Feng Shui Office Color Schemes

Feng Shui office color schemes have become increasingly popular among forward-thinking companies that want to create a positive and productive work environment. By implementing Feng Shui techniques, a company can leverage the symbolic power of different colors in order to boost morale, productivity and communication within the organization.

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice based on patterns of energy called chi and its flow. By understanding chi, people can learn how to balance their living or work environments in order to attract good fortune and abundance for those who inhabit it. Feng shui experts agree that color plays an important part in this balance; and that, different colors invoke certain energy patterns associated with them.

Blue, for example, is believed to inspire trustworthiness and confidence; green invites productivity, calm relaxation; while red stimulates passion and ambition. Choosing the right Feng Shui office color scheme means combining colors that best match the purpose of each area of the office; be it for collaboration spaces or private conversations offices.

To choose an effective Feng shui office color scheme you should take into consideration several factors such as identifying primary energetic areas based on room orientation (northwest) or its use (meeting areas). After determining dominant energetic themes around each area of your office, you can start exploring which colors will best set that particular energy in motion.

Furthermore; once you have established the optimal Feng shui colors for each space, adding small doses of complementary or opposing colors may be just what’s needed to bring dynamism into the atmosphere such as motivating accents like red along with calming blues where necessary. It’s also advisable to use lightening techniques that brighten up darker areas making more attractive spaces without impacting their fundamental energies too much.

Overall thoughtful use and artistic application of various elements related Feng shui office color schemes can result in powerful atmospheres where creativity flourishes while boosting morale and efficiency all at once.

Working With Colors Of Dignity

Feng shui office color schemes can have a strong influence on the productivity and clarity of the workspace. The Chinese believe that different colors can bring different energies and suggest particular characteristics that may evoke happiness or generate a feeling of accomplishment. Therefore, it is important to infuse some of these colors into your home office space in order to create an ideal environment for work.

One popular Feng Shui approach is to use neutral colors such as cream, white, gray or tan. These colors represent practicality, structure, restfulness and dignity in Feng Shui. A home office with a lot of neutral tones conveys an aura of sophistication while giving off feelings of serenity and balance. Creating walls or surfaces with light panels or panels that are painted in all one color will draw attention away from any physical messes in the room.

In terms of other hues and shades, various combinations of blues, greens and yellows are also great options for home offices. Blues represent coolness, clarity, loyalty and depth – imparting feelings of stability and trustworthiness whilst staying organized.

Greens symbolize growth and rebirth – they often suggest relaxation rather than tension when incorporated into a home office setting because this hue stands for beginnings, prosperity and healing. Yellows evoke positivity; they simulate enthusiasm by brightening the mood up or creating energy – making them good Feng Shui choices for a work station where enthusiasm is required to stay productive throughout the day.

Benefits Of Incorporating Feng Shui Colors To Your Office Space

  • Structured & Clarity: Neutral-colored walls & surfaces invite practicality & focus.
  • Reassurance & Stability: Blues provide loyalty & trust.
  • Growth: Greens emphasize healing & newness.
  • Enthusiasm: Yellows stimulate energy & invite productivity.

Bold & Bright

Feng shui specifies that office colors should be selected to create an environment that is conducive to productivity. In order to achieve a bold, bright atmosphere in the corporate workplace, strategic use of certain reds and yellows can evoke strength and vitality for the occupants.

  • Fiery Reds: Using colors from the reddish hue family of fuchsia, magenta, crimson and burgundy can invigorate the corporate workspace. These reddish tones stimulate passion and confidence making them ideal for offices with large windows that allow plenty of natural light.
  • Warm Yellows: Sending off rays of warmth into any corporate office setting, yellow is a great color choice for accent pieces or as part of an art collection. Choose shades such as butter yellow, daffodil yellow or lemonade yellows to capture a soft & powerful energy.
  • Rich Natural Tones: To bring balance to your reds & yellows pair them with deep earthy hues like typical sandy desert tones or tans with gold-flecked accents like ochre & burnt sienna.

When combined with neutral tones such as white, black or gray many deep colors are able to provide a feeling of high quality yet professionalism at the same time. For professional environments it’s best practice to stick with strong intense colors. Soft shades will work in other types of atmospheres but they may not be suitable in a business setting as they tend to have less intensity.

In addition, incorporating bright bold blues will generate creativity within any workplace while also conveying harmony. Shades such as sky blue and royal blue look great when placed against warm and vibrant reds thus creating contrast and a sense clarity for all members present. Green hues also offer immense possibilities by providing peace, health & harmony along with plentiful opportunities for splashes of brightness throughout an office space invigorating everyone who enters the area with its energy.

