applying these principles, you can improve the work flow in your office by creating a more comfortable environment.

Integrating Feng Shui Principles Into Your Office

One key principle to keep in mind when setting up a new workspace is to keep things clear, open free from clutter and take note of any obstructions or blockages that may exist which could have an impact on energy flow. Use colors that you like as they often generate positive energy.

Also ensure that furniture is arranged so that it does not block your entrance from view so your energy does not get blocked when entering the room. Here are some tips for implementing Feng Shui principles in an office:

  • Ensure desks are placed facing outward if possible so that your back isn’t turned towards something.
  • Lights should be natural rather than fluorescent as this will create a more ambient atmosphere.
  • Place objects carefully around the room – try to ensure there’s nothing blocking any entrances or exits.
  • Incorporate living plants into your decorating scheme.
  • Add touches such as wind chimes or art pieces such as pyramids and crystals to increase positive energy.

Understanding The Bagua Map

The Bagua Map (eight trigrams) is essential for achieving harmony with Feng Shui because it divides our space into 8 sections representing different areas which relate symbolically to specific archetypes. Knowing where each area falls will help you to determine which objects are powerful enough to attract what kind of ‘chi’ (energy).

Some objects should be placed on certain parts of the Bagua depending on their symbolic meaning; for example, a water fountain would go in North-West corner of the map as this area relates specifically with abundance and wealth.

Other considerations include adding prosperity coins or ‘Fu Dogs’ here for extra power. Within industries such as finance or legal services in particular, having knowledge of fengshui can provide greater insight into how best managing clients while keeping morale high amongst staff members.

Feng Shui Offices

Art of Creating Balance in the Office Through Bagua

The art of feng shui has been around for centuries, though it is becoming increasingly popular in home and office design. Bagua feng shui is an interpretation of the original feng shui principles which can be used to ensure a balanced, healthy workspace. Bagua also promotes productivity and performance by creating harmony between the ‘Nine Life Aspects’, or ‘Ba Gua’.

Creating Balance with Color

Bagua focuses heavily on combining the right colors and textures to create an ideal work environment. Red, yellow, white and blue are thought to promote creativity and good energy flow while black can reduce negative energies. Soft earthy tones such as greens and browns may be used to bring about feelings of composure and peace. Colors should also match or complement each other to represent different elements harmoniously coexisting with one another.

Strategic Placement

It is important that furniture pieces like desks, chairs and filing cabinets are strategically placed within the workspace in order to maximize energy flow throughout the room. Bagua advises against having furniture blocking entrances or doorways as this can create negative chi (energy). A good rule of thumb is to keep objects at least three feet away from entrances/exits in order to ensure a free-flowing chi through your entire office space.

Promoting Flow With Decor

Decorative objects such as artwork, vases or plants should aim at encouraging a sense of peacefulness amongst employees without conflicting with the overall aesthetic of the office space. Candles or incense sticks may further help promote clean air flow throughout an office environment and reduce stress levels among its occupants. Additionally, you may want to place salt lamps around the space to support living energy – something which could also enrich performance of those working there.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Incorporating Bagua Feng Shui Office

One of the most common mistakes people make when incorporating Bagua Feng Shui into their office space is to overlook the importance of cluttered spaces. Clutter has a way of creating disturbances in energy flow, and this can impede one’s success in either work or personal endeavors.

To create an environment that encourages productivity and success, it is important to declutter any space by removing unused items and organizing your belongings into respective areas (i.e., desk supplies, filing cabinets, etc). This will help ensure that the energy is unobstructed as it moves from one section to another while also providing a clean and organized workspace.

Another mistake many make when incorporating Bagua Feng Shui into their office space is not paying attention to the positioning of furniture and other objects. All objects should be placed symmetrically throughout the space to achieve a pleasing balance.

It’s important that all items are positioned in accordance with proper bagua principles for optimal results. Overlooking this detail can lead to a room feeling off-kilter or unbalanced which can be detrimental for the overall well-being of those inhabiting it.

Lastly, people often forget about utilizing specific colors and shapes when arranging their Bagua Feng Shui office space. Colors play an essential role in setting a tone inside a room; certain colors elicit certain emotions which could prove beneficial depending on the desired outcome you wish to achieve within your office space (i.e., calming blues & purples provide serenity while vibrant reds & oranges bring excitement).

Similarly, shapes should be considered during arrangement; round shapes are believed to promote energetic flow while square shapes represent stability which could be beneficial depending on what type of activity takes place in the office itself. Not taking advantage of color psychology or geometric symbolism within the design limits potential effectiveness within your bagua layout.


Overall, the amalgamation of Bagua Feng Shui elements within an office space can have tremendous benefits on the daily lives of those who work there. The wisdom behind this ingenious system is not to be underestimated as it acts as a way to regulate positive energy accordingly throughout the space. Through the implementation of specific items and objects, it is possible to promote feelings of luck, wealth, prosperity and overall balance within a designated area.

One significant result that individuals may see when infusing the Bagua Feng Shui principles into their office workspace is improved productivity. It is believed that higher energy levels result from practices such as organized clutter management, bringing natural light into designated areas creating a fresher working environment inside.

Creating symmetry in certain sections also enables easier flow towards success and accomplishment – whether it be pertaining to financial wealth or energizing contentment – through emphasizing vital areas such as the living room and entrance section within an office space can thus induce subtle shifts in these aspects all together.

Making sure that debris or documents are filed in an efficient manner also helps regulate energy circulation properly throughout an office, thus removing potential blockages from transpiring randomly at any given time without true knowledge or insight behind said action.

Furthermore, it is strongly recommended to keep an up-to-date calendar or planner handy as having relevant information available at all times will enable someone who works inside this space to have more control over scheduling his/her life with greater precision according to what their needs require from day-to-day objectives being accomplished consistently with relative ease.

Overall, if used correctly incorporating Bagua Feng shui principles into one’s lifestyle either inside home offices or professional ones will bring about tremendous amounts of positive growth and enhancement both inwardly and outwardly depending on how implemented diligently with sound knowledge about what results await from following advice offered by wise practitioners past down for future generations to appreciate its magnificent powers still today.

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