Feng Shui Office Cubicle

Earthy Energies

Feng Shui principles emphasize the importance of a harmonious environment for increased productivity and well-being. The application of these principles in the workplace can be seen through careful consideration of desk and office layout as well as color schemes. Earthy tones represent the natural elements with vibrant, organic shades creating energetic and positive work environments.

Earth tone colors offer many benefits including:

  • Promoting feelings of relaxation and stability
  • Intensifying communication with co-workers by setting a calm atmosphere
  • Introducing balance between humans and nature into the workplace

The combination of vibrant green walls, sleek brown furniture, and grey accents create an energizing adventure throughout any workspace. Not only are earth tones pleasing to look at, but they possess vitality due to their association with nature. Green is known for creating good concentration skills, brown for its grounding feeling, while grey relaxes both body and soul without being dull or boring.

It is important to remember that using such powerful earth tones may make some feel overwhelmed if used in high contrast combinations. Therefore it’s best to combine light and dark shades together; this will help break up high contrast changes when people occasionally look away from their monitors helping them retain focus on tasks for long periods or time or prevent eyestrain.

Choosing lighter variations of these colors not only gives off a calming sensation within the office but also aids designers achieve a contemporary atmosphere when paired with contemporary furniture pieces such as metal filing cabinets or leather chairs coupled with wooden desks or tables. By injecting brown into such spaces via furniture offers gentleness into otherwise harsh surroundings created by metals, concrete finishes or white computer screens.

A successful modern design highlighting earthtone colors should contain highlights of olive greens partnered with soft lavenders on one wall which when balanced correctly can create a subtle variation throughout the entire workspace making hallways stand out compared to other parts of the office interior space. This will then be supported with additional shades such as deep teal blues or burnt oranges that add further texture to desktop areas without overwhelming visitors during tours of large corporate offices.

By carefully selecting hues that draw inspiration from nature reveals an eye pleasing palette which provides practicality through relevance to hard materials while invoking emotional wellbeing through diverse colors perfect for workflows lacking creativity boosters. These bright yet neutral colors inspire feelings of vibrancy encouraging collaboration between staff members ensuring that everyone enjoys their work environment allowing your productivity levels soar higher each day.

Into The Blue

A feng shui office color scheme shining with clarity and calming energy can be created through the thoughtful combination of inviting shades of blues. True blues such as phthalo blue, cobalt or ultramarine oftentimes signify to us a yearning for the vastness and freedom of Mother Nature’s oceans and skies. And looking to Nature to soothe our senses often leads us down the path towards relaxation and wellbeing.

When placing these tones into an office space, the atmosphere should instantly become tranquil. The soothing serenity experienced from both blues and green is highly refreshing and must first be noted by any visitor that steps inside an office where they are favored amongst the decor.

A very simple way to achieve this would be by taking subtle hints from companies whose mission revolves around healthy water-based lifestyles – adventures on boats, surfing, camping near beaches or long walks along river sidings for instance; adding just an accent wall in a ‘surfboard’ blue would likely reflect such chill vibes quite well.

  • Adding hints from companies with healthy water based lifestyles can be achieved by simply adding an accent wall in a ‘Surfboard’ Blue
  • Phthalo Blue, Cobalt & Ultramarine provide clarity & calming energy when placed in an office space.
  • True shades Blues evoke yearning for the vastness & freedom of Mother Nature’s Oceans & Skies

Subtle panels of trim whites painted over calmer shades of sea foam blue or tone-down navy blues add thoughtfully placed structure within an ocean blue room; evoking even further ideas associated with serene boat peacefully quietly sailing through shallow waters – encouraging productivity, everyday organization while keeping tactile distractions at bay.

Simple touches like other classic nautical decor elements such as rope trims hung on walls or coastal inspired art pieces framed up within neutral track lighting throughout further ground this type of environment within reasonableness yet leaves plenty support for innovation through imagination during working hours spent inside while also providing guests with pleasant visual memories each time they visit.

Light Up The Landscape

The use of purple in office Feng Shui is one of the most common applications for those seeking to harness the subtle energy of balance and harmony. In this article, we will explore how purple influences your mental disposition, as well as what specific benefits it can have on your work environment.

To understand the power of purple at an intangible level, it is important to acknowledge its connection to creativity and intuition. Purple resonates with our third eyes-the part of our inner psyche where inspiration and newfound perspectives originate from. This explains why so many artists and visionaries are drawn to this hue and why some astrologists suspect that this color holds a fascination with higher spiritual guidance.

From a tangible standpoint, incorporating hues like lilac or lavender into your workspace color scheme can be advantageous for a number of reasons:

  • It adds a feeling of depth, warmth & luxury.
  • It creates an atmosphere conducive to fostering creative ideas.
  • It raises perception levels & helps you look outside the box.
  • It introduces calming vibes & invites joy.
  • It stimulates ideas & inspires innovation.
Feng Shui Home Office Design

Feng shui provides us with countless tips about creating office spaces conducive to productivity – color theory being among them – however no matter what design sensibility you lean towards, steering clear of purples lightest values such as lavender can only heed positive results.

By introducing these muted blues in part or totality into your office space decor, you will be unable to witness first-hand its tempering effect on stress levels and how its ability to promote focused yet relaxed concentration will prove useful in getting the job done efficiently.

Beyond The Walls

Sprucing up an office with a color scheme that promotes productivity and comfort is the aim of those practicing Feng Shui for the workplace. The ancient practice of “placing energy” works to open up areas of the office, eliminate distractions, and bring together all design elements to create a harmonious work-focused space. To ensure optimal success in implementing a Feng Shui color scheme, it’s important to pay attention to the principles outlined by the Chinese art form.

According to experts in this field, it’s best to start with colors that promote peace and calm such as blue or green. These colors increase feelings of serenity, which can lead to greater clarity of thought while working at one’s desk. Adding accents around the room should center around these two base colors.

Hints of pink or brown can be used to soften edges while still maintaining a peaceful aura in the workspace. Accents such as decorative stones or plants further promote harmony and positive energy within the walls of your office.

It is also essential to take note of how much natural light enters your workspace every day as this will directly impact how you select your wall colors. If there are bright sunny windows that let in a lot of natural light, lighter shades are best since they will help reflect some of this excess light back outwards without making it too overwhelming during work hours.

However, darker shades may be more appropriate to block off harsh sun rays that can cause discomfort later in the afternoon when everyone’s eyes are becoming strained after long hours spent behind their desks. Depending on the available light sources, you can adjust which hues you decide on for optimal productivity throughout each workday.

In addition, investing in soft lighting systems can create an ambient feel during down time hours if necessary blue light exposure does not fit into daily routines easily. Cafes or study rooms may benefit most from warm accent lights such as wall sconces which do not overwhelm but instead ease stress from extended periods spent facing computer screens indoors.

Ultimately every experiment with interior designs should be tailored specifically for each individual worksheet based on their habits and lifestyle needs for ultimate happiness and productivity at work.


Feng Shui office color schemes have recently seen a huge surge in popularity, with businesses wanting to create positive and productive working environments. Color can be used to encourage creativity, promote clear thinking, or just to create an atmosphere which employees enjoy being in. Every workplace has its own unique needs and challenges, so creating the perfect office color scheme will require careful consideration.

The color of the walls should be the starting point for any Feng Shui designs. For a balanced approach to Feng Shui design, it is important to select a wall color that will be universally pleasing and calming but still offers a subtle hint of energy and excitement.

Neutral tones are generally best here, as they don’t draw attention away from the other elements of the room. Lighter colors such as pastels can also help create an inviting atmosphere without being too distracting.

To further enhance your design you can add bolder accent colors and humanize your office space by including artwork or plants which reflect your company’s ethos or identity. Different colors help evoke different emotions within people – blue for calmness or trust while yellow evokes physical energy, passion towards work etc.

Care must be taken not to go overboard with bright research has shown extreme contrasts in color can have an adverse effect on productivity. Finding complementary shade variations of one tone typically creates a sense of equilibrium that encourages good work performance and classifies the mood you want within the workplace environment.

Accessories like furniture, carpets, lamps etc must also be considered when deciding on an office’s overall aesthetic appeal; there should be harmony between textures and subtle complimentary hues across all items in each area given their usability and importance throughout daily life at work.

When considering fabrics for chairs or rugs try using heavier textures like wools or microfibers instead of silks which won’t stain easily from footwear use on them – this way you can keep you workplace looking cleaner each day you are scheduled into it.

Finally, always remember to allow natural light into the space if possible – this activates positive chi energy flow (also known as a universal life force). Natural light combined with some carefully chosen Feng Shui Office Color Schemes is likely to give any offices enough juice up for employees who find motivation hard upon entering it each day – creating a pleasant working experience rather than loathing their shift hours.

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